Mt. St. Helens Eruption, Ladies of the Night & Jax Surprise…

Mt. St. Helens Eruption, Ladies of the Night & Jax Surprise…

um hey seriously Jax let me see good
boy what a good boo boy I’m so proud of you
Jax don’t play with it get it Jax Jax man
here let’s take it outside okay here no put him out here drop it
Jax drop the mouse drop it well good morning I think that Lake wants to be
fished in one more time it’s a beautiful morning out here at Lake st. Clair I do
have my Washington state fishing license which I have not used much this summer
so before I leave the state see if I can reel a couple in well sure the lawnmower over there isn’t
helping me catch fish all right I’ll put all the fishing gear away and pack it on
up and Jax and I will head south that’s right we’re going south before I go east
can explore see brand-new stuff that’s what it’s all about cleaning yourself
all right well go ahead take a break you go ahead and finish cleaning yourself
well I got to pack a few more things up anyway I’m not I’m not really ready to
go yet you’re about ready to go though huh come here
hop all the way up you got ready to go go places go south okay
okay sounds good Mia anything else I mean what okay show me okay now we’re
ready to go are you gonna be a – cat to start the day you usually don’t like the
vibrations but you can start up here sometimes you don’t like it you can go
to your seat okay then okay okay oh yeah all right we’re gonna hop on the highway
here guys not for very long there there was
something cool here in Centralia but it’s closed it’s actually only open a
couple hours one day a week but you know what it is so cool and once we get Park
tonight I’m gonna ride the motorcycle back tomorrow morning and check it out
how’s that sound that’s what we’re gonna do and we’re not going to be on i-5 very
long today I’m gonna take you guys along with me oh it’s cool I got a motorcycle
in the back of the volkswagen Westphalia I’m gonna take you
on an adventure way out of the way like an hour’s drive off of i-5 to see
something really cool now we’re gonna be heading east on 505
towards Toledo now understand also I’m not always gonna be doing these 120 mile
detours off of my route and when I say route
I know people would say Eric you can go wherever you want you’re a nomad but but
if I say I’m starting at Point a and I’m trying to get to point B for some reason
if I go 120 miles the opposite out-of-the-way direction just to come
back then it’s got to be something I really want to see right and this is
this is worth the drive I could take the motorcycle it’s just a little chilly
this morning and it did rain last night a little bit the roads are so little
moist so we’ll head on east make a quick stop here in Toledo
Washington neat little mural motorcycle and may 18th 1980 Washington State was
rocked by the eruption of Mount st. Helens and as you can see here Toledo is the
Gateway to Mount st. Helens starring mother nature and father time
it all happened a year before I was even born I have never visited this area of
the state and there is a National Park about 60 55 miles east of here so we’re
gonna go check it out Bigfoot country yes I don’t know what
the buried a frame necessarily means but obviously I’m gonna find out for you
gosh I love Bigfoot stuff guys this is the biggest one ever this is a 16-foot
samsquanch Bigfoot 16 footer there and he does look pretty happy he’s smiling
kind of waving to people with his walking stick I think yeah this has
actually been rebuilt though there’s some information over here that says
that the original Sasquatch was built out of wire and fiberglass with carpet
material I guess over time they realized that wasn’t gonna stand up too well
outdoors look at those fingernails that’s cool again here’s a picture
before the volcano and here is where we’re standing after the volcano all
this lava rock everywhere changed the whole landscape volcano country mount
st. Helens t-shirt and souvenirs Center we will visit that on the way out for
sure just reading up on some Sun faded text here about the a-frame that was
talked about which we can look at right here construction began in this building
in 1978 three days before its completion apparently all I had to do was put the
chimney on but three days before that Mount st. Helens erupted and buried this
house in a mound of mud and lava as you can see as we stand back the ground
level is now higher right here and the whole structure structure looks to be a
sunk into the ground tours you could go in there but it’s probably not very
stable and safe anymore look at all the moss and the roof here was one of the
windows Oh Mike so gives you an idea for how the entire
landscape anywhere near Mount st. Helens completely changed because I could walk
through this area not knowing and just think the where I’m standing right now
it has been ground level since the beginning of time and that’s not the
case they also do some helicopter tours over there can’t fly a drone up in the
National Park so I won’t be able to get you any over over aerial shots but I do
want to go to the visitor center and see what we can do if I need to take the
bike up through the park we shall see let me go inside the gift store here and
there’s anything I got to have and of course Bigfoot lives unless he didn’t
survive the volcano so the shop up here the gift shop does have some magnets in
here we’re gonna be able to find one for sure and they open this in the 80s after
the eruption and they have some some artifacts as well I’ll show you what’s a
magnet I pick out later but let’s go look at this they’ve got some relics in
here of course the famous sasquatch right there here’s a couple of the
castings October 20th 1967 by Bob Gimlin there look at the right and the left
foot here there’s even a Bigfoot hair sample there that came back in
inconclusive from testing and looked at all these castings 1982 Grays Harbor so
there’s a lot to see in here holy cow they are super helpful you’re not gonna
believe this well first of all they’re still remodeling stuff and mr. Bigfoot
here is going to be remodeled as well that’s in the works for a third time
hopefully he’ll stick around hopefully they won’t tear it down and then rebuild
now I was talking with the nice lady in the gift shop here and she said you know
if you want you can just leave your RV parked right here and take the bike up
it’s gonna be a lot more easier we’re still 35 miles away from the park
entrance I’m gonna take old Roxanne up the mountain and into the park so I’ll
grab my america the beautiful’ pass make sure jax is all good lock everything up
bring some extra batteries for the camera and we’ll go check out Mount st.
Helens oh but first we need to add the new magnet I got in acrylic so you can
see it says Bigfoot country on it again another smaller magnet
to not take up a whole bunch of space back here I’d say we still got a few
more years of magnets to collect get 75 degrees and actually quite warm
even though it’s fuzzy looking and it killed it
she’s cold-blooded let her warm up a little bit but now it’s it’s warm enough
and we’re gonna be going 50 miles an hour over here so I’m not gonna wear it
for a jacket my helmet in the teacher to guess we’re only halfway done I got up here 15
miles I’m not even kidding you I made a mistake I was freezing on the bike so I
got a hoodie that says mal sign Ellen’s like so cold and I have a little free
museum in here so check this out before we hip head back up the mountain so
return of the forests effect 234 square miles devastated but apparently it comes
back so let’s hit monk they’re bouncing around there’s a theater to go to look
at the woodpecker I mean you know how I feel about museums
like I’ve spend a whole lot of time in there and it’s a it’s a warehouse or
specific museum but let’s put my sweater on and get up and finish this trip up to
the observation area you see the snow-capped mountains off in
the distance yeah I think we’ve still got about 12 miles officially to the
observatory but I mean here we are at the start of the mount st. Helens
national volcanic monument it’s not a national park but it is run by the Nash
BLM all that stuff yeah I know I look ridiculous in this big mushroom helmet it’s definitely easier managing any kind
of an at national area but the motorcycle in it is an RV
yeah there’s limitations you know the ebike well the e bikes not gonna go 75
miles I’m not gonna ride at 75 miles but the motorcycle is pretty cool Wow
so this is cold water lake look at this view it’s incredible you know I talked
about some of the things I didn’t like about say Mount Rainier National Park or
Glacier National Park you know just too many people too busy
too much construction too too much traffic and stuff out here you kind of
just have everything to yourself at mount st. Helens
I mean this little area does have signs up there that say no no camping oh let
me get back on the bike it will finish the last nine miles to the the ridge
observatory all right well we’re up here at the very
top and I guess not not too many people actually make it all the way to the top
whatever reason they just settle for whatever’s below but we’re at the end of
the road up here at 4,600 feet we started at 1,200 feet elevation now or
4600 feet like I say the only thing I regret is not wearing long pants and
bringing my jacket along but let’s go check out the views up here at the front
you guys are pretty friendly aren’t they I’ll just come right up to me Wow that’s
probably the closest that chipmunks squirrels ever gotten to me hmm
cool okay but you know I can’t pay you okay have a good day buddy I should have
called it a beaver then I could have got 200 people correcting me in the comments oh and can I say one more motorcycle
thing because I’ve owned quite a few motorcycles and scooters that was 36
miles by the end of this I’ll have over 70,000 miles for the day that is the
most comfortable ride seat on any motorcycle I’ve ever ridden on it’s so
comfy okay so here we are up at the top I’m a little out of breath the amount
st. Helens national observatory they’re doing a little demonstration over there
people that paid for something there but because we turn around there’s mount st.
Helens right there guys and you can kind of see some of the destruction nearby
it’s pretty amazing pretty crazy so mount st. Helens here
and Mount Adams right over there with the snow campus take some pictures and
post on Instagram also want to go in here to the gift store see if we can
find a National Park magnet of sorts so magnets they got these crummy ones that
I don’t like the generic big ones that are just really plain and ordinary
this one which is like a sign and they have pictures of Mount st. Helens but
again I’m not too impressed and I don’t think I’m actually gonna get a magnet just one random metal magnet right there
Mount st. Helens national volcanic monument I think I’ll take the one of a
kind instead so Mount st. Helens I finally made it
I took you guys along as well okay so you’ve never seen Mount st. Helens I’m
sure you’ve heard of it it’s kind of a famous volcano you know but I got a long
long trek 36 miles back to the RV in Jax and make a sandwich when I get back but
let me get this right on and I’ll get back to you when I get back to the RV
made it back safely nice and sunny and warm now so I’ll load the bike back up
and we got to find some some camping but don’t leave yet because remember I’m
still gonna get on the bike tomorrow morning and include part of that other
thing in Centralia so yeah let’s get let’s get parked for the day at least
did you have a pretty good cat day then you did I think we’re done driving okay
yeah I took the motorcycle for most of us you didn’t have to deal with all that
you could just sleep or take a guy oh boy yeah alright man alright so I’m
gonna do some rest area some rest area camping I think it’ll be okay because
we’re in a designated RV area RV parking which in my mind means that a semi-truck
should not be parking here and running a reefer or as generator or anything crazy
like that tonight I think it’ll be nice they think possibly yeah let’s see
no semi trucks won’t fit in these RV parking only slots so definitely safe I
feel like it’s uh well finally there guys making some big changes here at the
end of the summer getting out of here Washington State has been awesome I’m
going to say stay tuned because I’m gonna take the bike off tomorrow morning
go back to Centralia to film when that thing is open and okay it’s a bordello
Museum a working bordello Museum upstairs of an old antique store
preserved I guess you’d call it restored or something like that so yeah I’ll cut
back in tomorrow morning pretty easy to park the motorcycle guys pretty easy and
I do have free parking here so it’s not too bad let’s go see let’s go check out
this museum it is a neat little town down here Wow okay there it is
it’s right in front of us the Shady Lady not actually sure if I can film in there
just yet but up until the mid 1960s that was a working bordello so that was in
this century at least kind of cool let’s go in there see if I can share anything
with you I got the okay to share a little bit with you so they have the
antique store downstairs and upstairs as a museum I’m only gonna show you a
little bit of this and we’re going upstairs here we are upstairs in the shady lady
bordello Museum and they have a guest book here to sign I’m gonna have to do
that it just feels so old up here or any of
my viewers ladies of the night in a previous life probably not the sign here
says ladies traveled from building to building using secret staircases and
doorways throughout historic downtown Centralia well peek into this ladies
room here with a view of downtown Centralia out the window discretion
please nobody needs to see that on YouTube wow it feels like the Old West
in this room look at that checkers board Wow an old
Victrola here can you imagine a working bordello
just in 1965 right here in Centralia it just seems like it was not that long ago
right what did they do for birth control they took tansy T and Penny Royal herbs
okay good luck with that and a couple other names for the ladies soiled doves
or ladies of the rails and I really liked how they left the open frame on
top here where you can see the brick through it throughout all these rooms no
ceiling and always remember to remove your Spurs before going to bed
all right guys from jacks and I we shall see you very soon here on the road as we
continue to go south you guys have a good day morning night I guess we’re
trying to play with it it’s still alive you proud of yourself

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  1. Your ever in Georgia happy to invite you to park it at our place on Lake Sinclair. see if you can catch anything there :). 3,000 feet of elevation change the temperature will drop for sure, looked like a beautiful day!!!!!! Enjoy the road and stay safe.

  2. #675 Good morning, Eric. That final stop at Mt. St. Helens is the Johnson Observatory named after the Volcanologist who died there conducting his investigation. He is still there, somewhere? The Forrest Roads can get you closer to Windy Ridge near Spirit Lake and Harry Truman's last resting place. Use the Motorcycle, not Matilda.

  3. Was at Mount St Helens this past June. The movie at the observation center was very informative and the ranger talks are free. There wasn't much lava at all when the mountain exploded. But lots of ash which fell from the sky and huge land and mud slides from instantaneous melting snow from the heat of the eruption. The tree in the observation center with bark on only one side was 9 miles from the mountain. All the devastation you saw at the observation center happened in 184 seconds. There was so much force and debris it was like forcing 2 elephants thru 1 square meter per second. And for reference, the observation center is 4 miles from Mount St Helens.
    Thanks for taking me there again. This eruption was a very big deal. There was volcanic ash from the eruption that made it to Minnesota. Railroad cars still had ash on them when arriving in Minnesota.
    Makes me think about the super volcano under Yellowstone.
    Keep up the great work Eric!

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    There you will be closer to the center of it. This area is called Windy Ridge. The motorcycle might be a good choice. The road is windy and narrow. But the view is fantastic. If you get a chance is worth the drive. Sorry I missed you I was traveling in the same area 2 days ago. Love your videos you guys travel safe South before you go east.

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  30. Was just at that U-Haul in Centralia last week! Good to see you back up in the NW. I watched that mountain blow a few times from the roof of our home in N Portland, and then dealt with the constant cleanup after for a long time. One of my favorite locations to visit still to this day.

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