Meet TSM Daequan

Meet TSM Daequan

Gaming is definitely an escape from a lot of the negativity in the world and I just want to be like a Positive light on people because there’s a lot of people that come into my stream They’re going through a whole bunch of things or even like on my youtube comments and Instagram DMS Whatever it might be like they’re going through a lot and I feel like with all the things that I’ve gone through that Gaming isn’t just an escape for me personally But like the things that I have done can be escape for other people, too Take quite as a baby. He was a really good baby. He didn’t cry. It was always very bubbly and from The first day we brought him home we’ve read and sing and did alphabets and numbers and so he was always Inquisitive, you know, once it was family time dinnertime was over homework was done they could play so That was the beginning of Daquan and his gaming when I was little I Liked a lot of video games. My brother was the one that got me into video games He was always playing like Final Fantasy Crash Bandicoot and you know things like that we used to compete in Super Mario We would take turns on parasha bandicoot at Crash Team Racing Megaman all kinds of games so we would always compete like even if it was a single-player game would see who could beat this the fastest The first game Mike remember was gex that was a little gecko and whenever you hit somebody still It’s tail time or something like that. It would say and you know, they’ve always been Janos So that was the afternoon thing Bro! this games trash. What are you talking about? Your doo doo, you didn’t do you have zero kills? Why are you dancing? I got kicked out the basketball team my senior year and you know, that was a low blow One of my friends got into an altercation I was running down court for a fast break and I see him like they start getting into a little brawl So, you know, of course That’s my best friend. I’m not just gonna stand there and watch him get jumped by a whole team’s of course I’m gonna go help, you know, we got classified as uncoachable quote unquote. I don’t know exactly what it entails Pretty much all of like our scholarships and stuff kind of went out the window. I’m pretty sure But you know that AAU League that was a real blessing. I met some amazing people and We went on to win a Florida state championship. I loved it. I loved it it was it was a very big accomplishment for me, especially after such a low blow, you know, I Think there’s something in him that you know penny Tiffany is just a competitive spirit He wants to play he wants to do well and he wants to win There was a lot of games that I used to play I never really played like the big like really big games Like I never really was into Call of Duty like I was an MMO player. I was an MMO player I was a fighting game player. I never really played shooting games I played a game called guns the duel, which was my absolute favorite game. I ever played and The reason for that is because the skill cap was so high like literally if you didn’t play for like a year and a half like all day you were just gonna get destroyed by people and I want a lot of tournaments on online mmo’s and Either I was always competing to be like number one on the PvP leaderboards or you know Whichever leaderboard it was and a lot of the times I was number one if I wasn’t number one, I was top five So I was always a very competitive He told me that he wanted me to buy him a $3,000 computer so he can be a professional gamer Put my hand me shoulder said Well Go back to college Little did I know I bought myself I think it’s like a twenty to twenty seven hundred dollar PC. And this was before fortnight even came out I didn’t even know a fortnight was I just knew that? Okay, I want a stream I don’t know what I’m gonna stream but I’m buying this PC. So I stream and So my friend he was like yo You guys try out Fortnite. It’s dropping a battle. Royale. I was like, okay, and so we all hopped on Fortnite. we loved it and Then I think about a month into Fortnite. That’s when I was like, alright, I’m gonna start streaming I started streaming. I was just playing solo squads and stuff and one time when I I think I had just got on and I left Phil on an accident and I got into Dakota’s good like halfway through the game One of my friends was sending the messages on Steam like yo, you’re playing with a streamer right now. You’re playing dreamer I was like, oh really? No, that’s cool Like, you know, like oh, you know, it was just like whatever and then like at the end of the game. I Looked them up and I was like, oh listen Anna He’s actually actually pretty big and then he had added me and then we went on to win like a twenty seven Squad when it maybe in a row and that’s what really got me noticed a little bit and then Dakota’s got me into the Fortnite invitationals to where like a whole bunch of like big you know known streamers and youtubers were all in just like a tournament where we were all just fighting each other and I had won five of those matches and that really that’s what really got me my kickstart It’s hilarious trying to explain, you know, younger people know exactly what it is. You know, the people that he worked with his co-workers They know but for me the older Family members they don’t have a clue But they support him in whatever he does. I Would look at around all the other streamers and I’ll just like I would like I feel like I can compete You know I can compete. I know I can I know I can so I just kept playing kept playing uh playing and eventually it paid off twenty five kill, dude The first time that I heard about TSM and fortnight was myth because myth was like Yo a really big team hit me up and I told them to hit you up too blah blah blah I was like, okay. Okay, and then That’s when I see Lina I’m like what hell is Lina so I go google Lina and I’m just like Oh, TSM and then I go see that they have like a million Twitter followers, and I was just like that’s crazy You know, and then I got really excited As a family we talk every day, so it wasn’t something he sprung on us. It was the conversation We talked every day during the house all the time so it was something that we you know, he just came to us, you know, this is what’s happening what signed to this company and They want to move me to California. So I stayed there for two days I just pulled the covers up be honest. I’ve just pulled the covers up for two days I stayed in bed because I knew that meant he was moving away I had to Talk myself into it. I had to just kind of let it sink in and then I realized God didn’t give him to you to keep him You know, you’ve done everything you could you and you’re my husband and you have this baby that you raised To send out into the world to be a productive Happy well-adjusted young man, and we’ve done our part. We know that so we release him to the world to be all that he can be I never thought in my wildest dreams that that anything like this would happen and TSM played a big part of that and I’m extremely grateful to them too. And everybody on TSM is so cool They’re so down to earth. I love hanging out with them. Love talking to him You know, it’s just like it was such a blessing that TSM was the team that hit me up To come and play fortnight with them We were watching a few weeks ago and someone was telling him that they wanted to commit suicide and because of him They chose not to that is Unbelievable and what a gift that you can touch someone like that? I think that’s amazing. And I think that’s one of his gifts And what a blessing and that’s happened three times suicide that What what a blessing that he is People feel that a connection to him in such a way So I think it’s wonderful being able to take like all of those situations. I’ve been through I feel like it’s a blessing and I’m glad that I can be a blessing to somebody else It’s like I know a lot of people that you know I’ve gone through a lot of bad things and I would like to really just be a positive light So I want to make you laugh I love to make other people laugh cuz it’s just like laughter is just something that’ll make the pain go away Even if it’s just temporary That’s the whole thing thing about like people You know how I have like my W gang about the W key and how it’s just like The W key moves you forward in a video game like for example you press W on a keyboard and move your character forward and Fortnite and My W key is pretty much just like no matter what it is in life Whatever you’re going through. You can press that W key you can get out of that situation You know the worst thing that you can do when you’re sad or depressed or going through something is just to be alone you know just to not do anything just to sit in your room and do this or do that, you know, you really want to force yourself to Move towards positivity Dae has been a blessing to us From the day we brought him home from the hospital And we are just so proud of him and we just want him to keep soaring and Being blessed and doing doing his thing. That’s what we want for him, too we just love him we support him in whatever he chooses to do with his life and Just know that as his parents will always be there for him Absolutely, love him Woman just keep doing great things but his wife, you know Every time I see him and that was you know, it’s this time. Yeah, it’s time to leave home and be here and I’m happy for him, you know happy for him. I’m happy. He’s out doing what he wants to do. I Never in my wildest dreams would I imagined that like I Would become like a really big twitch streamer or a really big youtuber or someone that’s just had an impact on so many people Across the globe it’s where they’re literally saying the same things that I do. It’s just I Just think it’s actually amazing, you know, and so many people’s lives have been changed So many people have met somebody that’s changed their life. It’s actually it’s crazy just how much a videogame can impact everyone’s life not in even the world, you know and I’m very grateful for that. I really am and I hope that everybody Finds something that they enjoy and whatever that is they W key towards it.

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  2. Daequan is the the person who many ppl look up to cause of his encouragement and his perseverance to keep moving forward in order to achieve his goal

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  4. My favorite streamer. Much love Dae.Continue doing what you do.You should know millions around the world watch and love you more everyday.

  5. This is a great video. Great folks, great personality and great player. Dae is one of a kind, his parents should be proud <3

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  7. dae your the best bro your the one who got me to make a YouTube channel bro your so inspirational every thing you do is awesome your so funny too

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