Mother Angelica Live – 1996.4.9 – Easter Week Scripture

Mother Angelica Live – 1996.4.9 –  Easter Week Scripture

♪ ♪ Man: “Mother Angelica Live!” brought to you from the Eternal
Word Television Studios in Birmingham, Alabama. ♪ ♪ Mother: See in you, the love,
the compassion of Jesus. The most glorious work of all,
to praise God in His Kingdom. Anyone moved by the Spirit… Anyone who lives in love, lives in God and
God lives in Him. ♪ ♪ What a wonderful
thing is our Church. This whole network
is built on trust. The essence of evangelization
is to tell everybody, “Jesus loves you!” We’re all called
to be great saints. Don’t miss the opportunity! (applause) Mother: Thank you. Well, this is Easter Week and we celebrate in the Glorious Resurrection of Our Dear Lord every day this week. Some of you have called and written and said, “What was that beautiful song the sisters sang at the end of the Easter Mass, in the end of this morning’s Mass? It was beautiful.” Well, we don’t know really. It’s an old, old “Regina Coeli” and it reminds me of a symphony, and I think our sisters did a very, very good job. But it has that feeling and gives everybody the awareness of the Lord Risen. I get a lot of doubt cast by our good liberal brothers about the Resurrection. They miss all the fun. They don’t even believe He Rose. So they’re just deadheads this time of year, (audience laughs) as their Jesus didn’t rise. But our Jesus rose, and St. Paul says, “If He didn’t rise, then you and I are not going to rise, and we’re in a lot of trouble, and our faith is fruitless.” I have a hard time figuring out why a lot of people, (sighs) have difficulty in understanding the power of God. One of our fans a couple of weeks ago sent me a whole hour program on the stars and galaxies. We watched it last night. I was amazed; I was amazed at the millions and billions of stars, and some of them 300 times bigger than the sun. It hurts your head. You get a headache just thinking about it and then you look at this little tiny speck, you know this little world just going around, (sighs) and that the Son of God would come and become a Man. It’s hard to understand. Isn’t that hard to understand? It’s such a mystery, it’s so awesome that He loved that much. In Josefa’s book, Josefa Mendes, this individual– I thought it was a nun–she was apparently in Purgatory a long time. Finally she was released and she said to Josefa, she said, “No one will ever understand how much they are loved by God,” I was looking at that little program on astronomy and the stars and the awesome sizes, speeds and I thought, “The God Who created that created me.” Isn’t the awesome? There was a time I was not and there will be a time I will not be on earth, but I shall be forever now, forever and ever. We will all live forever somewhere. (laughs) All you people that don’t know you’re going somewhere, I feel sorry for you know. (audience laugh) You must live in an empty hole, a vacuum, because you don’t know where you’re going. We all know where we’re going; we all know where we want to go. I think that’s important for all of us tonight as we contemplate this week the Glorious Resurrection of Jesus, and how He rose. The Shrouds of Turin, the scientists tell us today was some kind of an atomic thing, the Lord, (makes noise) came right up. Wouldn’t you like to peek in that tomb and then watch Him? Gosh, that would have been. I saw an Easter card today and Jesus was coming out of that tomb and there was a little sad looking angel sitting there. I thought, “Why are you so sad?” And Sister said, “Maybe he was scared.” I thought, Well, maybe he was, but angels don’t get scared.” I think the artist was scared, so he made the angel look scared. (audience laughs) But all of us don’t appreciate the mysteries in the Church. We live in an Awesome Church, Awesome. (laughs) There are so many truths and so much spirituality and so much to learn, you could go on your whole life and you would never even scratch the surface of what the Church has to teach us, even about Easter! Then there’s always a human part about Easter that I like a lot. We have a couple of things I would like you to read, some time tonight or tomorrow. First of all, I would like you to read the disciples going to Emmaus. It’s Luke 24. Then there is that awesome thing that I read very, very, very often is Chapter 21 of John. I’ll just toss it up tonight. What do you want me to talk about, John or Emmaus? How many for Emmaus, how many for John? Who’s for John? (makes noise) (audience laughs) Who’s for John? How many for Emmaus? Well, John won. (all laugh) Oh well, sorry. Come back next year, we’ll take Emmaus. (audience laughs) This is a delightful, delightful events. Liberals call them stories but they’re not stories, they’re events. (child laughs) () (audience laughs) Even the kids understand. (audience laughs) It says here, “Jesus showed Himself to the disciples and it was by the Sea of Tiberius,” and it happened like this. “Simon Peter, Thomas, Nathaniel, and the sons of Zebedee, and 2 more disciples”–I always wonder why they never got honorable mention. (audience laughs) Maybe they were ashamed they were there, you know. (audience laughs) Whatever it was, these 2 disciples for some reason didn’t come. Simon Peter says–this is after the Resurrection; this is after Jesus appeared several times. He says, “I’m going fishing.” Can you imagine anybody– that’s why I think Peter was an Italian Jew. (audience laughs) (child laughs) (laughs) Really, because in a time of the Resurrection, he thought of eating. (audience laughs) They said, “We’ll come with you.” “So they got in the boat, caught nothing all night. “It was light by now and there stood Jesus on the shore, though the disciples didn’t know it was Jesus. He called out, He said, ‘Have you caught anything, friends? ” Ah, what a question to ask 6 men who went out to fish and caught nothing, (audience laughs) especially when you know they caught nothing. (audience laughs) (sighs) Now here comes, I think, one of the reasons that Jesus chose Peter and all these other Apostles. They said, “No.” As a good Italian, I would’ve never said “no.” (audience laughs) I would have said something like, “We didn’t go fishing. We went out to meditate.” (audience laughs) (laughs) Peter was very honest, very honest, and all of them were. They said “No.” No excuses, no shame. They were not afraid. They failed. They’re not afraid to say “I failed.” Today we’re not taught to ever say we failed. “I didn’t make it”. We live in such an artificial world, where everybody has to be a success, everybody has to make it. (sighs) There are many times we don’t, and we fake it, but we don’t. We just didn’t succeed. One of the beautiful qualities the Lord looks for and looked for in these men; they did fail, they said no, and they weren’t afraid to say no. So He said, “Throw the net out to starboard and you’ll find something.” Now, you have to realize they did not know this was Jesus, they didn’t know. It was a Man. Now, how would you have felt? Now these are experienced fishermen. They’re not the kind like you are, you go throw a little thing out there and you hope and you wait and you sit and you wait. These are commercial fishermen who catch fish to make a living. They know when to go, they know where to go, and they know when you can’t catch any fish. Otherwise they wouldn’t have been coming in. Now, here’s a stranger on the shore that says, “Throw your net on starboard side” –the wrong side of the boat, wrong place, and wrong time. It’s getting shallow, dawn, the sun’s coming up. You and I would have said, “Look, whoever you are, thanks a lot. “I know how to fish. “You cannot catch fish now. Go away.” (audience laughs) I think most of us, if we’re honest with ourselves would have said something like that. Here again you find a quality in these Apostles that we have lost today. (sighs) “They dropped the net and there were so many fish, they couldn’t haul it in. “John said,…” John kind of rubs it in every so often. Did you ever notice in his Gospel he says, “The disciple Jesus loved said to Peter…?” (laughs) I mean, I bet those Apostles wanted to kill him sometimes, (audience laughs) because he was always saying that, like we weren’t loved by Jesus. Here’s a guy that’s loved, he was a little bit like Joseph in his multi colored cloak in the Old Testament. But anyway, he says, “It is the Lord.” Now, many of us are successful in things we do. We are here because of God and because of you. How often do us in our ordinary day say, “It is the Lord?” When something you do turns out well, do you say, “Thank You, Jesus?” We must be very careful we’re not like the farmer who took on some ground that was rather rocky and it took a long time for him to get the rocks out. He finally got a good crop. I’m afraid many of us are like this farmer because when his neighbor came along and he says, “Boy, God has really blessed you. You’ve got an awesome crop.” He said, “Yah, you should have seen it before. God was doing it by Himself.” (audience laughs) Well, I think we’re all kind of like that in a way. We ask God for things, but we give ourselves credit when we get it, or maybe you’re an artist and you painted a beautiful picture and somebody comes along and says, “Oh, that’s great.” You and I could say, “It is the Lord.” It is a God-given talent, God given energy, God given knowledge and we need to be grateful. and here’s the Apostles now, who have said, “It is the Lord.” “At this, Simon Peter, who had practically nothing on, wrapped his cloak around him and jumped into the water.” I don’t know what that did. Probably the cloak fell. Wouldn’t the cloak rise up or something on the water? “And the other disciples came on in the boat.” Now, here’s another lesson for you and me. Remember, Peter denied the Lord 3 times. I’m afraid some of us would not be like Peter. We are afraid of God. That’s why some of you, for years and years and years, some of you listening to me tonight have not been to Confession, or you’ve been, but you’ve made bad Confessions–there’s that one thing you won’t say, and what happens? We don’t trust the Mercy of God. We don’t trust that Ocean of Mercy. We’re afraid of God. You would think most of us would have just hid in the boat. If John would have said, “It is the Lord,” and you knew you said, “I do not know the Man,” 3 times and swore the 3rd time, most of the people would have just flattened themselves on the boat and said, “Cover me up. (audience laughs) I don’t want to see Him.” You say, “Well, I wouldn’t do that.” Yeah you do, when you refuse to go to confession because you’re ashamed or afraid, that’s exactly what you do. You hide from God. Peter did not do that. Now, we know why Jesus chose Peter. He was honest, he was not afraid to fail. So he’s humble. And besides that, he had a great love for Jesus. He did fall, he did make a mistake, and he committed a grave sin. But he wasn’t going to wait till that boat reached the shore. He ran and swam to Jesus. (sighs) We kind of find fault with the Apostles sometimes. They all ran when Our Lord needed them the most, and they were not very bright. They never understood the simplest parables. You’ve got to ask yourself, “Why did Jesus choose these men?” Well, here’s a good event to tell you why, why. “As soon as they came ashore, they saw,” what? Oh, this is amazing to me. “…they saw bread there and a charcoal fire with fish cooking on it.” Can you imagine God cooking breakfast for men who deserted Him? I’d have thrown the fish at them! (audience laughs) But God is so different than you and I imagine. We make Him like ourselves and He’s So Transcendent, He’s So Above ourselves. I’ve often wondered though– the first thing I’m going to ask when I get to Heaven, “Lord, where did You get the charcoal and the fish?” (audience laughs) (laughs) I got to get that answered. It just bugs me, you know. (audience laughs) There’s nothing I can imagine. Did He go to some Jewish deli, (audience laughs) and just pick up a few, a few fish? Or did He, something better all alone on the shore, think charcoal and there it was or call the fish and they came up? Either way, (sighs) in this Awesome Moment of Resurrection, Jesus is thoughtful enough to cook a breakfast for these poor men who failed miserably catching fish! (sighs) The very men– just think of this now. He chose them; they were with Him 3 years. They didn’t catch on at all when He told them He would Suffer, Die, and Rise. It just went over their heads. They ran or denied Him, one betrayed Him. They had a hard time believing that He rose, the disciples gone to Emmaus, oh, were they miserable. Maybe those were the 2 not mentioned. (audience laughs) After all that, He performs a miracle by putting fish in the net and then makes them breakfast. Why are you so afraid of Jesus? Why is it that you, (sighs) find a hard time forgiving someone? Sure they hurt you; sure they were unfair, unjust, maybe even cruel. But these were His best friends. These were the men who stayed with Him 3 years, and what’s He do? Performs a miracle and cooks them breakfast. Those of you listening to me this evening–and even now you have not gone to Confession, out of faults fears, whatever reason–why are you afraid of such a God? Well, let’s see what happens. “Now they were only 100 yards,” that’s 300 feet away from Jesus, “when they caught all that fish,” “As soon as they came ashore, they saw this bread and the fish. Simon Peter went aboard and dragged the net to shore full; 153 big fish.” The other miracle is that their holey nets–they were always mending their nets. Did you ever see that, mending their nets, mending their–never broke. What does the Lord say? “Come and have breakfast.” (laughs) I can’t imagine you seeing Jesus face to face and thinking of breakfast, (audience laughs) even me! (audience laughs) But see, the Lord is the Lord of the present moment. They were hungry, they were cold, they were wet, and they were awesomely impressed by this Jesus standing there in the Body. “And none of the disciples were bold enough to ask ‘Who are You,’ because they knew quite well it was– it was the Lord. Jesus stepped forward and took the Bread and gave it to them and the same with the fish.” They were just kind of sitting around that little fire going… (audience laughs) and Jesus knew if He went like this, they wouldn’t change. (audience laughs) So He goes around, He gets some bread, hands it to them, and they take it. (audience laughs) So He goes and gets a fish and He breaks it up and He hands it to them, they’re… (audience laughs) Finally, they ate. This is the 3rd time Jesus appeared to them, 3rd time. They sat there and ate fish and bread supplied by God Himself. I’m surprised they ate, because you’d thing by that time… Did you ever have a lot of joy, you couldn’t eat? Did you ever get that way? No? Oh well, more Italians here than I thought. (audience laughs) (laughs) But they ate. Then–this is what I want you to know. This is so wonderful. Jesus said, “Simon, son of John, do you love Me more than these others do?” Now, Peter said just a few days before that the Lord said, “One of you will betray Me.” And Peter got up, He said, “Though all of these betray You, I will not.” And the Lord said, “Simon, before the cock crows thrice, you will deny Me twice.” And he said, “Oh no, not me.” Is that why some of you don’t go to Confession? (sighs) You can’t believe you did it. Well, Peter said, “Yes, Lord.” Now, he’s changed, hasn’t he? Maybe that’s why, in our poor sinner condition, we do a lot of things we don’t mean to do, don’t want to do. This time Peter was not very bravado. He says, “Yes, Lord, You know I love You.” He didn’t say anything about these others. The Lord said, “Feed My lambs.” The 2nd time He said, “Simon, son of John, do you love Me?” He said, “Yes, Lord, You know I love You.” And the He said the 3rd time, “Simon, son of John, do you love Me?” Well, Peter was upset and he said, “Lord, you know everything. You know I love You.” “Feed My sheep.” “Feed My lambs, the little ones; feed My sheep, the sinners, big sinners.” Well, can you imagine a God so Merciful that for 3 denials that you knew Him at all, He only asked for 3 acts of love. Why are you so afraid? Why? Our Dear Lord waits longingly for you to come Home. Why are you waiting? How could this Merciful Lord ever hold you back? Please, come Home, come Home. We all want to do great things for God. We want to make converts, we want to save souls, and we want to preach to the whole world that Jesus is Lord. We want to do many wonderful things, but there’s so great, so great it is that even the angels in Heaven rejoice when one sinner comes Home. Well some of you out there can make God and all of Heaven very happy tonight if you decided to come Home. Well, we have a call. Hello. Female Caller #1: Hello, Mother. Mother: Where are you from? Caller: New Orleans, Louisiana. Mother: And what is your question? Caller: Okay, my name is Rosa. First of all, I wanted to tell you, Mother, that I was with Fr. Mitch Pacwa’s last pilgrimage in the Holy Land during the time the Hamas did the bus bombing. Mother: Yeah. Caller: I was the only non-Catholic in the group. Mother: (laughs) Great for you. Caller: Well, the Lord– I had my conversion at the Garden of Gethsemane. Mother: Wow! Caller: And I start my RCIA classes this Friday. Mother: “Thank You, Jesus!” Wonderful! (applause) “Thank You, Jesus!” Caller: Yeah, Wonderful Lord. Mother: What is your question? Caller: The question that I have, Mother, is, since the Blessed Mother was conceived Without Original Sin, then was St. Anne, Her mother, also conceived without Original Sin? Mother: No, no. That is a singular privilege for Our Lady. God does not give us a mission without the talents to perform it and to accomplish it. Not for a moment could the Mother of Jesus, His Eternal Son, ever be in the clutches of satan. Original Sin would certainly do that. So Our Lady had a singular privilege that no one since has ever had. Now, a lot of you have a hard time with that, but Adam and Eve were created immaculate, were they not? We don’t have a hard time with that. They messed themselves up. It wasn’t God. So Our Lady had to be Totally Free of Sin, not only then, but Her entire life so that the Tabernacle that would hold the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of the Eternal Word–we call it the Incarnation–had to be Pure and Holy, Unbelievable. If you remember the Old Testament when you read all the prescriptions the Father gave Moses for the Ark of the Covenant, boy, pretty strict. In fact, when they sacrificed the lamb, it had to be without blemish. It had to be a pure holy, it had to be pure. Even your prophets–before Isaiah could come out with these awesome prophecies about the birth and the death of the Messiah, (laughs) the angel came with burning coals in his mouth ’cause he used to swear a lot. They fixed him good. (audience laughs) He never swore after that. (audience laughs) Why? His tongue had to be purified of all that impurity on it. So God Himself was not ever to be born of any woman that had any kind, the slightest imperfection, and, “Oh, you give Her privileges.” No, God did. You take away something from God when you deny Her Immaculate Conception. It’s God we’re worshiping, that He did such an Awesome Thing for us to give us His Son, so don’t take away glory from God. We may not understand the mysteries of God, but why do we have to understand? Today we’re all so smart, you know. (laughs) I just saw a thing somebody sent me. I get a lot of nice things in the mail. And all you sending relics, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. (audience laughs) Anyway, this proves that the world is not billions of years old, but thousands of years old. Ha-ha. The Roman martyrology has said that for years and years. So let’s not take away glory from God. We have another call. Hello. Male Caller #1: Good evening, Mother. Mother: Well, good evening. Where are you from? Caller: Omaha, Nebraska. Mother: Wonderful, and what is your question? Caller: I was just wondering if you’ve heard what Bishop Bruskewitz in Lincoln has come out with as far as your program tonight is coming back from sin and stuff like that. Are you familiar with what he’s done? Mother: Oh yes, I am familiar. The bishop did something. All he did was proclaim a truth. Not too many that want to do that today, unfortunately. We hide the truth from people because we want to be pastoral. I think leading somebody to Hell is not very pastoral. (audience laughs) (sighs) Pastoral–would I be a friend if I saw you running and you didn’t know that you’re going to go over a 500 foot cliff? Would I be pastoral by not wanting to scare you by saying, “You idiot, you’re going to kill yourself?!” (audience laughs) Even he understands, and I don’t think he’s 7 years old. (audience laughs) We have so confused compassion with truth. “Adultery is an act of love.” Oh. yeah? Tell it to God. “Stealing is my just right.” Really? “Lying, I have my right to privacy.” Hmm. Abortion, oh hey, that’s a good one. “Abortion is a woman’s right to choose.” What? Death. Her own? No, someone else’s. Now we want the right for a doctor to help you to commit suicide. That’s portrayed as pastoral. All of it is pastoral; all of it is an act of compassion. What the bishop did was the most pastoral thing I’ve ever heard. He said to all these people that belong to all of these groups, “Your soul is in grave danger; number 1. Number 2, you cannot receive the sacraments and belong to the death culture.” You can’t. It’s an awesome sin– it’s a sacrilege to go to Confession and assist in an abortion or perform an abortion or to have an abortion or to belong to groups who are dedicated to fight against God, the Church, and truth–and all in the name of being a Catholic. Now, does that make sense to anybody? All under the guise of pastoral, all under the guise of compassion. And then He said to them what is true. He didn’t make this up. He said, “My dear people, if you continue to do this, not only are you not a Catholic anymore, but you are excommunicated.” That means you cannot enter the Kingdom! (sighs) You call that cruel, huh, you call that unfair, you call that not loving, not compassion, not pastoral. Where have we gone? Where? Where are we going when wrong becomes right and evil becomes good? Where are we going? I think Bishop Bruskewitz is one brave bishop. (applause) I wish others would follow. I pray that you, the people, you the people follow. I pray those who belong to these organizations in his diocese or any diocese will appreciate his fatherly concern for your immortal soul. This is one thing here in St. Luke’s Gospel that I don’t think Bishop Bruskewitz will ever have to worry about. It’s this, “And Jesus said, ‘The servant who knows what His master wants but has not even started to carry out these wishes will receive many strokes of the lash. The one who did not know but deserves to be beaten for what he has done will receive fewer strokes.'” Nobody told him what was wrong. “When a man has a great deal given to him, a great deal will be demanded.” God help me if I do not tell you the truth. You may hate me for it, you may dislike me, and you may turn off your TV, but at least I have told you the truth. The lash is for people like me, and for priests and religious and bishops and cardinals and the whole lot. The one who has been given more, a great deal on trust, even more will be expected of him. This is Luke 12:47. (sighs) Bishop Bruskewtiz of Lincoln, Nebraska, will never have to enter for that one. Let’s you and I pray for those who have so mixed up truth and heir together that it’s a mishmash and so few are able to tell the difference. So bad is it that the good are called bad and the bad are called good. Isn’t that strange? That’s my opinion of this wonderful man to whom I sent a telegram and said, “Congratulations, You stood tall.” Do we like to tell people things like that? No. It’s very hard even for me– and my reputation is getting worse by the minute, (audience laughs) (laughs) and that’s fine. But you need to know from somebody the truth. We can’t mix it up. That’s my humble opinion. We have another call. Hello. Female Caller #2: Happy Easter, Mother. Mother: Happy Easter to you. Where are you from? Caller: Des Moines, Iowa. Mother: Oh, great, and what is your question? Caller: Well, Mother, I’ve heard the term “mystic” and “mysticism,” but I’ve never really heard a definition for them. Mother: Well, we have a lot of them today. (laughs) They’re coming out of the woodwork. (audience laughs) I think everybody in some fashion, if you have deep faith, is a mystic. I believe that in this room there are as many guardian angels as there are people. Now somebody walking in will say, “Well, I don’t see anybody but people.” Ah. So faith is a kind of mysticism that allows you to see and to understand what others do not see and do not understand. However, the word “mystic” us usually indicative of someone whose spiritual life is not ascetical–geared towards penance, geared towards a faith life, faith in God–but a visionary, where they see the Lord, Our Lady, mystics; Bernadette was a mystic, the children of Fatima were mystics, Padre Pio was a mystic. Their whole life some of our good mystics, like Catherine of Siena started at 5 having her first vision in the Mystical Marriage of Levin. Oh gosh, it’s not an encouraging book to read, (audience laughs) but it’s a beautiful book to read. Today I think we have an awful lot of pseudo-mystics, we have a lot of people who think good thoughts and they think they’re from the Lord. It’s very difficult today. Our Lord gave us a good rule of thumb. It’s, “By their fruit you know them.” If a mystic came to me and said, “God said to me He didn’t rise from the dead,” (makes noise). (audience laughs) That’s a lie. He did Rise. So that mystic is either misinformed or needs some help. If someone comes to me and would say, “The Lord said tomorrow the world’s coming to an end,” I would say, “Alleluia!” (audience laughs) But I wouldn’t believe it, (laughs) until it happened. I would have to wait patiently and get up in the morning and say, “Well, Lord, I hope this is the day and if the sun is shining and everybody’s happy and everybody’s having their good times and bad times and all the rest.” Then I know this particular person misunderstood, talked to themselves, or somebody else. If we went to see Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and often as we run after mystics, we’d be a holier people. I’m sure Our Lady has been appearing many places. You say,”Everyplace?” Nobody can say that. “By their fruits you know them.” It makes sense to me anyway that if the things in the world are as bad as we even feel they are, Our Lady has to do something for Her children. So to live a mystical life is to have a deep spiritual life that is pretty much geared towards locutions– that’s hearing the Lord’s voice or Our Lady or Anyone else, that is Holy; the visions, various degrees of contemplation, Transforming Union. All of these are indicative of a deep contemplative life with God. I think there are many, many, many hidden, hidden mystics today. There have to be, because of the times we live in. But you have to be very careful you don’t accept hook, line, and sinker everybody that says, “Thus sayeth the Lord…” You have to exercise prudence and faith and patience. I get letters in the mail that thick. I read them, but you can’t act on any of them. You’ve got to wait and see. Time will tell. We have another call. Hello. Female Caller #3: Hello, Sister. Mother: Where are you from? Caller: I’m from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Sister. Mother: Ah, one of my favorite cities. And what is your question? Caller: Sister, first of all, I want to thank you for bringing me closer to God. I found you on this channel when I moved back to Philadelphia. I’m a little bit nervous, but I want to thank you, I love you, and I love your moxie. Mother: Thank you. Caller: It sounds like I’m talking to one of my relatives when I listen to you. But Sister, I wanted to say something about our pastor, speaking of pastoral. Our pastor has decided that he is going to take away the holy days of obligation from the children. They must attend school. In that manner he has decided that he knows for a fact that these children will be in church on that day. He’s taking away a lot of things, Sister, but I know our time is short and he even took away the Holy Week, the holiest week, Easter Week from them saying he knows they’ll be in school and attending the Stations of the Cross and that matter, and I’d like your view on that. Mother: Well, he’s obviously lost his faith. I think you need to pray for him. First of all, he has no right; he does not have authority or the right to do what he’s doing. If he’s doing all you say, he has no authority and no right. I would find a nice good Catholic church and go to that. We don’t seem to be obligated to go to boundaries anymore. So if they take away everything that’s Catholic, then you are not longer in a Catholic church. So you need to watch yourself. I have a right and you have a right as a Catholic to be Catholic, to hear Catholic doctrine, to hear what the Holy Father is saying, and to be taught. That is our right as a Catholic. Anybody who takes any of these rights away from you is no longer Catholic. And no one, no one, no one, no one, no one has a right to teach you error or take away your devotion or to take away your catholicity under the guise, if they don’t want it, it’s Vatican II. How long are we getting here this Vatican II? Vatican II documents are beautiful, beautiful. It’s like reading Scripture. You ought to go and get a set. I hope they make them. But these are all excuses. It reminds me of people who use God to threaten their children, Do you ever do that? “God’s not going to love you.” You can’t use God to threaten your children. It’s like the woman whose little boy refused to eat these 5 prunes on his plate. He hated prunes. So she said, “God’s going to be very angry with you if you don’t eat those prunes.” And he just sat there. “Well, God is angry with him for not eating your prunes. Go to bed.” So he went. During the night there was a terrible, terrible lightning and thunder storm. So she thought he was going to be scared to death. So she walked in his room, and there he was with the window open and the curtains flying in the wind and he said, “All that fuss over 3 prunes.” (audience laughs) (laughs) Don’t use the Lord to threaten your kids, but you, no one has a right to take away your love for the Lord and the Eucharist. I love you and I want you to be in His Kingdom one day. It’s my obligation, poor that I am, to at least tell you all the pitfall and all the stones in the way. You can stumble if you want; that’s your choice. But it’s our duty, and the duty of every religious to tell you the truth. If we don’t, we’re not pastoral, we’re chicken, we’re afraid, afraid to tell the truth, afraid we’ll hurt somebody. But my friend, the greatest pain in the world is in Hell. You know what’s true and what’s right. So let’s pray. Pray for everybody, pray for yourself and the whole world that God will save us all. Bye now. (applause) ♪ ♪

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