LOVE Beyond RELIGION | TB Joshua

LOVE Beyond RELIGION | TB Joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua is busy praying for those in attendance at the Friday healing and deliverance service, at The SCOAN. From Niger State. This is water? This is water, man of God. Ask him whether he will give me a drink. Here we see Prophet T.B. Joshua taking a flask from the man and drinking the water within, showing us that God’s kind of love is unconditional. God says, “Love your neighbour as yourself”. Love your neighbour irrespective of colour or creed. After drinking some of the water the Prophet playfully loops the flask on his own arm, making the man feel happy and “at home” in an unfamiliar environment. This is the love of God. Giving the elderly man a loving embrace Prophet T.B. Joshua prays for him, in the name of Jesus Christ, over the problems in his life. He falls to the floor under the anointing of God. LOVE Beyond RELIGION | TB Joshua He is free. Give him anything he wants to eat, anything he wants to drink. OK, I will give him accommodation to sleep here before he goes back. All right sir. Thank you very much, sir. Glory be to God. I drank his water because I love him. Yes, sir. LOVE Beyond RELIGION | TB Joshua To God be the glory. All the way… Glory be to God. TESTIMONY TIME My name is John. My name is Alhaji Gebrila. LOVE Beyond RELIGION | TB Joshua He says that he came from the Niger State. LOVE Beyond RELIGION | TB Joshua I am 65 years old. LOVE Beyond RELIGION | TB Joshua I am a cattle rearer. He says he is a cattle rearer, that is the work he does for a living. Can he tell us the problem that brought him here today? LOVE Beyond RELIGION | TB Joshua I had a stomach ulcer but I’m now healed. Can he explain to us how did he feel when the man of God touched him at the prayer line? LOVE Beyond RELIGION | TB Joshua I am OK, I thank God; I feel healthy. I’m strong now, thank you. He feels good and all things passed out. Can he demonstrate; touch the stomach to confirm that he is completely healed? Can he tap the stomach? LOVE Beyond RELIGION | TB Joshua Thank you, I’m healed. It is finished. STANDARD FOR LIFE I’m Pastor Kenneth from Niger State, Nigeria. The person standing beside me here is Baba Alhaji Gebrila. Thank you very much. Who are the rest of the people that have come with you here today? They are our brothers from Niger State. We came together to The SCOAN for prayers and deliverance. We can recall seeing Baba Gebrila at the prayer line at the Friday’s healing and deliverance service at the church, where the man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua met our father here. We can recall the bottle of water that attracted the Prophet to him, and Prophet drank the water. Can you tell us what was it that originally brought our father here to The SCOAN? Our father here was having a stomach ulcer for many years. He was not able to eat; he was not able to sleep. When he was watching Emmanuel TV, people told him that if he came here, he would be healed. He decided to come. They then gathered money and chartered this vehicle down to The SCOAN for prayer. We heard about The SCOAN through Emmanuel TV. We watch every Sunday and other days. LOVE Beyond RELIGION | TB Joshua What brought me here was the problem of stomach ulcer and as I have come, the Lord has healed me. I thank God. He said that it was a stomach ulcer that brought him here. As he came, the Lord has helped him. He thanks God. LOVE Beyond RELIGION | TB Joshua Now I feel OK and very strong, I thank God for that. He says that now he feels OK and very strong and he thanks God for that. Can you tell us; since the prayer of Prophet T.B. Joshua, can you eat and sleep now? How are you feeling? LOVE Beyond RELIGION | TB Joshua Now I can eat and sleep. I thank God very much. He says that now he can eat and sleep. He thanks God very much. We thank God Almighty for the wonderful grace and the miracle our Lord Jesus Christ has performed in the life of our father. Can you tell us what are the challenges that you are still facing now? The challenges we are facing now are that we need about 12,000 naira to take us back to Niger State because we have spent a lot of money, to the level that the man of God had to intervene to give us money to feed ourselves, and for accommodation. Now we are broke and we need about 12,000 naira to settle the driver to go back to Niger State. Right now we would like to present you the gift on behalf of Prophet T.B. Joshua. This is a gift of 20,000 naira for transport back to your state. LOVE Beyond RELIGION | TB Joshua Thank you very much. He says, “Thank you” They all say, “Thank you very much”. Not only that; man of God has also got another gift for you. This is a gift of 40,000 naira. That’s a gift of 5,000 naira per person here. This is the gift. LOVE Beyond RELIGION | TB Joshua He said, “Thank you very much; we are very grateful. The giving does not stop there. The Prophet has also given you a bag of rice per person. That is 8 bags of rice all together. LOVE Beyond RELIGION | TB Joshua This is a gift of 20,000 naira for your transportation back to Niger State, 40,000 naira – a cash gift of 5,000 naira to each person, 8 bags of rice; 1 bag per person. LOVE Beyond RELIGION | TB Joshua Mohammed Baba
Niger State, Nigeria. I thank the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, Jesus will repay him for all his goodness. When we arrived here, I was wondering how they would pay me my money for transporting them back to Niger State because I’m the driver. When we arrived, we didn’t even have any money buy food. We were hungry but now we thank God and we thank Prophet T.B. Joshua. He gave food to all of us that are here. We thank Jesus Christ. We have just listened to the driver of the vehicle that brought these all people from Niger State, the northern part of Nigeria. They said they came to The SCOAN. When they came they were unable to pay their transportation fees. The man of God paid for the transportation fee of each and everyone of them. He even gave the driver a cash gift and also bags of rice for everyone. The driver said he was very grateful and thankful to God Almighty for using the man of God to do such things, because he has been thinking of how he was going to get the money and to take them back to the Niger State. These were the things he was thinking about. He is happy now that the man of God sorted it out, called him and paid the transportation fee for everyone, and even gave them extra cash gifts and bags of rice. He is happy and thankful for what God Almighty has used man of God to do in the life of these people, that have come from Niger State in the northern part of Nigeria. I want to appreciate the name of the Lord for Prophet T.B. Joshua, We came to this place and he has been so good to us. When we came we were broke. He gave us accommodation. He fed us up to this point and now we are going back. He didn’t only heal Baba and heal our diseases and sicknesses, he also gave us cash gift. We thank God for everything that he has done in our lives. May the Lord bless him; may the Lord reward him. Grateful to God for the gifts of 5,000 naira each, making a total of 40,000 naira, in addition to 20,000 naira they received for their transport back to Niger State, 8 bags of rice and a bottle of Anointed Water each, they load up their vehicle with the bags of rice and the few items they came with. With everything ready they set about getting into the car. With the wave they are off on their long journey back to Niger State; healed, happy, and thanking Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord! We believe you have been inspired by the clip you have just watched. Click here to subscribe, to witness more of God’s power at work in our generation today and stay up to date with the latest prophecies, deliverances, sermons and testimonies from the Synagogue Church of all Nations Emmanuel TV – changing lives, changing nations and changing the world.

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  1. Prise the Lord Brother Joshua, my two sons like to see your miracles very much we are in prayer for you always thank you

  2. Thank you, Prophet TB Joshua, you are trully a servant of God. I love you being obedient to God concerning His people.

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  5. Jesus came into this world to an example to follow. Prophet TB Joshua is following JEsus’ example. If all of us follow Jesus CHRIST example then what a beautiful world we live in.

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  7. In spite of all the hate and all the accusations by people that he is using demonic powers, this man has shown love to the people of God more than all the Nigerian pastors put together. I am moved by this show of love to these Fulani people.

  8. Amen and amen…thank you lord jesus for using our friend and brother t.b Joshua and all them brothers that help in his ministries..🤔


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  11. I, no the source of his power, all came from GOD true love of his children . My prophets l which you longer life.

  12. I am soo touched Lord please grant me nd my family the humility to sit nd learn nd practice your will from my Papa TB Joshua in Jesus Christ name I pray Amen

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  18. This is a genuine Man of GOD! The USA prosperity preachers should learn from him to be sincere, humble and full of love and sincerity! Two Thumbs Up for our King and Lord JESUS Christ!

  19. Praise GOD that uses TB Joshua to leal the elderly man but also bless him and his friends with cash money and bags of rice. JESUS is wonderful and we all thank GOD for raising T B Joshua.

  20. Tv Joshua is only one to sew the poor and healed the sickness people GOD BLESS and GOD give you long life and POWER TO SAVE people to all kind of SIN in this world . THANK You YAHWEH AND THANK YOU JESUS CHRIST NAME ALMIGHTY .

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  22. There is no boundary for love wether you are a powerful man in this world or just a simple man, just a matter of acceptance, much love and blessings to you man of God!

  23. Prophet TB Joshua. Please prey for my son Ritesh.he is suffering from pzyphrenia and high blood sugar. His both ears r not working. He can't hear.

  24. We wish god will do more for you papa the way you are so kind to this world he really chose to see your heart chose you seeing what you can do to people chose you to be the shoulder that the whole nation is crying to you of course you are not alone you are with your partners but your face is the one appearing a lot in everywhere many people they look up to use many people they believe if they come and see you there problem will be solved I am having also some problem and I said I will manage to try to come there by the grace of god God will give me money to bring my family there because we have been having so much difficulty my grandson also his born with defect in his body we believe that he can be heal and be corrected when we come there with him because he's a boy and he need to grow up as a boy not grow up as a handicap like that by the grace of God we will be keep watching this channel and we will be praising and worshipping with you we thank you so much and this video it touched my heart so much the way how you did it those people you have them a lot blessing and blessing and blessing and blessing from God

  25. Vraiment j'admire le courage du vieux papa là que Dieu soit loué de sa guérison et c'est vraiment très rare que le Prophète Abu son l'eau

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  29. According to my observations TB Joshua is the most anointed man of God among those who teaches on pulpit, he never talk against anyone in his church, he has a love of God in his heart.

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  32. Inilah namanya kerendahan hati. Walalupun sodara kita yg bersamma bpk itu adalah seorang hamba Tuhan jga.. Nmun ia dengan rendah hati dtg kpd tb. Joshua…. Krn memang semua hamba Tuhan dipakai dan dipilih Tuhan… Tpi ketahuilah.. Setiap orang punya karunia yg berbeda. Mengakui dan menerima oramg lain dipakai Tuhan lebih dri kita adalah suatu bentuk kerendahan hati yg LUARBIASA. Krn jmn skrg ad bnyk yg menghujat dan memfitnah tb Joshua… Bahkan pra hamba Tuhan… Krn mrka iri hati dan membiarkan setan menfuadai pikiran mrka. Namun,, apapaun kita,, siapapun kita sbagai anak Tuhan.. Kita harus berani mengakui keberhasilan dan kelebihan orang lain dr pd kita. Itulah ujian terbesar.. Mau mengakui dan berdoa bagi orang yg lbih baik dr kita. Gbu all. Thaks for God. Immanuel tv and tb. Joshua.

  33. David, Joseph n Solomon didn't leave dis world but zey left wiz us prophet TBJ ur no where to find daddy. ur amazig people should copy ur manners those Hu claim to be servants of God

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