Matt Meese at the Bean Museum

Matt Meese at the Bean Museum

We’re here at the newly renovated
Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum where I worked when I was a student at
BYU, so I pulled some strings and got special access for behind-the-scenes sneak peak. The Bean Museum strives to educate
people about the relationship between living and non-living things throughout the
world. And if you’ve been to the museum before you haven’t seen it like this
because there’s so much new stuff, like this center atrium which has 2 new
giraffes that stand 17 feet tall. They came from a collection in Arizona,
which is not their natural habitat It also features the world’s largest world. It is the largest, most accurate fiberglass globe in the world. Let’s
take a look around the museum. When ever in your life would you be
this close to a wolf? Not at the zoo. At least, it’s not recommended. But
at the Bean museum, you can really get close and see all the detail of these creatures. This is the apex
predator collection on the top floor the museum and it discusses the relationship
between predator and prey and how they both rely on each other in the balance of life. And you will see things
like this that may be a little scary chasing the smaller, fluffier, Bambi-like creatures, but remember
they’re just having dinner and you can really see that
whole interaction in detail here at the Bean museum. What are you looking at? Hypothetical situation: you’re being
attacked by a pack of wolves; what do you do? If you’re a musk ox, you get your family together, you stand shoulder to shoulder, and you
put your baby’s behind you. It’s one example how pray can protect
themselves against predators. Bean Museum. And this scene probably wouldn’t happen in nature. It’s unlikely, at least. But it was too epic
to not show it to you and this whole apex predator collection
was donated by one man. He had these mounts in his garage. I don’t know what you have in your
garage, but it’s probably not as cool as this. It took five semi trucks to get the
whole collection here and you’re only seeing a third of it, so you’re not seeing two-thirds of it, that’s how math works. But the museum will be rotating through all these collections as the months and years go by, so there’s
always new things to see the Bean Museum. You gotta keep coming back. Charlotte, the rose hair tarantula, and I
would like to tell you another fun fact about the museum. It is home to millions of specimens
housed in research collections right here and they’re used by BYU all
the time. That’s interesting, right? Yeah! No, this is not someone’s food storage.
It is a research collection. It’s part of a huge and very valuable
repository of specimens that the museum keeps on site for
research. It’s not open to the general public, though, so get a look while you can. Elephant in the room. This exhibit
features the African elephant that stands nearly twelve feet high It also features some threatened,
endangered, and extinct species as well as some of the reasons for their
struggle to survive. Spoiler alert: it has to do with humans. So this exhibit is all about how you can
protect your planet. Definitely check this one out. This is the Boyd K. Packer gallery. Interesting tidbit about president Packer:
he borrowed birds from the Bean museum to help make his drawings as accurate as possible. So I thought I would try my hand at it as well. It’s a seagull. His are better. As a part of its tribute to President
Packer, the museum includes this replica of the Packer family den, complete with
furniture from the actual Packer family home. I don’t know what they’re sitting on now, but it’s not this. I’m here in the Africa exhibit, which is one
of the only exhibits that is carried over from the old museum.
I’m here with my good friend Otis, the African spurred tortoise. We had
some good times, didn’t we? Yeah. Otis is part of the live animal show, which has been going on at the museum
for about twenty years, which is about how Otis is and
you’ll be happy to know that is continuing in the new museum. Hi! We had some good times, you ate a lot of carrots. I feed you a lot of carrots. We knew how to party. I don’t have any more. I’m sorry. But Otis is a big part the live animal show. That’s not a fat joke. If only he could talk. What stories he would tell. I’m just gonna put this back.

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    If you ever need anything scenic wise, please let me know!!!!

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