100 Replies to “MARY POPPINS RETURNS Official Trailer (2018) Emily Blunt, Disney Movie HD”

  1. Wow with Meryl Streep and Emily Blunt,I Hope this is as good or even better than Into The Woods.

  2. Hay i will not put this mary poppins over julie andrews nope mary poppins is julie andrews always

  3. For more than I love Emily Blunt, I must admit that it will be really difficult to do it better than the iconic first part of Mary Poppins… I hope she can do it as perfect as the wonderful Julie Andrews 🤷🏻‍♀️🌹

  4. if you back back and watch the original.. outta pretty boring and to remake it is not a problem.. However.. The official Marry Poppins had a cherry glow to her face with a slight case of RBF… this one just looks kind of devious.

  5. urgh… an american playing Bert again, never heard Lin put on an english accent, let alone a cockney one, but we can pray for the best I suppose.

  6. If Congress would get off their lazy arses and break up illegal monopolies like Disney under Sherman antitrust laws, I'm sure this would be a really wonderful movie produced by one of the offshoot companies with fresh talent and freed resources. With so much money, cronyism, and greedy executives feudalizing the creative process, my heart only whithers at its prospects…but one can hope.

  7. Stop shitting about the trailer you stupid unimaginative idiots. The sequel of the original will be great and who ever hates it now should go down into the drains to be eaten by that idiot of the clown you all so crawe about.

  8. I know that she only said one line, but Emily Blunt sounds like she’s doing a Julie Andrews impression. I’d really prefer if she did her own take on the character.

  9. Is it possible to do a sequel of a masterpiece?I really do not think so.I am angry and upset.LONG LIFE TO MARY POPPINS …..LONG LIFE TO JULIE ANDREWS!!!!

  10. wild how angry grown ass adults are over the trailer for a kids movie. if it gets kids interested in wanting to see the classics that's awesome. if not, and they end up loving this movie and it becomes a staple of their childhood, also awesome. if it's gonna ruin your childhood just don't….see it?

  11. The cast says Dick Van Dyke, wondering why he isn't playing Bert though and my Mary Poppins isn't being played by Julie Andrews

  12. Liked stated before, it is a sequel, so they are not recreating the old movie, just a new continuation, and I do not believe dick van dyke's character will be in since I believe it is in later years. I am excited for this, mainly because it is a sequel and disney can have good sequels, so who knows, I just do not believe it should trashed on before it is out.

  13. "AAAnd aaa spoonful of remakes helps the dopamine go down, the dopamine go dooown dopamine go down. Just a spoonful of remakes helps the dopamine go down, in the most nostalgic waaay"

  14. It seems nice, and in part respect the atmosphere of the first one. And no cheap CGI thanks God. Probably one of the few real action movies that deserves to be watched

  15. I just watched the original Mary Poppins for the first time a few days ago and it was spectacular. I love Lin-Manuel Miranda and Emily Blunt is a wonderful actress. I am definitely going to watch this film!

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