Miami Dolphins coach tells team: “Don’t park in the handicap parking”

Miami Dolphins coach tells team: “Don’t park in the handicap parking”

In terms of doing things the right way,
a couple guys mentioned that early on and made it clear, and
not park in those handicapped spots. Can you tell me what is that? I know type of they don’t.>>Park in a handicap spot?>>They will not do it.>>Don’t do that.>>I have not done it here.>>Well, I’ve got an app that’s
handicapped and if she can’t part because your parking now I’m gonna be very
upset and your cars out of there. So, I think that’s fair. I do. So I’ll leave it right
there.>>[INAUDIBLE]>>Yeah, I just, I just I mean, when people bring it up,
I think it’s silly. I really do. We have to do the right thing. And you know, it’s just that
we have to do the right thing. I don’t. And if we allow people to
not do the right thing and we’re doing a disservice
to the world period. And i don’t even want like to joke about
it because it’s not a joking matter. [BLANK_AUDIO]

45 Replies to “Miami Dolphins coach tells team: “Don’t park in the handicap parking””

  1. I watched a woman park crooked in a handicap spot in front of the liquor store next to the auto parts store where I worked. She was running inside the store to get her alcohol, I remarked about her taking a handicap spot. When she came outside she screamed at me "I have cancer" while waving the bagged bottle at me. SMDH

  2. Anybody that parks in a handicap parking spot. I have respect for them at all! If you have two working legs used them!!!

  3. What a dumb question! Coach couldn’t even think of an answer to “why shouldn’t your players be allowed to park in handicapped spots” because it’s so ridiculously obvious. Because nobody should if they’re not handicapped! Jesus. When was that ever not the default rule?

  4. When fully grown men who are professional athletes have to be told not to park in a handicapped spot….yeah. Fully Grown Children…

  5. Well yeah that makes sense unless they're handicapped. I don't understand why a normal person would want to park in a handicapped spot. Are people really that lazy they can't walk an extra 30 feet?

  6. Was this a real question? And did he really stretch it out in his answer like it’s his movie moment???
    We need some real Miami dudes on that team pronto.
    The answer to that question from one of us would’ve been: “what you think.”

  7. You ever go to a store and see 20 open handicapped parking spaces right in front of the store. And the only open spot for you is way on the far side of the parking lot

  8. Hit the road after your knee lolol .yaaaa nigz nobody cares if you park in greenland .free hell trump will buy your oneway ticket…i hear theres bes lotas of whitewomens .

  9. I'm disabled and I don't use them if I'm able to walk that day. Just in case someone takes it and another disabled person needs it. It happens everyday everywhere . Adults that are educated taking spots, because they can. Because they just needed to "run" in…

  10. Ding dong…Anybody home?
    Man, you people are stupid. You don't 'believe' in climate change do you? Of course not.
    So want to tell you, but you don't deserve to know. 🙈🙉🙊

  11. For those high IQ'S that do not comprehend this concept; maybe you need to actually listen thoroughly at what he's spittin.

  12. These people make millions and can't figure out how to not park in a handicap spot? Glad i stopped watching the NFL years ago. Bunch of babies.

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