New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons | NFL Week 3 | Tecmo Super Bowl LIII [2019]

New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons | NFL Week 3 | Tecmo Super Bowl LIII [2019]

Sign everyone up it is what? Sunday Tecmo and we’re here to have some fun kicking it off just a little bit early today cuz we got a lot of games and we’re streaming all of Them and hey, if you didn’t know if this is your first time and you’re just tuning in I’m playing every game of the 2018-2019 NFL season in Tecmo Super Bowl with the updated rosters two sets of playoffs a bracket of the teams that make it from my season a Bracket of the teams that make it from the regular season. I’ll end up playing all the playoff games anyway Definitely playing the Super Bowl. So please please please Drop a like comment subscribe and hit that bell to see when we’re dropping new videos Some are gonna be pre-recorded Oh, yeah, and some are gonna be live just like this one say hey We got the Saints at the Falcons today It started off not to kick off week three but to kick off Sunday week three Saints at Falcons. So let’s kick this bad boy off. Let’s pull this up and let’s get these games going here Let’s see how it goes. Hey, Justin Hardy’s coming back for the Falcons. So everybody should be excited for that. And again, this is a You know, this is what happens in the games when you get injured your own season things may not be consistent But hey is where we’re at. Come on raps. I Don’t know who they’re playing with. I’m the ref. I’m supposed to get the coin flip. Oh, wow. Let’s do this Would have kicked it off anyway, which is perfectly fine with me first kick of the day Do the Saints let’s do this We can stop them Maddie Ryan ain’t got nothing on us Come on come on, come on now All you lucky you are silly and lucky Hey, what’s happening Jess, how you doing save for some football today? Come on now, there we go. Push them back push em back push them way back Let’s get a couple more of those get that ball Make some action There we go. One more time Sign them out Third and 20 Nice and plenty. Oh, you lucky come on guys. That should have been an interception anyway Yeah, punt that ball. Give us that ball That bap bap, alright, let’s do this now Oh didn’t get very far Oh, no, why is my button not working? What well, we’ll chalk it up to hopefully Something just a glitch there. Try it out now There we go, okay, at least that wasn’t an interception Button glitch got me worried Come on buddy you got this. There we go There we go now we’re looking pretty got that third and long first down ooh Got all the way to the 15. It looks like I will allow that Just get this touchdown, let’s take this lead. Let’s get some big boy points early in this game. Oh Look at that look at that sign us up big boy points in the first quarter Mark Ingram get that man a paycheck Get paid son So I’ve been playing a lot of just regular Tecmo Bowl lately Because of the Nintendo switch online and I forgot about how different it actually is I really like the player animations in that game But I think you lose some of the effect in Super Bowl Tecmo Super Bowl that is just because of all the added features Hey, it is what it is Now I just need to find some friends that owner Nintendo switch so we can play online Come on there we go. There we go. Let’s get one more stop here There nine Whoo Pushing them back real dirty there. Give us that ball back Yeah, that’s one thing I want to check out is the The different versions of this game the like the I can’t remember all the different versions but like you said they have the best Best teams from the 70s all the way to recent they have an ID They have a college one, two that I wanted to check out I might just do like one game of that on a Saturday one day. Oh, oh, I thought that was gonna be an interception And be nice to play as Barry Sanders One of the few good Lions players, they’ll get that out of here. No interception. No whammy Second and ten. All right I could deal with that. Oh not like that. Dang, son There we go a little dip see do Enough for a first down first in ten. Let’s do it again first in ten. Let’s go Come on buddy you could’ve jumped for that Okay got a couple yards there Nothing great, but hey third and three We’re gonna have to settle for a three-pointer. Only time will tell oh No interception. Okay, I guess we’re going for three points here. Oh No, that’s way off God stupid delay You bastards Okay. All right. This could be a game just need to keep this defense up Keep that defense going keep that defense going. Come on not like that. That’s not what I meant Don’t give him a first down damn it. Oh Man trying to just run right through us Come on ooh, Oh No Missing that field goal. It’s a real bummer right about now, come on guys. What are you doing giving them the tie? Okay, well let’s try to block this don’t think it’s gonna happen, but you can always try Oh, you got me you got me all right tie game Got a little too big for my britches for a second got tie game on our hands two minutes left in the half Let’s see what we can do here Come on there we go. Come on get off of me All right. Well, we got to the fifty Can’t complain too much Ooh got that first down though first down kind of what I’m looking for there Just need to get a couple more of those and get some points on the board Take some kind of lead. There we go. There’s a first down again, Hey, all right All right, we might make a pin here. There we go touchdown sign this up all day all night Mark Ingram earning that pay making that money Sonny Get this extra point All right All right now, I don’t feel as bad. But at least we’re back in the Same situation. We were before we missed the field goal and they got those extra points We’re up by a touchdown 30 seconds left in the half. Let’s see. What happens here. Oh There we go, all right and in the half, I’ll take it. Let’s see, let’s look at these stats. Let’s see what we got 83 216 on the running yards. I’ll allow it 106 275 on the pass I’ll allow it double first downs for dad to sign us up. Double the points 14-7. I’ll allow that as well. Ooh 33 to 66 on the completion rating for the quarterbacks no interceptions for either side So hey, I’m sure they’ll sign up on that one Let’s head to the half And if you don’t know playing every game of the 2018-2019 NFL season in Tecmo Super Bowl with updated rosters two sets of playoffs a bracket of the team’s that make it for my season a bracket of the teams that make it from the Regular season I’ll end up playing all the playoff games anyway, and definitely play in the Super Bowl. So please please please Drop a like comment subscribe and hit that Bell to see more drop in new videos Some are gonna be pre-recorded and some gonna be live. Oh Just like this one Second half just kicked off. Let’s see what we got here Mom, buddy, you got it. You didn’t got it. You didn’t do it. Leave me hanging hang out to dry Oh Got the first down did not see that one coming blegh Sign us up ain’t nothing stopping us now Come on There we go, buddy there we go long arm of the law Did you see that leap that was like a 10-foot vertical leap in the air for the touchdown signed up? Mark Ingram three the hard way Run it in he’ll catch it and run it in. He’ll do whatever you need Okay, twenty-one seven, you know a little bit better now Create a version of like a different version of this game that I’m not sure honestly I didn’t I didn’t make the game I know there’s tools though. I could probably look if I can find it I’ll drop it in the in the in the in the comments after here But I think there’s a tool you can use that will just let you edit The base Tecmo Super Bowl ROM. I don’t know about the size and requirements, but I assume it’s gonna be fairly low But it’ll let you That’s no one want to do it will let you import You can create logos change the colors I think you can change the stats and do all that crap So if that’s what you’re talking about I could probably find it and drop it here Come on now Come on oh, all right. Well, hey 50-yard line. Nothing to cry to your mom about Oh, alright, alright Come on now Come on drew brees. Look at that arm. You got it buddy Oh Oh signed up again, man Michael Thomas he wanted to get in on that party sign him up. Put his name on the dotted line Yeah, no worries Just like I said, I’ll find it probably in between this game in the next game. I could drop it in the comments Probably take like a 15-minute break. I don’t know what game I’m playing next, but it’s one a moment. I think we got Next week is won by week’s start. So we’ll have one less game to play then I’ll come on get that guy Oh right and complete sign them out Get a couple more stops here. We’re heading to the 428 to 7:00. It’s a it’s a beatdown. It’s a bloody beatdown Oh, you lucky ah They might get it, yep, they’re getting it. All right. All right had to cut into that lead a little bit We’ve been down this we’ve lost games like this so It ain’t over till it’s over Trying to get a stop here. Now too fast too quick to the guns, son Who onside kick will it work? Nope? Who are we gonna get a touchdown very possibly here who? who it is who they They’re definitely regretting that onside kick. They came back chiseled the lead in half and boom right back at them Thanks for the easy points. Oh I’m gonna miss this now, right? Oh All right, well There’s their chance if there ever was one, they need three touchdowns and they need some defense Three and a half minutes left anything can happen Come on now, push them back just a little bit Whoo There we go, push them back just enough I thought I was gonna get his safety it was have an adjustment. How you doing Well, we’re gonna miss this one, too All right. Jeez jeez, Oh Pete’s Alright, let’s kick it off Now, I don’t think there’s coming back from this 141 to 14. We got the reverse score there and that’s never a good sign Unless it’s 11 to 11 or 12 to 21. It’s pretty hard to come back from those kind of scores Oh No We’ll give them some pity points, no, maybe not no pity big boys for you Two minutes left you need four touchdowns and some defense tall order. We’ll see All right incomplete No-go zone Ooh Push them back push them back push them way back All right. Let’s see what we got here third and 18. I’m almost guaranteed They’re gonna go for it on fourth if it gets to that so which ooh, it is definitely gonna go to fourth down Lucky got that pass off Whoo But that one not so lucky slid right in and we might Get some more points on the board Look at that look at that. Nobody saw that one coming completely Open call your timeout like it even freaking matters Oh Oh, I thought that was gonna be an interception instead it was a first down All right minute left. We’re knocking on heaven’s door. We’re in the red zone and Send this bad boy home. Oh, not yet. Not yet Okay, 43 seconds left. We’re on the three yard line and Now we’re in the red zone well We’re in the end zone not the red zone sign this up Ingram. He won that he just wanted one more for that resume there Sign them up See how our kicking goes Oh went for the other side but squeaked in There you go. 38 seconds left. I’m thinking this one’s over See 10 seconds, they’ll get a playoff they might get to plays off depending on if I sack them very fast here Nope games going to be over and are they gonna get some big boy points? No No, big boy points. Look at that scoreboard Ramped right up. I like the way that that looks so let’s look here 120 200 are 120 246 on the running 253 to 186 on the passing yards 9 to 4 on the first downs 48 to 14 sign us up 54 to 44 on the completion ratings. No interceptions say sign them up on that at least Maddie Ryan didn’t give it up Hey, thanks everyone for everyone in the chat Chatting along today. Like I said, I’ll find that Program I’ll drop it in the comments here shortly And hey for anybody who’s new if you didn’t know one last time – she’ll play in every game of the 2018 2019 NFL season in Tecmo Super Bowl with updated rosters two sets of playoffs a bracket of the teams that make it for my season a Bracket of the teams that make it from the regular season. I’ll end up playing all the playoff games Anyway deaf playing the Super Bowl So hey drop, a like comment subscribe and hit that Bell to see one more drop in new videos. Some are gonna be pre-recorded Ooh, and some are gonna be live just like this one So stick around I’m gonna probably take a couple minutes break here, but we’re gonna be streaming all day so until next time sign you up and Thanks for watching

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