Muhammad vs. Jesus: Judging Religions by Their Central Figures

Muhammad vs. Jesus: Judging Religions by Their Central Figures

Every time I post a video about jihad, several
Muslims (and some non-Muslims) send me messages, saying, “David, why are you judging an entire
religion by the actions of a few people?” These messages are confusing,
because nowhere have I ever said, “Look! Some Muslims carried out a terrorist attack;
therefore, Islam promotes terrorism.” Instead, I go through Islam’s most trusted sources,
showing that Muhammad’s teachings promote jihad. So I’m not judging Islam by the actions
of a few Muslims. I’m explaining what it teaches. I can only assume that the people who tell me not
to judge an entire religion by the actions of a few aren’t saying this because they’ve thought carefully
about any points I’ve made; they’re saying it because this is just what they’ve been trained to say whenever someone
criticizes Islam. There’s no actual thought involved;
it’s now an automated response. But since I’m getting bored pointing this
out every time I talk about jihad, I decided to make a short video clearly stating my position
on judging religions. My official position on judging Islam is this. We don’t judge Islam based on the actions
of Muslims who slaughter unbelievers in the name of Allah, or rape their female captives,
or beat their wives into submission, or murder cartoonists. We don’t judge Islam by ISIS, or al-Qaeda,
or the Taliban, or Boko Haram, or al-Shabaab, or any of the other terrorist groups who want to
violently subjugate the entire world to Islam. Instead, we judge Islam based on the teachings
and example of Muhammad, a man who: (A) was convinced at one point that he was
demon-possessed; (B) tried repeatedly to commit suicide; (C) admittedly delivered revelations from the devil; (D) complained that he was a victim of a magic spell
that gave him delusional thoughts and false beliefs; (E) supported his religion by robbing people; (F) started a war with Mecca when he had
a chance to live in peace in Medina; (G) had people assassinated for
criticizing his religion; (H) beheaded hundreds of Jews for trying
to defend themselves once they realized he was
eliminating them; (I) ordered his followers to execute anyone
who leaves his religion; (J) commanded his followers to violently subjugate
the entire world; (K) tortured people for money; (L) bought, sold, owned, and traded black
African slaves; (M) called Ethiopians “raisin heads” and claimed that Satan looks like a black man; (N) had sex with a nine-year-old girl; (O) had at least nine wives at one time even
though his own revelations only allowed four; (P) married the wife of his own adopted son
after causing the divorce by lusting after her; (Q) had sex with his slave girls; (R) broke the promise he made to his wives
that he would stop having sex with his slave girls after he got caught with a slave girl
in the bed of his wife Hafsa; (S) allowed his followers to rape their
female captives; (T) took the most beautiful captives back
to his own tent; (U) told his followers they could beat their
wives into submission; (V) declared that women are stupid and that
their testimony is unreliable; (W) promoted idolatrous pagan practices like kissing
the black stone and bowing down to the Kaaba; (X) repeated stories based on forgeries
and passed them off as revelations from God; (Y) portrayed God as deceptive and Jesus
as a complete failure; and (Z) has kept more people from
knowing the true God than any other false prophet in history. So, if we judge Islam by Muhammad,
what can we conclude? WORST RELIGION EVER. But we need to be consistent here, which
means that we shouldn’t judge Christianity based on the actions of Christians who
invented hospitals to care for the sick, invented orphanages to care for unwanted children,
pioneered the Western education system by starting universities like Oxford, Cambridge,
Harvard, Yale, and Princeton; led the Scientific Revolution;
ended slavery in the West; and so on. We don’t judge Christianity by all the Christians
who changed the world. We judge Christianity by the teachings and
example of Jesus, who: (A) created the universe; (B) sustains the universe in existence; (C) laid aside his glory so that he could enter creation
as a human being to suffer for our sake; (D) as to his human nature, was born of a virgin; (E) fulfilled dozens of Old Testament prophecies; (F) miraculously fed thousands of people,
on more than one occasion; (G) walked on water; (H) could calm storms by speaking; (I) healed the sick; (J) cleansed the lepers; (K) cast out demons; (L) raised the dead; (M) made the lame walk; (N) gave sight to the blind; (O) gave hearing to the deaf; (P) gave hope to the oppressed; (Q) confronted and rebuked their oppressors; (R) broke down the barriers that kept
people divided by race, class, and gender; (S) ordered his followers to love everyone,
including their enemies; (T) commanded his followers not to use
violence in his name; (U) endured torture and death for our sins; (V) told the Father to forgive those who
crucified him; (W) rose from the dead; (X) gives us his righteousness so that we
can know God; (Y) intercedes with the Father on our behalf; and (Z) will eventually judge the entire world. So, if we judge Christianity by Jesus, what
can we conclude? BEST MESSAGE EVER. To all the Muslims who sent me messages
pointing out that we shouldn’t judge Islam by the actions of Muslims,
thank you for the comments. I agree with you completely. We don’t judge religions by their adherents; we judge religions by their central figures
and teachings. But now that we’ve judged Islam and Christianity
by the teachings and example of Muhammad and Jesus, respectively . . .
how’s that working out for you?

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  2. O People of the Scripture, do not commit excess in your religion or say about Allah except the truth. The Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary, was but a messenger of Allah and His word which He directed to Mary and a soul [created at a command] from Him. So believe in Allah and His messengers. And do not say, "Three"; desist – it is better for you. Indeed, Allah is but one God. Exalted is He above having a son. To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth. And sufficient is Allah as Disposer of affairs. (4:171)

    Indeed, Allah is my Lord and your Lord, so worship Him. That is the straight path."

    Jesus : "I am indeed a servant of Allah: He hath given me revelation and made me a prophet. (19:30

  3. Mecca is the whore of Babylon and the ruler of Saudi Arabia is the antichrist.

  4. you forgot to mention about the pope that tried to ban animal torture or corridas de toros because its soul dammaging.
    or that a clericman spoked in behalf of indigenous people or the catolicc ueen that banned spaniards from enslaving american natives because that wasn't the christian thing to do.

  5. The days will prove you wrong, we Muslims believe in Jesus as a prophet. All of what you have mentioned have many reasons because of time there and culture things and many many more, A lot of what you have said is wrong and false, Comparing to Christianity and any religion or culture back then will show you how Islam is much more fair than the jungle laws back then and all of what you have said about Islam will vanish soon as anyone starts to study Islam from Quran, verified materials, videos and trusted scholars and getting deep into it by the spirit of wanting the truth and knowledge and not by learning it from people like you funded from devil or the ISIS books and shiia books Iranian books or terrorism sponsored by devils governments. ONLY the guided people will get the truth if they fight for it. not following any one like sheeps. they plan but Allah is the biggest planer. hoping peace and safe AND BEST WISHES for all ISLAM IS PEAACE.

  6. A: false
    B: false
    L:FALSE!!!!!! never happened
    N:he was only ordered to marry her so true
    o:he married them because they had nowhere to go and also he was ordered from god so he did so, and also his wifes were so happy with him
    P:he hasn’t even adopted a son

  7. K 2:14 Reminds me of what i heard about ISIS starting Red Rooms on the Dark Web torturing Non-Muslims to entertain people illegally. Snuff Films are illegal and is the forbidden art of Filming just like Child Porn. Horrible. Thank God Jesus Will Save Are Souls especially during the Time of Martyrdom unless we Confess our sins to Him and Repent to Believe and Follow his Teachings of Salvation. Thank You Jesus For giving hope to the Martyrs that died for you. amen.

  8. because when you make a video with so-called 'sayings' and 'facts' and post supposed sources under them, it makes it true LOL, did any of you took the time to study the material he's quoting in the original?

    NONE of the sources he quotes like IBN ISHAQ and BUKHARI are accepted by scholars and spiritual leaders in the Islamic world as trustworthy. Why? Because Ishaq's so-called biography on Muhammed comes largely from texts that come from the Jewish community, who at that time saw Muhammed as an enemy. And BUKHARI collected over 600.000 sayings about the prophet, of which only 7000 are considered authentic (that means 98.8% of his produced sayings are considered inauthentic and FABRICATED). NONE of the sayings you mention as a source are within those 7000 that are considered authentic.

    Then onto the mistranslated verses you quote and completely take out of context like 9:29 > "Commanded his followers to subjugate the entire world" > where did you get this translation? This is definitely not an accepted translation in the Islamic world.
    This is the widely accepted translation:
    "9:29 [And] fight against those who – despite having been vouchsafed revelation [aforetime]- do not [truly] believe either in God or the Last Day, and do not consider forbidden that which God and His Apostle have forbidden, and do not follow the religion of truth [which God has enjoined upon them] till they [agree to] pay the exemption tax with a willing hand, after having been humbled [in war]."

    Literally every respectable Muslim scholar explains that this verse can only be correctly understood in the context of the EARLIER MENTIONED clear-cut Qur'anic rule that war is permitted only in self-defense
    (see 2:190-194)

    A Muslim has absolutely no duty to convert anyone, and in fact, is advised AGAINST doing exactly that in the Quran:

    THERE SHALL BE no coercion in matters of faith

    Could go on and on about your BS, but the biased mind sees what he wants to see, and as such it's most probably a futile attempt, nonetheless, it's worth a try 🙂

    oh and BTW, Jesus is considered one of the mightiest prophets of God in Islam, he's multiple times mentioned in the Quran. He's mentioned even MORE times than Muhammed himself.

  9. Islam judges itself by its own Quran, its own teachings and by their own actions. Mohammed was in fact given a gospel of satan not the Gospel of God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob…

  10. U can keep hating on us ure trying to find an enemy where there isnt any ……'ll start a war and u wont win it as history repeats itself we'll rek your asses the same way we did during the crusades

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