Miracles – Deaf Muslim Finds Jesus

Miracles – Deaf Muslim Finds Jesus

Be healed right now in the name of Jesus! Blind eyes open Open! In the name of Jesus! Deaf ears open in the name of Jesus! Hallelujah! Do you know who has healed you? Whats his name? Jesus. Hallelujah! Listen my friends, nobody else opens the ears of the deaf only Jesus He is not just a messenger, he is the son of the Living
God! He is the way and the truth and the
life say amen!

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  3. Well I left Christianity and become a Muslim because the trinity is a fabrication of man. This guy was never a Muslim,he has a hidden agenda (money, visa to America). Look up videos of Bart Ehram and hear what your preachers don't want you to hear.

  4. did bible say jesus is god ?? why u all so stupid . hes prophet isa alaihisalam . go watch zakir baik about the truth of islam and fake christian religion . one day jesus will come here and broke all salib cross . thats quran said

  5. These white people are smart enough to make world fool. I don't give a shit to jesus! The guy is healed and how come jesus happened in the middle from nowhere?
    Recovery of the man could be a natural process also.

  6. Will shake you up kind of testimony, indeed, Lord Jesus Christ is God, He knows your suffering, go to Him, you will never be disappointed, for He cares, do you care?

  7. I am a muslim and i believe that jesus (PBUH) heal people with the permission of god it does mean that he is the son of god yes but i believe that he is one of beloved prophets of allah

  8. I’m In Tears November 2019 watching this testimony again. Lord God help us to return to the first love we had for you in Jesus name.

  9. I did not pray
    I did nothing

    And i can hear now

    Thanks jesus
    Jesus is the messenger of god
    Jesus is god
    Jesus is son of god


  10. Im almost positive this was the guy who prayed for nabeel with cancer ,the musim turned christian. nabeel said he felt better for 36 hours but he still died,soon afterwards! If this preacher is serious,i hope he prays for god to raise nabeel from the dead!

  11. Human flesh with biological needs eating food using toilets can never be called God.
    He is far above then those to whom partner with him.

  12. Wow. How could I walk away from this Jesus I don't know. But knowing Islam made me come back. I feel happy when I see news like this.

  13. Oh my God how happy i m now hallelujah jesus you are the truth and the life n the way i love you n i thank you for this guy for make him know you β™₯️

  14. In Ghana to the Glory
    The is not much persecution religious wise.
    So all should pray that this remain so so that we can witness more and those of other religions can turn to Christ
    God bless all who will do this.

  15. In Ghana to the Glory
    There is not much persecution religious wise.
    So all should help join pray that this remain so that we can witness more and those of other religions can turn to Christ
    God bless all who will do this.

  16. did jesus say he is god and pray to him in bible ? all christian cant prove it . hahahhahahahhahah . allah is god jesus or nabi isa is prophet. convert islam guys . use ur brain . not logic nabi isa is a god .

  17. nabi isa alaihisalam = jesus = prophet of islam . son of god ???? its logic god got son haha ? so who create adam ?? create jin ? create this earth ? read quran u can see the truth

  18. The living God is in all of us ,just knock and the door will be opened , through Jesus is the only way to save this planet , harm nothing live as Jesus eat no flesh , he was the last sacrifice he was the lamb of God , no meat at the last supper ,Jesus is the bread of life ,go vegan πŸŒ±πŸ™πŸ’—x

  19. I found many miracles in this video. Number ( 1 ) he got his hearing back. ( 2 ) he is a Muslim guy ( 3 ) his name is Muhammad. Come on guys god has given you little brain to think.

  20. Pray for ALLAH he is the god and only god (swt)…ur gonna go hell and am not kidding….u did the biggest mistake of ur life bro,..biggest mistake of ur life…subhanna allah watalaa did this all for us and when you die we go ur gonna meet allah (swt) saying"did u pray?"u say yes i prayed and u lied he catches u on a tape…throws u straght to hell…warning u if ur muslim thank allah (swt) dont pray for jesus…if ur a muslim u would be very lucky…i swear to god i wont be a christian hes a prophet and his name issa alley alsalam…u are nothing if ur christ…believe me…warned u.

  21. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, no on comes to the Father but by me. Only Jesus heals deaf ears, blind eyes, clears up confused minds, any physical problem can be healed. God bless this wonderful man.

  22. Jesus overthrows asians from the top and place fellow Africans in his side….a non asian white Christian man…..plea for Heavenly Father…….

  23. Hallelujah😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 thank you Jesus Son of God Almighty

  24. oh, this was in Ghana right? That's my country of origin. Hallelujah! Wonderful to see my fellow Ghanaians saved!

    Greetings from Belgium.

  25. Thank you for this moving testimony! It touched my heart. Jesus is our Saviour, the Son of the one and only God. We will soon be celebrating His birth. Whoever reads this, Merry Christmas! Joy to the world! We are all one in our Lord Jesus Christ πŸ’ž

  26. I did everything I could in my life to NOT BE A CHRISTIAN. I was atheist. I didn't want to hear ANYTHING about religion. I even reject some wedding invitations because I didn't want go to church. One day God come to me and HE show me that HE really is. He changed my heart in less than 1 second. Now I cry almost every day for my sinns like the man from this video. My friends GOD IS REAL. It's not a fairytale HE IS REAL. I cry even now because HE waited for me all this years. I can't describe how much HE love us all. HIS love is absolutely amazing.

  27. Hello brothers and sisters look what Jesus promises to those who pray this prayers! God bless you all! https://fathersofmercy.com/promises-attached-to-chaplet-of-divine-mercy/

  28. Do you agree with him that Jesus is the only one person we are supposed to worship? Or will you continue to worship 3 persons? Jesus Christ is the only God.

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