Live PD: The Best of Tulsa, OK | A&E

Live PD: The Best of Tulsa, OK | A&E

Couple of our
guys spotted a car that they tried to stop for
a traffic violation, I guess, and the car immediately
took off on them. [siren blaring] OK, right now they’ve just
got one running over at Apache. Coming at us, coming at us. Wow. So they’re definitely going. Keep going north.
The other way, left. Left, left, left. Right this tree right here. They went– they went north. Go right at this– right here. They’re going back
out onto Apache. Right here, right
here, right here. Watch the dips.
Watch the– oh. Watch the ditch. There’s three of
them right here. Yeah, there’s three.
OK. Luckily, we were all
in the area close. They tried to make a
turn, they lost control. Crashed into a house. Did you see the front tire? It’s a donut! [laughter] A bald donut! How do you– I mean,
they were hauling ass. Probably gonna be stolen. We’ll go ahead and run the VIN.
– Come on, Young. How old are you?
– 14. Whose car you guys was in? I don’t know. You don’t know. Where you stay at? No [bleep]. Where? We’ll bring him over here to– oh my god! I just stepped in a one– [bleep] hole of
water that went– Dude. My whole foot is soaked! – You’re having a rough night.
– Oh! Dude, I stepped in
a thing of water. Let me see your hands! You guys got another one? Roll out! Roll out now! [suspenseful music] Ba! Keep showing
your hands up, now! [inaudible] Put that hand out. Put that hand out,
or I’ll light you. It is.
It is. [bleep] My head hurts so bad. Relax. How old are you? 14? 14 years old, bless his heart. Hey, let me see
your [bleep] hands. Get your hands up. Get your hands up. Get up! There’s another guy
[bleep] hiding up there. How old are you, bro? 14? To be honest, I don’t think
they’re running just for dope. There it is. Got it, boys. That’s why you’re running.
– Ruh-roh. Ditched your gun, man. The officers end up
finding another guy hiding underneath a bush,
and then another guy actually hiding on the
opposite side of the car they crashed into. Right outside the
car, we found a gun. And now we’re going
to try to determine who the owner of the car is
and find out if it’s stolen. I don’t know
where your phone is. Probably got lost when you
took off running from us. Let me ask you
a simple question. And it’s a simple answer. Really? Is that what you’re gonna
stick with right now? Everybody’s being taken to
what we call CIC for juveniles, and they’re going to be
charged for obstruction. We’ll try to see if we
can determine later who possessed the gun at the time. I got a wet foot. Other than that,
we’re good to go. [suspenseful music] A couple officers were
sitting watching a house. When the officers are–
they’re actually getting out of their car, they see the
driver of the car physically making that movement, that
panic movement of, like, he was trying to hide something
down to his lower right side. They recognize who this guy is. He has criminal
history involving gangs and drugs and things like that. Oh, wow. Dude. Holy! They’re gonna turn–
they’re gonna start, so. [bleep]
– Whaddup? God dang. That’s what I’m
trying to figure out. What’s going on? You’ve gotten older. Y– yeah. He’ll hide it.
Keister it. Put your tongue out. Where’d all that money
come from, [bleep]?? This is the only
car mechanic in town that his hands are never greasy. He’s obviously a hider. There’s gotta be some here. We pulled up, [bleep]
was, like, frantically digging over in here. I think he got a
hand into his pants. But I’m talking, like, fast. You’ve gone down in
his pants and everything? Yeah. I mean, he might have
something down in his nuts, man. You know what I mean? Or his booty. Spread your legs. Put your toes together for me.
– I already did. Like that. They’re gonna take
you back to division. You got anything on you? I don’t, man!
Come on, let’s do it. Let’s go, man.
Let’s go. OK.
OK. Come on. I’m just saying. Instead of freaking messing
with that, whether there’s something on it or not.
– I don’t. You saying– you swearing to
me there ain’t nothing on you? I ain’t got
nothing on me, man. Let’s go.
Let’s go. Based on what they saw
when they were stopping him, he looked like he
was shoving something up in his body cavity. They called the captain
and got approval, so they’re going to go
ahead and take him up to the North Side station and do
a thorough strip search of him. All right, just head down
to the bathroom here. You know, there’s only so many
spots a guy can hide something on their person, whether
it be their pockets, sometimes in their mouth,
in their waistband, things like that. But one of the best spots that
these guys use to hide things is their rectum.
All right, man. Uh– man, we’re gonna
have you drop your drawers and we’re gonna have
you spread your cheeks, see if you stuffed
anything in there. This is your last chance.
Bam. Look, right there. Just what we thought. All right, man. This will be a possession
with intent case. It looks like he’s got
some powder cocaine. That’s a 1/2 ounce. And, like you said, he’s got
about $2,000 in cash on him. Looking from being up in the,
uh– the personal locker, as we call it.
The body cavity. That dope’s not yours? It didn’t fall
out of your booty? Really? Because I’ll tell you
right now, [bleep].. And I was just
talking to someone else about this exact
same type of scenario. I had a guy a couple of years
ago that had it up in his butt and he said it wasn’t his. And we did a DNA test on
that– we got a warrant and obtained your DNA– or his DNA, and they
compared it to the, uh, body fluids that’s on the bag. And it came back 100% his. And I promise you,
this is 100% yours. You’re sloppy. You’re sloppy. You’re not– quit selling dope. You’re not any
good at this, man. You keep getting caught. You’re not any
good at this game. He was going to conceal
it on his person and deny possession
of it literally up until it fell out of his butt. So I don’t know if he did
plan on it falling out or what, but, um– you know, he stuck to it up
until the very last second. It’s a pretty good
hiding spot, truthfully. It’s a drug proceeds warrant. The informant had told me guy’s
a heroin addict, he claims. It’s one of these old
school guys that’s from back in the day when heroin was big. He said he’s selling
heroin in large amounts, powder cocaine in large
amounts, and methamphetamine. I just drove by there. All these vehicles were
there as of an hour ago. So let’s do this, kids. [suspenseful music] It’s warrant for the money
from selling narcotics. Also included with drug
dealers, obviously, weapons to defend themselves. So that’s all included
in the search warrant. Mind this car, guys, right
here, that’s staying up here. It might be him. You know what it
looks like, Danny? All right, come on. Yeah, he’s tall. He’s 6′ 1″, 6′ 2″, skinny. Hey, come here. – Is that your target?
– Yeah. Come here.
Come here. – I got him.
– Right there. Don’t move, driver. Driver, don’t move. Keep your hands
behind your back. [bleep] [knocking] Tulsa Police, search warrant. Come to the door
with your hands up. Come on.
Come on out. Come on, come on. Back here. [bleep] Tulsa Police, search warrant. – There’s someone, backroom.
– Hey! Stand up. Come here, right here, now. Come out to us. Come out to us
with your hands up. Come on! Do not mess around,
whoever’s back there. Keep coming. All right, I got
my hands in the air– Not you, woman. I’m talking about who
else is back there. [bleep] Who y’all looking for? Tulsa Police, search warrant. Who else in this
house, come out now. Stepping across the kitchen.
Cover long. Cover long.
– Who y’all looking for? I got another room over here. Josh, hold– hold there. Yep. Yep, clear in here. William 30, dispatch. We just finished
clearing [inaudible] 64. She’s got a felony warrant. She does? Yeah. What hasn’t been searched yet? I don’t know! My [inaudible] ain’t coming. Is she yelling? Whoever’s out here, someone
wants to take her to jail. You can go right now. Yeah, I got warrants. I know I got warrants. – OK.
– Ready? – Mm-hmm.
– Have somebody else– Ready for closet? Oh, yeah. Look at that. We got black tar in there. Black tar in here. There’s a [bleep]-load-load of
black tar heroin over there. [bleep]
– Sticks gets in the closet. Two guns buried
back in the closet. Finds a revolver and
a semiautomatic pistol. Look.
That’s all [bleep] crack. – Oh!
– [bleep], bro. Good deal, bro.
[bleep] There’s probably close
to 10 grand in cash too. It’s [bleep] good. I mean, really good. Anytime our gang unit has a
search warrant with this type of results, it’s a huge win. You know, we’ve got trafficking
amounts of methamphetamine, trafficking amounts of cocaine. We found a bunch of heroin–
the most heroin I’ve ever seen, a couple firearms, and a
whole bunch of cash as well. This is the kind of guy,
although he’s not a gangster still to this day, he’s the kind
of guy that supplies gangsters that we typically deal with. And anytime you’ve got gang
members involved in dope sales, you know, the violence
comes along with it. So getting this off the street
and out of these guys’ hands is a great, great,
great win for us today. I’ll grab the dope. [bleep] 123 grams of heroin. So that’s trafficking. And now for the big bag. Hoo! In trouble. Crack. 89 grams of crack free weight. 50 grams of powder cocaine. 123 grams of heroin. 61 grams of methamphetamine. All of it tested positive. And then we took
him, booked him. Boom! DISPATCH (ON RADIO): [inaudible]
shooting [inaudible].. [siren blaring] Shooting in the kitchen. Oh, that’s Little
Robbie and them’s house. DISPATCH (ON RADIO): Robert
[inaudible],, it says. Told you.
Little Robbie. DISPATCH (ON RADIO):
They’re on probation. The people that live up here,
both the good and the bad. You know, I know a
lot of them intimately just from being up here,
you know, over 19 years now. Little Robbie is
what he goes by. He’s a little dude. He’s, like, 5′ 5″, 5′ 6″. Laying down in the yard.
That’s his house. Told you. He’s laying down. Where you hit at, bro?
Your chest? All right, man. We got MC here. Who was it? Robbie, talk to me, bro. Hey, man. [groaning] I know you ain’t
gonna have nothing. Who was it, bro? OK.
He what? – Is it cool if I cut his shirt?
– Yeah, yeah, yeah, go ahead. Who was it, bro? Who you into to
it with right now? I mean, I know
it’s from Hoover’s. Roll over, roll over. OK, that’s what I’m saying– He’s gonna take
good care of you. – Robbie.
– Take some breaths for me, OK? Robbie. Robbie, relax, bro.
Hey. – Relax, bro.
– Robbie. Listen. I need you to talk with me, man. I know how the
streets are out here. But you’re hit in
the chest, bro. In case this thing goes
bad, we need to know who we need to go after. Yeah, I got you, man. – Talk to me buddy.
– All right? [bleep] – I’m gonna roll you over–
– Hey. Listen.
Hey. Robbie, you know me
and you don’t get along too well out
here, but I’m– we gonna find who did this, man. He’s got three small
calibers to the right chest. – [groaning]
– Robbie. Lay flat for me, bud. We’re gonna pick you up and
put you in my truck, OK? – Talk to me, bro.
– Good deal. Good job.
Good job, man. Your lungs still working, OK?
– You good, bro. I need you to focus
on taking good breaths. Take them deep breaths.
Hey, Robbie. – My name’s Chris.
– Robbie. These guys are gonna do what
they do to take care of you. Let us do what we do.
OK? I know it’s gonna be
someone from Hoover, man. Who was it? OK. Yeah, tell me, bro. I know– Robbie, we ain’t–
that’s what I’m saying. We ain’t seen you
since that search. Since you got out of prison,
man, we ain’t hardly see you. I’m not– I don’t– – I know.
– OK. OK, what kind of car was it? Can you at least give me that? It was a Taurus. – A Taurus?
– Yeah. – What color?
– Maroon. Maroon?
Like a older one, newer one? Yeah, like a older model. Tinted windows or anything? No tints. – How many dudes was in it?
– Three. – Three?
– Robbie. Hang on.
Hang on. Hang on, hang on. OK?
Hang on. Hang on.
– [groaning] It’s gonna be rough until
they get you in there. Robbie, who was it, bro? You don’t know names? – Maroon car.
– OK. [phone ringing] Who do you want– you
want me to call somebody? You already call any family? That’s his [bleep]. All right. Hello? Hey– hey, man. This is the police department. This is Sticks from
the police department. Robbie got shot. Yeah, he’s right– he got shot
in the front yard of his house. We’re out here right now. They’re loading him
in the ambulance. How many times
you get hit, buddy? Just once?
– All right. All right. Robbie, you want
your phone, man? Yeah. I’mma shove this
in your pocket, OK? You really don’t
know who did this? What’d they say– Maroon Taurus. Right. [groaning] Like a– like a– say what? Can we meet you
at the hospital? – Yeah, that’s good.
– Sorry about that. We’ll– we’re fine. He says they just pulled
up and then capped him. So he’s hit– Do y’all know him? He’s a neighborhood
49 Crip guy. He actually– since
he’s been out of prison, we haven’t had much
to do with him. He’s been laying low. The victim’s shot in the chest. He’s got a through
and through wound. It didn’t look like
it hit anything vital. So he was transported
to the hospital right away, gonna be
taken into surgery. We had no other witnesses
out there at the scene, so we’re reaching out
to all our informants. Word’s passing around
quickly, so we’re hoping with that passing around
and once it starts hitting social media, one
of our informants will get some information,
be able to at least pass us some street names on
who might be responsible for it. He’s scared.
– He thought he was gonna die. I mean, he didn’t care
whose hand was grabbing. He needed somebody– to
hold somebody’s hand, ’cause he thought he was dead. Yeah. All right, guys. It’s Robert Thomas,
Little Robbie’s house. He’s a 49 Crip. You guys all know who he
is, what he looks like. Black male, this tall. I wrote the warrant–
search warrant for a gun, for possession of firearm AFCF. All right. [suspenseful music] [taser clicking] Man, we’re on our
way to a search warrant at Little Robbie’s house. This is the same guy
that four or five weeks ago was shot in the chest. He’s laying down. Where you hit at, bro? It’s all right, man. We got MC here. Who was it? Robbie, talk to me, bro. He was hit by a
rival gang member and was laying out
in the front yard. You know, at that moment
he was scared to death, thought he was gonna die. He actually asked
to hold my hand. Yeah, I got you, man. – Talk to me buddy.
– All right? Tell me where you’re
hurting the most. – Hey.
– I’m gonna roll you over, OK? Listen.
Hey. Robbie, you know me
and you don’t get along too well out here, but I’m– we gonna find who did this, man. He ends up in the hospital, he
gets treated for his wounds. A few weeks later, we try
to– we’re trying to track him down to work the case. Finally, he tells us, hey,
I don’t want to cooperate. He’s just leaving
it in the streets, which means there’s going to
be retaliation in the streets. And here we are, a
short time later, heading back towards his house
to try to catch him with a gun. All right, here we go. [suspenseful music] [dogs barking] [banging] Tulsa Police, search warrant! Come to the front door! Hit it again. [banging] Tulsa Police, search warrant! Come to the front door! – We’re going in.
– Step out. [inaudible]
– Yep. Cover the hallway. Tulsa Police, search warrant! Hey, Tulsa Police,
search warrant. The stove’s on. Where’s Robbie at? Yeah, these are probably
all his clothes. The thing is, though,
he’s not here. I bet the gun’s gone too. God dang, dude. – It sucks.
– Yeah. Little Robbie’s not home. So maybe the odds of us
finding a gun are slim. ‘Cause this guy,
if he’s leaving, he’s gonna take it with him. But we’re gonna still take
our time to search the house. – Good job, Brad.
– Gun? Yeah. Nice little Glock. OK, there we go. Found a gun. Here’s a Glock,
loaded Glock 45 caliber. Inside the– underneath
the couch cushion right inside the dining room. Extremely loaded.
– Another gun? [bleep] yeah. Under the couch also?
Good deal. Good warrant then. Right next to where
we found the 45 Glock. This was laying there
with an extended magazine, and there’s an extra magazine. [suspenseful music] What’s up, man? Little Robbie? Come on over here, man. Hey, Brad, your
target’s out front. Justin, where’d he come from? Came out of that
car right there. They dropped off the
guy that we were looking for in the search warrant. We get two guns off the
streets and he showed up and end up getting him in
custody is a win for us today. How you doing? He’s a grown man now. You can move his
butt out of here. Excuse me? I said he’s a
grown man, you should boot his butt out of
here so you don’t have to deal with these problems. But he ain’t got
nowhere to go, so. But he just keeps bringing
these problems to your house. Well. You’re trying to go to work,
and he keeps bringing problems. This dog needs to go. He’s a stray dog. OK, but that’s not– The dog needs to go. Can y’all take him too? We cannot. [laughing] He’s not my dog, though. He still needs to go! You’re so much
nicer today, man. Usually, you don’t like me. [phone ringing] ROBBIE’S MOM (ON PHONE): Hello?
– Mama. I love you. All right, love you, baby. ROBBIE’S MOM (ON PHONE):
Oh, Lord have mercy. OK, I love you, Mama. ROBBIE’S MOM (ON
PHONE): All right. Love you. ROBBIE’S MOM (ON
PHONE): Love you too. Fortunately, we were
able to get his guns, get him in jail before
he could retaliate against whoever shot him.

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