Los Angeles Lakers vs Phoenix Suns Full Game Highlights | 12.02.2018, NBA Season

Los Angeles Lakers vs Phoenix Suns Full Game Highlights | 12.02.2018, NBA Season

Both November, let’s get to the starting lineups. First of all for the Lakers You take a look at him in we’re gonna get to the D point guard for this Phoenix Suns team I mention up a poor start works in their franchise, but I am apologizing profusely For saying tonight instead of that delivers three ball is off target Lonzo. It’s his answers. That is dissipation I talked about him and a good feed that Kuzma defense two offers UCLA former Lakers champion along with his walk Into the corner corner threes are his specialty yeah wide open you George of his shots from three-point Lane and he’s been on a downtrend shooting the last couple of games not tonight so far slam don’t want some blows it away got off the air tried to find LeBron and a reason has eight points a Taken by kuzma tapped it away from Ariza jusnow to LaVon down the middle and jump out a beautiful humanism to LeBron James So he’s on the scorecard at least Brookers beautiful the first gate and the Lakers turn it over again That’s number five here early on that’s the seasonality open up by eight six turnovers already in the game six in the UH played six minutes Booker the letter and they are just up the floor with after all these turnovers and making life easy for themselves game broke down if it goes it goes Rebound is taken by Keaton on the offensive end Ariza hold and fly it right side doesn’t matter where he is He’s business played by foot toe injuries Booker’s Toppled his way back kuzmic gets hit very deed that can’t laugh as good origin that they want someone To play points with the heat and go back to his nap before Shot right before the seasons again Run down, so there’s great career numbers, but Jackson plan as well as hair And he’s got eight points five boards that an assist in ten minutes McClung attaching again The air again down to three have that issue double LeBron no say, oh that’s good, so they bit LeBron 18 to 22 and then we split there in the last couple of games that was definitely interest rate by Jacksonville off to dribble a scoop pass from his ankles Lonzo throws it into the little honey bees Lea little one-on-one with Ryan Anderson in front of him Henderson have played at seven in a row 18 and 9 a group Beasley thought about it catch a three-point chance for Beasley He was out easily across the time line. He’s into the frontcourt Beasley all the way Now battles to against the Bruins see They shot come on – timeout with the back screen for the law and Booker back into the game They have to have him on the floor Deb is what reported the NBA In turnovers She’s out there a lot and they need him out there a lot going into his dad’s was bra And he hits it for the out for you To get the Box down not just Dan and hoping to box out the rookie from Arizona ain’t gnaww away stores chose for the basketball so an offensive opportunity for the Lakers such a chance screws much history is By Kunz on devin booker and allowed. So to get your TRO love it. Here comes LeBron bounced a Bench LeBron with nine to shoot and got it right in his face. What’s going to do Lobo? Wolf point off the tunity. We’ve got the leader all-time in for they’re going to turn it over again, though So the Lakers that’s gonna catch Up for bridges. Did you sit I’m not going in there Whoop civilian good try it again where it did but Javon after surgery on his right hands It’s it’s September. So it’s not once it gets been another day out. There’s that Chandler tap Will ball fake by LeBron 9. No Jamis first basket of the game ten point lead Crawford conspiring tonight splashes that one probably got a real issue cookies looking to shoot two three He’s also a third of an active player his teeth games played Lakers cat bytecodes buck good 18 seconds on the game clock seven one of the shots boy at the shooting flipped to Kuzma on its way It goes Lakers to get it done here. He goes behind the back so brought all the way dishes KC Really a lob they thought about it coming out of with great and starting this half McGee Sweeper and down it go kind of backed off a bit It was a 21 to 6 close of the second quarter for the Lakers Now each team evidence of it as a first half But without Devin Booker this team is not even close to being as dangerous but a cobos corner Mr. LeBron step back LeBron swish foot for two He can never rest Kuzma cuts up way short, but he tap that it goes to phoenix here They are running off the retina needle that time was a Riza Saturday Blogs all blocked by eight not even said he can’t believe it either. It’s aspirated grasses head in his hands bridges law in steals It’s off the dribble bounce McKee Abroad all I Lakers starters at double figures. The one that is not is Lazo. Hold on five bridges Maybe they should run they’re off seven to shoot take those Little stutter step increment go figure. We’re all tips it up at in itself. It’s already this year Is it salty right now? Seven tonight across the floor? To eight weeks later under seventy percent from the free-throw line now What else this Bill’s apart Bill in fifteen points this balanced by the Lakers. That’s a good pass to Tuesday. They’re gonna take it. LBJ Oh Numbers wise one of his that seasons. Here’s the blonde heart on its way for great Rebound Off this foot is diving is Josh Hart. We’re gonna get over there boy dangles. He’s plays well against the Lakers Well, yeah, why is it one with seven assists? No other player has more than three on either team Pointer were in there in March the last two encounters What was that? Won’t it be some item might have? And hope is that the other end finishes tonight agents like you talked about well first of all you secure that’s without storm, yeah This up the end of the bench for the Lakers some guys Maybe get full vigor in easily makes him scoop to heart. He’s going to attack. He’s in attack mode now He’s gonna kick it to these Usually thought about it now. He shoot you what? This afternoon Eight back it in on Bo and he scores so couple of rookies Hmm, you’ve gathered and scored evilest Lakers of eight nine of the last ten shots Alonzo Asteroid the Saints the worst stark in their franchise history Well again, that’s locked out of a delivery Jackson Lakers off the other end was Lonzo all the way I’ve never made it back. One of the feed son should realize that Alonzo didn’t make it back So you don’t you stay back yourself and prevent off target? Move in on pops ways to do this forests step back, 3:04 Daniels Here’s Daniels You do consider, you know here is Casey PL it to think about it He scores can see Jalen Brown and then benders he was in that clearly was the fourth pick of that class Underneath story Kylie Walker Stephenson. It’s all local students mentioned vogner straightaway three On the road effect they’re gonna be three and 28 in their last 31 away from all five Rainbow town is Dirk Now what gets drawn in let’s hope it hopeless for a flower Paul’s reverse labs Walker spinning shooting clock this game has been over for a long time That there for 300 Lamp but get it only 10 seconds regaining at the game make this fans happier than This shot while I was going to say day but it’s already trigger tonight come on. It’s almost 3 o’clock Ball game over way to go Willie what 2296 a Lot of good things for the Lakers tonight, of course Helping matters Rooker went down warned didn’t play but still all in all. What’s the Lakers woke up

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  1. so stupid after all that the only highlights are baskets and blocks. there's just no tension if you watch a game like this.

  2. I Don't Understand Y The Majority of These Athletes Still Try To Take On Elite Defenders Like Javale & Tyson Chandler Knowing Their Shot Is Going To Get Blocked By Those 2 Guys

  3. They are doing some serious psychospiritual work on Beasley and Stephenson. Retraining the mind to think at a high level.

  4. LA is more in the Lakers now then we Kobe was playing let's be real right if he comes back then it's over Lakers will win it.

  5. LeBron look like one of them cousins that don't want u to play there game and cries about it in the thumbnail😭

  6. lonzo taking shots like hes playing against middle schoolers and gets his ass stuffed to the center of earth, hes such trash

  7. Alot of people seem surprised by Beasley's play this season. He was ballin last year for the NY Knicks. Old K-State Beasley has returned. Happy to see it, he was a really exciting player in college.

  8. after so many years i think lakers will be in playoffs again, but its only december lot of things will happen, if they add A. Davis they have a chance.. but as what greats said do not bet against lebron 🙂

  9. c'mon everybody always remember haters are the only problem here they're the one making things worst because they aren't happy with their lives though simply because you guys are dumb lazy Idiots wasting your whole life in front of the TV and killing yourself with your outrageous lifestyle but here's the thing I bet one day you all wake up worshipping The Patel's good luck to you pathetic ones.

  10. 3:46 Mark of video , MASTER. PS The only thing Javale Mcgee needed to start playing like this is for shaq to call him out on live media Now a look At Him BALLIN!!!!😁

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