Maegan Gregory: BULQ Reseller Spotlight

Maegan Gregory: BULQ Reseller Spotlight

I fell in the YouTube rabbit hole where I
was like “oh, this person resells! Oh, this person resells!” And, I just saw that there were so many people
doing it, saying they were making money. So, I asked my hubby after we watched a bunch
of videos “like, how much money can I invest in this?” And he said “$400.” So, I took that $400 and bought two lots,
and now I don’t even know how many lots I’ve bought, and we’re profitable! My name is Maegan, and I’m a reseller. I own my own business, I do hair. I graduated high school early and my parents
said “You’re too young to go to college, so you can either go work full-time or you can
go to tech school.” And I’ve been doing hair ever since. Every day is completely different. I can work anywhere from two hours to 12 hours. I’ll cut hair, I color hair, I do eyelash
extensions. When I’m a little slower, I don’t like to
just sit around, I have to be doing something, I have to be making money somehow. I resell on the side just to fill my time
and make a little extra money. There’s definitely anticipation for a sale,
and when you get that first one, you usually do a happy dance and you celebrate because
it’s really exciting, because it’s money. Reselling provides two sources of income-
the revenue from the video that we post and the profit from the items we sell. My YouTube channel is an outlet to be super
creative. When I first started, it was hair tutorials,
and it slowly evolved into reselling. My husband will unbox with me and he’s usually
the comic relief in the unboxing videos. We open the box and we pull everything out
one by one. My puppy usually has to sniff everything. He has to approve what we bought. If it’s a stuffed animal or something fluffy,
he just goes *biting noise.* He has the cutest little trot and he just runs away and hides
with it. And then it’s usually a puff ball by the end
of the video, but he’s happy. Mercari and eBay are definitely the two platforms
I mostly use. I list on both platforms, whichever sells
faster is where it goes. You get double the exposure for not much more
work. Reselling itself is pretty straightforward,
but it was hard to find a good source. The best thing about reselling and using BULQ
is you can do it from pretty much wherever you want to instead of going out to the store
and spending hours having to source things. Just take the leap! If you’re wanting to resell, you definitely
have to invest in yourself and invest in your own business.

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  1. Maybe don't encourage people to aid in the destruction of the planet by combining an MLM with what is essentially the perpetuation of hoarding useless junk that is going to be thrown out in a few years.

    What happens is you buy a pallet, many pallets will come missing the most valuable items, you sell barely half, and then you're left with piles and piles of trash and useless plastic crap in your home that you'll probably be too lazy to sell, so you just throw in the trash to be taken to a landfill to not decompose for thousands of years.

    Why do you purposely go out of your way to make the world a worse place than it already is? Go volunteer your time at a nonprofit, go make some designs for RedBubble, or check out Skillshare where you can grow as a person. Learn how to upcycle clothing from thrift stores to sell online. People will always pay more for something handcrafted. Rather than spending what is possibly the only life you'll ever have by peddling plastic crap at people.

    Jesus. This is what happens when you spend all of high school trying to be popular rather than developing yourself as a person.

    Here, this is what you all sound like:

  2. great video – and always good to hear about success. I have purchased "several" cases, and my first pallet today from Bulq. Also source from several other places. Yes, it can be done – and I will be doing YouTube vid's of some of these adventures soon!

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