Massive rally in Hong Kong marks six months of protests

Massive rally in Hong Kong marks six months of protests

34 Replies to “Massive rally in Hong Kong marks six months of protests”

  1. These idiots were rioting, then voted, then marching again.
    They don't even know whether they live in a democratic society or not.

  2. Gods Grace is seen in that they are STILL rioting and not slammed into prison with crushed legs the way the Chinese treat all their dissidents against communism.

    (U.N.Agenda21/30 is hell- Global Warming is a HAOX)
    Hong Kong, Send Them Australia’s Guns…. Idiots peacefully gave them up….

  4. These Hong kongins are fighting for there right to be free meanwhile here in in America the demonrats are fighting to take away those rights

  5. Despite of closing tunnel, fiendish number of blockades and intimidation even before the march began, massive number of people still made it to the march. It is difficult to make an accurate estimation of the total protesters took part because many were only able to join the march later, after delayed by the labyrinthine blockades.

  6. Did you do this report this because you saw The EPOCH Times report which made FOX NOT LOOK SO GOOD!!!Government approved don't trust them ….they don't want people to have freedom must have to do with the trade deal…it's always about themselves…(GOVERNMENT)!

  7. 貌似关注的人不多啊,啧啧,香港废青和美国政府会不会着急啊?你们要搞点大事情出来才好嘛!!!我们继续文明观猴

  8. The protesters keep claiming that they just against CCP dictatorship not the China country itself.
    More than 20yeas after HK back to China
    They can't even sing the national anthem, refuse to learn the official language of the country, they even refuse to say they're Chinese. They are just outcomes of the British system left by the colonization.
    You guys tell me who first violate the "one country, two systems"…
    Ridiculous is they can even sing the USA Anthem.

  9. My fellow Americans need to take notes, this is what will happen when we begin letting the government take our freedoms away.

  10. The citizens of Hong Kong are fighting for rights, some fools here in America want to embrace socialism which is communism in a hurry.

  11. Soo the government tell them.. it's protest..brain washed socialist..protesting is a right..defiance is a resistance..with out it..theirs no freedom..

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