Michael Knowles WRECKS entire group of spoiled, virtue-signaling crybabies

Michael Knowles WRECKS entire group of spoiled, virtue-signaling crybabies

Knowles: It’s easy to cast aspersions on our forebearers from
our privileged positions in the most powerful,
most equitable, most just, most prosperous country in
the history of the world. It’s far more difficult
and humbling to recognize the complexities of history and show gratitude for the people who made our lives possible. All of that is beside the point. All of that has been missed
by the ignorant activists who insist that GW ditch the Colonial. The point that they are missing is this: the colonials that the mascot represents were not defenders of colonialism. In fact, they were the opposite
of defenders of colonialism. They fought a bloody war, they risked their lives to
end colonialism in America and to end rule in Great Britain. They wanted their political independence. Protestor: F**k you, you f**king fascist. Protestors: Shame. Shame. Shame.
Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame. Knowles: These kids are
really proving me wrong. My premise was that these students
are ignorant and not well behaved, but they’re proving me wrong tonight. [Protestors chanting] Knowles: They called me a fascist for
defending George Washington. Behold your country, leftists. Behold. I hope the cameras
catch all the faces here too because I think this school costs about 70 thousand dollars a year to attend. This is the job they’ve done. [Protestors chanting] Knowles: Just for the
people in the room like that guy right there, what did I say that you disagree with? [Protestors shouting] Knowles: What did I say that
any of you disagree with? Can you name one thing? Protestor: Yes.
Knowles: What is it? [Protestors shouting] Knowles: What did I say?
I can’t hear over all the shouting and the screeching. Protestor: F**king fascist. Knowles: What did I say
that you disagree with? [Protestors shouting] Knowles: Thunder? I can’t…
What you are saying? [Crowd laughing] Knowles: I can’t hear.
They can’t name one thing. They can’t name one thing. Knowles: I’m glad that now
that those people left the room, we can bring in more people
to hear about George Washington. Welcome back in. [Crowd cheering] Knowles: Glad to hear it. Student: Michael! Michael! Michael! Knowles: As I was saying, some kids have missed the point. [Crowd laughing] Knowles: They missed
the point entirely because if they were in the
room or if they could listen or if they had two brain
cells to rub together… [Crowd laughing] Knowles: …what they
would have realized is if you oppose colonialism, then you should
love the Colonial mascot. The Colonial mascot is a symbol
of fighting colonialism in America. The colonials should be their hero. I don’t know who their hero is.
I don’t want to know who their hero is. [Crowd laughing] Knowles: The question is what
have these entitled and ignorant history erasers ever done themselves, those people who were
shrieking and screaming? What have they ever done?
What credibility do they have? What authority do they have? Outrageous. They signal their own virtue
every chance they get. What virtue have they ever
actually enacted or embodied? Those spoiled, overgrown
children stand atop the shoulders of giants, and
they think that they are flying. They never, ever seem to pause and reflect on their own imperfections. They never seem to know even
what they’re shouting about. They attack the colonials
for occupying a land previously inhabited by Native Americans. We all occupy that same land today.
Why don’t any of us leave? Why don’t any of them leave?
They’re the ones making the claim. If this is stolen land, then why don’t those people pick up and go back to their ancestral lands? For most people, that
would be an impossibility because, in America, we all hail from, ancestrally, many different places. Would I go back to Italy?
Would I go back to Ireland? Would I go back to Britain?
I don’t know. I’d try to figure out a way
to go back to Greenland because I know that that’s
going to come back into America pretty soon. [Crowd laughing] Knowles: Are we really wise
to cast aspersions, with the perspective of 250
years, on men and women who are, in so many ways,
better than us? The anti-historical, anti-intellectual, and anti-American fanaticism that would do away with
George the Colonial, is caused by ignorance, of course, but more than that, it is caused by pride. Our generation’s unearned and unwarranted sense of moral superiority
over our ancestors? That’s pride. George Washington had a motto, and GW has adopted
this motto very often. We would all do well to remember it. The motto is three words. It says, “Deeds not words.” “Deeds not words.” Washington was famously reticent. He didn’t signal his
virtue to his countrymen. George Washington didn’t
need to signal his virtue. He enacted virtue. Our founding fathers’ critics would do very well to
emulate, not just Washington, but so many of
our colonial forebearers. If they quieted their uninformed yaps and, instead, performed
even some small fraction of the great deeds of those great men, those great American colonials, they and all the rest of
of us would be better off. Perhaps then, we might be interested in what those people have to say. Now, certainly, we are not. Until then, I’m sticking
with George the Colonial, first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen. Thank you very much. [Audience applause]

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  1. Lefitist, Liberal,sjw , faminist's,,
    All talk about equality and free speech until someone oppose him then they show real face , hackling, shouting, interrupting others for sharing different opinions than them

  2. They are so stupidly ignorant

    I recently had words with an
    ignorant lefty student who said " Great Britain has a disgusting history full of death, torture and destruction and its a shame that it ever existed"
    How can you argue with such short sighted ignorant (expert historians) 😂😂

  3. You know the only reason they do this crap is to be noticed and get their 15 minutes of Fame. Has nothing to do with politics the country or anything of real value

  4. The natives call George Washington, The Great White Spirit.. No Bullet, or Weapon could harm him.. many bullets pierced his garments, never His skin..

  5. History says, We'll all pay the price. For allowing our educators to brainwash a generation. Our judgment will suit the evil one just fine.

  6. When a guy with long hair shakes his head to let his hair fly over and over, you know it's for attention. And also to give the statement "Look at me! I'm glorious! Tell me I'm pretty! You know you want to be like me! That you admire ! Admit it! Admit it!"

  7. How ignorant these spoiled left libtards are.if that ginger got in my face he would of found out about how healthcare really works in America,cause I would of busted his fucking jaw sideways.i can't stand these preening,clan clown ignorant fucks on the left.they have no clue about reality.they base their whole lives on brainwashed,media controlled information.they can't even think for themselves.go get a 9to5 job and pay taxes and everything else you want.then tell me how great socialism is.i wish the left would just walk right off this planet.they are bringing down the American Gene pool.

  8. I so desperately want the remaining not pissed off students to start singing as the pissed off ones leave, "..nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, heEEey goodbye!"

  9. I'm 21 and I'm ashamed to be in the same generation as these kids… It's so annoying to see this kind of shit everyday.

  10. So what did those lemmings accomplish?
    Did they earn a paycheck from Soros?
    A passing grade from their gender studies professor?
    Likes on social media?
    All I know is that on THIS SIDE they elevated Knowles’s point. So thank you, young lemmings, for that.

  11. Spoilt brats who've never worked hard, never been cold, never been hungry….one day rusty crotch will call the wrong person a 'fascist' and get his long overdue comeuppance!

  12. This is so funny its STUPID once these lil snowflake get into society boy oh boy they have a big surprise waiting for them

  13. A land that was inhabited by native americans? How is that possible?, how were they Americans before America was born? How about just natives? Sounds like cheech and Chongs miss information.

  14. “Tell me what I said that you oppose?” “F*ck you!” “Tell me what I said?” “F*ck you”! Really? What a bunch a little
    a$$holes! Congrats parents! All that money you’re spending and your little f*ck will be living on your dime in your basement!

  15. These 'children creatures' are soooooooo stupid……sooooooo dumb……..too f'ing stupid too know they're Communists.

  16. hahahahahahaha..it's funny…just look at these guys….the chinese guy..(öhm..wtf am i doing here…not matter…maybe after this i get some friends)…the red guy…(i never had a girlfriend…when i screaming here showing them my little middlefinger, maybe some chick gets horny.) the fat chick.with no bra..( uhhh..the red guy makes me horny) the black guy (shit i thought they were shouting black life matters this is the wrong place) the two white guys..(yeah…we're on Youtube);))) what a bunch of idiots……..

  17. These are the same leftist that call Trump divisive yet curse and disrupt actual intellectual dialogue. And call conservatives the truth deniers lol!

  18. These same spoilt, privileged, ill mannered, socially reprehensible ingrates would be the first to shout for protection from committed, patriotic, virtuous young men & women honourably serving in the Military, placing themselves in harms way & defending the Republic & Constitution the very second they felt their comfortable, Big Mac & Iphone lives threatened. A great advert for the reintroduction of mandatory National Service! Scotland UK

  19. This was all fine and dandy for white people but black people didn’t fare so well at the time. We hear about Chrispus Attucks, Peter Salem or Hiram Revels but even a rudimentary dive into their histories reveal very troublesome lives that was endemic of the relationships between whites and blacks as slave and master.

    I say this only posit that I, and many others like me have heard this glorification of these colonials throughout our lives, yet when we read something like Frederick Douglas’ 4th of July speech, something I read every year on the 4th, reality hits and all that I want is a fair telling of U.S. history, the good, the bad and the ugly. What we have and have had in the past is propaganda and it doesn’t reflect the history of a significant percentage of the population who are inextricably intertwined and have sacrificed as much and sometimes more.

  20. That poor brainwashed red head. Little does he know he is advocating for Jewish ideas that want to genocide him and his people.

  21. They can't see that traditional Socialist/Communist countries have been slowly shifting towards capitalism for decades because of the known failures of Socialism/Communism.

  22. The problem of democracy.. it is to just and being run by freaks, leftist, half men/half woman creatures, and spoiled brats that were never said No

  23. I listened to this as I dropped my ballot off on Election Day today. So grateful for our founding fathers and their wisdom.

  24. Comedian Ron White has a story about being on the debate team in high school. He says, "At one point I said, OH YEAH? WELL F YOU!!! Dead silence, I thought I'd won." Apparently that is what these little knuckleheads think as well.

  25. Oh god, if I ever acted like that, my mom would shove a double-barrel shotgun up my ass & pull the trigger (her own words) 🤣🤣🤣

    So glad my family is republican 😅😂

  26. Bro I would have thrown little red through that fucking wall if he would have been that guy sitting in front of him lol

  27. I love how these events have a sort of waiting list/ waiting area outside because you can already expect some people to stand up, cause disturbance and leave shortly after the speech begins.

  28. Appalling behaviour from the students that were ranting in the most objectable manner. University should be a place where all views are allowed to be freely expressed and debated in a reasonable and rational manner. To chant childish and meaningless slogans is a sign of intellectual weakness and general ignorance. To prevent someone from expressing a view or an opinion just because you disagree with it is nothing less than intolerance which is often brought about by a fear of the truth. This sort of conduct is akin to most communist and fascist regimes – I didn't realise that so many students have been radicalised by these extreme political mindsets. If this is an example of the youth of today (many of whom will go onto positions of influence in the media) then I am afraid that we are all heading to Hell in a handcart.

  29. If these kids only knew what would have happen to them if they did this in an actual fascist country. 24 hours after this they would have no fingernails and be in prison for the next 20 years. Yet, Instead I bet they enjoyed a nice Starbucks at the student union instead.

  30. What we have to remember when we see idiots like this……THAT is what America Great!!!!! They could do/say such thing with NO WORRIES of what would happen later that night.

  31. Areas on the coast of the land we know of today as America was inhabited by Europeans 10,000 years ago during the freezing of the Atlantic Ocean. This was much before Asians crossed the Russian bridge into North America to inhabit the land.

  32. You can see the mentality that feeds "Antifa" street violence – the beatings of Trump supporters (beating with bike locks, spraying eyes with mace, throwing cans of soda at people's heads…) none of which the globo-leftist media covers. Also, notice that they began their shouting when the speaker made a very strong, well-reasoned point. These are meat-puppets. In many cases, parents have sacrificed their own children to the Moloch of Marxism, and professors have taken over their programming. They are used as weapons to block information and disrupt rational debate. Their handlers want chaos and disorder. They are not trying to win any debate here. Words and logic are twisted into weapons and make no mistake – they are at WAR, and all that implies if they get their hands on the levers of US power. Remember that the Democrat Party is controlled by these Communists now. We can laugh at the moment, but we will have to deal firmly with these intestate, avowed enemies of the US and its people, if we are to survive them.

  33. This is what those brain-dead, hateful zombies have been promised by their Marxist professor handlers: BLOOD, AND POWER.
    This is what it looks like when they get it. They've gotten it before. And it turns out the same way, every. single. time.


  34. Hey little redhead dude, way to perpetuate the spoiled brat, entitled, hateful, naive, under achieving, ignorant young socialist stereotype.

  35. My son was like those kids screaming and insulting. A 3 month trip to Venezuela set him straight. Now he is a America loving citizen

  36. Little red headed guy would have got his ass whooped for getting in my face like that. He is a bully, he got in those guys faces because he knew they wouldnt fight back.

  37. how does Knowles have a speech to read about this spontaneous eruption of brats. he is reading something already written about them.

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