More Tre’Quan Smith, Boston Scott and other observations from Day 4 of Saints training camp

More Tre’Quan Smith, Boston Scott and other observations from Day 4 of Saints training camp

Lary Holder Josh Katzenstein out here
with you at the Saints facility day four of Saints training camp has ended second
day in a row in pads and look we saw a lot of running drills which that’s
obviously what you do when you get the pads on some notable absences we didn’t
see a lot of Cam Jordan Alex Okafor Cam Meredith it seemed like those were just
scheduled days off Sean Payton alluded to as much and honestly Josh today their
practice wasn’t as scorching but I know yesterday was so bad that they did the
walkthrough indoors so I think they’re they are certainly trying to deal with
the elements out here and Sean Payton said that was partly because they they
want the guys really focused when they’re doing the walkthrough so they
don’t want you know them dealing with the fans and the distractions so he said
you know that might continue but as you were saying you know day two of pads but
day three of the Tre’Quan Smith show for the past three days this guy has you
know been one of the best players on the field he skyed for one I wouldn’t call
it a catch the defense was saying he had one foot out of bounds but either way I
mean he made a really impressive leaping grab at the end of practice a
few other plays where he just got wide open and you know obviously you’re
always looking at training camp for someone to stand out and he’s got a long
way to go before the season starts but definitely for right now is the same to
look for someone who can help them with their third down woes which is really
the one issue on offense last year he’s looking like he could be that guy so
much so that even if it wasn’t a catch Drew Brees went over to him after the
play ran down the field it was the final day of today’s play of today’s practice
and drew was fired up to see the youngster go up and get it now actually
we’ve been talking a lot about the wide receiver race and Travin Dural went
down with an injury today we don’t know how serious it is but if someone like
him goes down it possibly opens a door for maybe another youngster to come in
and that competition is wide open outside of say the top three and Tre’Quan Smith is starting to make noise as well yeah definitely I think Tre’Quan
I mean as a third-round pick I mean he’s got a pretty good chance making the team
so I mean there’s like a handful of guys that are competing for one or two spots
you know behind Mike Thomas Ted Ginn and Cam Meredith and probably Tre’Quan but
I mean there’s lots of other good competitions I mean the running backs
I’ve been I’ve been curious to see how they’re deploying them because part of
the issue for the Saints is preparing Mark Ingram while also knowing that he’s
gonna miss game so you got a you know divvy up the load and we’re seeing a lot
of Shane Vereen getting work with the lines a lot of Terrance West Boston
Scott Boston Scott had a great play today he burned right by Ken Crawley on
a go route and I don’t know if Ken Crawley was you know expecting that to
happen you know obviously now that he’s seen it he’ll be ready next time but
there either way I mean you know someone is going to be getting work in that
backfield besides Alvin Kamara and the Saints just want to give everyone a
chance absolutely so check out all of our
coverage of all things Saints at and in our print editions of
the Times-Picayune day 5 of training camp will be Monday then the Saints will
have a break on Tuesday and then come back on Wednesday so for Josh Katzenstein I’m Larry holder thanks for joining us

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  1. Nicely edited by adding clips of the players as they are being discussed. Please continue this.

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