MTV VMA 2017 : Red Carpet with Best Dressed Celebrities

MTV VMA 2017 : Red Carpet with Best Dressed Celebrities

Lorde Erin Lim Mel B Vanessa Hudgens Farrah Abraham Laura Marano Josh Peck Katy Perry Demi Lovato Jennie Pegouskie and Ed Sheeran Heidi Klum Jack Lawless, Joe Jonas, JinJoo Lee and Cole Whittle Jurnee Smollett-Bell Chanel West Coast Cardi B Nicki Minaj Julia Michaels Rory Kramer Teyana Taylor Renee Bargh Gigi Gorgeous Khalid Sophie Kasaei Gabbie Hanna Jenelle Evans Machine Gun Kelly Sibley Scoles Paris Jackson Arielle Vandenberg Heidi Klum with Mel B Kendrick Lamar Nev Schulman and Laura Schulman Jasmine Sanders Billy Eichner Lil Mama Pink Sophia Abraham and Farrah Abraham Law Roach Yara Shahidi Sophie Beem Shawn Mendes Hailey Baldwin Tyler Posey Fifth Harmony Alessandra Ambrosio Gary Shirley Hailee Steinfeld Sammi Sanchez Matt Rife Chantel Jeffries Daniel Skye DJ Khaled with Son & Wife Kesha Billy Ray Cyrus 21 Savage and Amber Rose Bebe Rexha Drake Bell Noah Cyrus Ricky Dillon Calvin Harris Diamond White Carlos Mila Alissa Violet Teyana Taylor with Daughter and Iman Shumpert Millie Bobby Brown Jeremy Scott Jack Antonoff Christina Milian Eudoxie Mbouguiengue and Ludacris Sofia Carson Olivia Munn Justina Valentine Pink with Family Dylan Sprayberry Andrew Taggart & Alex Pall 30 Seconds to Mars Lil Yachty Fall Out Boy

43 Replies to “MTV VMA 2017 : Red Carpet with Best Dressed Celebrities”

  1. I was looking for Alissa under best dressed list in clevver news but couldn't find her name. Now I'm happy that she's here! She looked Fab

  2. 1. Love the dress but Not on her
    2. Nah

    3. That's the same as Leigh-Anne but that sucks in this girl


    5. Nah, just nah

    6. Love it!

    7. Classuc, it works


    9. Love the top but not the pant

    10. Why Ed looks like he will do some sport just after VMA's ?

    11. Love the dress

    12. I just don't like the guy with blue pant


    14. That's the same as Jade and it's pretty

    15. Love it!

    16. That's so her! only her can wear it and slay

    17. The shape is NAAH

    18. This is the kind of things in what only Harry styles can Rock It

    19.That's pretty bt not for the VMA


    21. Nah

    22. Classic

    23. NAAH ew

    24. NAAH ew


    26. yup

    27. Weird but not bad

    28. DIS-GUS-TING


    30. Uh, no opinion

    31. Pretty

    32. NAH

    33. love it!

    34. Yes

    35. SLAYYYY

    36. Weird, look like Harry potter

    37. No opinion

    38. No opinion

    39. SLAY

    40. SLAY

    41. Classic, chic, pretty

    42. SLAY

    43. yup

    44. Love Lauren (like Sel) and dinah but not really Normani and hate Ally

    45. Kinda weird but not bad

    46. no opinion

    46. SLAY

    47. SLAY

    48. yep

    49. SLAY

    50. SLAY

    51. No opinion

    52. Pretty but not on her

    53. Slay

    54. SLAY

    55. SLAY

    56. SLAY

    57. SLAYY

    58. yaas

    59. naah

    60. like it

    61. yas

    62. Not really

    63. no opinion

    64. NAH

    65. WTF

    66. Ok

    67. SLAY. MY LIFE

    68. Amazing


    70. Weird, no opinion

    71. yes but not on her

    72. Cute

    73. Ok

    74. SLAY

    75. Ug nah

    76. Ug NAH

    77. SLA

  3. 1. yessssssss

    2. yes

    3. nahhhh

    4. yessssssss Vanessa

    5. nah nah nah

    6. slayyyyyy

    7. it's ok

    8. yessssssss Katy

    9. yesssss mom slay

    10. eh

    11. it's ok

    12. yesss their my goals

    13. eh

    14. yes

    15. yessssssss

    16. yes Niki queen

    17. eh kinda prommy

    18. eh

    19. it's a little too basic

    20. OMG yes

    21. yess

    22. eh

    23. Gorgeous

    24. nah

    25. nooo

    26. yessssssss omg dad

    27. so sexy yet so so classy

    28. so original i love it

    28. eh no

    29. nahhhh

    30. it's ok but eh

    31. nev look great but the girl is eh

    32. yess

    33. yesss slay

    34. slay

    35. yes pink, mom

    36. eh

    37. eh

    38. omg yes what a queen

    39. eh no

    40. yesss Shawn my husband

    41. yessss queen

    42. eh

    43. they all look ok ig

    44. eh it's kinda a yes

    45. nah

    46. yesss queen you slay

    47. The boots ruined it

    48. yes

    49. yesss, absolutely stunning

    50. yes

    51. goals

    52. noooo

    53. nah just nah

    54. yesss

    55. yess mom yess

    56. ooooh yesss

    57. a little basic but eh ig

    58. yes Ricky

    59. eh

    60. yesssss

    61. eh

    62. yessss gorgeous

    63. eh

    64. yesss Millie my queen

    65. HELL NO

    66. yesssss

    67. yessss omg

    68. yes

    69. eh yes ig

    70. no

    71. no

    72. yessss goals

    73. yesssss dad

    74. yesssss

    75. yessss queen

    76. i see you (yes)

    77. yes

  4. Thanks for including many of the artists there.
    Some channels have the same regurgitated names again and again.
    Not very Clevver

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