Microblading and Microblading correction procedure TUTORIAL

Microblading and Microblading correction procedure TUTORIAL

[Music] hi guys welcome back to my channel in today’s video I would like to talk about micro bleeding and micro bleeding correction procedure since micro bleeding is such a new beauty procedure many clients have lots of questions about it on YouTube you can find many short videos how to do micro bleeding I have also seen do it yourself micro bleeding which in my opinion is crazy and I would never recommend it to do it yourself micro bleeding is a technique of cosmetic tattooing perform only on eyebrows with a positive man with special design handle in which we can place different configurations of needles needles allow us to create fine and crisp strokes micro bleeding should never cost scarring but unfortunately with this popularity on the market there are many students who finished low quality courses and cannot perform a proper procedure please choose your technician or training academy wisely pramana makeup is an exclusive procedure and you shouldn’t be drawn by the low price don’t only look at the pictures straight after procedure technician should be able to show you pictures of healed work [Music] the first thing you have to remember is that the skin is aligned it’s the biggest organ of our body need to receive a considerable amount of trauma when artists overwork a specific area we must also remember that the beginning entire of the eyebrow has different thickness control your angle and depth the key for better healed result is proper stretch you have to flatten the skin in three different directions we call it three point stretch when the skin is flat stroke will be clean and crisp we reduce the level of vibration so less trauma better healed result that is also very important if you work too shallow pigment will not stay here place the pigment in the epidermis if you work too deep pigment my Blair and you Michael scarring the ability to fill the depth at which needle should penetrate the skin to implant the pigment is one of the main objectives that has to be set before we start to practice on humans [Music] thickness of epidermis vary from client to client it’s very important to understand the clients skin type we can divide skin types into four groups very thin thin average and thick [Music] [Music] when it comes to correction of Harris it should be done not earlier than four weeks after initial procedure it’s very important to remember that we don’t go over the strokes that haven’t faded out they should stay untouched if we go over such hers we will create figures that will help oh and blurt we only add the struggles that have disappeared [Music] before can slice the skin and create scars also crisscross pattern on brows is forbidden in the place where line cross each other pigment my blur and as an outcome you will have patchy brows with dark blue spots [Music] I always tell my students to think back and ahead when they place each and every stroke do you have to work slowly when you work slow we can control your movement [Music] if you enjoyed watching this video don’t forget to leave a thumbs up of course subscribe to my channel if you would like to get notification every time I upload hit notification bell one more time I would like to thank you so much for watching and I will save in two weeks by [Music]

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  1. Rewelacja, super kanał! Z niecierpliwością czekam na więcej! Chętnie bym zobaczyła filmik z metodą włosa, ale robiony jedną igłą, a nie piórkiem. Na jednym z blogów wyczytałam, że jest to trwalsza metoda niż "piórkowa".

  2. I just found your Channel & love it! Can you do a video over how to find the perfect colors for your clients and how to use modifiers? 🙂

  3. I hate mine had it done last Sept and the tail was just drawn in one single line. The Pigment has turned a weird greenish colour. The shape is too thick and goes outside my natural brow boarder. I have been doing facial peels to try remove them but it’s slow, what can l do to remove the ink? Please help me.

  4. I had mine done last Nov and mine don’t look like hair strokes their uneven to.I went to another place for a touch up and she said they were bad she couldn’t do anything. Never got touched up so half r a lot lighter

  5. So much no.
    And let me tell you something, if you’re on here trying to get out of attending a legitimate training, to ‘figure it out for yourself’, shame on you.

  6. Thank you for these videos. I love watching them.
    I personally have moved away from microblading and started using my machine to create hair strokes instead. Less trauma on the skin.

  7. I'm good with the non permanent method.sorry the blood on second made me nauseous 🤒🤒🤒

  8. Hey , i have just found ur channel which is great and very useful but can you make a video of the necessary tools that we should buy and where to find. i would apreciate your help thank you

  9. Heard of it..yeah its true if it can help me earn an income .voluntary work among substance abuser 4 more than for years..it's a blessing in disguise.self taught tattoo artist .live long be happy

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  11. Hello Paulina, Thank you for Your helpfull videos. Could you recommend any brands of pigment that could be used ? And also how many needles do you use on your ‘blades’ and why ?
    Thank you

  12. I wanna do mine myself so bad. But I know it would be much smarter and more safe to just save up and go to a pro.
    Edit: just wanted to add- you did a beautiful job! I wish I could be your student! Despite some people's opinions.. I feel you did fantastic. And I'm a brow maniac.lol

  13. What needles are good to use for neat strokes and could you do a slow video of the entire Microblading session please. Love watching your videos. Thank you

  14. Can you also make a video on what you need and where u get it? And tell step for step what do do and what u need by that.

  15. Would you recommend using a fast drying pigment or low drying one. I have one that’s dries fast there for I have to use a thinner from
    The same manufacturer

  16. Fantastic videos, Paulina👌!
    I'm a professional Permanent Makeup Artist working for 20 years in the aesthetics industry in Sydney, Australia and I admire your work, your teaching and desire to share.
    Good luck in creating awesome tutorials, hope to meet you one day🤗!

  17. How can we correct the strokes if they are completely disappeared and the last red tatoo still there .
    How can we do microblading on tattooed eyebrows specially when they turned red or ash.
    Thank you

  18. Hello I'm from Morocco I'm a beautician and I do a microblading training and I need you to give me the anestisiant you😍

  19. After the color lift remover, are we have to wait 30 days to apply pigment again?, or we can do it right after the color remover?, thx.

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