Mary J. Blige – Your Child (Official Music Video)

Mary J. Blige – Your Child (Official Music Video)

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  1. Jesus!!! This is a Masterpiece!!! Singing passionately and soulfully, and playing the wife, and the baby mama, and looking stylishly different and beautiful as all 3!!!! Only Mary man, only Mary!!! When she hit that "What kind of man are you?" Lord!

  2. My ex of 12 years broke the news to me she was pregnant by another man…
    that was the worst pain
    I went thru in my life..

  3. This kind of pain here, is a BEAST!!! I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Though the girl was very disrespectful. She acted like I was the one who did her wrong. And he was my husband. SMH!!!!

  4. Glad you used bridge like in my hometown like I told you in Vero Beach but that's Cali I never forget I was in pain as a baby bout music on that bridge til I woke up out of tears and the bridge went down and I heard all these horns thinking we on the wrong side of the road to get my life together like the Isley brothers pretending a mess your life up acting out parts for people to make it. Lil Joe from Vero.

  5. A real man wouldn't do this over the phone and that you told them about me after the baby was born. Too bad too bad.

  6. This song really resonated with me..this came out shortly after my youngest was born, and his father kept trying to deny him, and he is still not in my sons life! I was saying those exact same words in this song. "How can you deny your own flesh and blood."makes me tear up every time I listen to it. Love you Miss Mary J!

  7. A guy i was really interested & involved in romantically told me he was having a child. Immediately came to this song. Wish him the best of luck! But my heart breaks a little…

  8. Ur hurting kids because I u get ur way. Then how I got them was kidnap. U do everything illegal and try to blame others. Its not gonna happen

  9. Sheโ€™s telling u about her and K-ci when they lived together. The guy is playing kci. When he left thatโ€™s when he got a girl pregnant ๐Ÿคฐ๐Ÿฟ

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