My failed mission to find God — and what I found instead | Anjali Kumar

My failed mission to find God — and what I found instead | Anjali Kumar

A few years ago, I set out on a mission to find God. Now, I’m going to tell you
right up front that I failed, which, as a lawyer, is a really hard thing for me to admit. But on that failed journey, a lot of what I found was enlightening. And one thing in particular
gave me a lot of hope. It has to do with the magnitude
and significance of our differences. So, I was raised in America
by Indian parents — culturally Hindu, but practicing a strict and relatively
unknown religion outside of India called Jainism. To give you an idea
of just how minority that makes me: people from India represent
roughly one percent of the US population; Hindus, about 0.7 percent; Jains, at most .00046 percent. To put that in context: more people visit the Vermont
Teddy Bear Factory each year than are followers
of the Jain religion in America. To add to my minority mix,
my parents then decided, “What a great idea!
Let’s send her to Catholic school” — (Laughter) where my sister and I
were the only non-white, non-Catholic students
in the entire school. At the Infant Jesus of Prague School
in Flossmoor, Illinois — yes, that’s really what it was called — we were taught to believe
that there is a single Supreme Being who is responsible for everything, the whole shebang, from the creation of the Universe
to moral shepherding to eternal life. But at home, I was being taught something
entirely different. Followers of the Jain religion don’t believe in a single Supreme Being or even a team of Supreme Beings. Instead, we’re taught that God manifests as the perfection of each of us
as individuals, and that we’re actually
spending our entire lives striving to remove the bad karmas that stand in the way of us
becoming our own godlike, perfect selves. On top of that, one of the core
principles of Jainism is something called “non-absolutism.” Non-absolutists believe
that no single person can hold ownership or knowledge
of absolute truth, even when it comes to religious beliefs. Good luck testing that concept out on the priests and nuns
in your Catholic school. (Laughter) No wonder I was confused and hyperaware of how different
I was from my peers. Cut to 20-something years later, and I found myself to be
a highly spiritual person, but I was floundering. I was spiritually homeless. I came to learn that I was a “None,” which isn’t an acronym
or a clever play on words, nor is it one of these. It’s simply the painfully uninspired name given to everyone
who checks off the box “none” when Pew Research asks them
about their religious affiliation. (Laughter) Now, a couple of interesting
things about Nones are: there are a lot of us, and we skew young. In 2014, there were over 56 million
religiously unaffiliated Nones in the United States. And Nones account
for over one-third of adults between the ages of 18 to 33. But the most interesting thing
to me about Nones is that we’re often spiritual. In fact, 68 percent of us believe,
with some degree of certainty, that there is a God. We’re just not sure who it is. (Laughter) So the first takeaway for me when I realized I was a None
and had found that information out was that I wasn’t alone. I was finally part of a group in America that had a lot of members, which felt really reassuring. But then the second,
not-so-reassuring takeaway was that, oh, man, there are a lot of us. That can’t be good, because if a lot of highly spiritual
people are currently godless, maybe finding God is not going to be
as easy as I had originally hoped. So that is when I decided
that on my spiritual journey, I was going to avoid the obvious places and skip the big-box religions altogether and instead venture out
into the spiritual fringe of mediums and faith healers and godmen. But remember, I’m a non-absolutist, which means I was pretty inclined
to keep a fairly open mind, which turned out to be a good thing, because I went to a witch’s potluck dinner at the LGBT Center in New York City, where I befriended two witches; drank a five-gallon jerrican
full of volcanic water with a shaman in Peru; got a hug from a saint
in the convention center — she smelled really nice — (Laughter) chanted for hours in a smoke-filled,
heat-infused sweat lodge on the beaches of Mexico; worked with a tequila-drinking medium
to convene with the dead, who oddly included both
my deceased mother-in-law and the deceased manager
of the hip-hop group The Roots. (Laughter) Yeah, my mother-in-law told me
she was really happy her son had chosen me for his wife. Duh! But — (Laughter) Yeah. But the manager of The Roots said that maybe I should cut back
on all the pasta I was eating. I think we can all agree that it was lucky for my husband
that it wasn’t his dead mother who suggested I lay off carbs. (Laughter) I also joined a laughing yoga group
out of South Africa; witnessed a woman have
a 45-minute orgasm — I am not making this up — as she tapped into
the energy of the universe — I think I’m going to go back there — (Laughter) called God from a phone booth
in the Nevada desert at Burning Man, wearing a unitard and ski goggles; and I had an old Indian guy
lie on top of me, and no, he wasn’t my husband. This was a perfect stranger named Paramji, and he was chanting into my chakras as he tapped into the energy forces
of the Universe to heal my “yoni,” which is a Sanskrit word for “vagina.” (Laughter) I was going to have a slide here, but a few people suggested that a slide of my yoni
at TED — even TEDWomen — not the best idea. (Laughter) Very early in my quest, I also went to see the Brazilian
faith healer John of God at his compound down in Brazil. Now, John of God is considered
a full-trance medium, which basically means
he can talk to dead people. But in his case, he claims
to channel a very specific group of dead saints and doctors in order to heal
whatever’s wrong with you. And although John of God does
not have a medical degree or even a high school diploma, he actually performs surgery — the real kind, with a scalpel, but no anesthesia. Yeah, I don’t know. He also offers invisible surgery,
where there is no cutting, and surrogate surgery, where he supposedly can treat somebody
who is thousands of miles away by performing a procedure on a loved one. Now, when you go to visit John of God, there are all kinds
of rules and regulations. It’s a whole complicated thing, but the bottom line is that
you can visit John of God and present him with three things
that you would like fixed, and he will set the dead saints
and doctors to work on your behalf to get the job done. (Laughter) Now, before you snicker, consider that, at least according to his website, over eight million people — including Oprah, the Goddess of Daytime TV — have gone to see John of God, and I was pre-wired to keep an open mind. But to be honest, the whole thing for me
was kind of weird and inconclusive, and in the end, I flew home, even more confused
than I already started out. But that doesn’t mean
I came home empty-handed. In the weeks leading up
to my trip to Brazil, I mentioned my upcoming plans
to some friends and to a couple of colleagues at Google, where I was a lawyer at the time. And I might have mentioned it
to a couple more people because I’m chatty, including my neighbor, the guy who works at the local
coffee shop I go to each morning, the checkout lady at Whole Foods and a stranger who sat
next to me on the subway. I told each of them where I was going and why, and I offered to carry three wishes
of theirs down to Brazil, explaining that anyone going
to see John of God could act as a proxy for others and save them the trip. And to my surprise, my in-box overflowed. Friends told friends who told friends, and those friends
apparently told more friends, other strangers
and the guys at their coffee shops, until it seemed that days
before I left for Brazil that there was no one who did not
have my email address. And at the time, all I could conclude
was that I had offered too much to too many. But when I actually reread
those messages a few years later, I noticed something completely different. Those emails actually shared
three commonalities, the first of which was rather curious. Almost everyone sent me meticulous details
about how they could be reached. I had told them,
or their friends had told them, that along with the list
of the three things they wanted fixed, I needed their photo, their name
and their date of birth. But they gave me full addresses, with,
like, apartment numbers and zip codes, as if John of God was going
to stop by their house and see them in person
or send along a package. It was as if, in the highly unlikely event
that their wishes were granted by John of God, they just wanted to make sure
that they weren’t delivered to the wrong person or the wrong address. Even if they didn’t believe, they were hedging their bets. The second commonality
was just as curious, but far more humbling. Virtually everyone — the stranger on the subway, the guy at the coffee shop, the lawyer down the hall, the Jew, the atheist,
the Muslim, the devout Catholic — all asked for essentially
the same three things. OK, there were a couple of outliers,
and yes, a few people asked for cash. But when I eliminated what were
ultimately a handful of anomalies, the similarities were staggering. Almost every single person first asked for good health
for themselves and their families. Almost universally, they next asked for happiness and then love, in that order: health, happiness, love. Sometimes they asked for a specific
health issue to be fixed, but more often than not, they just
asked for good health in general. When it came to happiness, they each phrased it slightly differently, but they all asked for the same
specific subtype of happiness, too — the kind of happiness that sinks in and sets down roots in your soul; the kind of happiness
that could sustain us, even if we were to lose
absolutely everything else. And for love, they all asked for the kind
of romantic love, the soul mate that we read about
in epic romantic novels, the kind of love that will stay with us
till the end of our days. Sorry, that’s my husband. Crap! Now I forgot my place. (Laughter) (Applause) So by and large, all of these friends and strangers, regardless of their background,
race or religion, all asked for the same things, and they were the same things
that I really wanted, the simplified version
of the basic human needs identified by social scientists
like Abraham Maslow and Manfred Max-Neef. No one asked for answers
to the big existential questions or for proof of God or the meaning of life
like I had set out to find. They didn’t even ask for an end
to war or global hunger. Even when they could have asked
for absolutely anything, they all asked for health,
happiness and love. So now those emails had
a third commonality as well. Each of them ended in the exact same way. Instead of thanking me for carting
their wishes all the way to Brazil, everyone said, “Please don’t tell anyone.” So I decided to tell everyone — (Laughter) right here on this stage, not because I’m untrustworthy, but because the fact
that we have so much in common feels especially important for us
all to hear, especially now, when so many of the world’s problems seem to be because we keep focusing
on the things that make us different, not on what binds us together. And look — I am the first to admit
that I am not a statistician, and that the data I presented to you
that I just accumulated in my in-box is more anecdotal than scientific,
more qualitative than quantitative. It is, as anyone who works
with data would tell you, hardly a statistically significant
or demographically balanced sample. But nonetheless, I find myself
thinking about those emails every time I reflect back
on the bias and prejudice that I’ve faced in my life, or when there’s another hate crime
or a senseless tragedy that underscores the disheartening sense that our differences
might be insurmountable. I then remind myself that I have evidence that the humbling, unifying commonality of our humanity is that, even when presented
with the opportunity to ask for anything at all, most of us want the same things, and that this is true
no matter who we are, what name we call our god, or which religion, if any, we call home. I then also note that apparently some of us
want these things so badly that we would email a None, a spiritually confused None like me — some might say otherwise
confused as well — and that we would seek out this stranger
and email her our deepest wishes, just in case there is
the remote possibility that they might be granted
by someone who is not a god, much less our god, someone who is not even
a member of our chosen religion, someone who, when you
look at him on paper, seems like an unlikely
candidate to deliver. And so now, when I reflect back on my spiritual quest, even though I did not find God, I found a home in this: even today, in a world
fractured by religious, ethnic, political, philosophical,
and racial divides, even with all of our obvious differences, at the end of the day, and the most fundamental level, we are all the same. Thank you. (Applause)

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  1. May I invite you all to clean your karma? In India, they know that karma controls life, illness and death. Yet, in India today, more than seven million people are cleaning their karma. They are escaping the karmic trap, you see. In the West, more than 10,000 people are doing the same thing. The Indians are right, you see. Here is a simple 35 minute video that will show you your karma and tell you what to do with it.
    And, if you want to take a further step, please click on Second Attention on the menu.
    Good luck.

  2. God doesn't appear to sinners. He doesn't appear to the faithless. Doesn't appear to gun owners. Doesn't appear to adulterers or fornicators. Do you even know what the Ten Commandments are? I certainly hope you weren't looking for him when you were wearing high heels. Although I think he appreciates you wearing those Noah flood pants. The true religion is the Timothean religion and the Gospel of Timothy. God is Not Invisible. Jesus Is God and I am the son of Joseph the Messiah.

  3. you must distinguish between religion and faith.
    Religion: WE believe in god/gods etc…
    Faith: we believe in GOD/GODS ETC…
    i did not watch the video, but i HAD to type this 🙂

  4. Recommend Bhagavat Geetha … This book is not Religious although it is partly a Holy Book.. Just Try You will find answers for your curious doubts.

  5. If I'm not mistaken John of God was inserting the holy penis of Jesus in some of his female followers and it is in jail for sexual assault right now.

  6. I heard about and watched so many people whom where as confused as that lady, had the chance to read the holly Quran just once, in an open mind, they couldn’t believe such book exists “The words of almighty creator”.

    Do they not consider the Qur'an (with care)? Had it been from other Than Allah, they would surely have found therein Much discrepancy.

  7. God is alive and will always be. There is no explanation that science can provide for this universe falling into place by happenstance. Use your discernment because deception has been planted among the crops. A lazy harvester reaps the weed seeds in with the desired grain and taints the purity. God bless this world.


  9. NOBODY is “REQUIRED” to find God. But liberals have made it a REQUIREMENT that God should be STRICKEN from the record. Myself, I’m NOT religious, but UNLIKE THE LEFT, I will NOT MOCK, nor will I try to PREVENT someone else from practicing.

  10. This woman hung out with the most horrendous, vile, hypersexual and pagan people. There is nothing great or new about this…
    Her entire account does not make her charming at all!

  11. Humanism at its best.
    No truth, no sin, no guilt.
    There is a problem: truth exists, and she is merely riding on the coattails of eastern gurus and the professors in academia that were and are high on THEM to say there is only RELATIVITY in morals. The curse of this hippie generation belief brings this kind of dilemma.
    Truth stems from what is up from down.
    Truth rests on sober thinking.
    Truth requires love in order to be tolerable and/or heard.
    Truth is undeniable.
    Truth is not a lie.
    Truth is lawful.
    Truth saves.
    Truth is not impersonal.
    Truth is a Person.
    Truth is found in Jesus the Christ, and He loves us so much to let us keep living in our sin without hearing the fact that He laid down His own life to cover our sin- the very thing(s) that reveals our imperfection and damnation if left unattended separating us God.

    Hoping this lady would hear and understand while there is very little time left.

    "For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is a gift from God, not of works unless any man should boast." Ephesians 2: 8,9


    "The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all. Amen."
    2 Corinthians 13:14

  12. Nobody can find "God". That is because "God" is not a being; Finding "God" is by way of thingking and doing – a way of life. Interaction with shamen of ancient belief only lead to confusion, because these ancient minded shamen have limited thingking and they do not do acts in accordance with the divine way. Christ as Master Teacher tried to lead us towards the divine way. But, those who applied the teachings of Christ got misled along the way, because they keep the idea that "God" is a being. Just remember that "God" is not a beign; It follows that "God" has no name. To think that "God" is a being with a name is dis-empowering. "God" is the only spirit in all matter in the Universe. That is the teaching of Christ – the only Master Teacher of the ONE SPIRIT IN THE UNIVERSE… [email protected]

  13. Prayer in the name of Jesus Christ for guidance is the answer pray silently your prayer to God should be private God can read your mind he will answer your prayer you must be sincere and have faith you can pray for more faith too He will answer. You.

  14. Matthew 7:7-8

    Ask, Seek, Knock
    7:7-11pp — Lk 11:9-13
    “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened."
    I've studied all the world religions, but the Bible was the only religious text that felt alive to me. Now that I've found Jesus, I have peace, hope, and joy that I had never experienced in my life, and I hope that everyone can find Him and experience what I have 🙂

  15. "Modern man doesn't see God because they don't look low enough"- Carl Jung. I think that she found glimpses of God through her journey and in those emails she just does not see it. She saw a uniting narrative that captured the hearts of all of those people and that is what I think she is missing on her search for God.

  16. Though I was born and raised by Hindu parents in India, over time I've come to believe that there's no such thing called God, much less a religion 'created' by that God. Both the concept of God and Religion are human creations, originally meant to attribute all inexplicable natural phenomena like lightning, thunder, floods, etc. Which is why even today, most people tend to be 'God-fearing' not 'God-Loving'. In most religions practiced even now, followers or devotees perform rites n rituals more to keep them from harm's way, than out of gratitude for all they possess now. I believe religion is the most dangerous invention of humankind, as most wars n conflicts have risen from differences of religious faiths instead of promoting peace n harmony among religiously diverse or even contradictory communities. Also, humans are too presumptuous to give a human form to their God (wonder why it's mostly HE not SHE !). Very few religious faiths worship all creations of mother nature. If we all respect or had respected all living beings as equal stakeholders on our home planet, we could all live or have lived in harmony with all other species, and our own.

  17. It seems to me that she looked for God everywhere but one. I found Him and I didn't have to leave my home let alone my country to find Him.

  18. I do not understand your comment. My apologies I do not mean to be trolling but I do enjoy sharing my views and listening to others .

  19. At the core of all religions and spirituality, there is an experience of some being, place, or level of consciousness beyond ordinary human ken. It is often called awakening or enlightenment in the East; and the Kingdom of Heaven, salvation, or redemption in the West. Achieving this state of being is goal of all systems of spirituality and religion. It considered the greatest treasure, the highest purpose of life, and a great achievement..

    It is an awakening from the illusion of only being human to recover your consciousness of Who You Really Are: a spiritual being, part of the One Infinite Being, Source of all that is. Enlightenment is a continual experience of self as an immortal spirit, an individualization of the One Infinite Creator Being from which all that exists comes. It includes recovery of your innate perception of and communication with the One of whom you are always a part. It occurs as part of a much great understanding of ultimate reality:

    The only thing that really exists is a single, infinite, Being of Aware Will, the One Creator of all that is. This BEing has 13 Primordial Characteristics; Oneness, Infinity, Light, Consciousness, Wisdom, Will (Power), Perfection, Beauty, Magnificence, Love, Truth, Peace, and Joy. She has many human names: Brahma, Tao, Creator, God, Yahweh, Allah, etc. (We call the One a “She” because She is more yin than yang.)

    This Being manifests out of its own energy substance, out of its own Essence, out of Its Love, everything that exists: the Creation, the Cosmos. She is both Creator and the Creation. She is the Essence of all that is. She is your Essence; you are Her. There is only the One.

    The purpose of the Creation is experience, every kind of experience possible. The Creation is Essence expressing, exploring, and experiencing Herself in all Her infinite possibilities of being. The Creation is the playground, the Disneyland, the cosmic movie theater of God. (You are starring in your Human Movie now.) However, the Creation is an illusion (maya); the ultimate and only Truth is Essence.

    Essence individualizes part of Herself into limited beings, spirits, and these incarnate into the Creation to play, adventure, and enjoy. We are each one of those individualizations of Essence, of the One. We are an immortal spirit, a particle of the One Infinite Being, a “chip off the old block”. Our separated individuality is an illusion; we are always the One; there is nothing else we can be. We are all the One pretending to be the Many to have others to play with and against, and above all, others to love (otherwise, we would only know self-love).

    We are currently incarnating in the creation to explore the Human Experience, to play the Human Adventure Game. (The Human Experience is the exploration of all that we are not in Essence; the exploration of negative energy, obstacles, struggle and effort.) To fully live the Human Experience, to immerse ourselves in the role of human being, to take life seriously and dramatically; we must truly experience ourselves as only a human being. We must not-know Who We Really Are (immortal spirits, particles of the One Essence). We must block out the 13 Characteristics. We do this by creating a shell of negative energy around our consciousness that blocks out Essence and generates for us the illusion of a human identity. (We know the exact mechanics of this shell, how it works and how to free yourself of it, explained in the book Essentiality I: A Modern, Scientific, and Fast Path to Enlightenment.) The shell is part of the Creation and therefore an illusion; in Truth, we never cease to be Who We Really Are.

    Every human being can awaken from the illusion of only being a human being when he commits to doing so. We can do this by discreating the shell of energy that limits our consciousness to that of human and generates for us the illusion of the Creation, of being human. Essentiality is a system, a technology for this discreation. This restores our awareness of self as an immortal spirit, and restores our perception and communication with Essence, with the One. When we are permanently awake such that we do not fall back into our human identity illusion, we are “enlightened”. Enlightened, you live life from a higher level of consciousness, power to manifest, love, joy and abundance.

  20. at the end of the day = = = = at the end of this generation, the end of the world will come . . . if you dont have Yehsua Messiah , you do not have LIFE. . . If you say nay, then you call Yehsua Messiah a liar because He said that . . . . . . . You call Him a liar and you do not have part with Him . . . . . Go to your NONES , hug, be happy, healthy, loving, and try have a safe extinction event . . . . the NONES cant stop the rest of humanity from destroying the world and neither can they stop Yeshua Messiah from coming . . . . . . Carl sagan is the god of uniformitarian scientology (the religion that science is all truth and there is no God). atheists are still RAGING imbeciles. . . remember, if you listen to the spark within you it will say "Yeshua Messiah"

  21. god is never lost , then how could you find him .. he is inside and we are seeking him outside . If he could have been seeked through brain , mind then he wouldn be god ( no need to pray him then ) . He is ultimate truth and our self is false …. put your self away while seeking lord and find that you and lord are the same … the power that makes you feel alive is god ( your self has caste the shadow over yourself and you are finding god ( yourself ) outside .. go find yourself .. what makes you feel alive …. he is never lost , so no need to find him , feel him

  22. We have evrey thing whay we need god?
    But the question how thoes things come to as???
    Ther is tow ways and nothing but them:"worship yor god or worship your ego" the religion depends on this tow things choos what you want

  23. SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT – Stand in the Great Heart within you – 26 July 2019:

  24. One thing I found about religion, they are all false. Most of them say the same thing: Obey this God or be punished in the After life. This,to me,does not make sense. I believe in some high power but I reject every single religious book on the face of the earth. All of them seem man made without any endorsement from the creator at all.

  25. No absolutism is a contradiction in itself. It is a belief that no beleif or truth can be absolute, evenwhen it comes to God, yet isn't that an absolute belief? Why even say that?

  26. You sound like a nice person but, surprisingly naive for a lawyer. The fact that most people look for health happiness and, love doesn't in any way tell you what type of people they are.
    Hitler probably looked for the exact same things.

  27. I listened with great interest regarding the failure to find God. And it is clear the presenter gave it her intellectual best in the search.
    The fact that she also had many people who are also seeking was not astounding. They were all looking as well. Hoping to find (but not willing to commit?).

    Problem is, she missed the real conclusion here. She noted everybody WANTED something. Even wanted the same thing: health, happiness and love. (Perhaps to the point of selfishness?) The real question is, why do we all want or even need the same thing? And why are we not all willing to GIVE those same things away? Freely, to everybody and anybody, and not just on our terms.

    Most people who seek God on an intellectual level seem to miss this valuable point. (Yes, I'm a Christian.) God calls us to relationship with Himself. There is a multitude of places in the bible where God is calling his people/us to him. There are also many biblical people who walked in loving fellowship with God. A true faith is in a loving relationship with God. When you seek that relationship, you find immeasurable love and contentedness (happiness?) that everyone is seeking.

    This is what was missing in the presentation. You can't find relationship with God when only looking on an intellectual level. There needs to be a commitment and a vulnerability. A willingness to give of yourself as well. (Kind of sounds like a good marriage or parenting…)

    Final point, isn't it odd how everyone wants the same thing, regardless of social standing. Almost sounds like we were all programmed to have the same deep desires. Desires that can't be filled by worldly possessions, business acumen, political savvy, etc. Perhaps we were all CREATED with the longing for that relationship of love and contentedness. Problem is, WE broke the world. WE broke creation and our broken health is part of this broken world.

    Blessing all.

  28. Damn, my email was unanswered and was:

    Please give me the solution for the The Riemann hypothesis that "the real part of any non-trivial zero of the Riemann zeta function is ½"

    I also wanted to know how to describe relative positions of ovals originating from a real algebraic curve and as limit cycles of a polynomial vector field on the plane ????

    My last question was "can every simplex be dissected into a bounded number of orthoschemes?"

    That was it, just wanted to know that in geometry, an unsolved conjecture of Hugo Hadwiger was every simplex can be dissected into orthoschemes, using a number of orthoschemes bounded by a function of the dimension of the simplex. If true, then more generally every convex polytope could be dissected into orthoschemes.

    I need to know. Really badly. It will make me healthier, bring me happiness and someone might love me.

  29. I find it fascinating – in a sad sort of way – that if your pain about life makes you honestly search for God and the truth – and you conclude there isn't one – after really honestly searching – Cushy Christians that have never went through that difficult process will criticise and condemn you. To me that's more confirmation that the God of the bible is just a myth.

  30. You failed to find God because He knew deep in your heart you really didn't want to find him so he gave you what you wanted.

  31. Yes, people need to learn that we're basically all the same. However it is a hard talk to watch once she starts babbling about the kind of happiness which takes root in our souls or something like that.
    Love the message but the delivery was somewhat cringy for me.

  32. John of God is a sexual abuser. He is in jail for the sexual abuse of hundreds of women and for corruption and other illicit acts.

  33. Explain who and what God is. Easy. He is an ever expanding consciousness and we all reside within the imagination of God. We are pretty much a neurological action of God, he literally just thought us all up. It's really funny how God can be summed up in a sentence and it answers every question a person can have about God and do it very simply.

    I love God as much as a family member, before I didn't get it but when God lets you know how much he loves you it sort of overrides the whole "how can a person love God just as much as family". You quickly understand he loves you regardless of all your failings that you know weren't his fault and the feeling of reciprocating that love is how you know you reached it.

    For a person to bow their head and have an overwhelming sense of empathy for people who are really hurting is a pretty amazing gesture as they could have always chosen to be indifferent or down right mean about your situation. It will always be hard to explain and you won't get it until it happens to you but for no reason one day you will just feel a hurt in your heart for people and for even doubting God's existence and all you can say is "I'm Sorry" because you know you could have possibly indirectly contributed to the hurt and you know you let God down. The really messed up thing is how quickly he lets you know you are just as he created you and he wouldn't have changed that fact for any reason on Earth. God is real otherwise we all would not feel compelled to argue about it.

  34. Allma Iqbal
    جان و تن

    عقل مدت سے ہے اس پیچاک میں الجھی ہوئی
    روح کس جوہر سے، خاک تیرہ کس جوہر سے ہے
    پیچاک: پیچ و خم، مراد ہے الجھن۔
    تیرہ: اندھیری۔
    Since times antique the mind of man in complex problems is involved; what is the source of clay-born man and how the soul has been evolved?
    میری مشکل، مستی و شور و سرور و درد و داغ
    تیری مشکل، مے سے ہے ساغر کہ مے ساغر سے ہے

    Pain, anguish, glee and rapture sweet are spiritual states that man must face; what is of much worth, cup or wine, is knotty point you wish to trace?
    ارتباط حرف و معنی، اختلاط جان و تن
    جس طرح اخگر قبا پوش اپنی خاکستر سے ہے
    ارتباط: ربط، تعلق۔
    اختلاط: میل جول، خلط ملط۔
    خاکستر: راکھ۔
    اخگر: بجھتا ہوا انگارہ۔
    What binds the words and their import? What links the body and the soul? It wears the cloak of its own ash just like the burnt refuse of coal.
    (Translated by Syed Akbar Ali Shah)

  35. She obviously has no idea what a God is, she is obviously a non-believer. And that is why I always new TED shows are nothing less and nothing more than a skilled brainwashing of so called "experts" in their fields. Not so.

  36. one of the worst TED talks I ever heard.. you can just tell this whole message in a single sentence because everyone knows it. for me its waste of my time..


  38. So basically this lady chose to visit every idiot and impostor on earth to find the Supreme Being?! So basically this lady chose to find God thru religions and not science?!
    I wonder to who she asks for help and will ask for help in every extreme moment of her life, especially in the end? I have seen this thing happen and it's not beautiful to see cocky, ego based little humans start to implore God in those situations or in the end.
    Send her to a great storm in middle of the sea and watch how she immediately start imploring God for help.
    The human being is the most argumentative being, the most lame, the worse.
    Well, have a nice life lady soon you'll find out, everyone does

  39. One thing is missing from this. We are living in a three dimensional world, so we can't even understand or imagine what four dimensional world is. However, the science tells that there are more dimensional worlds. If we made a conclusion with our limited understanding and experience, can we say it is true ? What if there is a supreme intelligence who formed the principles of the universe we are living in ? If we are satisfied with the belief that is not true, the false hypothesis would lead us false result. That's why I'm seriously against this kind of video that gives us some fantasy that can't be proven as true but makes plausible conclusion with much confusion inside of it.Let's be honest. We are living in a world, there are full of lies and truths. All thinking can't be the same, and be true. There is clear difference between the minds of people. There should be True and False.  We have to be able to say "I still don't know" when we can't really know which one is true.

  40. João de Deus or John of God is in jail. He is a raper. He raped dozens of women and is involved with the left party in Brazil that helped him become famous among international artists at Hollywood.

  41. Read the Word of the Lord. That is the best place to start. (The only place to find answers, rather than opinions from other confused people)

  42. Thank you for admitting you are confused while claiming to be spiritual. Which one is it? You were right the first time. Go to my free online Bible School to study the Word of God outside of religion and learn absolute truths about God and the quality of life he offers you to grow into spiritually. All other religions are demonic including Hinduism and Jainism. Islam and Buddhism. ''I am the way, truth and Life.'' (Jesus)

  43. that's because the scripture is "seek and you shall find." not "make a half assed attempt, so you can make a mediocre ted talk to confirm extreme left wing racial and religious bias. Regardless of the truth that says….IF you make a real attempt, God will show himself to you. this is basicly an atheist talk about how when I didn't believe… I was right. in an attempt to create popularity.

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