Michael Imperioli on “Sopranos” Prequel “The Many Saints of Newark”

Michael Imperioli on “Sopranos” Prequel “The Many Saints of Newark”

I learned today from my producer, and I can’t believe my husband didn’t tell me this, he must have read about it in the trades, but I did not know that they’re doing a Sopranos prequel. (audience clapping) You know anything about this? What I heard that it’s about, it takes place in Newark, New Jersey in 1968 or nine. And it’s somewhat centered around, I guess there were terrible race riots at the time. And, I don’t know how much of it’s going to involve the Soprano characters. My character wasn’t even born in the late 60’s, so I guess I won’t be there. You’re not going to be in it. But David Chase who created The Sopranos and wrote a lot of the He’s behind it? He wrote the screenplay. So, he’s great. And I’m sure if he wrote it, it’s gonna be very good. I’m sure it’d be great quality. Alright, we can go together and I’ll make you SpaghettiOs. That always sounds good. So, you know, off camera you are quite a good cook. He was on Chopped, and you, you won the first round, then you took the whole thing right? Celebrity version of Chopped. Yes. The only time, I was conned one time, into doing one of those competitive cooking things I was on Iron Chef once. It was the worth 24 hours of my entire life. (audience laughing) No, it was really stressful because Was it stressful for you? Really, because you’re being timed, right? And you don’t know what you’re going to cook until right before you start. And it’s an unfamiliar kitchen and all the stuff, then on top of all this, cameras in your face . Oh it’s horrible. Following you around the whole time you’re doing it. Horrible, it’s horrible. I’m telling you I still have nightmares about that Iron Chef. Not easy. And we won by the way, it was a happy outcome. Nightmare, nightmare. Did you ever think about doing, like how into cooking are you? Did you ever think about doing a cookbook or a cooking show? No. Or reality thing? Nah I’m not that good. Not at all huh? I’m not good enough for that. I didn’t even know what Chopped was when they offered it. My kids watched it and they were like, you gotta do this. You gotta do this, it’s so cool. Yeah and they’re like you’re gonna win if you do it. And I’m like I don’t even know. I said okay, but if you win you get money for charity, so I was like, that’s cool. And I wound up, my kids were right, I wound up winning. What did you cook? Um, I made like a lobster bucatini. I made an ice cream with vanilla and bourbon. I made, I tried to use a lot of alcohol, cuz I figured it would sway the judges in the right. Me too baby, me too and it always works. (audience applause)

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  1. 77 idiot that don’t like the sopranos I’m a soprano fan because I’m Italian and I know what it’s all about

  2. Cooked a meatloaf in a shinebox, Phil Leotardo cooked a grilled cheese on the rad e ator that was to die for but then he jacked off in a kleenex and ruined the whole meal.

  3. “Allegra, ain’t that a cold medicine?

    Paulie: Means happiness in Italian

    The fucks that gotta do with cold medicine?”

  4. “In my thoughts i use the technique of positive visualization” – Christopher “sorry I’m late” Moltisanti

  5. "When I came in to open up one morning, there you were with your head half in the toilet. Your hair was in the toilet water. Disgusting 😡"

  6. People mistake the sopranos as an Italian American story but it’s not, it’s really centered around American Ideals and results of those Ideals.

  7. It's kind of strange, all that loyalty so your boss can plug your nose, and kill you after you flip a car together

  8. Imperioli is a unbelievable actor. 👏🏽 the range he showed in sopranos was amazing. He should play dickie in the prequel

  9. I'm getting suspicious Christoffer..didnt I tell you to stay the fck away from that junk shit!? Come on let's take a ride. You drive.

  10. He says he "guesses there were "race riots". No shit! Just shiws hiw so many white folks live in a vacuum. I 'guess' LA was burning in the 90's, Detroit in the '60's too.

  11. Jesus Christ, I'm getting old. I remember when Spider was a young kid telling Tommy to go fuck himself after getting shot in the foot. Now he's got grey hair.

  12. That movie will probably be a huge blockbuster, a major box office success, expect a well done film, David Chase is a perfectionist like a Stanley Kubrick,an absolute artist

  13. Rachel Rays audience claps when she BREATHES…
    Rachel-“I got up this morning and brushed my teeth and dropped a deuce!”
    …what blind shills they are

  14. Paulie: “How bout that Cuban missile crisis, cocksuckers flew four nuclear warheads into Cuba, pointed them right at us.”

    Chris: "That was real? I saw that movie I thought it was bullshit"

    “They were all meat eaters”

  15. Dumbest fucking idea since Carlito's Way: Rise To Power. The whole point of The Sopranos is that the characters are at the end of an era of supposed prosperity. It's a world trying to reconcile itself with the mythical ghosts of the past. "I came at the end. That the best is over."
    This is just as dumb as that Carlito's Way prequel, because Charlie Brigante's richness as a character is how credible he is as a legendary tough guy reconciling aged nuance with base criminality.

  16. He did not age well. Must've been all those years in purgatory with all those irish assholes winning every hand.

  17. Man. The Sopranos chose actors who were SO GOOD at looking menacing. It's all in the eyes. Chris may have been a junkie, but he was still a gangster and didn't shy away from being cold-blooded.

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