MILIA | 5 top tips to keep them away!

MILIA | 5 top tips to keep them away!

Hi guys, welcome back to my channel and welcome to a discussion about Millia today. I just want to give you five tips for not only getting rid of familia But also for kind of keeping them AB a the things that you can do that are best practices that are going to help you Keep Millia away as best as possible. So first things first, let’s discuss quickly What Millia are I think it’s really important to know that Millia are absolutely not pimples they are a collection of skin cells and keratin, just below the skin surface in little pockets there and That is not the same as clogged pores. It’s definitely different and you cannot extract it You cannot pop it out with your fingers And if you actually do and you are successful, that means that you have caused some serious trauma to your skin potentially inviting more Millia and Also potentially a wound and a scar which is probably worse than the million in the first place So definitely keep your hands off the Millia because they are not pimple I really encourage you when you see Millia on your face to head to a professional a Dermatologist or an esthetician are going to have tools at their fingertips That are going to with the least amount of trauma to the surrounding tissue removed these Millia we’ve been trained and we know what to do and dermatologists especially have lasers at their fingertips and Sterile needles they have they can do cryotherapy lots and lots of tools that will far more easily than you can do at home Remove these Millia with the least amount of damage to your skin so once you’ve gotten the Millia off of your face by a professional What are you gonna do at home to help keep you from getting more Millia? Tip number one for home care is going to be to incorporate a retin-a Tretton Owen cream now this is super important because Vitamin A is going to help strengthen that dermis it’s going to help train yourselves to behave properly And it’s going to help kind of move cells along healthy cells moving up to the surface Behaving properly super important the exfoliation factor tip number two for is going to be to incorporate alpha hydroxy acids glycolic acid lactic acid malic acid anything that is going to gently exfoliate the surface of your skin and signal to the lower layers to produce and send up healthy new cells that is going to be your friend and Keeping those little pockets from getting clogged with skin cells and keratin. I Suggest that you incorporate a toner that contains glycolic acid or contains lactic acid I think that it’s an easy way to add it into a current skincare routine and You can also use a toner locally on Specific areas that you notice Miglia to be more prevalent now Tip number three and this one is huge wear sunscreen. I can’t emphasize this enough some Melea are actually caused by damage to our skin whether that is from a burn or Over exfoliation manually or a lot of times from sun damage So it’s super important that once you’ve gotten rid of your milea that you want to protect yourself from getting Future Melia’s so you need to kind of pamper your skin and keep it the least damaged as possible. And that is absolutely 100% sun damage. That is the number one. And of course the Byproduct of that is healthier skin in general and of course protecting yourself from skin cancer and hyperpigmentation And all of that kind of stuff so really really investing in a good sunscreen that you will wear is Paramount now tip number four and this one is really interesting a lot of people get millia around their eyes and when I see somebody with Malia around their eyes I send them off to a doctor they are they are definitely referred off to a dermatologist or An eye doctor, I don’t touch Malia around the eye but once you have seen that professional and you’ve gotten them taken care of Exfoliation under your eyes is very very helpful And now we have some under eye creams that contain glycolic acid and some other Gentle exfoliant that are made to be used around your eyes I don’t suggest that you use a lot of the same exfoliants that you’re using on your whole face right up under your eyes I think they’re too harsh and they can be very irritating But some of these new eye creams that are out in the last two years are Excellent for use under your eyes a couple times a week at night before you go to bed And not only are they gonna help you keep away Millia you guys but they’re gonna help you with hyperpigmentation with fine lines with elasticity so I highly suggest Exfoliating under your eyes sounds crazy, but it is really a great tip. Now. The last tip is going to be sunscreen under your eyes totally non-negotiable especially if you are using an Exfoliating eye cream under your eyes a couple nights a week. I really really do like the color science three-in-one total eye I’ve talked about that one before you guys I love it If you have a sunscreen that you wear on your face, that doesn’t bother you under your eyes, of course That is totally fine As long as it is non comedogenic That it doesn’t contain oils that are going to clog up and kind of encourage more Millia we always want to stick with things that are non comedogenic do not contain mineral oil that kind of thing if you are prone to Millia so a sunscreen under your eyes is the fifth tip now. These are just the surface These are just some basics for kind of Keeping Millia at bay the cool thing is every single one of these tips is Beneficial in so many other ways as we’re aging they will help you with hyperpigmentation fine lines elasticity Collagen all of the other stuff that we are concerned about as we get older So incorporating these five tips into your skincare routine Your general routine will only help you not only with Millia, but with all kinds of other aging concerns I hope that this was helpful Comment down below if you suffer from Millia if you’ve gone to a professional what have you done to take care of it in? No way and I have to say this you guys in no way Am I suggesting that you ever take this into your own hands? I promise you you will only injure your skin It’s just not worth it to try and get one of these little stubborn things out. I mean they are stubborn So leave that to a professional and save yourself some serious skin trauma I hope you guys have a fantastic day and I will talk to you again very very soon

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  1. Great video. I do suffer from pesky milia. Gone to dermatologist on numerous occasions to cut them out. Was put on prescription retin a. Stopped using it awhile back. I am going to try osmosis vit A heard it’s more effective and more gentle. Thanks for talking about milia its one thing I’ve found very hard to get info on.

  2. Hi Penn, How are you? I hope your doing well.
    What a great informative video, Thank you.
    Crossing my fingers, I have never had milia yet. Thank God.
    Penn, have a great weekend, Take Care, Big Hugs and God Bless You 😇💞

  3. Hi Penny, I get one or two once in a while but they seen to go away, sometimes it happens when I introduce a new product 💜💜

  4. That's what there're call! Always have one on my face somewhere. So annoying. Thank you so much for this info. It means so much to me.❤😍

  5. Thankfully I haven't had any milia in several years. I dislike those dang things so much. My skin behaves so much better if I don't change what I am doing. You always have fabulous information, Penny. Thank you. Blessings, and love..MaryE;;en

  6. My daughter use to get that on her arms….just the tops of her arms… who knew?

  7. Great tips. I learned the hard way, I picked and picked and it came out, a small little hard substance. Have a tiny scar for years. Should have gone to a professional. You remind me of The Beauty Professor, pretty and poised. Paula's Choice has a new eye cream with Retonal, I am considering. Have you tried it? Would love your thoughts. Also what can I use for creapy eyelids?

  8. Penn-The colorscience is not a mineral sunscreen and really irritates my eyes…..You have any suggestions for sunscreen under the eyes that is mineral based and not chemical?

  9. OMG!!! Thank you so much for all the tips. my milia started showing up like 2,3 years ago and my doctor said to leave them alone. Uuumm ya right I am make an appointment with the dermatologist Monday morning. Well truth be told, I didn't tell my derm doc anything cause I wanted my adult acne to be treated first. LOL! But thank you again

  10. Thank you Penn. I love your video and enjoyed the little bonus of seeing the kitties on the bed. xo, Cowgirl Deb

  11. I get them on my cheeks near my nose. I've had them removed but they just come right back so I've kind of learned to live with them since they are fairly tiny. Would Clearista be a help for this?

  12. Hi Penn,
    Thank you for this informative video – I was waiting in anticipation! 😆
    I was happy and surprised to see that I do 4/5 if your tips. However, I need to incorporate an exfoliating eye cream. Thank you for the suggestions. You are spot on: These little (bleeping) granules are very stubborn!
    😚 Alli
    PS Love seeing your snoozy kitties 🐺🐾💕

  13. Thank you!! This is such a great video and I think I need to get that Thank You Farmer Sun Project, Ren Steady Glow and Color Science 3-in1 which have been on my Penn Smith LIST for a while now. xoxo

  14. Just went to my derm yesterday for this! He has a co2 laser. Cost me $350 – yikes!!! Wish I could find someone else. Not sure where to look. Enjoyed your video, Penn!

  15. Forgot to ask – can you recommend a facial moisturizer for milia prone skin? Something for mature skin? Thanks so much, Penn!

  16. Hey gorgeous girl! I appreciate this video on milia. I hv removed a few over the years and it wasn’t easy. I agree leave it to the pros. Love your sweet kitties 🐱 back there 💗🤗. Thank u for all the tips! 😘😘😘😘💗💗💗

  17. I just love your tips Penny. Thank you so much for this. I have one on my lower lashline. I need to get to a dermatologist for it, it bugs me. This was a wonderful video.

  18. This was Very Informative and Awesome! You are So Helpful. Thank you so much. Enjoy your Evening

  19. Great advice as always, Penn! I’ll leave removal of milia to the professionals. I’m happy to report that I don’t have any right now. Yippy! I hope I didn’t just jinx myself!
    Xoxo 😘

  20. Great tips sweet penny!! They ARE so stubborn! I need to get one of the exfoliants for the eye area! Happy Friday sweet girl!!😘😘😘

  21. Your skin is looking gorgeous ! 😌
    Thank you for the great information ☺️ , I am now educated a bit to share on what to do , I don’t have them , I purchased the color science 3-1 35 spf with your suggestion & I love it , no breakouts 🙏🏻 🌞🌸

  22. Hi Penn! Thank you so much for the tips. I have one on my lower lashline that really bugs me. I didn't realize there are exfoliants for the undereye area! Getting right on that! Thanks Again! xoxo

  23. Beautiful cats! I happen to have 2 different milia's on my face and one is close to my eye. I seem to have some difficulties using the products you mentioned. When I use glycolic or AHA's I tend to get very dry patches. I have even tried using them sparingly and occasionally and they still will make my skin dry/flaky in patches. Thanks so much for the tips! I do plan on seeing a dermatologist this spring in re: to my skin issues and the milia!

  24. I need to come sit in your chair !!! I just started noticing some small dots near the eye . Not large but I get super close and can see them .

  25. Thanks Penn! Great info! I never knew there were exfoliating eye creams available. Your cats in the background are adorable! 😁

  26. I suffer from eczema, so I can't use Retin-A type products, other vitamin a (and other vitamins like C) or acids of any kind. And I exfoliate with a physical exfoliant – is there one gentle enough for the eye area that you know of? That's where I end up with milia. Thx for any suggestions. And thx for this video! So helpful, and I can't be reminded enough to wear sunscreen! 😀

  27. What about milia on eye lids?? I have a few. I clean my skin, don't put oils on my eyes, use clean brushes/makeup. Any tips? Thanks!

  28. Hi Penn, this is off topic. I just added a new skin care serum beta glucan.
    I have tried to research it more because I started adding resveratrol with ferulic acid mixed in with my vitamin c.

    I am trying to research the beta glucan to see if it is like an AHA or BHA. The feedback I’m getting from google is it’s a moisturizer.

    Do you know much about beta glucan? Is it safe to use with glycolic acid? Or could it be the reverstrol and ferulic Acid?

    Thank you Pann!

  29. I have several spots of milia but did not know what it was. The oldest one is right at the orbital bone below my eye. A few small ones are on the far left side of my forehead and are hidden under my bangs. I just noticed a new one almost at the edge of my lower eyelid. I thought it was a whitehead for a bit but realized it wasn't going anywhere. The whitehead part seems to have disappeared and it is barely visible. I use tretinoin a couple times a week (.01) and have recently started using Sunday Riley A+ and I do use a facial sunscreen. My main concern is minimizing the sun caused dark spots on the left side of my face. I have managed to lighten them, but one of them will probably never disappear.

  30. Hi Penn! I have several questions…….Will tretinoin creams as opposed to gels/microgels cause milia? Will shea butter in skin care products cause them? I have been using CeraVe Skin Renewing Night Cream after my tretinoin cream throughout these dry winter months. It has shea butter in it, and it seems that's when they developed. I have developed them on my scalp also, and have been using a Shea Moisture shampoo and conditioner. (I don't put the conditioner on my scalp.) Have you heard of shea butter causing them? Will salicylic acid in shampoo (Neutrogena T/Sal) help get rid of them on the scalp? ~ Julie ~

  31. I have millia under eyes and a large one in my tear duct. I have an appt with dermatologist but first available appt is in Aug. UGH. I hate these things. I also suffer from sebaceous hyperplasia. Dermatologist increased my Retin A from. 05% to .1% but I am having a hard time tolerating higher dose. I only use it once a week and put it on 20 mins AFTER my moisturiser. I'm thinking of going back to lower dose.

  32. Can you please list Whats the second most important besides sunscreen that I would really need in my daily facial routine?

  33. I love the cats lol so cute Honestly I’ve had only 1 milia in my life 2 inches below my eye It was gross Thank goodness my daughter works as an esthetician! Love your videos!!

  34. Lol I use retin-A as well as the tarte knockout. I use the ole henrikson aha and the ordinary glycoljc tonor for a more gentle day. Do you wear your retin-a every other day and use aha on the other days or do you do both retin-a and aha? I’ve been using my retin-A a lot so I am noticing more texture because I’m not on the AHAs at the same time.

  35. Hi Penny, I just showed this video to my 83 year old mom because she has milia, and she was so impressed with you, how knowledgeable you are & how gorgeous your eyes are! (Yes ma'am) anyway had to share! Luv ya girlfriend!😘

  36. My question is probably too late but I’ll give it a go anyway. I had a thing that looked exactly like milia on the waterline of my eye. My dermatologist wouldn’t touch it so my eye doctor removed it. The sad part is that I never got a direct answer on exactly what it was. Here it is around 6 months later and I have another one on the rim/ waterline of my eye which seems to be in the same location so I will try to get more thorough answers when I go back to get this one removed. So sweet Penn, do you know if Milia can occur on the inner rim of the eye? Any suggestions on how to avoid this in the future? Thanks so much for your videos❤️

  37. Thank you so much! My 15 year old son has milia under his eyes that really bother him. He went to a derm but of course they keep coming back. Is he too young to use the eye creams you mention? I worry about them burning or just causing more irritation.
    Thank you in advance!

  38. Unfortunately, I'm plagued with dozens of them, mostly on my cheeks. I had many removed by a dermatologist but many remain and I'm not prepared to undergo any more extractions as now I have milia AND scars. 🙁 I'm hoping that my routine that incorporates Retin A as well as glycolic acid might help me at least not form new ones. (And of course, I'm diligent with sunscreen, as my nick suggests. ;))

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