Meet Sister Kemp, a Latter-day Saint missionary

Meet Sister Kemp, a Latter-day Saint missionary

My whole life,
I’ve always wanted to go on humanitarian
missions, like when you go to a
different country and you help build houses or
you teach the little children in the schools. The missionaries came up
to me, and they were just like, “Hey, you want
to learn about Jesus?” And I’m all about Jesus. So I met with them
two days later. So I got there. And then I thought it
was pretty strange, because I remembered–“I work.” So it’s just like,
“Don’t you work?” Because they’re about
the same age as me. Like, “No, we talk
about Jesus full-time.” I’m like, “Full-time? Are you kidding me? Twenty-four hours?” And then they’re like,
“Yeah,” and then I asked them for how long. And it was like,
“Eighteen months.” I’m like, “Eighteen months away
from your family, about Jesus? I want to go on one
of those missions.” And then they kept
teaching me about Jesus, and I was baptized. And then I went on my mission. My name is Sister Kemp. I’m originally from Maryland. I was raised in Pennsylvania. And I’ve lived in Florida
for the past two years.

7 Replies to “Meet Sister Kemp, a Latter-day Saint missionary”

  1. I love our missionaries! Thank you Sister for spreading Heavenly Father and the Saviors love.

    I testify with every part of my heart and being that Jesus is the Christ, He and Heavenly Father Live.

  2. Iā€™m all about Jesus šŸ˜… love her ā¤ļø all the best to you Sister Kemp! šŸ§ššŸ»ā€ā™€ļø

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