Meet Sisters Bruner & Neuhaus, Latter-day Saint missionaries

Meet Sisters Bruner & Neuhaus, Latter-day Saint missionaries

Sister Bruner and I are what
you would call a companionship, meaning that we go out. We’re together 24/7 for at least
six weeks, sometimes longer. And we go out together,
and we teach people about Jesus Christ
all day, every day. We’ve been companions for
about a week and a half. I feel like I’m generally
a pretty happy person. I’ll admit that. A good missionary is very
diligent in the work. They want to work
hard every single day. And they don’t want to do it
just out of their own efforts. They want to do it because
they truly love the people. I think my mission
has taught me how to have fun while working hard. My mission has taught
me how to love everyone despite their
differences with me. My mission has taught me how to
lean on my Savior Jesus Christ during hard times. Whenever I thought
about serving a mission, it caused great anxiety. It was so bad. I was praying about it. And I just got a
comfort feeling. And I didn’t get anxiety
about it anymore. And otherwise, I
couldn’t do this. I’m Sister Neuhaus. I’m from Nashville, Tennessee. And I’m Sister Bruner, and
I’m from Kenosha, Wisconsin.

14 Replies to “Meet Sisters Bruner & Neuhaus, Latter-day Saint missionaries”

  1. 100K views in one hour! Maybe one of the most popular Church YouTube ideas ever. Kudos to the creatives behind this!

  2. Hello. Is it True Mormons believe God is a dude ? I have friends that are mormon and are awesome. I go to play basketball to their building but to me the concept of God is more naturalistic like God being the intelligent energy manifesting itself in life and nature in the universe. I cannot famine the concept of God being a Dude at all, do I have to believe God being a dude and appearing to Joseph in order to join ? Also, I wouldn’t want to pay money. Thanks

  3. Sister missionaries along with Elder missionaries are the best! So grateful for your mission to introduce individuals into to Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. To the Savior.

    I testify with every part of my heart and being that Jesus is the Christ, He and Heavenly Father Live.

    There are local missionaries serving in your area ready to teach of the Savior and answer any questions you may have.

  4. We appreciate all Elder and Sister Missionaries, serving the Lord and His Church. Our prayers are with you. God bless & thank you for sharing with us. Be safe!

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