Missionary does wicked Parkour!

Missionary does wicked Parkour!

My cousin found parkour on YouTube when
we were 8 years old and showed me some videos and we just decided to go outside
and try to do backflips off of trees and wasn’t super successful at first but
when I was about 14 years old I started taking parkour classes and came across
the community and that was when I fell in love with the sport and really wanted
to make it a part of my life. I made a promise to God that if he would help me
be successful at this thing that I loved doing that I would only use my talent to
give back and since I made that promise thing just kind of catapulted for me. It
was probably when I got accepted into the Red Bull art of motion, that was when
I knew that things were going to a much bigger scale and it wasn’t just a hobby
anymore. Originally I wasn’t planning on serving a mission I was worried about it
because of medical reasons and and all these other other things that I didn’t
think would allow me to be able to do it. I ended up using my parkour to do the
Lord’s work and even ended up baptizing one of my fans and it was until last
year coming home from a competition in Sweden, or I just got this really big
prompting almost the Lord telling me “I’ll provide a way for you to be able to
serve a mission” and it was definitely the hardest decision I made in my life
giving up time with my family and friends and also giving up my career for
two years with the momentum that had, giving up my spot in the red bar
demotion competition there’s a lot of things that I was sacrificing but more
you sacrifice the more you get back when you do it for the right reason.
Funny thing is mission president in our very very first interview when I first
met him he sat me down and he said all right so I know that you have this parkour talent I want to figure out how we can use it to forward the work in the
mission. Sweet!!! It’s a good conversation starter, when
someone sees you do a backflip in the suit, the first thing that they always
asked me is “Why are you giving up two years of your life to do this?” The amount of blessings that I’ve received on the mission is numberless Just thinking about the person that I was the day before I left on my mission and the person that I am now… I am so
grateful for the decision to come. I could say something right now to all
of my followers Meet with the missionaries, find out why this message
is so important there’s definitely a reason I wish I could describe it in
words but it’s something that you have to find out for yourself.

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