MY BIGGEST HAUL EVER! | Chanel, MAC, M.Gemi, Nordstrom Rack, Origins & More!

MY BIGGEST HAUL EVER! | Chanel, MAC, M.Gemi, Nordstrom Rack, Origins & More!

hello everyone welcome back to my
channel today I’m going to share with you the largest collective haul of
things that I’ve ever featured in a video so let’s get started I do have
some things that were sent to me and then I have some major major major
purchases that I purchased myself including an enormous box over here
which just seems to go on forever really excited to share this video with you
guys let’s go ahead and get started my phone out of the way oh I put need to
put that on silent because nothing annoys a person more than hearing
someone else’s phone and thinking it is their own the first box is on the top
here and don’t worry if you see an address it’s my business address you
don’t need to worry about it this box is from M.Gemi…M-Gemmy? I don’t know. anyway, so they this is really exciting because
first of all I want to thank M.Gemi for sponsoring this portion of the
video they are launching new styles of their “Kurt Kurt geo kurt geo” (Cerchio) shoe I’m
not really sure how you say it but I’m sure there’s a very fancy Italian way of
saying it (Italian pronouncing Cerchio) these are Italian handmade shoes and you guys know
I will link to my blog post that I did where I featured their gorgeous boot I
absolutely adore their that boot it’s amazing these are handmade Italian shoes
and if you don’t know about them you need to check them out I do I have a
promo code for any first-time buyer so if your first-time interested and all
interested check out the promo code I will put it on the screen here it’s
gonna give you $40 off your first order it’s KRISTINAB40 so i will put that
in the description box as well as on the screen here but they’re these handmade
Italian shoes and they just drop some new styles of the Cerchio– again,
don’t know how to pronounce it –some new styles are launching this week and if
you don’t know about this particular style shoe. it’s a more casual shoe than
the boots I featured on my blog post which, again, I will link down to the
description box. and these–this shoe style once had a six thousand person
waitlist so if you are at all in- -terested in any of these new styles you’re
definitely gonna want to head over and check them out right now before they
sell out and get another six thousand person waitlist. so let’s go ahead and
start by unboxing it. again I’ve got all sorts of stuff here but you
can see the presentation of these is amazing so far all of my experiences
with this company have been stellar in terms of presentations so again I
definitely recommend this brand if you are at all interested in gifting shoes
to anybody this is the perfect brand to do that because they really take the
time and attention to detail to really make the experience a very pleasurable
one so if you are crip Christmas shopping or birthday shopping you
definitely want to get on this so this beautiful kind of textured envelope with
gold foiling that says grats CA and that has all of your purchase details and has
a like a return invoice lamin what is it called pre adhesive a sticky return
label in case you need it but you won’t because you’re gonna love them so this
is the shoe box now these are more casual sneaker so their price point is a
little bit lower than the leather boots that I featured on my blog and the box
is different but still absolutely but maybe even more gorgeous than the other
opening it up I was hoping it would have this this personalized card here again
which really makes it great for gifting and it says M Gemma italiana artesian
leta Artesia needing no RTG and elite I cannot say that words oh oh I cannot say
that word so these again are more casual and these are the new Velvets options
there’s a velvet and a velvet corduroy and because it was velvet and nothing
looks better in velvet than oxblood I chose these gorgeous oxblood burgundy
maroon fall appropriate slippers flip oh my goodness they almost look black
they’re so dark and deep and rich in color they’re super soft they smell
amazing so that is really nice thank you so much
to MMI for these beautiful shoes I will show you how I style them kind of right
now but thank you so much to them for sponsoring this video I’ve already got
my eye on a couple different pairs and some other shoes from MGM eye that I’m
just gonna flat out purchase myself because I’ve been really impressed with
this brand and you guys know that I’m really big on quality and aesthetics and
something that’s gonna last so this definitely fits the bill so it’s very on
brand for me especially so I really like that moving on this I believe is a PR
package alright what is this Oh Neutrogena don’t Regina sent me some
goodies let’s go over it how exciting okay so Neutrogena sent over their skin
clearing and mineral powder I’m sweating it is so hot right now I need to turn
down the air I made the mistake of wearing this sweater because it looked
cute and it is 89 degrees outside needless to say I can’t go outside until
I change my shirt so Neutrogena sent over the skin clearing oil-free makeup
and I’ve actually never tried this foundation it’s a small little bottle
and it’s really cute and it’s supposed to have salicylic acid in it which is
supposed to fight breakouts so then there’s some skin clearing mineral
powder and they sent over a couple different shades and I will definitely
anything that’s not my shade but I’m not gonna try I’m gonna put in my giveaway
and donate box so that somebody else has the opportunity to use and appreciate
them if you guys don’t know a lot of my products get donated or given away to
friends and family so there’s never someone there’s never like a moment
where I throw perfectly good makeup in the trash it goes to a women’s shelter
it goes to someone who needs it or wants it and so yet another reason why it’s
great to be my friends another box and a another box oh my god this unit
blender I don’t think I’ve ever gotten anything from Beauty Blender do you guys
know fun facts Beauty Blender was my very first video and it was a review on
the Beauty Blender it was like this device that nobody had heard about
nobody had talked about and I was like this thing is amazing yeah that was ten
years ago so the original Beauty Blender thank you
so much what is this oh my bin oh my gosh sapphire Beauty Blender how
exciting the blender cleanser solid throw in my pool I’m so excited oh my
god I’m so excited you guys this is the best brush cleanser and sponge cleanser
in in in the history of this type of product it comes with this nubby thing
so you can really spoil your brushes around in it oh my god
and it smells heavenly there’s also another pink one and I will definitely
be throwing that in my to giveaway pile if you guys don’t follow me around
christmastime you should really really stick around follow me and watch my
videos and Instagram because I will be doing a whole bunch of the giveaways I
have a whole bunch of giveaways plan oh there’s one more be cheeky oh it’s a
cheeky one for your for your likes cream or liquid blush and then there’s also a
liquid blender cleanser these I’m actually save all this plastic packaging
because this is really good for giveaways things break in packaging and
PR people know how to package products and so they won’t break if it’s in this
thing all right this is the insta clean waterless sponge and brush cleansing
spray so it says you spray this directly onto the Beauty Blender or brush until
the stain is saturated and then sweep the tool onto a tissue or towel to
remove residue no rinsing needed I am very worried about the time left on the
this battery right yeah how much do I have left on this one I don’t know so
I’ve been meaning to tell you guys this is pixi by petra by the way I’ve been
meaning to tell you guys Mike favorite highlight that I’m wearing
right now and I wear every single day that I wear makeup is the pixi by petra
highlights in the something sunrise early sunrise late sunrise I know it has
the word sunrise in it really fantastic oops that was not supposed to happen I’m
very sorry okay what color will you create will
select one shade as inspiration for future addition to the mat last liquid
lip collection if your signature shade is collected selected you will be
invited to the pixie boutique for a makeover with the new shade liquid lip
that sets to a matte veil so that’s really cool thank you so much for that
and again as mentioned everything extra will go to charity this monster right
here is an order I placed from Nordstrom Rack oh my god I’m so excited I got some
clothes I got some I got some shoes I got some baby stuff and baby toys cuz
you can get everything from Nordstrom Rack in case you didn’t know so let’s
start with what the first thing I see at the top here which is this oatmeal
colored fisherman’s style sweater by oh by All Saints okay so All Saints crew
neck sweater in a beautiful oatmeal color regular price two hundred and
thirty dollars for a sweater okay All Saints real proud of their sweaters
as my mom would say and I purchased it it doesn’t say what I purchased it for
but I know I did not pay a two hundred and thirty dollars so I will leave
however much I paid for everything in the description box but that is really
pretty and it looks like the right size and look how cute this will be with
jeans oh my gosh I’m I’m sorry if you could hear that on
my microphone but I’m very excited about that that’s so exciting and I can wear
them with my new MJ my curtsy Oh Sergio however you say it
those slip-on shoes are gonna look so cute with this and a pair of jeans oh my
god sighting okay for baby harp this I picked up for
Harper from EMU Australia these are water-resistant and we are
going to a little vacation in a slightly colder environment and we will be doing
that well sometimes saying I’m not gonna tell you when first security reasons
because you know I’m a paranoid sight but I picked these up they’re so cute
vacation as a family and a little bit so we are I’m very excited about that next
thing I picked up are see what else let’s do some more cute stuff what is
this oh I think this is also for Harper more wintry stuff that we don’t usually
get to put on her because we live in Houston but look how cute this is
oh my god this is by a brand called urban republic girls collection in the
twelve-month size and also picked up summit minute on some more Minnetonka
slippers I picked these up last year from Nordstrom Rack when I was pregnant
and loved them so much I’ve since bought hug slippers for four full retail price
actually I didn’t buy them myself I got them as a Christmas gift but I asked for
them for Christmas and they’re very squeaky and like they got these really
rugged soles so which I thought I would like because I go outside with slippers
a lot but they’re just so loud and noisy that they’ll wake Harper up if I even
remotely walk around in them so and she’s a very light sleeper but these are
still these are great these ones the ones I have work really really well and
they still have a waterproof sole so I can still take the dogs out on the
pavement you know I’m not gonna go in like mushy grass or anything but these
are a darker color the my other ones I have literally worn into the ground they
are so flat they’re oh they’re borderline uncomfortable now so I’ve
been wearing them almost every single day for a year
if that tells you how much I like them more shoes I picked up some Mia’s I
don’t know if these will fit we’re gonna see these are also really cute these are
glittery shoes with a star on them and a little kind of faux leopard print detail
how cute are these moving on to some more cute stuff I
picked up a rainbow jewelry box before Harper and this is a musical jewelry box
and I just you know thought it would be really cute to have something that
she’ll just have always and remember and it pops up very classically pops up with
a mirror and a little ballerina so and she twirls I’m not gonna undo this
because it’s gonna go everywhere but I picked up a stackable geometric set
because she’s just getting smarter and smarter this is insane I’ve literally
never done a hole this big and I’ve been on YouTube almost 10 years so also
picked these are smaller than I thought thought this would be bigger
oh well I’ll still keep them but these are a little bit smaller than I thought
they would be I picked up some ABC like learning blocks and part of their
milestone development is stacking blocks putting rings on top of a toe each other
and all that kind of stuff and so definitely wanted to see how she would
fare with that these are a little bit small for less than one year old but
I’ll still keep them because she will use them at some point lasts from no
second to last one my notes from Hawks one thing arrived separately as another
Hummer Harper toy by the way I love the rubber
bands that come on shoeboxes because they never know when you can’t when
you’re gonna need them right some New Balance shoes for work
I tried purchasing two different pairs of Nikes which you may have seen on my
Instagram stories at some point returned both of those because they just didn’t
fit right they just weren’t comfortable or they were too lightweight this whole
like Flyknit lightweight breathable no sock wearing thing I can’t get into I
need a little bit of structure because of the way I walk I just have a lot of
roll to my ankle especially on my right leg so anyway I need more structure and
I’ve always fared well with New Balances so I purchased these in a six and a half
and hopefully these will fit if not they’re going back
yeah these are cute and they’re black and there’s got a wipeable kind of men
not man-made is it leather it might be leather I’m not really sure on the
outside what else do we have here oh let’s just you know what let’s finish
the Nordstrom o-hall and then we’ll save the best one for last which is something
from Chanel the last thing it came separately but it is the Laughing learn
colourful mood crayons and I think you like push them mood crayons the next
thing is from Erin Samantha you were sick of babe all right
so I I’m gonna be doing some giveaways so I wanted to let you guys know that
and all these are so cute see so journals that are really really
cute make each day count there’s also daily planners and a
goal-setting Journal another monthly planner a budget setting book a
gratitude journal Oh a rose gold and gold foiled so cute color-block event
stick oh my goodness these floral ones are out of this world I’m I think this
is my favorite though look at how cute that is holly-jolly
that’s calling my name oh my god you can make them like a oh my god what’s the
word why is this word escaping me these are so cool you can put all of these
notebooks in like a I don’t know the word the word is
escaping me but anyway it’s got that kind of like wraparound leather it’s not
bullet journal it’s not what the heck is it called something yep can’t remember
oh how pretty and how clever you can have a gratitude journal you can have a
monthly planner you can have all those things in one and then this is a take
note dot grid notebook oh wow there’s so much stuff you guys and this is all
gonna go in a giveaway so stay tuned kb 2.0 holidays and this is a luxe weekly
schedule pad oh I so want to keep that but I’m not because it’s all gonna go
and giveaways for you guys that is so cool it goes like this I’m not holding
it wrong okay guys who is this from oh this is from max I’m sorry you can’t
see me for a second let me move this stuff out of the way so this is the new
Mac powder kiss lipstick collection they will always be like like Lil Kim is to
rap to women’s rapper and women’s hip-hop the queen bee Beyonce celine
Mariah this is Mac is like that equivalents to
make up and let me know in the comments if you agree or disagree but oh wait
weightless moisture matte powder kiss lipstick can I wear this it’s like a
like flava flav you know No yeah still not into it yeah okay good cool so that
kind of prevented it from coming out too much okay so the packaging is the first
and foremost thing that I noticed that’s totally different it is soft touch
packaging similar to NARS and right out the bat I pick a winner of a color this
is fall in the left can you imagine blending playing this in the center of
your lips top and bottom and then just blending it out for that kind of like
gradient ombre look oh look another favorite color I’m gonna really get
along with these sultriness I’ll be curious as to the lasting power this is
just a traditional lipstick so it’s basically a matte lipstick but with
powder pigments more nourishing and that you can kind of
like create more like soft focus blurred kind of like less harsh than that like
liquid lipstick craze where you had like this full-on like perfectly defined
border this is kind of like a more blurred out carefree I just kind of woke
up like this you know sort of it anyway oh that’s beautiful it looks like it got
a little bit messed up on the point there what is this called
scattered petals oh that’s really pretty oh I’m definitely gonna like that
expression especially for spring oh I’m wrong this is the second to last thing
have you seen this in the shot the whole time how annoying it’s got really cute packaging Oh from
origins I loved origins they’re so good to me Bree you are the best oh I’ve been
dying to try this this is the Hello comb relaxing and hydrating face mask with
cannabis sativa seed oil there’s been a lot of talk about cannabis canna can
have a dialogue CBD oil all that kind of stuff and how anti-inflammatory it is
and I fully believe in that considering how anti-inflammatory CBD oil is I am
not surprised that cannabis whatever cannabis sativa seed I assume it’s the
seed treat skin concerns such as dryness and visible irritation alright the last
thing is from eBay and where is my little unboxing knife so a little story
backstory did you watch my unboxing of chanel diaper bag video because a lot of
you did and a lot of you voiced your opinions about the bag a lot of you said
that you liked the bag but that you wouldn’t keep it from fashion file
because they did not disclose a hole in it I don’t even know if they knew that
there was a hole in the bag because it wasn’t in the description
I never reached out to them I decided to keep it I decided I would try and fix it
I fixed it but you guys so many of your comments kind of influenced me to
recognize that over time I was not gonna be as happy with the bag knowing that it
came damaged you know and that it would just kind of cheapen the experience and
you were so right because you convinced me to return the bag I
never reached out to fashion file about it and I submitted a request for a
return which I got the immediately got like a return label and I decided to
wait until I received this bag the only reason why I decided to return it was
because I found an exact same bag for the exact same price in excellent
condition with no wear no wear and tear at all on ebay so I messaged the the
eBay seller gave her an offer and she accepted my offer which was for the same
price as the fashion file1 and shipped it to me and it was here within three
days so I said you know what let me just keep the bag and then if this one is
better and you know looks good and everything checks out then I’ll keep
this one and I’ll return a fashion file one well fashion file independently I
never like tagged fashion file I never sent fashion found my video but they
independently offered me a $250 discount for the bag based on I guess the
findings and so I think that’s really special I mean again is the power of
social media I guess I’m not sure if anybody sent them the video or not but I
had absolutely no intent of doing that because my goal is to show you what I
experienced as a regular customer you know like I paid for my own money and
I’m not looking to get any kind of special discount or whatever just
because I’m on social media and YouTube I really want to say thank you to them
because that’s a very nice kind gesture to do and I like to believe that they
would do that for anybody so never be afraid to do that if you get something
and you’re not happy with it you know you don’t have to be mean about it you
don’t have to be whatever just recognize your power and value as a customer and
hopefully you know a brand we’ll try and make something right but like I said I
never reached out to them or never asked for anything I’m just gonna send the bag
back because someone else can love it and use it and hopefully they will
relist it at a discounted price came with the bags with a box that’s
insane I’ll be a little bit damaged you can see already that the box is a little
bit damaged but I’m not concerned here there we go okay and here is the new
diaper bag now this is in excellent condition I can already tell
and even the puffs are a little bit puffier there’s no problems with the
threads or the seams there’s no issue with the zipper and there’s no holes
anywhere this is just light years better condition so this bag is in definitely
better condition for sure and I’m so excited guys see everything works out
for a reason so thank you to everybody who voiced their opinion unlike some
people I actually take your advice if I ask for your advice
I’m going to I’m going to action off of that advice so thank you so much
everyone who submitted their opinion whether you liked or hated the bag
pretty much unanimously you all were like girl if it’s not in the condition
that you purchase it in and thought about then you should send it back
and so I I will and I want to thank you guys for thinking of me and even when
even when you thought it was something I may not want to hear I did listen and I
am sending it back thank you to everybody who sent me stuff I don’t feel
like I deserve not not even half of what gets sent to me so thank you so much to
all the wonderful lovely brands who reach out to me and thank you to MGM
i–from for sponsoring this video I really appreciate it and I am so excited
for the relaunch of my channel I hope that you guys are excited because I’ve
already begun the preparations and the planning obviously I’ve done the
equipment upgrade hopefully you guys are enjoying that well I’m so excited
there’s so much in store I’m so excited and thank you for watching so I hope you
enjoyed this video if you did please like subscribe
comment and I will see you in the next one you

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