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  1. Lyrics:

    In the forest, I did hear a most curious sound…

    of martyred mice locked in debate, quite seemingly profound.

    "To do or not?" "To die in thought!" the mice went on and on,

    and so i sat beneath the crown, watching their time count down.

  2. Dude, this is really, really fucking amazing! I hope I'm not gushing because I'm a long time fan but gosh darn it, is it wonderful to see you getting improved each time lol. I bet this took a while to finish, huh? What program did you use for moving stuff?

  3. im so amazed by your animation!!! it's so stylish and atmospheric! can't wait to see another ones in the future!!
    martyred mice just brighten up my day

  4. I really love the flash animation style I'm getting from this!! It's been really cool seeing you put out videos like this, and I have to say this has two elements I really love seeing from you. Fable-like philosophy going on, and a seemingly endless forest. I'm not sure how to better elaborate there, but the squirrel comic, the caged mice, Hylsjest' Prison, Disconnect in-, Marrow, truth in warmth, and some others are all ones that really ping either of those and resonate for me. Forests seem to be a recurring element, and it's one I've grown really fond of in what you make.

  5. I love Big Hat Snufkin

    Animation's cute as heck and I love the style you went with for the backgrounds! Ending gave me chills, really effective.

    Mad props for the music and lyrics too, it fits perfectly and could easily be mistaken for a classic from a fable or something. In fact, I kinda did just that and tried to look up the source. Oops.

  6. This is so cool and interesting…you don't make many animations but I'm already looking forward to more. I really like Mirth's design, they're cute!

  7. Goodlordie i don't know how to express my love for this but it is very great neat and unique i've been watching you here and from my previous youtube for years now and am excited for every new upload your videos are very creative and just out of this world~!

  8. Damn u improved like crazy…like ur work was very vibrant before. But that graffiti kingdom animation…like I've gotta catch up on your newest work.

    Like ill always be in ur debt for you inspiring my music.

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