Nana Patekars HD full movie Shagird

Nana Patekars HD full movie Shagird

– Yes? Drink the tea here. There is no other inn until Delhi. Call someone from inside. Are you calling a guy or a girl? Come in. Is it crowded inside?
– No, sir. It’s completely empty. Go take a look.
– Okay. She is leaving her country. My beloved.. My beloved is leaving. Sit with me..
– Great. Sit with me for a while, my love. Parting with soldiers.. Parting with soldiers is painful. Sit with me..
– Sit down. Sit with me for a while, my love. It’s raining and there is
sunshine at the same time. There is a love marriage
taking place somewhere. Whatever you say sounds sweet. Santosh.
– What happened? Hats off to you, Shukla. You followed us like death. It’s just tobacco. What are you staring at? Don’t play this stare game with me. Kill me if you wish to. Am I girl
that you are staring at me? And listen..look me in
the eye when you kill me. We don’t have orders to
kill you, Bunty Bhaiyya. You will have to come along. ‘Bunty Bhaiyya is to be presented..’ ‘ Ghaziabad’s
session’s court today.’ ‘The arrest of
this contract killer..’ ‘..who has terrorized Uttar Pradesh,
Haryana and Bihar..’ ‘..has caused an uproar
in political parties.’ ‘It is believed that
Bunty Bhaiyya..’ ‘..has links to many
well-known and famous politicians.’ ‘And this arrest is
supposed to expose..’ ‘..the connections
between mafia and politics.’ Hello, uncle. Hello. How are you, Bittu? Brother, show me your gun. Why do you want to see the gun? Brother, please. I will show it to you on
Sunday on the terrace. Promise?
– Promise. You swear.
– Swear. Today is his first day. At least give your son
your blessings. – I will. Inspector. Good morning,
sir. Come here. Take your first bribe from your
father, you will progress well. That’s enough. No one will say
anything against his job now. Mr. Agarwal, eat the biscuits. Bless you. Call him. Call him from your mobile.
Call him. When are you giving the money? Hello. Phone.. Why are you shivering? You are threatening traders. Mr. Rathi, your prey is here. What should I tell him? Settle for 10. And tell him that he should
pay up in a week. – Fine. We will trace the phone. If he calls again.. ..tell him that we are
arranging for the money. – Okay. Okay? And you will arrange
for 10 lakhs, won’t you? Why not, Shamsher?
You don’t have to remind me. Excuse me, where is
Hanumant Singh’s office? Wait.
– Listen.. You’ll stop getting
such phone calls. Arrange for 10 lakhs and
your problems will end. I will do it. I will surely do it. Fine. Let me introduce you to him. He is Mr. Rathi.
– I see. Okay. Is he paying up? Why won’t he? You are joking. Where can I find
Mr. Hanumant Singh’s office? What is your complaint? My complaint is that
a sub-inspector.. ..can’t find his office. We sit in the cabin at the back. You will sit there as well. And this is
Mr. Hanumant Singh’s cabin. Brother, what kind of
a man is Hanumant Singh? He is not a man.
– I didn’t understand. Actually he is something
between human and God. I still didn’t get it. Actually Hanumant
Singh is afraid of God. And humans are
scared of Hanumant Singh. Open.
– What is your problem? Show me your license. What is wrong? A lioness gave birth to a kitten. Didn’t you see the traffic lights? Show me your license. Do you know whose car is it? I know, I know.
Show me your license. Feed milk to
the kitten on my behalf. Can we go now, sir?
– Of course, you can. – Okay. All the big car drivers
think they are the owners. – No. Teach him some manners. It was his mistake,
I will explain to him. Let’s go. Excuse me. Hello. Mr. Chaudhary.
– Who are you? I am Kishen Bora.
– Fine. Go and sit there at the back. Come. Should I send something to drink? Send a glass of water.
I need to take my pills. Don’t worry.
I will send it right now. Send him water. Bora is here. So you are from Jodhpur? Yes, Mr. Chaudhary. Did you bring
gram-flour snacks for me? I have brought home made
snacks if I knew you like it. You can make if only
if you still have a land. How many members in your family?
– What? How many members in your family? Why are you scaring me? I will do anything you want. Give us the papers to the land. And go back to Jodhpur. I bought this land by
selling my ancestral one. We can be partners if you want. Rascal, you are
forgetting your status. You want to do
partnership with Chaudhary. Whenever someone arrives in Delhi.. ..he first comes and bows before me.
– Okay. And you are doing business
with those Khanna builders. Bring my shoe. No, take my shoe.
– Give it. This..
– Give it. Give it. Run! Run! Get out! Get out! Get out! Sir.. Hold this. Give it. No. No. No.
There are people inside. Aren’t they the ones.. Get out! Get out! Get out! Call Shamsher and Baldev. They are still standing downstairs. You scoundrel, close it. Close it. Do you want us killed? Beautiful girls are here. Hey. Why are you scared? Come out. Come on, make tea. There’s an area in Chavdi Bazaar,
Chudi walan Katra. Quickly. Is there a backdoor to your room?
– There is just one door, sir. What were you doing?
– Sir, we were watching television. They pointed a gun
at us and we ran out. Do you know
this song is from ‘Anadi’. Go, take refuge in someone’s house. Sing a song like a free bird. Sing a song like a free bird. Shankar-Jaikishen. Hasrat Jaipuri. If we find a companion today. Shailendra. If we find a companion today. The earth sways. Today’s your first day.. ..and you have an
opportunity to get some action. Lucky man. How many more men can you get
from Chavdi Bazaar police station? Around 10-15, sir.
– Call them here. And ask them to bring arms and
ammunition and not truncheons. No, sir, we do have arms.
– Call them. Call 10-15 men from
the police station. Oh no, where did these
media reporters come from? Hi, I am Varsha Mathur
from..from Aaj Tak.. Look, take your stuff and leave. Bullets are being shot here. Look, we are here on
our own responsibility. Mr.. Hanumant Singh. Excuse me.
– Excused. Oh, so you are that
famous Hanumant Singh. Please keep yourself safe. We need to talk a lot. Varsha, ready?
– Ready. We are going live. – Okay. The police had an encounter
in the alleys of Old Delhi. Senior inspector Hanumant Singh
has shot three people until now. But there is still no information.. In the clouds.. Did you forget the
police are standing outside? But there are two men
still hiding inside that house. It’s impossible to disclose.. ..the reason behind this encounter. But it is for sure
that Delhi police.. Who is it? Look, I am from Aaj Tak. I am standing right
outside your door. Look.. Come out quickly and give
a statement in front of the camera. The police force is coming. They won’t spare you. I think we should open it.
– Open the door and you will be safe. There are so many people present. He won’t kill us in
everyone’s presence. Go. Prepare the report. Thank you very much. Someday I will repay your debt. They belonged to a terrorist group. We were keeping an eye on
them for the last two months. Check upstairs.
– Okay, sir. But, Mr. Hanumant, people say
that they weren’t terrorists. They had connections
with Delhi’s land mafia. Who told you? Send them to me I will
recruit them in the police. Move aside. Move aside.
– Sir. Sir, is the situation in control?
– Yes, it’s in control. Sir, this is sub-inspector Mohit. He just joined today.
– Sir. – Where? In our department. Move aside. Sir, I have heard a lot about you.
– That I am a rascal? No, sir, that you are
a competent police officer. Don’t lie. Can you drive?
– What? Can you drive?
– Yes, sir. See that big car, BMW,
you all take that. – Okay. Okay, sir. It’s rented, return it back.
– Okay, sir. Where are you going, sir? I have a new driver now,
let me test him. – Okay. Okay, sir. Send the bodies for identification. Go get my shirt.
– Yes. Yes, right away. Mrs. Madhuri Singh
and Mr. Nikhil Singh.. ..please proceed to counter no.4. Mrs. Madhuri Singh
and Mr. Nikhil Singh.. ..please proceed to counter no.4. All the formalities are over. Are you excited to go, Nikhil?
– Yes, mom. Yes. I want to visit lots
of places over there. This way.
– Hello, madam, hello. – Yes? Mrs. Hanumant Singh.
– Yes. He won’t be spared. Your husband won’t be spared. Tell him to stop what he is up to. Otherwise you will die
and so will this child. Listen.. Sir.
– Hail motherland. Good afternoon, sir.
– Hail motherland. Hello, sir. Do you drink beer? Sir, sometimes. Today is sometimes. Good afternoon, sir.
– Get beer. Sir, pay the bill later.
– Keep this.. And no one should disturb us.
– Okay, sir. How did you get posted
directly in crime branch? You need to spend 3
years at the police station. Did you use some big influence? No, sir, I.. ..had good grades plus
I was a shooting champion. Don’t ever say that again. Paper targets don’t pose as
a danger nor do they bleed. The day you face the
enemy holding a gun.. ..and you shoot him
with steady hands.. ..that day you will be
a shooting champion.. Yes, sir.
– Sir. Just one.
– And, sir, you? I don’t drink. Like to check, sir. Is it fine?
– Yes, sir. Open it.
– Yes, sir. Was someone from your
family in the police force? No, sir. What other special
hobbies do you have? I play cricket, sir. What is special about cricket? It’s like potatoes.
Everyone eats them. And? I like listening to music, sir.
– Can you sing? I do, sir. That’s great. It will be of
help in the annual function. Come on, sing. Here, sir? Yes, there is still time
for the annual function. Who knows whether you
live or die until then? Come on, start. Your luscious lips. My heart yearns. Your body is like ambrosia. What song are you singing? Is this habit of
yours of singing new? No, sir. I’ve been singing
since I was a child. Then sing a song from
your childhood times. Where has love brought us? My heart yearns. Someone please tell
me what will happen. Where has love brought us? Enough. Enough. Enough. Did you do the drill in the academy?
– Yes, sir. Show me. Here, sir? Stop asking questions
and start taking orders. Come on. Get up. Stand up. Stand up on the table. Stand up. Jump. Jump back. Jump. Sir, Mr. Khanna has sent this. Keep it there. Call him. Jump back. Yes. Sir, Mr. Hanumant
wants to talk to you. That was great, Mr. Hanumant. You cleared the land
by killing Chaudhary. Now we will build a Taj Mahal. Look, this loose
change won’t do any good. You are making a new
building in Hauskaas. Keep four flats reserved besides.
– Sure. Otherwise I will blowup the building. What are you saying? Can I leave, sir?
– Yes, leave. What are you doing?
– Touching your feet, sir. Then why are you touching my knees.. ..touch it completely. Come on, go. Leave. Come, come. Come down. Sorry, sir. When I saw you..
– Change this tune. My heart started singing.
– Some old song. I am hiding a storm
of love in my heart. When I saw you..
– Yes, sir. Today, I am taking
my death with me. I will be there.
– Ms. Nimmi. I will be there for sure.
I won’t be late. Mr. Yusuf. ‘Aan’. Naushad’s music.
Whose call was it? It’s just like that, sir. Was it some girl?
– It was my girlfriend, sir. Is she waiting for you?
– Yes, sir. You must be getting restless as well.
– What? Pick up the bag. Where does she stay? Come on. Nikhil, go sleep in the bedroom.
– No. Nikhil! Mummy!
– Watchman! Watchman! Go.
– Thank you very much, sir. Welcome. Listen. Listen. Listen. Listen. Yes, sir. Don’t tell about our work at home. The family gets worried.
– Yes, sir. Got it?
– Yes. Go. Run. – Okay. Hi. On this special occasion
we have brought a gift for you. You want to have a look? This is his childhood photograph. Hey, guys, come on. That’s enough, stop it. Mohit, they are mad. Their plan was to fool you. Why don’t you guys leave me alone? I have become an old toy now. Aren’t you bored of this toy now? I was bad in studies and failed. Everyone progressed ahead of me. But I still hung around with you. You always make a mockery out of me.
I thought they are friends. Everything goes in friendship. What is going on? Come on, let’s dance. Excuse me, please
guide me to this address. Come here. Come here. Take him in.
– Come in and tell us. Wear the burka. Wear the burka.
– Leave me. Leave me. Tell me who informed
the Crime Branch.. ..about the terrorist
they killed? Tell me. What other information does the
Crime Branch have about al-Qaida? Tell me quickly.
– But I.. I work at a call centre. I think I’ll have to tell
his history and geography. Tell me.
– His name is Mohit Kumar. His father’s name is
Raj Kumar Sharma. – No. And his mother’s
name is Shanti Sharma. And his sister’s name is Munni. Let’s kidnap his sister.
– No. No. That is when emotions will
start following is blood. – Please. Yes, I work with the Crime Branch. I joined it today. I will tell you everything,
just don’t harm my sister. Please. Don’t harm my sister..
– He gave in very easily. I had changed
my voice just a little. Couldn’t you recognize it, stupid? Cops should have a brain of a dog. And you failed. You failed. Let me relieve myself. Divide five each.
– Okay, sir. His first income. Mohit. This is your share. I don’t want it. Sir, he is refusing. Take it, son, that’s
the best ointment. You are very fortunate. You arrived on payday. You will take a big bundle home. Father will be very happy.. ..that I gave birth
to Alladin’s lamp. Sorry, sir, I cannot take this money. Why? What is wrong with this money? It’s a sin, sir. Hear that. Listen to him talking. Talking about sins
and merits at this age. Did you come from the police academy.. ..or Baba Shyamdev’s hermitage? Son, the soul is God. Sins and merits are
just a state of mind, son. What you think is a sin.. a way of earning
merits in this modern age. You will have to accept this
path in this hermitage of saints. Otherwise you can resign
tomorrow and go to hell. Become a pimp and earn a living. That can be one option as well. The reward that you got
today is the grace of God. Go home, apply alum and turmeric. Everything will be fine,
son. Come, sit in the car. We will drop you to a rickshaw. Come on. Come on.
– Let’s go. Let’s go. What is wrong?
– Sir. I was trying your
number for a long time.. ..but it was switched off. Someone fired bullets at your house. Okay.
– Thank you, ma’am. Okay.
– Sir. Why was your mobile switched off? Someone boy threatens
me in the afternoon.. ..that we three will be killed. And now..someone fires
bullets on our house. – Look.. I don’t want to stay in India
even a day. That’s it. – Look.. You can leave as soon
as you get the visa. I will come join you soon. No one will do anything. They are just trying to scare..
Sit down. Sit down. You don’t care that someone fired
bullets. – Sit down. I will find him. I don’t want to sit down.
– Sit down. I..
– Sit down. What is this world? I wish to end my life. It’s the same tears,
the same fears.. ..the same sorrows wherever I go. 1955. ‘House No. 44’. Sahed Ludhiyanwi. SD Burman. Doesn’t this incident have any
affect on you? – Sorry. Sorry. ‘Uttar Pradesh’s dangerous
criminal Bunty Bhaiyya..’ ‘..has been brought to Delhi today.’ ‘Bunty Bhaiyya has said..’ ‘..that his life is in
danger in Ghaziabad jail..’ ‘..and made an appeal
to shift him to Delhi..’ ‘..which the court accepted.’
Long live.. – Bunty Bhaiyya. You are already making me a martyr.
I want to live longer. Long live..
– Bunty Bhaiyya. Long live.. – Bunty Bhaiyya.
– We have brought him. Devinder, open his handcuffs.
– Okay, sir. Bunty Bhaiyya, hello. It was do or die. I am the benefactor here. If I make a mistake you can
slap me whenever you want. Without any hesitation. I wonder what sin I committed.. ..that I had to see this day. Now you have an
opportunity to wash away your sins. Are all the arrangements proper?
– Sir had informed me. I have made such grand
arrangements for you.. ..which I didn’t even do
in my daughter’s wedding. There’s a big risk of the media.. ..yet I did
everything risking my life. Then where are the sweets?
– The sweets are here. Where is it? Get it,
quickly. What are you doing? Pass it. Pass it. This way. Carefully, carefully. Sorry, I couldn’t make
this gate any bigger. Because you arrived so suddenly. Look at them.
– Hello, Bhaiyya. They keep shinning in the
dark sky like white stars. Like stars on earth. You have turned a poet.
– Yes. What can I do? I didn’t want to take this
profession anyway. – Hello, Bhaiyya. There is complete
arrangement of entertainment. They commit crimes and come here.
– Thank you. And they completely
change once they are here. Give them some sweets. Who are those two? They are Lashkar-e-Hadh’s terrorists. No one talks to them. What’s there to talk?
I just want to shake hands. Bring the sweets. Hello. Hello. Here. The name is Bunty Singh. I will stay here for a while. If you have any problem,
of any kind. Call.. – They are made
with pure clarified butter. Call me. Happy birthday, brother. Come here. Come here. Is he fine?
– Yes, he is. Go.
– It’s Bunty’s call. Okay. Happy birthday.
– Ramlal. Yes.
– Hello. Yes, brother. Happy birthday. Happy birthday. I couldn’t attend your feast today.. ..but even I was
born two months later. We will celebrate it together.
– Yes, why not. Why not? Bless you. – And you must be
doing something to get me out. Yes, of course. But.. Don’t call
again..on this phone number. Everyone knows of our relation. If this number is traced.. ..then we will celebrate
your birthday together, in jail. Understood?
– Fine, brother. Bye. Bless you.
– Take it away. Take it. Sir, who could be these people? They are just sycophants. We send their bosses to hell. And when they miss
them they shoot at us. Where are we going, sir? It’s a family affair. Papa’s birthday. Who? Your father? We police officials
don’t have just one father. This is your annual horoscope. You will have to stay
away from the color red.. ..until you don’t
become the foreign minister. It can be the reason
of our destruction. Okay. Okay.
– And till the next September, you.. Priest, please
continue with the veneration.. ..I will be right back.
– Okay. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome.
– How are you, Paras? Congratulations. What an achievement, Raju. The ministry of external affairs. If the children get hold
of your autobiography.. ..then they will stop studying. He felt bad. He is wearing red and
standing on the way. Wait here. Happy birthday, sir. To hell with birthday. Light a cigarette, Pandit. Come, sit. I am fine, sir. I heard that someone
fired bullets at your house. Yes, it’s just.. Bunty Bhaiyya’s arrest
has made me lost my mind. Who is doing all this? Opposition. No, no. They are our own people. The criminals that we recruited.. ..are being arrested and they
are preparing a case against me. Let’s finish them before
more of our people are caught. Who is he?
– A new recruit in our police force. You bring just
anyone to the bungalow. Get rid of him. I suggest that you get rid of Ali.
– But Ali is one of our men, sir. Look, if Ali is caught
it will ruin everything. Bunty is a criminal. Links between
politicians and criminals are fine. But, Ali?
No, we don’t want a drug-dealer. I am yours as well. You are my commander-ion-chief,
Hanumant Singh. Without you I am invalid. Ali will come in the party tonight.
Abduct him from there. The priest is waiting for me.
I left the veneration in the middle. Happy birthday, sir.
– Thank you, thank you, thank you. How are you? – Happy birthday,
sir. – Is everything fine? Mr. Khanna, you are
already having it. Enjoying. Happy birthday.
– Hello, Mr. Sharma. Is everything fine? Where is Ali?
– Ali? Yes. – Look at what
sister-in-law is saying? – Ali is.. It’s my birthday and
you are asking for Ali. You are the one who spoilt me.
– He will be here. He will be here. He will be here in five minutes.
– Okay. Enjoy. Hi, Ali.
– Hey, Teeny, Weeny. Where were you? You are looking cool.
– Thank you. Where is my thing?
– I have a gift for you. Show me. Show me. Show me.
Show me fast. – Wait. Alright. Alright.
– Show me. Hurry up.
– Here Mr. Chaudhary, is everything fine? Everything’s fine.
– Enjoy yourself. What is this, Raju? She hasn’t arrived yet. She will be here. She will be here. She will set the entire
bungalow ablaze when she comes here. Everyone stay ready
with your Viagras. And don’t create a racket. This is my house and
not the parliament. Happy birthday, Raju. Happy birthday. Happy birthday. Happy birthday. Happy birthday. You are looking nice.
– Thank you. How are you?
– Very good. Just a minute. A mean to be broken. But a heart is.. Heart.. I mean to say I love you. Okay? These are senior politicians.
– Okay. Very much demanding your attention. Give a kiss on everyone’s cheek.. ..and they will all be satisfied. Ali loves you. Let’s go, Ali.
– Where? Come with me.
I have some work with you. Ali, stop. Move. Move. Move. Ali, stop. Stop or I will shoot. Don’t let him escape.
Catch him. Catch him. Don’t be scared,
it’s just a game of thieves and cops. Neither did you call me. Neither did you inform me. Sir.
– Ali, stop. – Save me, sir. Save me, sir. Stop the music.
– Stop it. What is going on? What is going on? Who is he? – Sir, I wonder
what is wrong with Hanumant? He’s an uninvited guest. If you find out
who he is we will kill him. Let’s go. Let’s go.
– Take him away. Take him away. Sir, I am Ali. Ali.
– Take him away. Sir. Sir. Sir, I beg of you.
– Let’s go. Let’s go. Save me, sir.
– Come on, get up. Come on. Quietly. Quietly..
– Leave me. Hanumant, leave me. Sir. Sir, you save me.
– Why are you falling at my feet? Save me, sir. You can
save me. I don’t know him. Let’s go. Let’s go quietly.
– Take him away. Come with us quietly or
I will have to thrash you. Come on. Let’s go. Very good. Hanumant, I doubt that Ali has
joined hands with Paras. Make him talk. Yes, Paras called me. He wanted to introduce me
to his side. He got Bunty arrested. Look, I told you everything.
Now you leave. How much will you pay me? What?
– Money? You have earned a lot. Otherwise I will have to
shoot you. What can I say? How can you shoot me? We have known
each other for so long. I am feeling bad as well.
What can I do? But believe me, you won’t know. I will place it here and then.. A little more than
the needle hurts.. ..during the blood test. Hanumant, you are a rascal. You realized after so long. And so are you. Here. My entire life’s earning. 40 lakh. Mohit.
– Yes, sir. Shoot him.
– Sir? Shoot him,
you ask too many questions. Champion, there’s a target
right before you. Shoot him. Let me shoot him, sir.. Later we can keep the
dead body at a distance.. ..and let him do target practice. No, he will shoot him today.
Shoot him. – Stop it. You will kill me with your talks. Hanumant, you want money don’t you? I will tell you about a deal that..
– Let’s go inside. Why are you scared in
pressing the trigger? Don’t look in the eyes of
the one you are shooting. Look at the place
you want to shoot. Take Mr. Rajbeer for instance. He looks so innocent.. ..but he has killed the most. I follow the Bhagavad-Gita. And it’s written Do your duty
and don’t worry about the reward. Are you getting my point?
– Yes. So this is our duty. And the reward, inside the bag. It’s a very big drug deal, Hanumant. And you will get your
hands on lakhs of rupees. Look, I told you everything. Let me go now. Come on. you leave as well. I will leave the city by tonight. I will miss you. Stop it. Mohit. Kill him. What? Why now? I gave you money, such a big news. Hanumant, this is cheating. You shouldn’t have
told me about this deal. I will go there tomorrow.. ..and they will be waiting for me. They will kill me.
How can I believe you? Mohit, come on, shoot him. No, Hanumant, believe me. I won’t deceive you. Believe me.
– Ready? Yes, sir. You are my friend.. Shoot him.
– You are my friend. Shoot him. Shoot him, Mohit, shoot him.
– Yes. Come on, come on. Shoot him, shoot. You haven’t learnt
yet to take orders. Am I a police officer or
a restaurant waiter, sir? You haven’t learnt to take orders. Will I take any order that you give? Sir, here’s the menu. Shoot on the hand. Shoot the head. Shall we kill the
innocent or a criminal? We will kill them anytime you want. We will kill them like you say. I cannot do that, sir. His soul is a light sleeper. Wakes up repeatedly. I will..please your soul. Then it won’t bother you. Call the P.R.O. Ask him to publish the news of
Ali’s shootout in the papers. And ask to write that
the credit of killing Ali.. ..goes to our sub
inspector Mohit Kumar. Sir, why this charade? There is. People should know.. That there are handsome faces in
the police department as well. Not everyone is
ugly looking like me. Give it to Mohit and make a report. Come on. Go.
– Okay, sir. Come on. Brother Mohit, get me a gun as well. What will you do with a gun? Gun earns you respect. You know that
Rajjan from Khan market. He has one too. He points it all the hotel owners.. ..and eats for free. You do get to eat here, don’t you?
– Yes. Then you will have
to do without a gun. Congratulations, Mr. Sharma.
– What is it? It’s a big thing. Did you see today’s newspaper? New face of crime branch. I will join the police
force like brother Mohit. And you interview me as well. Fine. He is done. Where shall we interview you?
– Mine? Just a minute. Just a minute.
Just a minute. – Varsha, no. Please. Let’s do it somewhere else?
– What please? No, let’s do it outside.
– Don’t you clean the place? – Please. What’s the problem with your room? It will give a personal touch.
It is my job. – What personal touch. I know what to do. Aunt.
– Yes, dear. Where is Mohit’s room?
– It’s upstairs. Upstairs?
– Yes. But even we haven’t
seen his room until now. Yes, I will see it.
– Varsha. Be quiet. This is my world. Can you show it to the outside world? I..didn’t know that..
– How much I like you? No. I did know but.. What is that? It’s.. Some of your belongings. The ribbon, you used
to wear in class four. Your handkerchief. We used to play blindfold with that. You.. Never told me before.
– Why? Is it too late now, isn’t it? Go. Make a mockery out of me. Tell everyone that Mohit.. ..has stuck my pictures on the walls. And you can also tell them.. ..that these pictures
give me good dreams. And in those dreams, you are mine. Hello.
– Varsha Mathur. Yes.
– Don’t even ask who is speaking. Have you heard of Omar Muktar Gazni? Yes.
– The chief of Lakshar-e-Hadh. He is in Delhi right now. He wants to give you
an exclusive interview. Is it okay for you to come to
Duglagabad fort at 6 o’clock? Don’t bring your mobile. I will be there. Sorry. That is exactly what
they told me. Exclusive.. I thought that New York
Times was called exclusive.. ..not you, not anybody else. Ms. Catherine Jones,
don’t forget that it is me.. ..who has been giving
you all the vital leads.. all the important cases ever
since you have arrived in India. And you have been paid
handsomely for it, Mr. Jindal. Excuse me. Are you here for Omar
Muktar Gazni’s interview? That means you too..
– Yes. Well.. – I have been
called for his interview. Exclusive.
– What? Look, dear, this is not a
sensational news item on television. This is about global terrorism. I think you won’t be
able to handle it. You should go home and rest. I seriously think you should leave..
– Mr. Jindal. I know you think you are very great. You get paid from
every political party. You write equally well
on Bihar’s poverty.. ..and the Italian cuisine.
– Oh, Jesus. Do you know why you
have been called here? To write on quick terrorist recipes. Understood? You won’t be able to handle it. I don’t have change.
– No change, this letter. There’s a delivery
van waiting downstairs. Go and sit in it. The van is empty. There is no one here. What? Anyway, we are going
for the interview.. ..but I am more
concerned about your life. I mean..
– Why? Are they allergic to you? No, they can only take my life. But you two have
much more to give them. So..
– But I have heard that.. ..they are
interested in something else. Don’t waste too much time. They have told us to sit inside. Shall we?
– After you. Please.
– Thank you. Ma’am. Hi, I am..Catherine Jones,
New York Times. – Hi. Varsha Mathur, Aaj Tak news channel. Nice to meet you. Who.. The is..very dim. It will be difficult to shoot here. I just want to record his voice. I am okay. Where is Omar Muktar Gazni? Where is Omar Muktar Gazni? That’s it. That’s it. Stop. Stop. Here. That’s the staff rate. Come on, my dear.
Come here. Come here. Yes.
– Come here, Jackie. What is wrong that he
called at this hour? I was watching a movie with my family. I got his call there. Sir always calls at the end moment. It has been so long since
I have been working with him.. ..but he doesn’t believe anyone. He must have received
fresh information, that’s why. Sir.
– Sir. Sir. – Hail motherland,
sir. – Do you have your stuff? Yes, it is ready, sir. – Yes, sir.
Is it an encounter, sir? – Yes. That drug-deal information.
– Okay. Go, the jackets are at the back. Wear it.
– Okay, sir. Sir, there’s Lord Hanuman’s photo in
your car. Can I take His blessings? Hanumant Singh is sitting
right here. Take my blessings. Who will save you when
bullets are fired there? I will take yours as well, sir. Come on, sit quickly. Come on. Reverse. Reverse the car. Come on. Come on. Come on. ‘Tere Ghar Ke Samne.’
– What? 1963. Nutan. Dev Anand. Vijay Anand, director. Mr. Hasrat Jaipuri.
He used to write so well. Show me a glimpse. Come just once.. This is bound to happen when
they hear such crap songs. Pick him up. You are Hanumant Singh, rascal? Yes, I am Hanumant Singh. I punish severely. And those who I punish are
less mistreated in hell. Where is the cocaine? Below the computer. It’s a 0.9 stuff. Absolutely pure. Take a look. Stay here. Take care of him. Pratap.
– Come inside. Bring the bag. Bring it. Money and cocaine. Take in half of it
and divide the rest. Wow. He has got his first prey. He shot to save his teacher. You have been coroneted. Write down the date. And you hit the target. I always save your life. Today someone saved me. The tradition here is.. ..when you get your first prey
you have to treat everyone.. five kilos of sweets. Rajbeer likes milk sweets. Right?
– Sir, you are just.. Sir.
– Why? Has your soul awakened again? Sir, why didn’t you arrest them? We didn’t bring handcuffs.. ..and there is no place
in the jail as well, son. Don’t call me son. You are just my senior officer. Your son is at home.. ..who is waiting for
the money you looted. Some many bullets have been fired.. ..someone has to get injured. Everyone cannot go back happily. Brother. Brother.
– What is it? There is someone here to see you.
– Me? Hello, aunt.
– Hello, son. Son, we have been trying
your phone since morning. But we couldn’t get through. Do you know where Varsha is?
– Varsha? Hanumant.
– Sir. Sit down.
– Thank you. The Home Ministry’s orders are.. ..that we can’t
release these terrorists. The people from this
organization are in Delhi. It is clearly visible from this tape. And we have to catch these rogues. Rewind it and increase the volume. What did you say? Come here. No, rewind it slightly
and increase the volume.. Increase the volume. Time is so cruel. You have changed. And so have I. Time is so.. 1958. What great people.
– Who? Gurudutt. SD Burman. Gurudutt. Who is that actress? Shabana. Her father, Kaifi Azmi. He has written so well. Time is so cruel. Can you hear the song at the back?
– Yes. So, what do you want to say? It’s for sure that
it’s not a secluded place. Around it..
– Hanumant. – Sir. We have to catch these people. We don’t want to repeat Kandahar.
– Sir. Orders from the Home Ministry are.. ..that you have to handle this case. Sir, I already have so many cases.. Hanumant.
– Sir. These aren’t my orders,
it’s from the home Ministry. Sir. The disappearance of
three well known reporters.. ..from Delhi on the same day.. ..has suddenly become a mystery. High officials of the Home Ministry.. ..and the Delhi police
are having a meeting. It’s difficult to predict.. ..what decision will be
taken in this meeting. But this incident is so serious.. ..that the government
will surely take an action. Sir, what has been
decided in the meeting? We have finished our meeting. And the plan of action is ready.
– Please, sir. But we can’t give the
detail to the media.. ..because it is a delicate situation. All we can say that
a terroristorganization.. ..has done this kidnapping. Sir. Sir.. – An American citizen
is one of the three journalists.. ..who have been kidnapped. Has the Indian
government given an declaration.. the American government? We shall certainly
inform the American embassy.. soon as possible. Hey. Crime branch.
– Yes, sir. Give me your register. Register.
– Here it is, sir. How many people are staying here?
– 45. 45. Forty-five. Was there anyone from Bangladesh?
– No, sir. No one. Pakistani. Kashmiri? We are the seven colors. We will make this world colorful. We will spend our lives together. We will sing out our feelings. How many times do I tell you
that I..I am a vegetarian. We are the seven colors. And anyway I cannot.. If not anything else then at
least get me fruits, please. Firstly, they have kidnapped me.. ..and want to tarnish my religion. Can you please get some English film.. that Catherine can watch it, too. What? What were you telling him? What is going on here?
No, what is going on here? Just tell me have we
three been abducted.. ..or is it just me, alone. You want to see an English movie.. We are all in prison. But you are shedding our
share of tears as well. That’s why you feel that
only you have sorrows. And anyway, are you sad or scared? You were here to
protect us, weren’t you? Yes? Who is scared? Who is scared? I am not scared. They cannot touch me. I am.. I am Vijay Jindal
number one journalist of Delhi. Oh, shut up, Jindal. Oh, you shut up, damn it. Jesus Christ. Oh, Jesus Christ. Oh, Jesus. I am sorry. Sorry. ‘Kindly note..’ Stay at Connaught place.
Did you hear me? Sir, there is a
message from Chandni Chowk. No, no, no. Don’t misunderstand me. Look at America for example. They are all talking
about globalization. Yes.
– How should our leader be? Like Rajmani. I salute you, brother. What a plan you hatched. Everyone’s baffled who is
getting Bunty Bhaiyya out.. ..along with the terrorists. Brother, these two
aren’t ready to believe.. ..that I have someone to
do such a thing for me. I said, Don’t worry, but
I am getting out of here. Your leaders are
underground mine are over ground. He has done everything. I will come see you as
soon as I get out of jail. I am going out of
country for 15-20 days. Call me after that. I just called you to
say thank you, brother. I will come see you after I get out. Goodbye. Sign here, and here.
– Okay. Fine. – Here. Can’t you see I am
talking on the phone? Am I going to run away from here? Go away. Come on, get going. Thank you, sir. Thank you, sir. Keep picketing
Ajmeri Gate to Minto Road. Yes, the force
shouldn’t move for three days. Over. Hello, sir. How are you? I am feeling better, sir. Everything is fine?
– Yes. When are you joining? I will join day after tomorrow. Come, I will make you run. Yes, I am absolutely fit, sir. Hello, sir. Hanumant Singh. Do one thing. Kill
Bunty Singh in jail. What are you saying, sir? What what are you saying?
Take advantage of the situation. If he dies in jail the
opposition will get blamed for it. Do you understand? Go away. I don’t understand who
is trying to get him out? If this leads to a bigger problem.. Kill him. Get him killed there. It is not so easy to get
Bunty killed in the prison. He is in a high security cell.
Media is keeping an eye on him. Then kill away from
the sights of the media. Is the media a bigger actor than you? It is not so easy in the jail. Anyway, he will come to
you after he gets released. Then you can do whatever you want. You.. Okay, keep an eye on
him if he is getting out. See where he goes. Bring him to me as soon as
you get the opportunity. As you say. Brother..
– Come, stand on my head. Come. What kind of people
have you appointed? They don’t even let
me talk on the phone. I will handle it, Mani. Come here. Don’t interrupt him. What.. What is the point of your job?
– What? What do you mean? If you are our friend then
do something for Varsha. You simply shot a drug
dealer and became a hero. You have your entire life for bribes. At least do something that
you never did in your life. At least do something for Varsha. Are you free now?
– Why? Sub inspector Mohit Kumar.
– Sir. – Crime Branch. Saurabh, are these the guys.. Hello. Where have they kept
the three journalists? You.. I know that you aren’t
going to tell me anything. So let’s see whether you
speak first or I get tired. Tell me. Mohit. Mohit, what are you doing? Mohit.
– Mohit, leave him. They will die.
– Are you crazy? They will die. Mohit.
– Mohit, leave him. Mohit.
– Are you crazy? What much will you beat them? Enough, Mohit.
– What are you doing, Mohit? Mohit, leave him.
– Mohit. – Mohit, leave them. Mohit, leave him.
– What are you doing, sir? What are you doing, sir? What
are you doing, sir? – Hold him. What are you doing, sir? What
are you doing, sir? – Mohit.. Why just two plates? It means.. I see, you didn’t get my
vegetarian food, isn’t it? That’s fine. That’s fine. I have decided that.. ..I will solve your problem forever. I.. I will start
eating non-vegetarian food. And I have also
decided that I Vijay Jindal.. ..accept Islam willingly. Willingly. Right now. Yes. And..and I have thought
of a new name for myself. Wasim Jalaluddin Sheikh. How do you like the name? No? Fine, we will
think of something else. What is this? Non-vegetarian food, right? What is it? Chicken
or mutton? What is it? What is it? I don’t know. But I will eat it. I am eating it. It’s nice. I should come. Yes, I will. Let’s go. Okay, Varsha, look after yourself. Think about it. And explain it to her as well. Now I am their brother. Long live ‘Jihad’. Long live ‘Jihad’. He is staring at me.
– Who? Hey.. This the time to do your
duty and not waste time.. useless conversation. It was my mother, sir.
– That’s okay, I will apologize. Why did you go to Tihar Jail? Sir, to interrogate
those two terrorists. What? Sir, to interrogate
those two terrorists. By whose order? Sir, I thought that this case.. About the case or your girlfriend? She is one of the three journalists,
isn’t she? Did your love awaken? And you went there with your
friends to make an impression. You beat them up, do you
know the consequences of it. They killed Jindal. If I tell the media about this
and if the people find out.. ..then they will
publicly beat you at the square. Sir, how did the terrorists
find out that I went to jail and.. That is not the question. That is the question, sir. One of their men is
keeping a watch on us. Look, what is wrong. Don’t try to hide your mistake. Yes, I made a mistake, sir. I am fed up of your efforts. The same old methods. Checking on roads. Raids in hotels. Security in airports. It won’t give any result, sir. I have been watching
for the past one week.. ..that you can’t do anything. I think you have
forgotten how the police work. Because no one is
bribing you for this. What if the deceased
would’ve been your girlfriend? I would have gone back
and killed both of them. You will regret it. Will you keep wearing that? Have faith now. What did you say?
– Nothing, brother. Some entertainment.. There are other ways of entertainment. You will be paid extra for that. Do the work that has
been give to you properly. Okay. You shouldn’t do the wrong
thing at the wrong place. Go. The stars shines.. Under the blue sky our love blooms.. Written by Bharat Vyas. Vasant Desai. ‘Mausi’. 1 958. Ramesh Dev. The stars shines.. Vijay Jindal has been murdered. Is it due to t he
incompetence of the police? How does it prove the
police’s incompetence? The police will do what the
ministry will ask them to do. So, sir, does the ministry
want another reporter to die? According to our sources
the American government.. ..has advised the Indian government.. agree to the
terms of the terrorists. I’m sorry. We have no use information. Excuse me, gentlemen. Papa, I want part two of this. Sir, the papers are in order. It is a very nice game. But you will have to go to
New Zealand embassy on Monday. Yes, how many parts are there? There are only two parts. You will get it. Are my wife and son’s tickets ready? Yes, sir.
– Then you can leave. ‘Have decided to release
both the terrorists .. .. and criminal Bunty Bhaiyya.’
– Go, play. ‘People have mixed views on
this decision of the government.’ What a sham! You risk your life to
apprehend criminals. And the government compromises.. ..and releases them. How many years have we been married? You still don’t know. It’s my job to do it.
– Leave me. And it’s your job to shun. Politics is the art of compromise. Oh, God. Nikhil got admission. Good.
– The session starts from June. Great. We are
getting great news today. This way. This way. Please forgive me if I made
any mistakes, Bunty Bhaiyya. Won’t you tell a poem before I leave? Yes, of course. It’ll be wrong to say
that we will meet again. But you will always dwell in my heart. Yes. Yes. Sir. Sir.. Okay. Bye. Come on. Can you drive? Get in. Hello. Yes. Yes, fine. Drive towards Mairoli, come on. Hello. Yes. There’s a right up ahead. Once we reach our destination.. ..I will treat you to fish curry. You do eat fish, don’t you?
– Yes. I wonder where he is watching us from. Hello. Yes. Stop on the left. Yes, we are stopping. Yes, we are stopping. We are stopping. It’s so silent.
– Where is the car? There it is. Hiding. Come on. Come on. Which car have they sent? There is no one here. Maybe the car will function on remote. Come on. So, Bunty Bhaiyya. Congratulations on your release. Hanumant. Now take me to Ayodhya quickly. Hanumant, stop the car if
you see you betel-leaf shop? I want to chew one. Where should I take you? Beneras.
Kolkata. Where? Fine, you can enjoy me
craving for tobacco. How much further? Go, you can relieve
yourselves if you like. Stretch yourselves. It’s a long journey. Go. Hey. Not below the oak tree. The Goddess will curse you. That way. ‘Sharda.’ Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle. Sri Ramchandra. Their freedom was short-lived. The entire program was
for you, Bunty Bhaiyya. I had promised to treat
them to fish curry tonight. Let me talk to brother Rajmani. Yes, tell me. Speak up.
– Yes, brother. I am keeping a watch on the
path brother Bunty is taking. What should I do if I run into him? Kill him as soon as you
run into him. Kill him. He shouldn’t survive. Kill him. He wants to completely liberate you. It’s an order. I will
have to carry it out. We are being released? Catherine. We are being released. Are you serious? When?
– Yes. Tomorrow. Why are we being released?
– I don’t know. Ask him. Cathy. Are you okay? Cathy, what happened? Brother, how many days
will we have to stay here? Look, look after your mother.
– Don’t you worry, mate. He has already
turned into a foreigner. Talk to mother in Hindi. Okay.
– Got it? Otherwise you will change
completely by the time I come there. Will you get visa?
– I will. Otherwise I will swim to New Zealand. And make sure you meet
Sundaram as soon as you reach there. I have sent the money to him. I won’t be allowed beyond this. It’s the Immigration.
– Go. Go. Go.
– Bye. – Bye, baby. Okay, bye.
– Bye. Let’s go. For how many days have they gone, sir? Just for holidays. Don’t tell anyone.
– Okay. My family has gone to New Zealand. Or else I will have to
face an inquiry. – Okay. Let’s go. Sir, Varsha has returned. The poor thing’s quite worried. She has given a
statement to the police.. ..that she was only
kidnapped but not mistreated. Sir, I won’t spare those kidnappers. Do you have a passport?
– Yes, I do. Then go to Afghanistan
and find those terrorists. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop here. Sir, Varsha was saying
that she could hear.. ..the Muslim prayer call everyday. A real Muslim prays five times a day. But she never saw them praying. She’s a smart girl. Wait here.
– Okay, sir. – I will be right back. Park at the back. Come. Please come. You will live long. I was thinking about
you since morning. I kept getting hiccups. My hand is on the water. I won’t lie. You are a very honest
guy that is why you.. ..are into money laundering. I am sure you don’t remember
when was the last time you lied. Whatever the master says. Nothing you say hurts me. Tell me, how can I help you? I want to send some money.
– How much? 50. You have interesting
antique pieces with you. If you like anyone in
particular then I shall sent it across. You will have to send to New Zealand. Anyway, where do I
have to send the money? New Zealand, Auckland. To my family. What? Write the number. The place where I have to send it.
– Okay. When will it reach them?
– In an hour. I might trouble you once more. You can trouble me everyday, master. This is your shop.
– Take this. Shall I leave?
– Yes. Bye.
– Bye. Hello. Yes. What? Pandit. Pandit. Take a u-turn.
Take a u-turn, Pandit. Take a u-turn. Take a u-turn. You stay outside. Go. Go. Go on. A CD just arrived. Yes, play it. Play it. I, Bunty Bhaiyya, in my sound mind,
would like to tell everyone..’ ‘..that I work for minister..
minister Rajmani Singh Yadav.’ ‘And I’ve murdered and
kidnapped many people..’ ‘..on his instructions.’ ‘And I have committed
many crimes.. and..’ 15 crores. Mani, he is..
– Just a minute. Just a minute. Bunty.
– You are back, rascal. Hanumant Singh. Release me, you rascal. I am back. Release me, I have been
sitting at the same place.. ..for the entire day.
– I am back. Papa is back, Bunty, my child. Look, I have brought food for you. Hanumant, release me. Hanumant, where will I go? I am sitting right in front
of you. Untie me. Hanumant. I gave you my full support. I quietly came in the car. I didn’t utter a word
and you are deceiving me. Brother Bunty will
drink a glass of juice.. ..I made a mistake by
trusting you, Hanumant. Then he will feel energetic again.
– Are you listening to me? Bunty Bhaiyya promises you. When I said I won’t
run then I won’t run. Hanumant, I beg you. Untie me. Here, now papa will give you juice.
– I don’t want it. I am feeling itchy. Here. You will hold the glass yourself. Very good. Where is it itching, son?
– Lower. Lower. A little further. – A little further.
– A little further. A little further.
– A little further. Where else, son? Are you scratching me or
searching for something? Hanu.. Hanumant.. Is that fine? Don’t shout.
– Why are you hitting me? Drink it, drink it.
– You don’t know my anger. If I free myself I will
spread terror, Hanumant. Well done. Well done. Now keep quiet for a minute, son. Hanumant, let me go.
– Be quiet. Yes, brother. Hanumant, come home, quickly.
– Okay. I asked you to keep quiet. Now drink it. Brother, he is a
greedy man. He needs money. If we enlarge the
image of Bunty’s eyes.. ..then we’ll see that
man’s reflection. – No. We’ll have to gorge his eyes
out only then we will find out. I didn’t understand. Hanumant, the lion and
the fox used to get along. The fox would entertain,
and cater to the lion. The lion was happy as well. He would give a part of
his hunt to the fox as well. One day the lion set out on a hunt. They both set out in the
jungle hungry and thirsty. They kept going around the jungle. Then they both reached a pond. Both of them got excited. There were grapevines on
the trees along the pond. For years the grapes were ripening.. ..and falling in the
pond and were rotting. So the pond’s water
turned intoxicating. They drank to their full. And were drunk. As they were drunk
they both fell asleep. As the lion fell asleep so
did the fox in his arms. The lion is a lion after all. He woke up first. He saw that the fox is
sleeping in my arms, he got angry. He gave a tight slap and
the fox died on the spot. So the moral of the story is.. ..the fox shouldn’t have
drank along with the lion. And even if he did then.. ..he shouldn’t have slept in his arms. You tried to sleep in
the arms of the lion. You are the one who
needs the money the most. You have sent your
family to New Zealand. Applied for your own visa. You have resigned from your job. And working on notice period. You want to flee with
your life’s earning.. ..and trying to fool me. You are absolutely right. But you should’ve asked me.. ..before making such
serious allegations. The truth is that I sent
my family to New Zealand.. ..because.. their life was in danger. Our home was attacked. This news was
published in the newspapers. You asked as a
formality and then forgot. It’s true that I.. resigned. Because I have more
enemies than friends.. ..due to carrying
out your instructions. I did so much for.. I killed the Muzaffarnagar
candidate in an accident. So that your candidate could win. I proved that Zafar Iqbal a
terrorist and killed him.. ..for the Railway tender. I killed Gupta builder
for the Mairoli land. I killed the boy whom your
niece loved. I killed Ali. I don’t say that you
didn’t do anything for us. You didn’t let me get
transferred from Delhi. You didn’t let us face any inquiry. I also earned a lot of
money because of you. I was fleeing. I needed money. I thought that I will ask you
for it when you are in a good mood. We were related. But you shattered that
bond by accusing me. That’s what your
enemies wanted as well. Fine. I will certainly come see
you before I leave the country. If you still feel I
kidnapped Bunty Bhaiyya.. ..then you can kill me. You aren’t killing me because.. still feel that I
have held Bunty Bhaiyya. If you kill me you won’t get
the whereabouts of Bunty Bhaiyya. He will get trapped, Pandit. He,
too, will get trapped. Yes. Sir, you still think that Bunty
Bhaiyya is with me, don’t you? You broke my heart, sir.
Hail motherland. Pandit.. However this Hanumant might be.. ..but he won’t betray me. Will he? Hello. Yes, Mohit. Tell me. Sir, have you sent Shamsher somewhere? No, he has called me here. In Hauskaas village. For giving some information. Why?
– I don’t know, sir. But he bowed before
Lord Hanuman’s idol here. And you know he does that
when he goes for an encounter. Yes, I know that. Fine, see you.
– Okay, sir. – Bye. Yes, sir, I am searching for him. I have called him he
will certainly be here. Yes, sir. Here I am, Shamsher. Sir, I wanted to give
you some information. Yes, I am here to listen.
– Sir, over the phone.. Come on. Sit down. Sit. Sit. When do you take Lord
Hanuman’s blessings.. ..before leaving? Sir, when I go out for an encounter. How many years have we been together? Quite some years, sir. And today you want to kill Hanumant.. ..with Lord Hanuman’s blessings.
– No, sir. What are you saying, sir? I am your boy, sir. I never saw such fear
in your eyes, Shamsher. I am speaking the truth, sir. I am speaking the truth, sir. Who sent you?
– No one. Tell me, who sent you? No one, sir. Tell me. I made a mistake, sir. Who?
– Rajmani. He instigated me that he
will give me your post, later. And you slipped. I didn’t, sir, you saved me. I can lay down my life for you. Fine, pick this up point it on
your forehead and press the trigger. Sir, why are you joking?
There is no magazine in it. It is not there.
Still, experience death. Point it here.
– Okay, sir. Press it. Look.. Even after working in the
police force for so long.. don’t know that there
can be a bullet in the chamber.. ..though there is no magazine. Give me some more. Hello.
– Hanumant, where are you? Just like that, sir. Are you eating? Yes, I am eating some snacks. Are you eating alone
or is someone with you? No, I am all alone, sir. Is there something? – No, no,
it’s nothing. Just like that. The other day you
left in a fit of rage.. I thought of giving you a call. I am a fox, how can I get angry? Someone tried to kill me.. ..and was saying that you sent him. Who?
– Shamsher. Shamsher. So? So what? I am talking
to you so he’s no more. What are you saying?
Think about it yourself. Why would I want to kill you? We wouldn’t have made the
mistake of killing you.. ..even if you had Bunty Bhaiyya. Look, Hanumant, try to understand. It’s a conspiracy of
our enemies, Hanumant. Try to understand.
– You can’t get through? I’ll talk to him. Sir..
– Such.. Sir, Veenita has called from Mumbai. Veenita.. He will talk to you later. He is busy. You shouldn’t believe just anyone. I didn’t, sir. Otherwise I would’ve called, sir. Fine, okay. Look after yourself. I have nothing to worry
as long as you are there. Okay, sir. Enough. Mani, what is he saying? Pandit, he knows the truth so do we. Let’s see how far this goes. He didn’t commit suicide.
He has been murdered. His profession has killed him. Every police official
thinks of committing suicide. Sometimes I think of it, too. Work for 20 hours. Listen to rebukes. Then the higher
officials say Practice yoga. It will reduce the stress. It’s better to die. So, he’s dead. Shamsher Singh Rana. Can you make out from his name.. ..that he will commit suicide? He was one of us. He was like a younger brother to me. He will always inspire us. Thanks to all the media
personnel’s that came here. I have just one request for you. Don’t just publish
the news of his death.. ..but also the cause of his death. He died on duty.
– Duty? What duty? What kind of duty? What duty does your police do? People are getting kidnapped
everyday in broad daylight. Girls are being kidnapped
from the streets of Delhi. People are getting murdered. And stress? Which stress are you talking about? Our people have the most stress. No one’s ever safe. The police arrive after the
incident occurs to watch the charade. No, I don’t comply with you at all. The police force
isn’t incompetent at all. You take risk for getting news. If you can inform the police first.. ..then the police can protect you. I don’t comply with you. Our people know
about the great deeds.. ..your police force has done
from Punjab to Maharashtra.. Varsha.
– What are you doing? Just a minute.
– Leave me. Just come with me. Police is the biggest blemish..
– You come with me. On people’s democracy.
– Varsha.. – Mohit, let go of me. What were you doing? If the rest of you
want to ask anything.. ..about the incompetence of
police then you can do so? I am sorry, Varsha. Listen.. Listen to me. He is my senior. You were embarrassing me. Bye. You roam around so freely,
aren’t you scared, sir? About what? Bullets are fired at home as well. They can fire on the
streets too. What is there in it? I want to catch Varsha’s
kidnappers at any cost, sir. You say that the terrorists
must have fled to Afganistan. But Bunty Bhaiyya must be still here. So I want to catch Bunty
Bhaiyya at any cost, sir. Why? She won’t marry you until
you don’t catch Bunty Bhaiyya? I will catch those
kidnappers through Bunty Bhaiyya. Only after that I
will propose to Varsha. Fine, then I will help you. But I will take half
the dowry you receive. Let’s stage a fake encounter. Kill few people. We will say that they
were the terrorists. Wow, that’s a great song.
– Yes. Do you know which film it is?
– ‘Saavan Ki Ghata’. Who is the music director?
– Salil Chaudhary. O.P. Nayyar.
– I see.. Oh no. What happened?
– Sir. Sir. Sir, don’t worry. I won’t let anything happen to you. Rascal, I can see my death coming.. ..and you say don’t worry. If anything happens to me.. ..then call my wife in New Zealand. And there are 25 lakhs in my cupboard. Put it in a small bag..
– Sir, please don’t talk. Such a situation will never arise.
I won’t let you die. Rascal, I can see death before me. Black. Sitting on a buffalo. Come on, take me. Take me away. Do you take bribe? Sir, please stay quiet.
– Don’t yell at me. Thank you. Thank you, Mohit. Sir, please stay quiet.
– Thank you. – Please, sir. Please. Thank you. Mohit, you stay here. Everyone should have pupil like you. Thank you. Will Hanumant survive? He shouldn’t die before giving
us the whereabouts of Bunty. Don’t worry, the aim
was absolutely right. The bullet just pierced the stomach. And anyway it was a .22 gun. Nothing will happen to Hanumant Singh. Instead this time he
won’t just praise me.. If he has Bunty then he will
tell me about him as a reward. Even if he tells you please
confirm whether or not he has Bunty. Don’t just shoot him in a fit of rage. Keep your advise to yourself, He is in this condition
because of your advices. No, no, he is doing fine until now. The day he makes a mistake.. ..I will make you shoot him. Isn’t it, Pandit? Will you sacrifice yourself for me? Mani, I swear, if he
finds Bunty bhaiyya.. ..then it will be his
bullet and my chest. I will leave, sir. I will meet Hanumant tomorrow. He will surely give me
Bunty Bhaiyya’s address. But, sir, what about my reward? Youngest commissioner of Delhi. Other than that I will
take another crore, sir. Hanumant is asking for 15, so
I rightfully should get one. Done.
– Thank you, sir. I am leaving. Pandit.. As soon as Bunty is
found kill this boy as well. Who else will you make me shoot, Mani? Don’t worry, you will be last. Look, the shooters were.. I told you. – Right now I am
standing outside Gangaram hospital. Crime Branch’s senior inspector,
Hanumant Singh.. being kept away from the media. But we have found out
from the hospital staff.. ..that his condition has improved. Although sub-inspector Mohit Kumar.. ..shot dead both the
attackers on the spot. But we haven’t found
out yet who they were.. ..and where they came from. With cameraman Piyush, this
is Sanjeev Vats, Indian News. Seems like the
media’s entry is banned. Hello. Avinash. Good morning, sir. Morning. Morning. How are you feeling today?
– Absolutely fine. With your permission I can run home. Wow, sir, that’s great. What are you doing here? Sir, media is really
getting out of control. Sorry, I brought her here
without your permission. No, that’s fine. You two can chat. I will leave.
– Okay. Bye. See you later. Okay, sir, I will leave too.
Hail motherland. – Okay. Come, sit down. Thank you, sir. I am very sorry, sir. Day before yesterday I misbehaved you. No, that’s absolutely fine. So much anger is
justified after all that stress. Your friend..boyfriend saved my life. It’s his duty to conduct operation. No, it wasn’t an operation. We were just strolling
around at India Gate. Someone shot me..and he
risked his life to save me. Who are you talking about? Mohit. Mohit isn’t my boyfriend,
he’s my good friend. I am getting engaged to Avinash. ‘Was it of a girl?
– It was my girlfriend, sir.’ ‘What if the deceased would
have been your girlfriend?’ ‘Sir, I won’t spare those kidnappers.’ ‘Sir, I want to find
Bunty Bhaiyya at any cost.’ ‘Why? She won’t marry you until
you don’t catch Bunty Bhaiyya?’ ‘Who is he?
– He’s a new recruit, sir.’ ‘How did you get into
crime branch directly?’ ‘Did you use some big influence?’ ‘Don’t tell anyone.’ ‘My family has gone to New Zealand.’ ‘You have sent your
family to New Zealand.’ ‘Applied for your own visa.’ Are you thinking of something? You go to interview
terrorists when they call you. Will you help the police?
– Of course, sir. I certainly will. Mohit, please forgive me. I know that you love Varsha. I know that you love
her since class three. But I promise, Mohit.. ..Varsha and I will together
find such a nice girl for you.. I promise. I am getting married. Brother, I don’t
understand where he came from. Avinash survived, Mohit. He didn’t die. What is so special about you that.. every accident the other
one barely manages to survive. And you don’t even get a scratch. Good morning, sir.
– Morning. Morning. I went to the hospital. There I found out that
you have returned home. I was scared that I
might be attacked again. That’s why I fled from there. I feel safe here. You are very concerned
about me, aren’t you? You know what’s the best about you? Your innocent face. You have saved my life thrice. I am burdened under your favors. You wanted to make a place
for yourself in my heart. So, you did. And in return you wanted
to know where Bunty is. So Bunty is with me.
– What are you saying, sir? That’s why you were
playing games, weren’t you? You are misunderstanding me, sir. Stop pretending and be yourself. Come on. I have spent 22
years in this profession. I have always gauged the
weather before taking any step. My family had to go abroad.
I didn’t have a reason. I got my wife threatened. I staged an attack on my house. Otherwise who would
dare to cast an eye.. ..on Hanumant Singh’s family. Sir, should I make tea?
– Yes, go ahead. I can read a person’s mind
by looking at their shadow. The first time you
really saved my life. The second time you
wanted me to realize.. concerned you are about me. The third time you wanted to show me.. ..that you can risk your life for me. You had a .22 bullet fired at me. Were you shooting crows? You wanted me to get injured. Stay indebted to you all my life. And tell you Bunty’s whereabouts. Tell me something. If I am Rajmani’s man then why
are you telling me about Bunty? Because Rajmani cannot harm me. I have arranged for
Rajmani’s death as well. When he won’t be there.. ..then who will you cling on to? I am helping you
though you betrayed me.. ..because you really saved
my life for the first time. You will go and collect the money. I cannot do this alone. In return you will get five crores. No, I will take ten. When it’s a game of betrayal,
then let’s play openly. Ask for 25 instead of 15. Of course, I am not going
to pay out of my pocket. Do you really have Bunty? Bunty, my child.
– Hanumant. You rascal. You left me alone. Make me sit on a commode. Pick me up. I desperately want to relieve myself. Pick him up.
– Hanumant. It stinks in here but
it is very previous. Pick me up. Make me sit on a commode. Make him sit on a commode. Clean him and bring him back. At least untie my hands.
How will I do other things? My hands are tied. I have brought him with me.
He will wash it for you. Wash it. What?
– Yes, wash it. A person can do
anything for 10 crores. Come on, wash it. Not the injection,
Hanumant. Not the injection. Not the injection. You
leave me alone. I fall asleep. Hanumant. You are my target, son. I will deal with you. Play the other CD. What is written on it? Its written 25 crores and not 15. By 10 o’clock. 25 crores. That
means another10 crores. Pandit.
– Yes. Put 10 crores more in the bag. Mani, they are crores of
rupees and not donation that.. Have faith, Pandit. It will all come back to me.
– How? Science has made a lot
of progress, Pandit. We are falling short of four people. And the meeting is
taking place tomorrow. How will we declare majority? Mr. Agarwal, we will get the
votes of four MP’s by tonight. That’s my headache. You.. Mr. Shantimohan, please sit in
the garden for five minutes. I will be with you. Come, come. – Okay. Okay,
sir. We are waiting outside. Come, come. Have a seat.
– Serve some drinks in the meanwhile. Sir, Hanumant Singh has told me.. ..that he has Bunty Bhaiyya. Where is he? Where is he? Where is he? He didn’t tell me that. But he wants my help. He wants me to collect the money. Look..
– Try to understand, sir. I will give him the money.. ..and he will give me
the whereabouts of Bunty. And I will kill him. One more thing, sir. Better sleep early tonight. Tomorrow is an important day. Yes, tell me.
– Sir, I have reached. Yes, I can see. You didn’t bring the bag along. Sir, the bag is in the car downstairs. It was very heavy. I couldn’t bring it up. Yes, it’s not that easy to
carry the load of 25 crores. I was just checking
who is following you. Get down, go away from there.
Go sit in the car. Where should I go?
– I will tell you. Go. Keep the car a little behind. He shouldn’t know. Got it? Yes, sir.
– Yes, keep going, keep going. I will keep the speakerphone on. Is someone following you,
keep looking behind? Go straight. Take the next left. Yes. Go ahead. Take a right now. Sir, this is a dead end. If it’s a dead-end then take a u-turn. Reverse. Reverse. Reverse.
Take it back. Take it back. Yes. Be careful. Leave the first right
and take the second right. Yes, take a look are
they still following you? They aren’t, sir. What?
– They aren’t, sir. At least tell me where I have to go. You made me go around half of Delhi. Come behind the Red Fort. ‘Delhi Chalo Park.’ Where is he?
– How would I know where he is? Hello. – Mr. Pandit, I don’t
know where Mohit has gone. Fine, park the car at
the side and drink tea. We will find him, yes. Yes, stop, stop, stop. Stop, stop. Hey. Let’s go. Stop behind that car. Stop. Stop. Stop. You came prepared. Yes. A man that can devise
such a big game for 15 crores.. ..can kill me anytime for 10 crores. I promised you.
– I don’t trust you or your promise. Wow. 10 crores is not a small amount. Who knows whether or
not you can digest it? Its money earned
through illegal means. Who knows whether
you can use it or not. I will. It will come handy to me. You have learnt a lot in little time. I am your true student. I learnt everything completely. Look, don’t feel bad if
there’s a discrepancy of few lakhs. Have fun. Be careful. Look after yourself. Okay? Bye. Bye. Take care. Enjoy. Come on, come on. Stop. Let’s go. Stop. Stop. Stop. Here. None of the candidates
should withdraw their support. Don’t worry, sir. Once I become the foreign minister.. ..I will take everyone on
a foreign trip with family. That’s great, sir. Don’t forget what you have said.
– Yes? Bunty in Bangali market. In house no. 45.
– Bravo. Get the car. Get the car.
– Bring the car. Stay here I will be back.. Come on. Hurry up. Move aside. Move aside. Move aside.
No one will come along. Come on, let’s go. Rajmani Singh is in a jam. And also his government. We were kidnapped.. that Bunty
Bhaiyya could be released. I see. You were going
to testify against us. You had arranged to kill me as well. What? Did you forget that I
brought you from your village? You told Hanumant to kill me. You didn’t have enough to eat. You mother fell at
my feet and begged me. Take my children with you.
Take my children with you. You didn’t do any favor. You always had a running nose. You didn’t do any favor.
– You used to roam around in shorts. What not did I do for you? You don’t have a stature.
– You made that phrase come true. The teacher works hard
while the student enjoys. You.. You..
– Did you forget? What was your stature without me? You want to know my stature. What not did I do for you?
– You want to know my stature. Oh my, God. Oh my, God.
– You want to know my stature. Yes, Mani.
– Pandit..I have taken care of Bunty. Now you do one thing. Kill the
one who has the money as well. And come home with the money. Okay?
– Okay. Hey Laptop, take a look in it
quickly and tell me where our prey is. Mr. Pandit, the car is in Dariyaganj.. ..and is moving towards the ITO. Let’s go then. That’s really amazing, Mr. Pandit. For the first time I saw
the use of science in crime. Let’s go.
– I hope there won’t be a problem. No, nothing will happen.
Keep it running. – Okay. Take the car out. Take the car out. Rajbeer.
– Yes. The car is coming.
– Yes, I can see. Rajbeer, get them to park
on the side. – Yes. Yes. Sardhul Singh, ask the
people in that car to come out. And seize all the mobile phone. Stop. Stop the car. Hurry up, Suri. What is it? Why did you stop our car? Come out. Please come out.
– Here I am. We have to cover both
Rajmani and the dead body. What is wrong? There is a dead body in your car, sir. Who kept that there?
– Zoom in. Who kept that there?
It was kept right now. Someone kept it right now.
This is a conspiracy. This is not a conspiracy. You are Hanumant Singh’s men,
aren’t you? – Yes, we are. All the police officials.
– Whoever we are.. I got out from here and you
placed in the car from there. Don’t touch me. You have been photographed, Minister.
– Come with us, sir. I am a cabinet minister. You
cannot touch me like this. I can understand.
– That’s fine. The parliament is in session.
We will talk in the parliament. Let’s go. – Let go of me. – Minister,
where are you going? Minister, where are you going?
– Look.. This is a conspiracy against me. This is not a conspiracy
against you. Everything is
happening out in the open. Constable. – Yes, sir.
– Handcuff him. – Let go of me. As you can see I am at Rajpath. And minister Rajmani
Singh Yadav and his men.. ..have been arrested by the police.. ..because gangster Bunty Bhaiyya’s
dead body has been found in his car. Let’s go. Let’s go. Gangster Bunty
Bhaiyya who was released.. ..a few days along with the
terrorists of Lakshar-e-Hadh. The news is that he will be
taken to Tilak Marg police station.. ..where he will be questioned. We will keep updating
you with the developments. Varsha Mathur, Aaj Tak. He seems to be close by.
But where is he? There he is. There is that Mohit. Hey you.. Mohit, you rascal. You dare betray us. Hey.. Look there.. Keep the change. Please move aside. ‘As you can see I am at Rajpath.’ ‘And minister Rajmani
Singh Yadav and his men..’ ‘..have been arrested by the police..’ ‘..because gangster
Bunty Bhaiyya’s dead body..’ ‘..has been found in his car.’ ‘The news is that he will be
taken to Tilak Marg police station..’ ‘..where he will be questioned.’ ‘We will keep updating
you with the developments.’ ‘Varsha Mathur, Aaj Tak.’
– Sir, you? Come. Have a seat. It is difficult to carry money. How are you, Kamlesh? Fine, with your blessings. Look, what is
happening in our country. Yes, this keeps on happening. My India is great. Tell me, how can I help you?
– How else will you help me? It’s the same job.
I want to send money. At the same place.
New Zealand, Auckland. Pass me the remote.
– Remote? How much?
– 15 crores. 15 crores. Be careful while
looking at me today. You might lose your heart..
– The songs these days are.. They are just..
– 1956, Gurudutt films. The music is so..
– O.P Nayyar music. They make it as they like. Ask my name. Dev sir.. – I live in the
village near the shore. And Shakeela. The sacred fig tree sways..
And provides cool shade. Sorry, sir. But I never saw such a big
amount before in my life. I swear, it made me disloyal. I am holding a fire
element in my hand. What can I do, I
have a family as well. Wait. Let this song end first. Someone guess my name. I am puzzle. Someone guess my name. Here I go. Here I go. Guess where I am going. Ask my name. I live in the
village near the shore. The sacred fig tree sways in my
courtyard and provides cool shade. Ask my name. Strange. ‘You.. You are not
the servant of law.’ ‘You are a traitor.’ The sky is touching the ground. Dilip Kumar. The sky is touching the ground. I saw this union take place here. The sky.. What is this thirst that
doesn’t end with death? It is just stubbornness. We know that we will
be left empty-handed. Oh, baby. You gave in. You got ruined. You got ruined. You stopped. You were human, my love. My love. Your unfulfilled desires. You fake karmas. Your unfulfilled desires. Your false karmas. Look, where have they brought you. All the signs are and there. What is this thirst that
doesn’t end with death? It is just stubbornness. We know that we will
be left empty-handed. Hey. You gave in. You got ruined. You got ruined. You stopped. You were human, my love. My love. Your scared breaths.. as you breathe your last. Your scared breaths.. as you breathe your last. What did you gain? All the signs are and there. What is this thirst that
doesn’t end with death? Get lost. It is just stubbornness. We know that we will
be left empty-handed. You gave in. You got ruined. You got ruined. You stopped. You were human, my love. My love. Enough.

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