Mont Saint-Michel Day Trip from Paris

Mont Saint-Michel Day Trip from Paris

(upbeat music) (peaceful guitar music) – Today is an amazing day. I’m gonna get on this bus here in Paris and it’s gonna magically whisk me to the fairy tale land
of Mont Saint-Michel. Let’s go. Oh, it’s adventure time. Let’s go check out Mont Saint-Michel. So this island is actually
a tiny little town. There’s little alleyways
everywhere, shops, restaurants, an abbey. And it’s time to go get lost. Come on. This area has been home
to shops and stalls since the middle ages, and that tradition continues today. You can buy any kind of souvenir, albeit a little bit more
modern than back in the day. But they’re staying true
to how it used to be. I like to come to places like this and just imagine what life used to be back in the day. And it’s fun to think how this was a fully functioning little society on this tiny island. (seagulls squawking) I’m at the tippy top of the island inside of the abbey now. And the construction here
started in the 10th century. And it’s astonishing to think that it’s in this good of shape for being that old. I’ve just stepped out of the abbey into a little garden. There’s flowers, all these old columns surrounding a patch of grass and bushes. I gotta say, this is my favorite spot. I think I have successfully
walked through every alleyway, checked out the abbey, now it’s time to get back on the bus, head back to Paris.

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  1. I'm planning on using one of my dahs I'm paris to go here !!!!! was it worth the trip ? I heard it was like 5 hours

  2. You have some real educational videos sir!
    Please can let us know where you took the bus from?
    How long was the journey?
    Perhaps the cost as well for a return ticket.
    Many thanks!

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