Good morning after going over [this] [oh] well baked we’re going to go check out the critical trigger I’m stop and say John you should check it any time of the year cool. Let’s go Alright, just do my go over here The hotel room making sure I got everything that missing anything, and then it’s going to be time to bail and yeah I don’t check out some awesome sights here in St.. John Reversing falls here and say John definitely one spot. I want to check out so what it is It’s [basically] a bunch of rapid now with the tides coming in so it tightens over those rapids over the tides coming in the tides Is over the rapids as well both [times] and it’s just a phenomenal oh Hey, John I’m here in [port] how is a pretty cool spot to check out it’s for house basically overlooks the City and It gives you a great view of uptown st.. John and just all-around awesome spot for photographs of the city definitely come check it out Nature Park [has] a ton of hiking trails down in the alice cut along here. It’s a beautiful Rocky Beach today, the Tide is just Commanding your attention spy. Yeah, just by being here. It’s phenomenal Uptown St.. John Which is the busy part of the City first downtown is Has tons of character definitely got to check out the shops uptown oh and on top of that? There’s lots of different [characters], too Rockwood Park here, [and] St.. John is one of the biggest urban parks in Canada and you know what there’s tons of trails with tons of different difficulty [levels] and Lots of different services in the wintertime you can go skating here play hockey down Down at the pond or in the summertime you can go swimming [there], so it’s definitely a cool spot to [check] out I didn’t know about this till my second last trip up [here], and this place is absolutely huge


  1. I was born and raised in PEI and now living in Saint John so I'm enjoying your videos thank you so much

  2. I can see the big apartment building condo thing thats right near fort howe lol
    Also I like the editing in your vids, kinda like Casey Neistats

  3. I m Indian and had been to Saint John in 2013 stayed for 6 months.. Its amazing explore visited all the places.. Thanks for sharing…

  4. This is so cool great video! I have lots of family on my fathers side that lives in saint johns, new Brunswick, canada.

  5. Worst video I"ve watched in a long time! HORRIBLE edits and repetitions, you didn't even make sense when you were explaining reversing falls. WTF were you trying to say?????

  6. My dad just got a job offer there. he is probably taking so we would be moving there! I wanted to see what it’s like there!! Thank you!! I know I’m 2 years late though!!

  7. ah yes… the falls are enhanced by the beauty of the pulp mill and the aroma of a million rotting eggs! I can say that, I used to live there.

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