Meet Elder Frejistre, a Latter-day Saint missionary

Meet Elder Frejistre, a Latter-day Saint missionary

So I was 16 when I
first became homeless. We became homeless
for about two months, living in hotels and
things like that. And so I finally called
up one of my good friends, and I told him that I
needed a place to stay and things were just getting
too overwhelming for me. And so he came. And he picked us up, and
he brought us to his home. We had Taco Bell that night. He brought us some toiletries. And then ever since
then, I’ve been adopted for about two years. Before I was
homeless, I was kind of, like, an outgoing person. I liked to talk to people,
you know, enjoy myself. But when I became homeless, that
kind of really diminished that. I just became, like,
this inside person and didn’t really want to
express myself to other people. Missions are
definitely not easy, but the wonderful experiences
you get to gain and the people that you meet and the
relationships that you make are really worth it. One experience that really stuck
out to me is, I saw this lady, and I just had this feeling:
“OK, go talk to her.” And we go talk to her,
and she’s like, “I’ve been kicked out, and like,
I’ve got nowhere to go.” And I sat down next
to her, and I kind of shared a part of
my personal story with her about me being
homeless and the trials I overcame while I became
homeless, because it taught me so much about life. And I just sat down
there with her. And she began to cry, and I
felt the Spirit so strongly about me just sharing
my experience with her. It just shows that when
you share your experience with other people, it really
helps them in their lives. When I joined the gospel, it
was such a wonderful experience. And I want to share that
experience with other people. My name is Elder Frejistre. It’s like register,
but with an f. And I’m from Fort
Lauderdale, Florida.

12 Replies to “Meet Elder Frejistre, a Latter-day Saint missionary”

  1. Thank you Elder for representing our Heavenly Father and bringing individuals to the Savior ♥️

    I testify with every part of my heart and being that Jesus is the Christ, He and Heavenly Father Live.

  2. Inspiring testimony! Thank you for sharing, and for answering the call, to serve a mission for our Lord, & His Church. God bless you!

  3. Oh man! You've come a long way to be where you are in such a short amount of time.
    Inspiring Elder.
    I'm Javier live in Australia .
    Thanks Elder for what you do to help the world come unto Christ.
    I love your story brother.

    (Edited, Javier Bianco)

  4. Thanks for sharing your story and your Testimony. Sometimes we might not know why we go through tough times, but like you shared, you were able to relate and empathize with the woman.
    I'm so glad you're choosing to serve a Mission for our Father in heaven and our Brother, Jesus Christ. I hope all goes well for you, your Family, and those you help around you both during and after your Mission.
    Keep up the good work! 😊👍

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