Mary Jo Kopechne’s cousin reacts to ‘Chappaquiddick’ film

Mary Jo Kopechne’s cousin reacts to ‘Chappaquiddick’ film

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  1. What they didn't answer in the movie is if all four doors were shut and all four windows were rolled up how did Ted get out of the car?

  2. So glad that the Kennedy Name was saved. What would we do without America's Royalty? Mary Jo? What was she? An intern? A mere staffer that served coffee at the Senate Office Building?

  3. I thought this film was amazing on every level. Regardless of what political party you are affiliated with, this film depicts what is wrong with politicians, if there are no witnesses, just create "The Alibi" and walk away.

  4. Shockingly, Democrats continued to celebrate Ted Kennedy the remainder of his career and they continue to celebrate accused rapist- Bill Clinton. They have no problem with murderers and rapists if they're Democrat leaders.

  5. What Ted Kennedy was able to get away with in his public/political life is truly astonishing. From the Chappaquiddick debacle (some would describe as manslaughter) to being intoxicated publicly to the point of being incoherent, the Kennedy spell combined with the press ignoring every sin hypnotized the electorate, effectively keeping a monster in office for half a century. And the legacy of this kind of blindness turned towards our elected royalty continues.

  6. If it was a minority man she had dated, the man would have disappeared and never to be found again. People have gone missing for less. Just ask Jimmy Hoffa if you can find him.

  7. I honestly don't think ted drove the car. He didn't call his lawyer until the next afternoon. I would have called the lawyer immediately. He should have came clean when he found out he was terminally ill.

  8. The story that had to be told – after Ted was safely dead.
    The Kennedy-Media complex would not allow it before then.
    To be a Democrat means not caring about people unless they can be used.

  9. When Ted Kennedy (in the movie), meets with his political advisers, after the tragic accident; they begin to weave a tale of lies and deceit.

    It then dawned on me, This method of lies and deceit is the ammo and foundation of the democratic party. They lie to make themselves

    look good, and lie and slander, to make their opponents look bad. This is at the very heart of the fake news, put out by, the fascist liberal

    left. (I tried to bunch this paragraph together, but was unable to do so. YouTube needs to correct their spacing issues).

  10. The quote most fitting from the film is, "Yeah, Moses had a temper but he never left a girl at the bottom of the Red Sea."

  11. What a beautiful young girl. Too bad running around/sleeping with a married man cost her, her life! She should've dated the Single lawyer cousin. Smh

  12. The nice girl probably rejected his entitlements and advances. In a drunken huff he flys off the bridge. What a class A scumbag.

  13. I was going to watch but I can't stand that newswoman's horrible voice. Why don't you just scrape your nails on a blackboard.

  14. The Chappaquiddick event prevented Ted Kennedy from being president. Mary Jo did something that almost no one else could do….derail The Chappaquiddick Kid. Ted Kennedy, after what he did, could not even open a car wash. Why he was allowed to be in the senate after that is anyone's guess. He is not in a good position right now…..kind of hot.

  15. So years after he is dead, its finally ok to admit that he was a scum ball. Same with Clinton. He's a sick old man and its finally ok to accept that he was a serial rapist. What things are finally going to be ok to admit about Obama in another 25 years?

  16. She could have survived 3 hours in a bubble in the submerged car; if only Ted Kennedy and done the right thing and called police so they could have sent divers to rescue her.

  17. Amazing that the Democrats 50 years later the still cover up the worst offenses against women all the while repeating the propaganda that conservatives wage a “war on women”.

    They just elected Ellison in Minnesota disregarding solid evidence of beating his girlfriend.

    They just elected a racist woman from Michigan who actually supports female genital mutilation!

    But leftists turn the other way because they want to believe their lies

  18. The well known Kennedy's are long dead. Why not release the actual information about what happened? Pretty sure people already know that he killed her.

  19. There were a few houses within walking distance of the accident site. The people living in those houses later wondered why Senator Kennedy didn't knock on one of their doors and ask for help. They would have given it.

  20. I've seen the movie..and have no "RESPECT" for "Ted Kennedy"..whatsoever!😱😵😖😠 Poor "Mary Jo Kopechne".. suffered the "consequence" of his "selfish actions"!🙏🏾😱😟😭 I don't like to "talk" down on.."anyone".. but I just "PRAY" that he "repented" for his "wrong doing"!😤😠 Who ever "else" was.."involved"..make.."PEACE".. because.."KARMA" is a..*other*ucker"..that "money" can't buy you out of.. unfortunately that's what Ted.."believed"..and so to speak.."got away with"!!😤😈👿

  21. Teddy was caught cheating for one of his Final Exams at Harvard and was suspended in the 1950's…IN 1960's he was ticketed for reckless driving and driving with a suspended license before this..

  22. This film really brought out the same frustration and anger that was truly experienced during the Ted-Kenn era. It is no surprise that TK went on to be a well-paid politician until his demise. Power and influence are what "White Privilege" is all about, and the Kennedys are the evidence of that claim. And they are the dynasty of power that Kim Dynasty of Korea is all about but too a lesser extent because Kennedys did not wield absolute totalitarian power to do whatever and whenever they desire.

  23. John/Assassinated Bobby/Assassinated Ted/Chappaquiddick John F. JR/Killed in plane crash That entire family was oddly cursed from day one!

  24. She must have known an awful lot about him or something else for him to let her drowned like that she had something over on him not just the bit things they'd talked about in the movie but God let him live to a ripe old age so I wonder yes it is still wrong

  25. I'm not sure if he 'let her die' as some claim…. none of us were there. The film suggests he did try to save her.

    What is disgraceful is his not reporting it for hours

    And that telegram is disgusting

  26. Growing up I always heard about what amazing people the kennedys were. The more research I have done I realize they were a vile and immoral group that spent their time covering up each other’s lies, murders, and infidelities.

  27. Some day, Hollywood will do a movie about the Vince Fostercare program, and how Hillary Clinton almost destroyed America.

  28. This whole thing makes no sense to me, why was no autopsy done on her body, surely its a legal requirement no matter how you die, if she was driving as some have suggested, why would kennedy take the blame, he was a married man with children, why not just say he wasn't with her. If he was in the car, why wait till the morning to say he tried to save her, again why not say he was not in the car. Several witnesses say they saw him the next morning an he seemed normal, smiling and talking to people, he would have to be a very good actor to hide his guilt if he just left her to drown. I think he was set up to stop him running for president and she was just a pawn in their sick game, they had already killed 2 kennedys a third would have looked too suspicious.

  29. It's strange that the cousin pronounced Mary Jo's last name as Ko/PECH/nee as opposed to Ko/PEK/nee, as it's always pronounced by the media and by Ted Kennedy. I suppose it's POSSIBLE that Mary Jo's cousin could have mispronounced her last name, but one would think her own cousin would know how the name was pronounced. I wonder why the media never learned the correct pronunciation.

  30. Says as much about Massachusetts as does about Ted Kennedy. You continued to vote this criminal to senate. Forget that this girl died no we the people of Massachusetts want him because he is a Kennedy disgusting

  31. Kopechne is lauded in Hudson County political lore for being the premiere politico whoa of all time.. with almost a sense of reverence…Get down on your Kopechnees and get to work honey….it is the Democratic battle cry for aspiring wannabe WHOAS..thats really bot that bad as far as legacies go..especially for Jersey…😉🤣

  32. Okay, tell the truth, his one thought and one thought only when it happened was the stain on the Kennedy name, and careers. Self preservation mode kicked in and he bolted.

  33. The other woman’s purse was Rosemary Kenough, with whom Teddy had had an affair. This Rosemary had had an abortion, of Ted’s baby, and needed more money. Mary Jo drank too much, and climbed in the back seat of Ted’s car, fell asleep. Ted and Rosemary came out of the party, got in Ted’s car, drove half the way to the ferry, argued with each other and Mary Jo woke up. The couple in the car didn’t know how much Mary Jo heard, so she Rosemary got out walked back. Now Mary Jo knew too much for her own good.

  34. Sorry Lady, but if she was planning to go back to the Motor Inn, Katama Shores on Martha's Vineyard, why did she leave her purse and her room key back at the cottage??? Martha whitewashes this interview. Of course this is FOX News, no surprise.

  35. It's a shame a bunch of limp-wristed milquetoasts continually caved to this despicable family over and over again.

  36. Sick and tired of wealthy people getting away with vehicular manslaughter (Ted Kennedy, Laura Bush). If this had happened to me I would've been in prison.

  37. As of this writing, it's just two days from the 50th anniversary of the Kopechne tragedy. 50 years of Liberal media covering up Liberal Elite crimes .Disgusting !

  38. It did NOT end TK’s White House aspirations. Ted Kennedy still ran in the primaries against Jimmy Carter 10 years later & voters ended those aspirations.

  39. I remember the joke of the day (1969) was Mary Jo telling Teddy 'I'm pregnant' & Teddy responding 'we'll cross that bridge when we get there'.

  40. Chappaquiddick certainly put a huge crimp in his run for the President.

    As did the 1979 Roger Mudd interview where Mudd asked him why he wanted to be president. A rambling answer followed.

    In the end, Ted Kennedy never really wanted to be President. His heart was not in it.

  41. Well some have lost there lives in the Kennedy Family, but like the Clintons crime family. Our lives just don't matter, just the super rich.

  42. Wow!! All these EYE WITNESSES to this situation making their voices heard in this YouTube video comment section… Good for you guys! I'm glad those of you on here taking shots at Ted Kennedy were there to see and know what happened.. because OTHERWISE these comments would make a lot of you sound like self-righteous, judgemental, hypocritical ASSHOLES! …….R.I.P. Mary Jo.. THE END

  43. He said, 'we will tell the truth, or at least our version.' what that means is, 'we will tell the truth, as soon as we make it up.'

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