Memories from the Class of 2019 – University of St Andrews

Memories from the Class of 2019 – University of St Andrews

I’m just celebrating today and it’s been
a pleasure to be here. I had four years of amazing times here. From
social lives to parties to academic excellence and incredible professors, lecturers, tutors
who I really want to thank. It’s been amazing, it’s been really different
for me because I’m a mum and a mature student, but it’s been really supportive, there’s
a great network of mature students and parents here. It was incredible. I joined many societies.
I did things I didn’t imagine I’d ever do before in my life. I’ll miss the students, they’re so enthusiastic,
they’re so passionate, they’re so excited about the world around them and what’s happening. I made great friends, I learnt a lot and I
fell in love with my subject. It’s been really nice, I’ve made lots
of good friends, and I’ve learnt a lot and it’s opened lots of doors for further exploration
later on. Ever since I arrived I’ve really loved it,
especially the academic family stuff, the friends I’ve made, it’s just a fantastic
place to be. It was amazing. I came from Kentucky so it
was such a diverse cultural experience and I loved St Andrews. A lot of great times in the lab doing chemistry. A whirlwind…a whirlwind and an adventure. The close knit nature of St Andrews, really
small place so it’s been great to get to know everyone really well. You can’t walk
to Tesco without meeting about ten people you know so that’s got to be the best part. The time in St Andrews has been great, such
a good community feel, makes you feel welcome wherever you go. Oh…I’ll miss them! A small bubble but everyone is just like your
family. It’s a small St Andrews family. It’s been such a great experience here that
I must keep in touch. I must keep it with me for the rest of my life. I’ll definitely stay in touch with everyone
for my whole life. A lot of great lifelong friends. I’ve made friends all over the world. I
could travel about ninety countries without having to pay for accomodation. Whatever happens,
it always says – you are always forever saint. You will always be St Andrews

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