Maate Mantramu || A Romantic Comedy Short Film || By Psy Creations

Maate Mantramu || A Romantic Comedy Short Film || By Psy Creations

I’ll never betray your trust Joe. I promise! How many times do I look at the same designs? Gosh! When will this guy come? Let’s go! There she is! Hi! I’m Sam, We even chatted on Facebook, remember? What! You are Sam?? Unrecognizably different Facebook profile picture Yeah! That’s me. Why isn’t she responding? Oh! Please sit. Excuse me! You said you wanted to talk about something? I pinged you many times on Facebook. So, you might have identified my intentions by now. Hell, I could’nt identify you in the first place. How do you expect me to indentify your intentions? Jokes apart, I didn’t get your intentions. Come directly to the point. I mean, when I saw you for the first time in Physics Lab.. my heart was beating like a tuning fork. So, I got tuned to you from that moment. Hmm. Seems like you like physics a lot? No! Not physics! I like you. Ok! So? I’m sure this isn’t just a crush. This feeling will last for a lifetime. I promise! I promise! (to himself) Why is she laughiing? What now? You’re in love? Yeah! Moreover, we won’t have any compatibility issues. Why? Because we both belong to the same religio? Oh great guitar players! Let me be atleast half as proficient in guitar… You obsessed fool! What do you get from praying to photos? Focus on your work instead. Dude? People buy guitar to play it. But seems like you’ve bought it just uploading guitar pics on facebook. Don’t discourage me dude! I can’t compete with you looks wise… but what’s wrong in trying to show off on facebook? Arjuna! To get a girlfriend, it’s not sufficient just to have GLAMOUR.. but also a strong sense of HUMOUR. If not.. you’ll be confined to this room as a DREAMER! Wow! You’ve identified my problem PRECISELY.. and delivered a sermon very CONCISELY. So, what do I do next/ I say, enjoy the nature (Prakriti) Who is this Prakriti, my Lord? Don’t act too SMART. Now, before it gets too late.. We better START. What a relaxing environment! Friend Request? From a girl from our campus? It’s a girl! So I’ll accept it! Facebook Message: Hi, do you remember me? Who is this girl? Stop day-dreaming, idiot! Fine, let’s go! FB message: Sorry, I don’t He’s too much into his phone. I better escape! Where did he vanish? Message: We used to go to school in the same auto-rickshaw. .. You were in All Saints , and I was in Rosary convent. Message: Yeah, I remember. How are you? Who’s that? HELLO! Wait there! I’m coming. Hi Josephine. What are your hobbies? I’m interested in fashion designing. Nice, I’m learning to play the guitar. Hmm. Who’s your best friend? No!
My best firiend is my mom. I share everything with my mom. Hello Abhi! You finish that work and leave! Ok, fine. Hey! Where are you going? Erm… I have to attend my boyfriend’s birthday party. And you are telling this now? You can scold me later! It’s getting late. Bye! Every one of these girls have a boyfriend, as if it’s compulsory to have one! RJ on Radio: Valentines Day weather report. Maximum temperature: 143 degrees Chances of a heavy rain of roses today! If you know what I mean. Love n the air: 100% You’re listening to… .. the same thing over and over. Walking alone on Valentine’s day! This guy’s life looks great! Why am I single when there are so many girls in the campus? Idiot! Because of excessive caste feeling! No dude, if the girl is from our community, we’ll be more compatible. You narrow-minded fool. Talk about caste next time, and I’ll break your legs. So, no caste feeling, you say. Atleast a little? Wait! I’ll show how open-minded I am. Check out my religious tolerance. What’s he talking about? Hello Joe!
No! Hello Joe! Are you free? Can we talk? Joe: Yeah, tell me. I have a small problem. I don’t know whom to share it with. You share everything with your mom, right? Then tell her. Oh! I mean, we can’t speak about a few things with adults right? Then, speak to your friend Ravi! Him? He doesn’t understand half of what I speak! And why are you suggesting options, when I believe that you are my best friend? Joe: Sorry, tell me, what’s your problem? Erm.. Erm.. I love you Joe! Joe: What the hell! What’s this all of a sudden? I love you… (mocking) Wait! You’re dead meat in my hands! I never knew people these days are proposing like this, saying that they have a problem In the past, my father proposed to my mom by offering a rose. So, I have to keep up my family tradition. That’s why, I love you… … Daddy, I love you. My dad, he stays in Vizag.. …near Infant Jesus Church , Seetammadhara. Did I ask you? No, but can I ask you something? (nods in approval) What happened after that? Were you hurt by my reaction on the phone that day? Yeah obviously. My first ever rejection, Joe! I hate this relationship stuff. I told you many times. Joe, I’m really sorry. Just remember one thing Abhi. Your proposal didnt make any difference to me! Why does she always blurt out English when she’s emotional? .. because, I’ve always felt the same about you. ?? How could he not understand this? He finally got it! If you felt the same, why didn’t you tell before? No way, with all my ego! Anyway, I know you right from our childhood. So, i was confident you won’t slip away. Joe! I’ll never betray your trust Joe. I promise! This key doesn’t have a key chain.
My trousers don’t have a pocket. Ok, I better give the key to that pervert. Abhi? Abhi? Joe: Why did you call now? Don’t you have a class? I was talking to you all night Joe. How can I attend the classes when I’m sleepy? What is he upto inside! My bad luck! Hey you, I slided my key under the door. Ok! OK! Who was that? That was my stupid friend Ravi. Fine, shall we go have ice cream? I was about to ask! Give me 2 minutes. Where is this giraffe! Why are you standing outside? Don’t you have a key? What? I told you I slided it under your door. Didn’t listen? It’s ok, unlock your door. Actually, when you told me… Key.. Door..
I could make out only these three words.. So… I think he asked me to slide MY key under his door. Yo! Swag! Where is your key? My key? Do you have a spare key? Now, how do we get inside!!!!! Thank God! Just a dream. Always in your own romantic world, huh? What non-sense! Sorry.. Joe, I have a practice session,. Have to go the music room. That room is the one that looks like a Satanic abode right? That environment gives us feel, Joe! I’ll call you after the session, because the seniors don’t like
any interruptions. Fine. Bye, then. Oh my God! What’s she doing here? What’s wrong Joe? You called a lot of times? It was an emergency, Abhi! Why so?
What? I texted you the reason. You even replied. So, you actually didn’t read my texts.. erm.. yeah. That’s the only logical conclusion. It’s ok. Actually, the bus in which my dad was travelling met with an accident. But thank God, everyone is safe. Yeah, so what’s the big issue? Uncle is safe.
That’s what is important! The guy doesn’t seem to he happy at all. Why? He came to know that relationships also mean responsibilites,
and not just for fun. If he was so burdened, he should’ve told that. If things don’t work out, it’s better to break up. Exactly. Two people can become close without a reason… …but you need one to grow apart. Why is this guy moving back and forth like a pendulum? How are you so relaxed dude! Why did I propose to a Christian girl, when you mocked me? What’s even worse is that she accepted my proposal! Why do you worry? Just breakup with her.
We can relax together. Shut up! She might feel bad if I break up, because I was the one who proposed. Dude, I’ll fix this thing without you becoming a villain. I was partially responsible for all this. Now, let
me do my magic and close this. Start! Hello Abhi! Abhi: Something came up, Joe! What now, diid you break your guitar string again? No, seems like our bond is about to break this time. What happened? I got a call. Hello! Hello Abhi! This is your aunt, calling from Mandapeta! I know aunty, I saw the caller ID Intelligent boy!
By the way, how are your studies? Anyway, no need to ask,
you’ll do well No aunty, they’re just about fine. That’s all I forgot to tell. You are in a very dangerous age group Don’t waste your time going behind love and other non-sense. Recently, in the love marriage between your cousin Sattii
and a Christian girl… the girl succesfully forced him to convert to
Christianity the very next day. That’s what my aunt said, Joe! What the hell dude! You’re hurting my sentiments. Abhi: Not me, my aunt. So, why do you follow what your small-town aunty says?
Don’t you have any individuality? Disgusting! Dude, did it work? Yeah, it worked, in hurting her faith! Shut up! I’ll direct the proceedings from now on. They say, there won’t be any smoke without a fire.
Now watch me prove that wrong. Ok.. Smoke, laptop… Everything is set! What’s all that smoke? Nothing Joe. *cough* Nothing Oh my God! Have you been smoking weed or something? Sir! Someone is smoking in his hostel room. You’re right Joe. I have all the bad habits.
Maybe, *cough* I don’t deserve you. This one? Yes sir? What’s all this smoke? What are you upto? I lighted up coils because of mosquitoes, and incense sticks because of
my devotion. The combined effect of these two caused this smoke. That’s all Meet me in the office tomorrow!! I’ll give you Shirdi prashad. Ok sir, sure sir, bye sir. Warden: How could you doubt this guy? Student: Sir actually.. Sometimes, telling the truth works. She’s still online. These music band guys are spoiling you. But, it doesn’t matter how spoilt you are.
I’ll try to change you. No.. Joe: Enough. You seem to be very disturbed these days.
But you aren’t telling the actual reason. Something’s wrong. It’s Abhi on the phone! Not just something. Everything seems to be wrong! Shh. Listen to me! Very recently… How long will you take to drink a cup of coffee!
What happened after that? Abhi, you’ve not been yourself lately. Whatever might be
the reason, tell me. I can understand. What are you talking Joe? I’m happy and cheerful as always. Are you sure? Yeah. Sure! If that is true, I’m really happy. Oh really? Hello? …. It’s my friend Ravi, just a minute. Customer Care: Now get FULL talktime on RC 123 recharge. You’re FULLY drunk? *Conditions apply* Sharath also? Nobody on this side. No one on this side too.. Hey! It’s wrong! How can you do this? Very wrong! On one side, you’re planning to break up with her, and now,
you want to kiss her? Oh my God! I’m still a child. What does a kiss mean? Enough, I’m your inner soul. Fooling me is nothing but fooling yourself. Seems legit. You’ve fooled everyone. This was the only thing remaining!
Fooling yourself! Ok, sorry! What do I do now? Go and apologize to her atleast now. Or else, God
will never forgive you. Exactly! See Abhi! These days, good people get nothing.
When you get an opportunuty, grab it! Well said!
Dude, the place is right, the time is right. You can tell the
truth later, tell her what you actually want now. Oh Lord! He has swayed to the Devil’s side! Maybe, that’s why he is repeatedly calling Joe, to apologize
for his misdeeds. Joe! I’ll never betray your trust Joe. I promise! Joe, I have to tell you the truth. What? I tried to hide it for many days, but here goes.. I knew it. You knew? How? Because at one point, I too felt the same about this
relationship. So, you mean to say that you got inspired from
your surroundings? Right! I used to stay away from these things, but I changed. Ok, but are you not angry at Abhi for playing all
these tricks on you? No one is perfect Sam, but everyone is unique.
Whatever he did, finally he kept his promise. If you look at the positive side, all these
hiccups don’t matter. Wow!You have aheart as wide as the world!
(mocking) But, this WIDE heart isn’t wide enough to accommodate
another relationship. I understood that long back. But I didn’t get one thing. Why is Abhi calling repeatedly, and why are you not taking his calls? Oh that? By the way, we become good friends after this incident. Friendship is built on truth. So, you must’ve become closer
by being truthful to each other. Yes, we recognizzed we had a lot more in common.
Also, we’re going shopping now. He’s waiting outside. Where? So, he’s been calling all the time , from THERE? He’s always in a hurry. His hurriedness resulted in all this. So they’re going shopping together? Any specific reason? To shop for Abhi’s fashion show. I was the designer.

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  1. Abhi performance peaks. I am sure you will rock the silver screen. Waiting for your tollywood entry bhayya.  Choose more better shortfilm directors next time.

  2. You rocked it abhi! The film is a great watch.Eagerly awaiting your entry in  tollywood.Moreover the direction was fabulous as well.

  3. Hello abhi bhayya dis iz vasanth from abudhabi… avaru chepparu bhayya neku antha talent ledani superb acting bhayya ne expressions valle nen repeated ga watch chestunanu.. awesome direction bhayya me script ki taggattu performers ni baga select chesukunnaru.. abhi bhayya velyte whatsapp num…. and satya sister ur castings are gd 

  4. Awesome short movie!!! great work director…hero & heroine acted stunnin!!!!! cute concept…this z my frst comment on short films..this one made me so ….;)

  5. hindu hero + muslim heroine = no problem…,hindu hero + chirstian heroine = no problem….kanni muslim hero + hindu heroine = BJP leader INDRASEENA REDDY book case in highcourt…..emm anna meekey naa manobavalu..maaku undava….FILM makers ki eee cheap subject thappa veyrey addi dorakada…..any way…casting was soo realistic…good job ..and mainly whole movie is soo colorful….hope you will come up with good subjects in future….

  6. Starting with .. this is my first comment on a short film.. the film is simply awesome… especially dialogues are with nice sense of humour and they really make a sense unless like other short films where the dialogues are with punches but no timing.. locations are nice.. attitude presented by the lead roles are superb… Keshav chandra's role is  good. totallty its a directors piece.. i loved the sequence of attarintiki daredi where he bends on his knees.. good work boss (y) all the best for your future projects

  7. And abhi, jo and team acting is too natural… keep bringkng this type of movies… all the very best to on screen n off screen people…

  8. chalo heroin ni manchi character lo choopinchave …. before short filims lo deyyam characters vesindi .. nice to see her like this …

  9. nenu Btech lo unna feel vachindi, enni short films chusha but edi different ade "BITS 
    Pilani" or etc elite institutes lo  aa attitude vachestadi ante .. kani abhiram and keshav chandra mee faces chustunte naku edo cinema chustunattu anipinchindi serious ga meevi cinematic faces hero and comedian nee chustunattu anipinchindi .. tollywood/kollywood lo try cheyochu or elage short films or edina acting lo continue kandi. aa faces chuste inka chudali anipinche faces andariki a face undadu.

    All the Best suman, abhiram, keshav chandra.

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  11. the movies is awesome and the music and the background work is superb.the hero abhi and joe done their roles pretty superb.more over this is a superb one worth watch short film
    good work team

  12. Joe you are super… completely natural … Abhi acting is not much natural .. play n direction kevvu keka.. want to see more from the super team .. thanks to the team .. this proves talent is hidden in india but needs chance… gr8

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  14. superb bro…………awesom …but avoid cast feeling………….y bcs oka ammayi sincere ga love chestundante cast feeling valla avoid cheyyaddu

  15. last lo car was unnecessary… pedithe bagundedi….three main characters…hero, heroine and hero's friend Ravi did a good job….

  16. I liked the quick wit script dialogues and liveliness with so many characters you could finish each scene fully to bring authentic feeling. Inspired by the fast pace and confusion.
    Great performances by the actors you guys must visit Kerala.

  17. Mmmm… Christian Ammayi ani telisi kuda propose chesi.. malla Christian Ammayini vadilinchu kodaniki pichhi pichhi plans vesi.. malla Christian ammayithoo friendship, shopping lu… inko sari short movies lo Religion part petti.. pichhi pichhi kathalu padithe.. Case vesi pada dobbutha..


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