Mary Halsey & Andy Zenor Interview the Stars at the 2019 Grammys!

The Grammys were this Sunday. So many things happened. There were people who won. There were people who lost. They were– the funky white
sister Mary Halsey was there and the plain old
Andy [INAUDIBLE] on the red carpet
interviewing celebrities. And it was just so much– take a look. Hey, Ellen. We’re here on the red carpet of
the 61st annual Grammy Awards. Yeah, yeah, Mrs. Funky
White Sisters in the house. And she’s going to kick it off. Hit it, Mary. How are you feeling tonight? Oh, I am feeling good, girl. This is insane. I lost a bet. Well, it looks like
you won something because you look awesome. Hi, Meghan. Hi, oh my god. This is Mary Halsey, yes. Oh my god, Missy Elliott song? Yes, I do. I love you. I love you so much. See my coat? This is Mary’s funky grab bag. Don’t look. Close your eyes. Hey, it’s a $15 gift card to DQ. Oh my gosh. Get yourself a blizzard. Thank you. You’re a big winner today. Yes, I love you. You’re amazing. So everybody that
stops here tonight is getting an award
because you know, everybody’s an award winner. And now since you
won an award, you have to give us a
acceptance speech. I would just like
to thank everybody that made this possible. Oh no, she’s playing you off. Awesome. God bless you. We love you. Thank you. That’s an amazing dress. There’s a lot to it. Put it under my dress. She’s got it. She’s going. I love your hair. Thank you. We’re like– we’re matching. We’re in the same frequency. If I put my head down here? No, [INAUDIBLE]. Ay, you’re getting
a little close. My wife may not like it. [INAUDIBLE] Hi, hi, hi, how are you? Hi, I’m Andy. I just got a hug. Thank you. Oh, let me see your nails. This is Mary Halsey. Oh, look at those nails. That was cool. She’s a Grammy winner. That was cool, Ellen. Yeah, right? I’m having a blast. [MUSIC – MISSY ELLIOT, “WORK
IT”] (SINGING) Is it worth it? Let me work it. I put my thing down
flip it and reverse it. It’s your ti esrever dna
ti pilf, nwod gniht ym tup. If you got a big [INAUDIBLE]
let me search ya, find out how hard
I got to work you. It’s your ti esrever dna
ti pilf, nowd gniht ym tup. It’s your ti esrever dna
ti pilf, nowd gniht ym tup. (TALKING) Name
three people you’d love to do a music
collaboration with? Alicia Keys, Lady
Gaga, Miley Cyrus. What’s your favorite curse word? [BLEEP] What’s the most unusual
thing that creeps you out? Um, knees. Knees? Yes. Look at his knees. OK, sorry about that, everyone. Who was your first
celebrity crush? Oh, that would be Johnny Cash. What was the last lie you told? The last thing I said. [LAUGHTER] Now we’re playing a game
tonight called tequila or water, or there’s whiskey or tea? Tequila or water. Tequila or water? [INAUDIBLE] Down the hatch. OK, here we go. Oh my god. And then we’re going
to find out together. Tequila. That was tequila for sure. Mine is tequila. Hey, we just won an award
for a song called Tequila. [INAUDIBLE] Ay, it all makes sense. Sweet tea. Cheers! Oh crap. Tequila. And before you go, can you
give us an acceptance speech? Well, I really didn’t
expect this one. Thank you so much. And I’m getting a song as well? She’s playing you off. Now she’s playing you off. Your speeches overrun. It’s gone too long. I don’t even want
to go to the awards. I’m just going to
come hang out here. And that’s how you have a
good time on the red carpet at the 61st Grammys. Grammys– Right, Mary? Yay! You have fun? I’m having a blast. That tequila is good. [APPLAUSE] Oh, thank you, Mary and Andy. That was great.

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