Meray Paas Tum Ho Episode 19 [Subtitle Eng] – ARY Digital Drama 21 Dec 2019

Meray Paas Tum Ho Episode 19 [Subtitle Eng] – ARY Digital Drama 21 Dec 2019

she doesn’t have a car, papa…
she came on a rickshaw (3 wheeler vehicle) and she went back on rickshaw (3 wheeler vehicle) as well it felt, as if she came to ask for forgiveness *phone ringing* Hello! are you watching TV? No, I just reached home means, haven’t you heard the news? which news? Umm… Shehwaar Ahmed is in FIA’s custody his wife has snatched everything from him alright… no comments? no comments.. alright…
I’m disconnecting the call Bye! no comments… you were right… you have killed him he didn’t even got happy after hearing, that the guy who destroyed him is behind the bars you are saying wrong , Salman he isn’t destroyed by Shehwaar I have destroyed him you won’t be able to do job at my office I’ve done partnership with Danish he sits in the room which is in front of my room, in the same office but… you provide me your address I’ll try somewhere else if it worked out, I’ll call and let you know can I stay at your place, tonight? yes, why not? No, Mehwish… you can’t stay here the pain that I’ve seen on his face…
it doesn’t allows me to keep you here nor my heart is ready to do this mercy… I’m sorry if Salman would have asked me before calling you here,
I would have completely refused to him whatever you did, you are answerable to your God for that but I swear upon God you have insulted every girl, who is in love Listen! today, I’m here to meet you I won’t take much of your time, promise thank you, brother that day I wasn’t myself… that’s why, I uttered whatever came in my mouth I’m sorry, for that it’s OK Thank you… I came to you, because I believe… you can do something what? that’s what I’m thinking, from where to start the discussion is he getting married to you? it’s just an assumption, not a doubt this was in my heart, therefore, I asked you that day I called Danish, and you received the call… so I thought … may be… If you all say NO, I’ll understand that…
NO I knew you know, we did love marriage previously, I use to think like he does but afterwards, some mistakes happened from me I couldn’t reach to his level of love he use to say what is it, if we have a small apartment? what is it, that I’ve got a job so as to just fulfill the necessities only? what is it, if we don’t have a car, and no bank balance? I have you, Mehwish I don’t need anything more than this I hope, you didn’t have a class right now No, no… if I had a class then I would have definitely meet you after finishing the class Oh! So, I was saying that… I couldn’t believe on his so much extent of love this is what I think today why he wanted to stop me, even after so much happened the day, we got divorced that day he also made tremendous efforts but I was already gone I don’t wanted to stop I accept that I was wrong but you also understand, that mistakes happen I won’t accept this I don’t allow any married girl to do this mistake and never to a mother… if a mother will do such mistake, then I won’t call it a mistake I will call it a SIN man doesn’t do such mistakes? I know thousands of such women,who cries for 4 to 6 days… and then forgive those men in fact, they become as if they have never committed any mistake ever my father use to say… always ask for your right from a man but never ask for a portion from their rights So, men have the right to do mistakes? No, no…. I haven’t said this I’ve said, for a woman it is easy to forgive why? because, men never give birth to a child within themselves women gives birth to a child, through her own self identity of a generation is dependent upon woman’s mercy anyways… it’s my point of view you may disagree but what happened all of a sudden?
you had got married to Shehwaar Ahmed, right? I didn’t get married he betrayed me just at the time of marriage, his wife came and after seeing his wife, he became a mouse Umm… what was your name?
Hania? yes… yes, Hania… so I was saying…. it happened good I got the punishment of my sin you were right I am his malefactor you are not his malefactor you are God’s malefactor because he use to leave you at the house, on God’s trust else you are love’s malefactor because love gives strength, in order to trust I’m here to ask you for help what did you say? I said that… I’m here to ask you for help if you’ll seek help from somebody else, in the fight of God… then what you’ll get? and if you think, that you have got the punishment of your sin then go & pray the punishment you have got, the punishment should be only this much but usually it happens, that the punishment starts from here, Mehwish if God gives infinite love, then it gives infinite punishment as well and this, I’ve understood after seeing my father Ideal at Rs. 18…
Starwest at Rs. 9.80 Nogia at Rs. 3.80 furthermore, there is a raise in Nasir Textile of Rs. 3.80 in the last 1.5 years, this share has only decreased by Rs. 16 and got increased once by Rs. 0.10, Salman has he seen the statement? may I come in, Sir? shut up, man… come lit off the cigarette…
please alright… what are you doing? I’m doing allegiance on your hand you are the new priest of Stock Exchange my guide…. look at this…. Salman, I really don’t understand…
what’s going on you don’t think, that you aren’t able to understand anything you just see, that something is suiting you who is it? tell me, who is it… now just stop it… reveal yourself at least, don’t lie to your friend there is someone at your back no woman behind the success.. this cannot happen there is nobody, promise and if I am getting successful, then there is no woman behind my success no woman can be there at all then? then, my son is behind my success he is my strength and Mehwish? take revenge from her how? get in love with another girl & get married to her why are you laughing now? I’m laughing at your talks you haven’t forgotten her till now? I forget her daily then only I could sleep haven’t you seen…
I come to office on time I am perfectly fresh alright, tell me one thing yes? if she comes back, ask for forgiveness… and she beseeches you to forgive her if she makes you recall your promises of previous love, then what you’ll do? are you asking me a riddle? yes… riddle of love? riddle of love… what happened now, brother…
why are you laughing now? shall I tell you by experience? when love becomes riddle then it doesn’t stays love and that you just said, that she’ll make me recall the promises of previous love, by holding my feet I laughed more on that you scoundrel… the love, to which we have to call previous love…. it wasn’t the love, even previously she is asking for forgiveness from you she is regretting so much Mehwish? yes… I swear… her condition is very bad neither she have a job, nor a place to live in destroyed…
helpless & without any support where you met her? she came to my house she wanted to stay for a night, but Ayesha refused her Oh! can you forgive her? yes, why not? ask her to apologize at least wait..
what are you doing? I’m calling her No, no… just stop now so tell me, if I forgave her… so will her problems get solved? obviously… then, don’t make me talk to her tell her on the phone, that I have forgiven her I swear by God, I forgave her today she came to meet me who? Mehwish Oh, wow! but why? tell me why she came to meet you? she thought, may be something is between me & Danish and may be, I’ll get married to him what? anyways… she can have a doubt, though that day, she had called Danish… so I had picked up the phone but we only know, that why I responded his phone then, what you said? I said, No, No… it’s nothing like that even if this is the matter, then what problem does she have? here, there is no control on the man, who is near to us however, she is not with him anymore what predictions does she have for him now? actually, she is disturbed Shehwaar has left her understand, that wretch girl came from there after being insulted he betrayed her wretched girl? then that wretched girl must be so upset, right? such bad happened with wretched girl wretched girl got heart broken wretched girl! stop it, Wateera we shouldn’t make the fun of someone you also… stop wretched is not that useless word, that if you’ll use with Mehwish.. so it’ll be alright you are a teacher don’t you feel ashamed, by called her a wretched girl? by looking at her, I feel pity you know, she wanted to burst into tears in front of me … but… she couldn’t cry may be she must be thinking… that why is she crying now… ch, ch, ch… ch.. please Wateera truly, I was having pity on her Danish must have not picked up her call No.. she didn’t call when I asked her, she replied that… from which face I shall call now? now she’ll call why now? oh… she came to check you now, she has got to know, that you are not in her way so, now she’ll make a call you had removed the sim from dad’s phone, because of this? so that the path gets clear she returns back, straight to her house and Danish takes her in her arms, just after seeing her.. and will say Mehwish, where have you been?
I was waiting for you So… job is done but you also, stand still on your decision even if you fall in love with him.. then, don’t put back dad’s sim in the phone again I’ll fall in love with him? wow!… how and why you felt it? by taking out the phone’s sim by your laugh, in the name of love and by getting quiet, while laughing Umm… whatever you have done, is good keeping a stone on your heart, you helped the hurtful people you let him go to her but, promise me one thing if he comes back to you then don’t say to him..
that I don’t love you you’ll bear a huge loss Listen! now you just sit & think and tell me later on *phone virating* Hello! Hello! Hello! Danish… yes, speaking…
who are you? you’ve also deleted my number too Mehwish! Oh, what happened?
why are you crying? how are you? yes, I’m fine shall I make you talk to Roomi? No… I want to talk to you sure… go ahead I want to meet you don’t do this… I won’t be able to do this why? it’s been 5 months, to make myself understand to make myself believe… that, it won’t be possible to meet you and now, I can’t even pronounce you and ask you to come and can’t tell you, that look Mehwish my shirt’s button is broken Danish.. please Mehwish… don’t take my name like this I’ll feel that, you are with me, somewhere nearby No, No… no… you are nowhere now but I never thought, that there will be meetings with you you’ll come to meet and you’ll return after coming I won’t go… you stop me, by holding my hand I swear upon you I won’t go I did stopped you I told you, not to go I also gave your swear upon …. don’t you remember? I remember that only… I’m scared now now I don’t say anyone, not to go nor I say, that the one who has gone will come back but today even, I remember you I miss you so much and I miss you the more, at that time… when someone talks proudly in love, and talks about fulfilling the love bye! Hi!.. what are you doing in the kitchen? Hello!.. I’m making the coffee for you I’m being in love with you… are you being in love with me or being afraid of me? this happens, Salman one bad girl, because of her deeds, insults 10 other good girls that’s why, I had forbidden her last night for staying here I don’t even want to be in the company of disloyal person shut up, what are you talking about? but… your talks are true I believe, there must won’t be a lot of girl like Mehwish but even if we found one, then we get to doubt on many right? anyways… what you have done? I’ve got her fit…
got her a job I’ve got her a room in the working women hostel I tried to give her some money, but she didn’t took them when I was coming back, so she holded my hand, and said get me forgiven… did you talk to him? yes, I did… talked about forgiveness? yes, I said he didn’t get convinced? he got convinced, at once he said, tell her “I’ve forgiven her” I swear by God, I’ve forgiven her then he picked up the bag, turned his face & went away you know, today I was with Mehwish the whole day I had food with her too she use to be my best friend in the university I don’t use to have breakfast, so as to do it with her don’t you remember? therefore, we use to sit in the canteen together I was so fond of her so, today I felt as if I’m having food with a Brahman, which can’t be touched and when I was about to come back, she said… sit for some more time and when I sat with her, she started to ask in appropriate questions what did she ask? she said, my love was a victim of someone’s betrayal but what happened to Danish’s love? what does it mean? means, why Danish doesn’t love me anymore? oh.. why shall he be in love with her? doing love is some duty? means, you run away… and other person keep on pronouncing your name one minute Salman… focus on her question you won’t get the answer in anger try to understand, what she is saying she is saying, that Danish should keep fulfilling his part of love why is she saying? OK, wait…. try to recall in the starting, it doesn’t make any difference to you, that what replies I am giving you of your messages do you remember… in the 3rd Semester, I did complaint against you I wen to Dean & told him… that I’m afraid of this boy and I made his read all your messages as well yes… then Dean called me in his room, and said many bad words to me and on my nikkah (paper marriage) day.. he said in my ear that “I’m sorry” leave nikkah (paper marriage) just stay there, when I wasn’t in love with you you remember, at that time … you said to Danish if she doesn’t loves me, then let her not to do remember? yes, I do remember… and you also said… that I do love her it’s enough for me correct me, if I’m wrong No….
You are right I did said this So, why you said it? if it doesn’t make any difference to you, of me not loving you then why does it make a difference to Danish, of Mehwish not loving him? you know what? you are very intelligent right? actually… you are not you said I’m not intelligent! Oho, you have mind it? sorry… why did you said it? shall I tell you? huh…OK why we got married? because I also started loving you, Salman then, what was the need to get married? means, we both were in love with each other… wasn’t that enough? what is this question, Salman? I’ve been listening to your speech since 15 minutes did I ask, what sort of question is this, Ayesha? alright, say it… what shall I say?
I’ve asked you a question, answer me why we did nikkah (paper marriage)? because we are bound to do marriage, socially & religiously in order to live together we are bound though… then why does love need this showoff? tell me the truth, to which writer you’ve read recently? for so many days, I read Danish and for some moment I read Mehwish I’ll tell you… that if love we fall in love.. then why do we get married that day, we gather people and we tell everyone, that we have chosen each other and from now on wards, we are not available for anybody else… am I right? right… but… I’ll also answer you of your but but… she made a mistake… she didn’t remember… that to stay together, she had signed a social & religious bond or else, for a better opportunity… she had to break that bond she broke it she made a mistake she’ll apologize for it she’ll give her life… how will your world will run like this? here we get opportunities at every step, Ayesha one better than the other tomorrow, if I liked someone else you’ll fall in love with someone else and after 4 days you’ll meet me and you’ll say to me, I did a mistake I’ll say… it’s OK… you go home, I’ll come my mistake will be continued for two days so, Ayesha Salman Ibrahim how will this world run? wow! right now, I’m talking about social commitment or about religious bond I haven’t talked about love, yet love is the game of blind people in this game, nothing can be seen than the other person but all of a sudden any one of them is able to see then the eyes of other person gets open itself her eyes are opened, Ayesha now again, he won’t be blind for Mehwish how do you sleep without me? at first it was difficult when I went to hostel, in the beginning I use to stay awake my child… that’s why the results came bad then when Ms. Hania got to know, that I don’t have mama then she made me understand, that there are thousands of kids in the world whose mama are not there so, you told your Ms. Hania, that your mama has died? I said, she is alive but she is not with me does she meets your papa? No, they just talks on phone only daily? not daily, just sometimes… but now, they must not be talking on the phone anymore why? her phone keeps switched off I’ve been trying since 2 days why do you try? just like that,mama… I like her so much you don’t like me, right? no, you are mama… then why don’t you call me? I’m upset with you… and till when, you’ll stay upset? shall I tell you the truth? yes… till the time, papa will stay upset with you why are you laughing? you know, what happened one day? it’s about that time, when we use to live in the flats you had already gone by that time papa came in the evening, and pronounced very loudly Mehwish…. Mehwish…. have you ever called him? No, right? then? then she started crying I know, why she was crying why was she crying? because, she has started to miss both of us now she lives in the hostel I know… then go & meet her daily? yes… daily she was saying sorry while keeping the phone, she said… say papa “sorry” you use to say, that if somebody says sorry, then the fight is ended yes… she had also called you yes, she did didn’t she said sorry to you? she did then? then what? if she has said sorry, then the fight is ended when you’ll grow up then I’ll sit & tell you that there wasn’t any fight between us there was a relationship binding us and there is a sin, if it is broken if a mistake is happened, then sorry is said but if a sin is committed then apology can’t be given by saying sorry won’t she get apology ever? the day when I’ll forget her that day she’ll be forgiven then forget her, papa please…

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  2. Whole episode is good except the mazar scene,we Muslims not suppose to go to mazar for dua,Allah ha hamari har dua aur taklif ko sunay wala😐😑

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  5. Ahh!!! How far greed can take you through this type of sinful journey….forgetting that if you hurt somebody, that pain will return to you also sooner than later…..difference between Lust and true Love is in the eyes so cherish each moment together!!!!

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  8. I am keep waiting this drama. I love all the actors in this. Especially Himayu. As a indian i simply love pak dramas.😘

  9. Hania’s opinion about men being forgivable is probably because her father Mateen Saab also cheated on his wife in his youth and later repented. His ex wife didn’t forgive him until moments before she died. Hania must have wanted her father to be forgiven and hence has a biased view of men to be given a chance.

    It is not right, but is a probably a justification of this patriarchal opinion she gave.

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