Mary Celeste: Cfare Ndodhi me Anijen Fantazme (SHQIPtube)

Mary Celeste: Cfare Ndodhi me Anijen Fantazme (SHQIPtube)

Brave Browser reduces page load time and improves performance, resulting in reduced battery consumption in your phone. No browsers other than Brave Browser does not have proper privacy protection your information. With your old browser you have paid to browse through watching ads while Brave is the future of the internet you are not the product of The data is kept secure The trackers cannot steal your information. Ship Captain Dei Grata was sailing east of the Azores on December 5th 1872 when he saw a ship in the middle of the sea. The captain approached and saw the ship Mary Celeste, the ship that had left New York 8 days before him and was now in love to arrive in Genoa but the ship had turned into a Ghost. During the control of the ship saw that there was only one lifeboat missing passenger. The alcohol load was unaffected as was the food. Ship was abandoned, but what happened to the passengers, did they leave the ship deliberately or is something more mysterious because a crew of a ship with no trace disappear it’s really a mystery that has been going on for almost 150 years and still no one explanation. The Mary Celeste ship is one of the greatest mysteries in maritime history. Tall For years, there were various theories about pirates, ghosts and even monster sea. Why abandon ship when there was 6 months of food and water supply? sufficient. Ship Captain Benjamin Gribbs, his wife, two-year-old daughter and Sailors are the people who disappeared to never be seen again. A captain like Benjamin would leave the ship only in diving, but the situation did not it was so heavy. Some people believed that the crew had been drinking too much alcohol massacred others before leaving with the rescue ship, but was not found no signs of violence. Another theory is that pirates attacked and killed everyone people on the ship but nothing was looted, no precious objects missing. Some other people suspect that the Aliens have kidnapped them all members of the ship, but even this claim may not be true because Mary Celeste is found in the most orderly way possible. There are many different theories about this ghost ship what happened crew. But only one Theory is more reliable than the coal we found to be the ship was carrying and for this reason there is a possibility that the captain had ordered abandoning the ship as he thought it would sink. But again there are many the riddle of choosing why they never became alive ?. As for the boat damn it was destroyed and left to sink to the bottom of the ocean so that no one would she brought back all the secrets and mysteries she still held in her grave eternal.

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