Nadi Shodhan Pranayama *Breathing Techniques* PLUS Spiritual Inspiration and Motivation

Nadi Shodhan Pranayama *Breathing Techniques* PLUS Spiritual Inspiration and Motivation

Welcome to 2013. 2013 is a very
amazing year, in many senses. Like 2013… First of all before I tell you the significance of it, people think 13 is an
unlucky number. They have to wipe out this idea from their minds. 13 is not an unlucky number. Thirteen is
same number like other numbers are. That is just a wrong idea in their mind. The significance of
2013 is if you add it together it becomes 6. And 6 number plays a big role in humans’ life. It plays
a role for everyone actually, but humans understand it more. Because humans have a developed mind. On the
other hand animals, they lack it. So, that’s why I used the word human. They understand it. Six, six regulation
in your life. It will change your life fully. It will be fully transformed. Before I tell the 6 regulation let me talk about 2012. 2012 people were
very afraid, scared that it is going to be the end of the world. But I told people all the time, “Don’t be scared, don’t
be fearful”. It is just an energy shift. And this energy was shifting. And it brings good idea, this energy. Maybe a little bit
natural disaster happen on the way, but it still has a good impact on humans’ life. Even on animals’ life on this whole planet. 6 number. 6 number tells you that
there are living beings everywhere on the 6 places places be careful not to kill them. You dig the earth one foot down there are full of bacteria, that’s why we call it
Mother Earth. It is alive, because there are bacteria. It produces lot of food. Mother Earth, don’t disturb it. Second, apkaya. Apkaya is like in
the water. Water is a body of the bacteria. And think that we have to swallow it. Without that we cannot survive, but don’t
waste it. Teukaya. Teukaya is like tejas. Tejas is fire. Certain bacteria they are born only in that hot environment, hot atmosphere.
So fire, whatever you see the flame is bacteria’s body. We cannot put fire in the forest. We cannot put fire
uselessly anywhere, because it can disturb our planet. Vaayukaya. Vaayu is air, what we breathe. Whatever we breathe it
has all bacterias. But without that we cannot survive. We don’t have control over it. There are more than 700,000 kinds of
gases in this planet actually. So be careful not to disturb them. Take whatever you need. Vanaspatikaya, fifth one. All these vegetation they
are alive. The are full of living being, bacterias. So if you need it for survival you take that fruit or if
you need anything, take that but be thankful to it. Like the american native, they, sometimes they take the
plant and they pray before they take it. So be thankful. When you are thankful it means you are not disturbing them.
Trasakaya from little bug to elephant, whatever you see; humans, birds, they are moving. So they are all living beings. Don’t disturb them. 6 places be careful
in this year because the 6 number it is telling you don’t kill anyone. Don’t disturb anyone, unless you have to survive. But survive only on
vegetation. Vegetation is alive but it is in unconscious state. When it is unconscious state, they don’t know what is happening
around, so all these feelings, emotions, doesn’t come like animals. If you kill animal, torture animal, all the emotions comes to the
meat. That’s what will disturb your DNA, your blood system. So be vegetarian this year because it is significant. Also, if you
can do 6 regulations, it will change your whole system, whole life. And the shift 2012 brought here it will really transform – that shift – your life.
First realization you make it, “I don’t want to kill anyone whole of this year”. No human, no animals, no birds. Killing is not good. Follow
the nonviolence. Principal of nonviolence is the best. So if you can follow it, it will going to change your life
fully because you will be very much aware about it. Be loving this year. Make this resolution to love everyone. Every single
living being, whoever is on this earth, in this universe, love it all. You want to be compassionate, third resolution you can make. Fourth you can make this
resolution that “I don’t want to be negative”, or, “I don’t want to be angry”. Fifth one. “I don’t want to be jealous”. If you make these resolutions,
you will be surprised your life will begin to change. And life needs to change, needs to be transformed fully. If you follow these resolutions you will be
surprised that other people begin to notice change in your life because you are becoming different person. Different in a way, a positive way. That you are becoming more loving, more compassionate. Not
to be angry, not to be jealous, not to be negative, always positive. So this way they will change. And when you change it yourself, remember,
don’t try to change others. It is not in your hand. Just you change. If you follow these resolutions this whole year,
you will be surprised your life will have some special meaning. Because transformation will happen. I will give you one practical thing. If you want to really change
your this year, because this year is full of energy and it is positive energy, spiritual energy. The world, this world, can be much better if you will follow this. Follow for yourself
this one at least. Practical. I will call this technique as Nadi Shodhan. Nadi Shodhan is a technique, very ancient technique, from the yogic system.
Nadi shodhan can make you very much healthy and joyful and happy. Because it clears your all the main nerves. Nadi means nerves. Shodhan means purification. If you can purify all
your main nerves, your life will be very much healthy, head especially will be very much clear, and your thoughts clear. You will think positively all the time. So let me teach you this nadi shodhan. You need right hand with
ring finger and thumb. With ring finger you close your left nostril, and thumb you close your right nostril. So you do breathe out breathe in, breathe out breathe in twice. First through the right nostril.
I will show you in slow motion. Then I will show in the fast motion. First is like breathe out first. Out, in. Out, in. When you breathe out your stomach goes in. When
you breathe in your stomach comes up. So, do the same way from the other side.
Close your right nostril with your thumb. This is slow motion. If you do it a
little faster it will be like this. This technique, nadi shodhan, can bring lot of clarity in your life. And you will be very much
positive person. Whole of this year, don’t worry about this year. It is not unlucky year. It is a very good year. Be positive, be compassionate, be loving
towards humans, towards animals, towards birds, towards the whole planet. And you will be totally transformed. Jai Siddhatma.

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  1. If 13 is not unlucky why does 6 become special? Are we not just making a meaning about this number as well? Isn't numerology just the meaning we put to it and it could just mean anything? I reply because I love you. Maybe you know something I do not.

  2. if its ants do what i did and just put down lines of chalk where they are coming in …they will leave…they hate chalk

  3. i noticed that recently i am very aware while walking not to step on insects consciously , today by mistake i walked over a warm honestly i never thought i would feel so sorry for it i felt the pain of the warm , I am not sure how or why i started to feel this way , thank You for the wonderful videos

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  5. why he is not telling breathing tecnics, this is new year message. nadisodhana pranayam heading but he was not telling these tecnics, only he is telling new year message.

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