You’re watching Madhunter Channel! and I’m Saga from Gemini who sends you a galaxy explosion!! I’m finally overcoming a childhood’s trauma! Hey hunters, I want to show you how my Saint Seiya vintage collection is going so far! but the icing on the cake and the main goal of this video is this amazing piece that just arrived from Japan 1987 made by Bandai you can’t deny it’s a visual pleasure! hardcore toyporn!! this piece was sold only in Japan! why my Lord???? but now it’s about time to recover everything from our childhood! it’s a bit simple but I guess at the time it was something big!! now we realise it’s actually rather simple! but we must leave our imagination fly away! it’s from the first episodes from Knights of the Zodiac! or Saint Seiya as people like to call it these days! I’m incredibly happy, I couldn’t take it for granted! I wanted to make a live Unboxing session but this piece deserves a video of its own and get all the army together for them to fight in this arena! I know you love getting info about prices and this piece is valued around $800 to $1000 usd! yes, 1000 green notes! to reach such value you have to make sure it comes with box, instruction manual it must be complete! but also it must include the original cassette with the soundtrack! imagine to recreate those epic battles and at the same time listening to the melodies of our favourite saga something that makes it a bit difficult to collect this piece is the number of pieces it comes in a massive box! thus the shipping cost! I paid around $80usd for shipping fee! but once you have it in your hands and you enjoy such beautiful art! you really get the shivers! I wanted to open it to show it to you and I had to open some little bags that were sealed! and I had to put the poles up to assemble it completely but that was the only way to appreciate its beauty the one that is still intact is the cassette! I’m not sure if I’ll ever open it! but all the songs are on the internet so we can enjoy a bit of those amazing tunes! something beautiful in this box is this diplay here as well! the gold saints, bronze saints with their first armour and the steel saints as well! a beautiful combination but at the same time sad ’cause in Mexico we only got the gold saints at the time and you can clearly see Japanese characters everywhere that I guess it reads Saint Seiya! I’ve got here other pieces that come in the box look at the front face of each cloth box! these come loose, perhaps due to the shipping conditions which is a bit sad the good thing is that most of them are still attached to the tree! we can see some more here! it provides an additional value when it comes in its original bag with the original tape but I really want to attach these pieces to the set! and this is the instruction manual it’s also quite simple but without it, the toy would not be complete! and it’s easily lost! it’s nice that the seller sent it to me with a protective carboard at the back I know you see lots of duplicate pieces I’ve almost got 3 from each but why is that? I’ve bought lots of collections this last year has been quite intense! I had already told you that Saint Seiya is one of my favourite cartoons! but at the same time it was quite traumatic since it was pretty hard for me to buy each piece with my allowances I got some as birthday presents but also to keep them in good conditions was a great achievement! and once I had succeeded I was robbed! they broke into my grandma’s house and stole everything! it was an incredibly sad episode! and as I’ve said it before, it was one of my childhood’s traumas! today we’ve overcome that! I’m still missing some pieces to complete the collection say some mail away pieces such as black phoenix, black dragon black pegasus, the Patriarch regular pieces such as Thor, Kraken are still missing but I’m very happy with what I’ve got and I realise this collection is vast! every time I open one and assemble it I feel I’m assembling a jewel, a relic of our modern archeology! I took out everything I had so I can keep one piece from each and put the rest on sale! in that way I can get some cash to be able to afford my missing pieces! great collector’s tip! if you collect vintage Saint Seiya pieces in Mexico we know they were made in Taiwan, distribuited in Europe and imported in Mexico therefore they’re quite nostalgic pieces for us! but when I visited Japan I finally met the ones made in Japan at first I thought they were the same but I realised the quality is completely different what I dislike about them is their boxes! they don’t have the flap you could open to see the figure displayed but the quality, the material, the colours and even the figure is different it’s a bit thinner! I’ve tried focusing my collection on vintage pieces however, within vintage we also find the bootleg pieces or knock off, meaning fake pieces those figures you got as a child and you went: “I’m not sure whether it’s original but I’ll enjoy it” and some of them are quite rare today, this, for instance, I picked this up in Osaka, Japan I really loved it! at first glance you’d think it’s just Cignus it’s just a copy, a bootleg but! when you open it, are you ready? that was my scary version! but there you have it, it’s gold!! indeed, those copies where just abnormalities or crazy stuff and now they’re considered very rare pieces! the gold cignus is a commemorative version which is pretty rare! the quality is lower but as you know, bootleg has a charm of its own! I paid $28usd for this and I honestly think it was a steal! this is the video for you to watch it in that toy shop called Hero Gangu this is even more bootleg, look at this! or the transparent ones we got in Mexico which I’m still hunting! I’ve got the small versions based on the keshigomu transparent ones! but there are some with the gold cloth and the transparent figure when did you see this axe before? a bootleg exclusive! that’s why I love it, horrible but beautiful! we’ve got other licensed editions such as these mini which drove me crazy!! they’re from 1992, made in Japan they’re not common at all, we didn’t get them here either! I’ll say the same thing over and over again in this video ’cause in Mexico we were left empty handed! besides, in another video, a flea market I found these beauties that come with the DVD and the gold cloth! I was about to sell them ’cause that was my original intention but I made some research and they’re not common at all so, I’m really happy I found them and kept them, I think they were $5usd each! a steal!! and I want you to see all I got there which are Andromeda and Dragon with gold cloth as well! for $5usd each, really?? I think nobody would have let them go! something I wanted to tell you about Andromeda’s Shaun is the fact that it’s actually the most common figure that’s why it’s easily found in all its rare versions it’s not particularly my favourite and I’ve already got some rare pieces of him the most difficult will always be Pegasus then comes Phoenix then comes Dragon then Cignus and the last is Andromeda I’m sorry! you’re still a weeper! this is a commemorative piece of 5 million pieces sold I really liked this piece, it’s gold Phoenix! it was around $240usd Ruben, a good friend of mine from Toy Mania, brought it for me it’s cherry, I had to put it together! I was really scared at first ’cause the wings and the tails are made of plastic when inserting them you can scratch the paint or even break the whole piece! it was never assembled but I had to do it for this video I really like the way it looks that helmet! it was really exciting to see that cloth all together and assembled talking about bootleg, I’ve got a dragon here, so original and bootleg! what’s your favourite? they’re actually pretty similar, this one’s missing the golden part of course the Japanese characters the logo changes, if you see this ST. Fighter, that means you’re screwed! kidding! but when we were kids we didn’t like the bootleg ones! and I bought this here in Mexico here, bootlegs were quite common! here it is! original tape very low quality but brand new, almost mint! in fact the seller had both bootleg and original pieces, and the bootleg pieces were in better state because I assume he didn’t like the bootlegs as much as the originals! If you find one, don’t let it go, everything vintage from Saint Seiya is reaching high popularity! and it’s really nice to find out that vintage pieces are still affordable! people are a bit overwhelmed by the Myth Cloth series that are incredibly expensive while they’re neglecting these!! when they get tired of such pieces they’ll start looking for these pieces and there’s when we hunters will be one step forward! as they say, “when you’re still boiling the beans, I’m already farting” you won’t deny that it was very difficult for us to understand what was going on… while we were watching Pegasus on TV with that beautiful helmet and the complete cloth they toys that were available for sale in Mexico I actually remember that these were sold at Woolworth we got the ones with the second version cloth I was really sad ’cause I didn’t understand what was going on! I thought to myself: “It’s Seiya but he’s not wearing the same cloth from the cartoon, well Anime, SORRY!! we bought it anyways ’cause that’s what was available at the moment now that I realise it actually existed I get really pissed off!! ’cause I wonder why they didn’t import the Japanese version, the one we were actually watching on TV later on when we saw the appearance of the second cloth we understood everything and we realised we were not ahead in the toy series we were actually quite behind in the broadcasting of the anime! here in Mexico the figures arrived in 1994 different stores had different pieces at the time I remember that the gold saints were only available in Sanborns and Liverpool say, the fanciest department stores the bronze saints were harder to find but I knew I could only find them in Woolworth! Pegasus is incredibly difficult to find in good state ’cause, despite not having been played, the zamac, meaning the coat under the chrome was of poor quality besides using a bad painting method the paint started coming off it started rusting the plastic is normally found in good state every time it hasn’t been played with ’cause the paint comes off very easily whereas the Japanese version is just beautiful! the only thing that I don’t like about these figures is that they didn’t the display flap, you had to take it all out this piece is already assembled here! many of the retro pieces, in time, or pehaps since those days didn’t assemble perfectly well one of these frontal pieces from the leg comes off easily that’s why you find loads of pieces with tape marks that kids put on in order to be able to play with them but you can’t deny it was terrifying to play with them! I remember that when I got the original I wanted to play with it but I knew that If I lost a piece that was the end of the world! imagine how horrible it would have been loosing the helmet or the arm to play with them required a complete ritual and it still does! if you want to touch them today, I suggest you wearing gloves! I know it may sound far-fetched but the pH of your sweat oxidize the figures in Japan in fact you can’t touch them before buying them! you can see it but you can’t touch it! ’cause the acidity in our sweat will, in time, peel off the cloth or discolour it! be careful, that’s another tip for collecting these figures! I’m gonna show you what I mean when comparing one made in Taiwan vs one made in Japan and look, I hadn’t seen this yet! this was bought in “La Mercería del Refugio” many toy collectors complain or try to find the way to remove the labels I actually like preserving them ’cause to me they’re evidence of the time and place where they were bought and it actually provides that authenticity let’s see! this is Virgo made in Taiwan distributed in Europe, mostly Spain and imported to Mexico look, it comes with its instruction manual in Spanish it comes with the display flap it’s got this plastic on top if you look at it closely you would say it shines beautifully! look at the cloth, appreciate the figure the symbol as I told you before, the plastic will always be in good conditions if you look at the cloth carefully, it’s a bit opaque, a bit dark and that’s because the oxidation starts from the inside are you ready to see the Japanese version? I’ve got a big dilemma ’cause I’m not planning to collect all the Japanese pieces but when you see this quality you simply don’t know what to do! here it goes! from my point of view I like better the chrome in the Taiwan version since it’s more yellowish but everything here looks pristine, appreciate it! isn’t it astonishing? please compare! above, the Japanese version below, the Taiwanese version both vintage pieces, both originals but the chrome and the Japanese manufacture… is clear! what would you do? would you collect the ones with higher quality and therefore the ones that will last longer? or the ones from your childhood? which have a nostalgia value! now that this piece is open, I wanted to tell you that some of the hardest to find pieces, are these! I called them the “spurs” but in fact they’re more instep protectors, or the ankle protector, depending on the figure but these pieces broke just by attaching them to the feet and now they’re impossible to find my tip for you is not to buy incomplete pieces some people buy them hoping to find the missing pieces later on I’m not sure, I prefer buying them complete now that they’re not too expensive and also taking advantage that most people is interested in modern pieces I still can be picky and look for the pieces in the best conditions I know it’s of good luck to start this collection with your own sign I’ll show you mine which is Sagitarius I think it’s one of the best but it was also difficult to accept that the saint was absent when they got to Sagitarius’s house, the cloth had no owner it was difficult to accept that but to realise that the owner was Ayoros, the most powerful gold saint I got really excited! now that my baby Maximo was born he’s a Taurus! Aldebaran he is one of the saints with strongest character and I really liked him since he was taller than the rest including the toy he’s got taller boots it’s a very impressive figure and a very particular character! and last but not least, the Super Camera Girl’s sign! one of the best signs, Capricorn! look at it in all its glory! It’s getting difficult, ’cause after seeing the Japanese versions you can clearly notice the chrome quality the art of the boxes of the gold saints is just beautiful and I always dreamt about the other figures portrayed at the back, you could see the bronze figures with the first version cloth and you wondered why you didn’t have that one! I also enjoyed looking at the Patriarch completely evil, he was truly scary! it was really fun as a kid to enjoy the boxes! something that happened often, such as in this case, they were folded for storage purposes and they got ruined! now I have a task ahead of me now that they’re here I’ll select the duplicates stay tuned on my Facebook site Madhunter Juguetes Antiguos this is where I upload for sale all the duplicates of my private collection I guess I’ve been bombarding you with flashbacks and I like that one of the pieces that I brought from Japan, you can watch the video as well, is Krisaore’s Krishna, it was sold in Japan only anywhere else in the world again, it’s quality is extreme you can click on the link to watch the video if you want to watch it the seller got tough to give me a lower price in fact, Kraken had to stay there take a look carefully! I haven’t even put this together I reckon this figure deserves a review of its own a beautiful piece, some pieces are misplaced I’m just opening it as it came from Japan I’m getting really excited the hype for these figures has been there since I went to Japan well, actually since I was a kid, but it came back when I was in Japan and I wanted to make this video to enjoy it with you isn’t his Mohawk style cool? check out the Japanese bling bling! something cool about these Japanese versions is that they come with the booklet looking at all these collections simply drove you crazy! what do we have here? the Odin saints, Bronze saints in their second version cloth, all the Poseidon saints, of course the Gold Saints and then check this out! the mail away versions! the Black saints! I’d love to read Japanese right now but I know some of you may, so If you can help me with your comments reading what it says only here, ’cause this promotion and one of the most precious treasures that I found in Japan, which was like making a dream come true, was Odin’s cloth which was an adventure to buy from a Japanese website, Eddy helped me there! it was delivered to his home and he gave it to me a few days before flying back this cloth was one of the mail away pieces that you got as a reward for buying several figures you had to cut up this code and send it by mail to Bandai what happened was that everyone cut up these coupons from the boxes so, if you find your figure with this part of the box missing it immediately decrease its value but it was something that Bandai promoted doing this treasure now belongs to The Tenochtitlan’s National Heritage and Bud d’Alcor as well I still can’t believe the way I found it I found it at a good price considering the rarity of this piece, it was $220usd! In Paris it was around 400 to 500 Euros, so to me it was like hitting the jackpot with this mythic piece another Japanese exclusive! just by looking at that silver cloth, makes you get very excited as a collector and at the same time you get a horrible feeling about the impossibility to buy it in Mexico when we were kids “why oh Lord, why???” another that I had already got, please go and watch that video which has become a classic of the channel, I went to the most famous toy shop in Paris and I picked up this mail away black Andromeda piece and it’s already assembled over here, I’ve got a couple of nice pictures of this piece on Instagram in Madhunter Collection these pieces were gifts as well, the quality is extreme they’re incredibly hard to find I’ve just got Andromeda and I’m still looking for the others but they’re reaching prices of $1000usd each! as you can see the collection is growing I’m really happy, I’m in the mood for more, I’ll watch the anime again I think one of my favourite sagas was that of Poseidon as well as the Asgard’s I like the Asgard’s saga mostly because of the figures Alpha, Zeta, Epsilon, Beta, I consider all those characters really badass, I mean really evil villains! and the figures are really incredible! in fact I remember this Zeta pretty well ’cause it was a gift from an uncle it was my birthday present he’s only 4 years older than me it was a huge surprise when he gave it to me ’cause he actually saved the money to buy it himself and one of my favourite figures of all times, the famous Beta check this out!! this has got a strong bling!! besides, that battle where he is involved is simply spectacular I’m really happy, I actually don’t have a duplicate of this piece it’s a pretty common piece but why would I want another one, this is in mint condition! well my hunters, this video has come to an end I know we could spend all day talking about Saint Seiya but I promise you more material on this topic a huge surprise is coming up! something awesome!! so don’t forget to subscribe LIKE this video please leave a comment telling me which was your favourite figure see you next time, remember you’re watching Madhunter Channel! “the universe guardians…


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