Mary Magdalene Saint or Sinner?

Saint? Or Sinner?
To some, Mary Magdalene is a repentant prostitute, but to others she is Jesus’ closest disciple.
Now we will explore the enigma of a long dead woman, uncover an ancient smear campaign,
sift through long buried scriptures to separate history from heresy…..and find the real
Mary Magdalene. She emerges enigmatically in the Bible.
From here were cast seven devils. She became a follower of Jesus.
The Synoptic Gospels make her a distant onlooker at the Crucifixion, while John places her
at the foot of the Cross. She is said to have discovered the empty tomb
of Jesus, and there to have encountered angels. According to John, when Mary wept outside
the tomb, Christ appeared to her. At first she mistook him for the gardener
but when he spoke her name she recognized him.
He told her not to cling to him for he has not yet ascended to his father.
He sent her to the other disciples to whom she said “I have seen the Lord”.
Some disbelieved that Jesus would have told such things to a woman.
For mainstream Christianity, the only bride of Christ was the church.
Her fascination endures to this day as a figure of devotion, speculation, and the projection
of ideals and aspirations.

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