Mother Angelica Live Classic – Wisdom – 1995-9-5

Mother Angelica Live Classic –  Wisdom – 1995-9-5

[music] Man: “Mother Angelica Live!” brought to you from the Eternal Word Television Studios in Birmingham, Alabama. [music] Mother: See in you the love, the compassion of Jesus. The most glorious work of all, to praise God in His Kingdom. Anyone moved by the Spirit… Anyone who lives in love, lives in God and God lives in Him. [music] What a wonderful thing is our Church. This whole network is built on trust. The essence of evangelization is to tell everybody, “Jesus loves you!” We’re all called to be great saints. Don’t miss the opportunity! (applause) Mother: Thank you, thank you, thank you. Well, we have a wonderful family here from many places, and from Florida, and I have bad asthma today, so we’re just going to kind of chitchat. If I run out of steam, why, we’ll do something else, you know. I just got a beautiful letter the other day and I just wanted to read it to you, because sometimes you’re like us, you know, we put all this together and we’re on the air twice a week and you’re always not sure where everything is going and who’s listening. You know by letters and phone calls that we’re getting. But I want to read you this letter. “Dear Mother, I have been working in the mountains of El Salvador for 10 years. “We have suffered through a cruel civil war in which over 80,000 people died, including nuns and priests and an archbishop. “Over these years I have done all kinds of work, mostly surviving. “These days my focus is on young people, who have been left with such poverty, both material and spiritual. “Our effort is to inspire in them a love for our Lord in His sacraments through the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and through devotion to Our Lady. “It is a difficult battle, perhaps far greater than the 12 years of war. “Between infiltration of the consumer culture, the culture of death, and the violent culture which remains, our youth seems lost. “Please know we will not abandon these children, that you and the network have really become a part of my work, my vocation, and my prayer life. “I listen to the network on short-wave radio and by listening to daily Mass I feel a part of your monastery community. “Mother, know that I often race through the village to get into my house and to listen to your live show,” and if you’re listening tonight, I want you to know that we got your letter, I’m reading it, and that you’re in our prayers for special grace, for you and all the youth that you try to help. “But I can’t tell you, Mother, how much I enjoy hearing you. “We are poor, without electricity or water but the voice of the Lord is heard in our mountains and He lives among us, even a struggling sinner as myself, through your network.” Isn’t that a marvelous, awesome letter to receive? And I want you to know that that’s what you do, that’s what you do. It’s so wonderful to know that in El Salvador under such terrible circumstances, circumstances you and I are not acquainted with unless you’ve been born and raised in some ghetto and you’re just eking out, when survival is the rule of the day–and I know what that is–and so as a result, you know, we, we forget as we’re, as we’re going about our daily chores and there’s so many problems in the world. We do forget that there are others in the world who have a lot of trouble. Well, tonight I’m going to talk a little bit from the Book of Wisdom. And it says here, “May God grant me to speak as He would wish.” We all have to say it. By the way, whoever sent me, I forgot to bring your name but I’ve got a new protector of noses from ice but I forgot to bring it down. It’s a cute little gadget that has a curly-q handle to it that’s a straw and the whole thing is covered. It works great. So far I have to struggle with the ice tonight. Am I the only one that has that kind of trouble? (audience laughs) No. They should have invented something years ago. It looks like the ice fights you all the way. Anyway, this is from the Book of Wisdom 7:15. “May God grant me to speak as He would wish and express thoughts worthy His gifts.” We all need to say that, even when we correct. He says, “Since He Himself is the Guide of Wisdom, since He directs the wise men.” See, without God, my friends, you cannot make a right decision–and you cannot make a decision without God. It won’t be right. You have to talk to Him. You have to do it according His law, His principles, His desire, His Gospel, and whenever we don’t do that we do the opposite of what we think we’re doing, see. So let’s look and see what God says here. “We are indeed in His hand.” We are, and our words are, see. With all our understanding and technical knowledge, “It was He who gave me true knowledge of all that is.” I talked to a scientist not too long ago, a couple, a week or so ago. He came and I kind of expressed what he designed and because I don’t understand it… He thought I did, and I do, I understand the, the ending but not the beginning. But he said, he just had a dream one time and in this dream he found the entire formula for what he was going to do, see. But he was a man of God, a man so close to God that he knew in this particular thing he wants to do there was a missing link, and when he found it, it was so simple, so simple. See, if we don’t render to God what is God’s… See, we have to render to Cesar, to the world what is the world’s but you have to have that deep understanding of the love of God in your heart. Please, please, please, please get close to Jesus. We live in terrible times, you know, and we do things that are strange, like the poor photographer yesterday, was trying to photograph the storm and the storm just swept him out to sea, see. When you get a warning, in a hurricane or any warning, all you kids out there, a warning from your parents, “Please don’t do this, you’re going to get in trouble,” take the warning. Obey–we got to get obedience back in our hearts, obedience to God, obedience to the Church, obedience to your coworkers, your employers. If we don’t, see, then where are we going to go? We’re like a reed shaking in the wind, see. Now, “It was He who gave me true knowledge of all that is.” You know all of you, when you get a good idea or you make a good decision or something wonderful comes your way, it’s the Lord. When things don’t go your way and you say, “Well Lord, I’m sorry and I’m disappointed, but I know You’ll take care. “I love You, and thank You for saying no,” oh, you see, that’s faith. You can’t lose out with God. He says, “Who taught Me the structure of the worlds and the properties of the elements.” All you scientists out there listening to me, you scoff God, many of you do. Many of you think there is no God. Your pride and your intelligence, your IQ, the wonderful things you do has given you, instead of grateful and thanksgiving to God, you have eradicated God from your lives and you’ve got to live empty lives, empty lives. Some of you have worked and worked and worked and worked. You’ve lost your wife, you’ve lost you children. You have one thing in mind, your work. You’re getting older by the minute and all you do is work. What do you call them, workaholics, drugaholics, alcoholics? God gave you a brain. He gave you intelligence. He gave you a lot of good gifts. Why do you want to waste them? Why be presumptuous with them? Be satisfied. I hope this ice lasts. (audience chuckles) Be satisfied with what you don’t know. Some of us want to know more than we’re capable of. I don’t. If God gives it to me, fine. If He doesn’t, well, I don’t need it, see. If God’s will for you is not to have all the knowledge others have, that’s all right. You know, we had a great brother in the Franciscan order, Bro. Juniper. He would set you and me crazy. He was extremely generous and he would do strange things you know, strange to you and me. One day there was a brother who was very sick–in fact, he was dying–and Bro. Juniper went up to him and he says, “Can I get you something?” He says, “Yeah, I’d like a pickled pigs foot.” “Oh,” he says, “That’s not a problem.” So he goes out to the farm, catches a pig and cuts off one foot (audience laughs) and cooks it, soaks it in vinegar, brings it to the brother, who enjoyed it but never asked him where he got it. So that night around supper time the farmer comes to Holy Father Francis and he says, “Your brothers are mental. (audience laughs) “They’re crazy. “One of your brothers went to my farm, caught a pig, and took one foot off. You’re all nuts.” (audience laughs) He was raving. And Father said, “Ah Bro. Juniper.” So he called Bro. Juniper in front of the farmer, he says, “Brother, did you go to this farmer and catch a pig and cut one foot off?” He said, “Yes Father.” “And why did you do such a stupid thing?” He said, “Well, our brother is dying. “He had only one request, to have a pickled pig’s foot, and I thought to myself, would God want him to have a pickled pigs foot? “Is that not charity to give the last request of someone dying? “And so I thought to myself, it was my duty in love and charity to go find a foot.” (audience laughs) Well, this farmer’s amazed. You know, he’s looking like, and he looks at the farmer and he says, “I am sorry, but don’t you feel good that you gave a dying man’s request a foot of one of your pigs? And you have so many.” And the farmer started crying, (audience laughs) he started crying and he looked at Brother Juniper. He said, “Here, take the whole pig.” (audience laughs) Well, the whole community ate the pig. However, the Superior was not too happy. So he took poor Bro. Juniper aside and he scolded him for an hour and a half, until the point he got hoarse. He could hardly, he could hardly talk anymore, and he said to Bro. Juniper, “Go, get out. “I don’t want to see you again.” So Bro. Juniper is absolutely undisturbed. Well, he’s worried about the superior. He said, “The poor man is hoarse because he scolded me so bad. I feel so bad for him.” At 2:00 in the morning. He doesn’t sleep, he’s so worried about his superior’s hoarse throat. And he gets up and he makes some porridge–oatmeal to you–and he raps on the superior’s door at 2:00. (audience laughs) And his superior opens his door and who does he see but Juniper, the man he didn’t want to see again. “What are you doing here waking me up at 2:00?” And Bro. Juniper says very calmly, “Father, I noticed while you were scolding me that you got more and more hoarse and I have worried about you all night. “I have made you some hot porridge for your throat. Please eat it.” Well, if that was me I’d have taken that porridge, (makes noise) (audience laughs) but that wonderful superior was a holy man and he looked at Bro. Juniper and he said, “Brother, come on. “You and I will eat it together.” Now, you say, what has that got to do with wisdom? Absolutely nothing. (audience laughs) I decided to tell you that story because it was simple and my throat is bad and I thought if I tell that one, nobody will care. But there is great wisdom in it. Please don’t go out cutting pigs’ feet off, but there’s great wisdom. The Superior did what he was called to do, however Bro. Juniper was a kind of saint that did exaggerated things. But Fr. Francis said, “I wish I had a whole forest of Junipers,” because he was a man of God who never thought of himself. One time a man, very poor, came in and he said, “I need food for my family.” He says, “I don’t have any money,” and the man started crying and crying. He says, he was in the church, you know, the man came in church crying and crying, and Bro. Juniper said, “Wait a minute.” There were some gold tassels hanging down from a curtain in the chapel behind the tabernacle, a big, big, gold, you know, tassels. He goes and he gets a knife, he cuts a couple off. He says, “Here Brother, go sell them, and you get some food.” Well, here comes the sacristan. He went, “Ah, Brother Juniper.” (audience chuckles) He runs after him, you know and he says, “What did you do?” He says, “Well, he was hungry.” He said, “Do you think God cares about those two tassels when I could feed somebody?” He had an awful lot of common sense. I have a miraculous glass here. It grew while I was talking to you. You see, often our wisdom is so earthly. Our wisdom is so geared towards ourself that we don’t have time for other people. We don’t have time to think of other people. We think so much of, “How does everybody relate to me?” And you get in a rut doing that. Many people who are unhappy, but all they think about is themselves. All they think about is, “This person said this and that person said that, and how does it mean to me, and what does it mean to me and how does it apply to me?” All of a sudden you don’t think of anything–you don’t think of anything but how everybody relates to you and how you relate to them. You know, our Lord said one time that the second Commandment was like the first, like the first. And what is it? Well, to love your neighbor as God loves you–and that’s total wisdom, total wisdom. Because it says here, “He taught me from the beginning, in the middle, and in the end. He taught me all things.” Everything I have, then, comes from God. Everything good you have comes from God. Then we should share what we have. Share all the good within you with somebody every day. Every single day, share with somebody, because if we don’t… It says, “All that is hidden I have come to know.” In all that is hidden, God will manifest to the world. We have a judgment, a particular judgment, and a final judgment. You’re not judged twice, only once. When you die you’re judged by the Lord. We don’t have a long time to do good to my neighbor, to be loving to my neighbor and that’s why you need to be careful, careful, careful, careful what you read, what you hear. You know, television has gotten to be so terrible that I just wonder, if people are on that tube all day long listening to soap operas and all, I don’t know how your mind don’t just shrivel up. Be careful what you read. If you’re going to read all these crazy books or pornography or all, where does it go? It goes in that image made of God in your soul. It just soaks your mind with evil. We can’t do that. We kill the young and now we want to kill the old. If you get really sick in a hospital you’re almost afraid to go. They come at you as soon as you go in the door with this, would you like to sign the living will. I said, “No, not as long as I’m living, I don’t want to sign it.” (audience chuckles) I got a whole community to decide whether they can pull the plug or not. Why do I have to worry about that? It looks like when you walk in, they’re looking, “Um, that’s a mighty good gallbladder there,” you know. See, we talk about quality of life. The truth is, those who care for you sometimes have lost the reality of the quality of life until death. Even if someone’s in a coma, they hear. We cannot decide for people. So, you know, we can’t, you can’t put a value on life by what people can do. See, you’ve got to come back to the reality of the value of suffering, mine and yours, your own and others’. There is a deep, awesome value. Why? Because of Jesus, because of Jesus. There’s awesome value to suffering–little sufferings, big sufferings, a splinter. Say, “Jesus, I offer this tiny little splinter with all the suffering in Your hand from the nail wounds.” Oh, what an awesome thing to say. See, everything has value. God measures everything different than we do. He measures. He measures and gives us graces that you and I have never thought of. Today we live in a society that wants health, wealth, and wisdom. We don’t want suffering. That’s why if you notice in most of your churches they’ve taken out the crucifix. They don’t want any kind of suffering. They want the exalted Lord. I don’t know if some of you listened to Mass the other day, but one of my sisters, before Mass the sisters say the Divine Office and one of my sisters was reading and said, “And after Jesus rose from the dead, He was exhausted.” (audience laughs) It said, “And after Jesus rose He was exalted,” but she said, “exhausted”. Everybody went… but nobody dared laugh (audience chuckles) because you would have heard such a roar. But you see, even that little mistake, funny as it was, was something meritorious before God. You know, one time Sister and I, a man was very sick, and so, we went to give him some food and his house was at a corner of an alley, very, very narrow and it had a bridge kind of over a culvert and I said to Regina, “Regina, turn around. “I don’t think that bridge is going to take the weight of this car,” and I could see she’s getting a little hot under the collar, you know. She’s trying to turn the wheel, and she said, “Nobody could manure this car in this small space.” (audience chuckles) And I said, “What did you say?” (audience laughs) She said, “Nobody can manure this car in this small space.” Well, I put my head out the window because–and I said to her, “Okay back up.” But you see, I knew she meant “maneuver” but maneuver didn’t come out. Now that’s a small little mistake, but in her lovely awesome simplicity, God knew she meant “maneuver”. And little things like that happen in our lifetime that we’re so embarrassed about or we’re so humiliated over. No need. There are big crosses and big tragedies, and there are small things. Don’t waste any of them, see. Tonight I’d rather be here with good voice than having you have to listen to me with a scratchy voice, but it doesn’t matter to God. Maybe it’s both our crosses, but that’s okay see, because I do it for Him and you listen for Him and that raises something so small to a great height. In your daily life you think of that… you think of that. Adhere to truth. Adhere to Jesus. There is no other God. There is no other Savior but Him. Cling to that. Don’t let anybody convince you of anything else. We have a call. Hello. Caller #1 (female): Hello, Mother. Mother: Where are you from? Caller #1: I’m from Ohio. Mother: Wonderful. What is your question? Caller #1: Mother, I have a mental disability and I have, I’m on medication and I’m seeing doctors. I go to Mass regularly. I try to make it during the week, and I pray a lot and I read the Bible every day. Mother: Yeah. Caller #1: But I have trouble with outbursts around my family, mainly, and I apologize to everyone, but I want to know how responsible am I for this. Mother: Well, sweetheart, people like me are crippled and some people have cancer and some people have lung problems, and you have a mental illness. No matter what we got, we have to offer it to Jesus. And those around you know that what it is when you suddenly burst out in anger is, is not coming from you, you know. If I have to walk slower one day than the next, my sisters know that, and so they walk slow with me, see. And a mental illness is the same. You’re on medication. You sound very good tonight. And maybe tomorrow you won’t be so good. And a cross is not something disastrous or something terrible. It’s something I have to take and hug to my heart, and then give it back to God. You have to guard against despair, against discouragement. Every time the humiliation comes along with you having this, blowing your stack again, apologize. They know you’re sorry. It’s such a wonderful thing. Next to, “I love you,” the most beautiful words in the world is, “I’m sorry,” and the next beautiful word is, “I forgive you.” If we say those three words often, we won’t have much purgatory. Those are the three words, “I love you, I’m sorry, I forgive you.” Give your illness to God. When you get to see Him in Eternity you’ll be surprised how a great height of union you’ve arrived at. We have another call. Hello. Hello. Caller #2 (female): Hello. Mother: Where are you from? Caller #2: Indiana. Mother: And what is your question? Caller #2: First of all, I want to say that you’re great. Mother: Thank you. Caller #2: We just love you to death here. I once knew a man that was a homosexual, and he fought this all of his life. He knew that it was wrong but he couldn’t stay on the right track. He was very kind and caring. He was always made fun of, and he was an outcast. What can you do or say for someone like this, you know, to help them? Mother: So, oh. Well, what do you do to help them? I think probably what you said, give them courage to stop activity as far as homosexuality is concerned. You can’t always help what you are but you can help what you do with what you are. If you think he failed at that, you never know what he did at that last moment when he saw Jesus face to face. We can pray for someone like that, show them that you love them, but can never, love can never condone evil. You can never say, “Well it’s all right,” for the sake of friendship. You must always, always tell them the truth. And if he was struggling to live a holy life and couldn’t, well then, we know for sure that somewhere along the line his weakness got the best of him. We can only trust that when he saw the Lord he could say, “I’m sorry.” Well, we have a minute left, a minute from… Water never goes down here. (audience chuckles) We have a minute left. Remember, do everything with wisdom and do everything with Jesus. He loves you so much. Be careful, and discern now what’s good or bad, what’s right and wrong before God and His Church and you’ll never go wrong. You’ll always be with Jesus. Please go to confession. Try to go every week and receive that awesome sacrament, the Eucharist. With Our Lady and the Eucharist we shall overcome all the evil that is here and all the evil that is to come. And pray for our liberal brothers and sisters who have strayed so long and so far from the right path. God bless you. (applause) (music)

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