Live PD: The Best of Streetsboro, OH | A&E

Live PD: The Best of Streetsboro, OH | A&E

We’re going to stop this
car up here because it has– it only has one headlight. Just gonna run his plate
first, make sure he wasn’t just stopped by someone. Hello, sir. Yes sir? You have a front
headlight out. Oh my god. Just stay in the
car for right now. Did you know it was out? – No, I didn’t.
– OK. I’m sorry. That’s all right. Do you have a driver’s
license with you? If you can just
grab that for me. Where is it at? OK. You need to open the
door for that, I take it? All right.
– Yes. Yeah, you see, the
one over there is out. I don’t need this. I can’t afford that. I’m not going to give you a
ticket or anything like that. I just– the thing about it
is I just got this car sorted. I’m trying to see if it runs. Why don’t you just
sit in your car. I’ll be with you in a minute. All right, sir? I don’t need this. What’s that? This. I mean– there you go. Obviously, it can’t be going
out all the time, you know? I don’t need this. OK. I’m not going to give you a
ticket or anything for it. I’ll run your
license just to make sure you’re OK to
drive and everything, and then we’ll get
you on your way. My insurance and all that. Just stay here with
Officer [inaudible].. I’ll go run your
license quick, OK? Thanks. How are you doing, sir? WOMAN (ON RADIO):
CCW [inaudible].. CCW [inaudible]. You don’t have your
weapon with you, do you? Where’s it at? It’s in my glove box. OK, you’ve got
to tell me right when I stop you about that. I’m so sorry. I– I’m so sorry. OK. For years I’ve been
doing this and never been confronted with that. If you’re a CCW holder,
you know that’s a bad thing. I’m so sorry. Well come on back here
for a minute, all right. I’m going to have you
take a seat my car while I look over
everything, OK? OK. You want me to clear it. He’s got a load of
cash in there, too. What’s with the cash? That’s rent money. It’s rent money? Yes. OK, yeah, it’s chilling
right on top of your gun. That’s a little suspicious. Yes, I hope it’s not. It should be $3,000. OK. We’re OK to just look
around, make sure there’s nothing else in there. There’s no other firearms
or anything in there? Oh, no.
That’s the only– OK. OK. So we’re OK to search and make
sure there’s nothing else? Well, to verify there’s
no other guns in there. I’m a little– since you didn’t
tell me about the first one, I’m a little concerned there’s
something else in there, you know what I mean? So, he didn’t give
us consent to search. We got the gun out but we’re
going to run the dog around it just to see if we can
search the vehicle. That’s a lot of cash
to be rolling around especially through here with. Well, I guess we’re good? OK. So our K-9 hit on your
vehicle, so we’re going to be searching the whole thing. There’s nothing we’re
going to find in there? No drugs, narcotics,
or anything like that? Weed. There’s weed in there? Where’s the weed at? In the car. OK. – It’s in the car.
– OK. All right. All right, hang
tight, all right. OK. This container
smells like weed, and there’s a few
of them in here. So I wonder if that’s what
he’s putting stuff in? Well, there’s some weed
right there, actually. It was underneath
here the whole time. It’s double Ziploc bagged. Oh, my. It was sitting in front
of us the whole time. This was turned upside
down with that on it. Probably feels half
a pound, maybe a pound. You have a gun. I’ve got a gun. You have three grand
in cash, and you’ve got a double zipped,
airtight bag of weed. Go ahead and put your
hands behind your back. OK. You are being placed
under arrest right now, OK? So we end up finding
it about a pound of marijuana in the car. Based on that, the money,
the gun, and these couple containers here
that have weed, I think at this point we
have more than enough to say intent to sell. MAN (ON RADIO): Drug related. We’re going to get out
of here, take him back. [sirens] Sounds like we have an
unresponsive male in a car. Not sure if it’s an overdose
situation or what’s going on. The person who
called it in has been pounding on the window of the
car and they’re not responding. This looks good. 37 on scene. [pounding] Wake up. Put it in park. Put it in park. Put the car in park. Put the car in park. Do you know where
you are right now? Where are you? I am at home. Where’s home at? Streets– borough. OK. Right this second,
where are you? I don’t know. Are you in your car? Yes. Can I get out? Yes. Step out. What have you got
in your hands there? I don’t know. I just found it. You found that? Yes, sir. Can I get out? Yeah. Is the car in park? Yeah. OK. Why don’t you set that
on your seat for me, OK? Yes, sir. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.
– That’s all right. I didn’t mean to– I’m grabbing– I’m
just grabbing it. Put it down your seat. Yeah, I see that. How much did you smoke? Put your hands on the– OK. Spread your feet for me, OK? Yes, sir. Do you have
anything else on you? No. What’s in your pocket? Do you mind if I take it out? Oh, yeah, yeah,
you can have it. Here, I’ll take it out.
– What is it? It’s marijuana. Marijuana, OK.
Just put it– just put it– – Here, here.
– All right. All right.
– (CRYING) I’m sorry! It’s OK.
It’s OK. Am I going to be able
to go home tonight? Let’s just talk for a
little bit, all right? Can you please
not arrest me yet? OK. Let’s– let’s just talk
for a minute, all right. I’ll talk to you. I’m not a bad person. What’s your name? I’m a very good person. I just screwed up
just now, that’s all. So you smoked some crystal? That’s it. And I don’t do that
on the regular. I had just got that tonight
for the very first time. Look at me.
I’m fat. I do not– All right. I don’t do stuff
on the regular. OK. We’re going to have a
squad come check you out. How do you feel right now? I feel spectacular. I feel– I feel very good. That’s– I just woke up. Just take a seat
for right now, OK? I can go right– right there across– I mean, do you have crystal
in your car right now? No, you have all of it. I just gave it to you. Just that pipe? Yeah, that was it. Well, the pipe and the– uh, no, I don’t. I don’t have any crystal.
– All right. Well, I’m gonna take a look
around the car quick, all right? We’ve got a meth
pipe right here. He also has an empty
bottle of suboxone, which is pretty known around
here for helping people with their heroin addictions. I’m not going to open that here. Looks like there’s a little
bit of powder in there. So, just the way with like
fentanyl and stuff is now, we don’t want to
open it and then something ends up getting
on us or ends up hurting us. Hi. I don’t want to open this
up, but what’s in here? Oh, OK. What’s in– can
I– can I see it? Well, I don’t want you
to open it up, either. That’s probably– that’s
probably meth, that’s the meth. OK. I don’t want to
open it up, but– Yeah. But it was, like, separated
from the rest of the money. Yes, that’s crystal meth. OK. All right. Am I going to be going to jail
just, for, like, that tiny– I can’t be written a ticket? No. No, that’s not something
you just get a ticket for. I’m going to jail? Can you call my mom and see if
she can’t get me home without– No, you can’t go
home tonight, man. So how am I– I can’t let you go home
when you already admitted there’s crystal in there. We’re going to arrest him
for the crystal and then for the meth pipe. Once we get back to
the station, I’ll run him through some
sobriety testing just to see if he is under the influence. The car was in drive and
his foot was on the brake, so, luckily he didn’t– when I woke him up, he didn’t
go through the intersection or anything.
He kept his foot on the brakes. That was good, at least. Oh, it don’t go down? All right. How are you doing today? Pretty good. Driver’s license on
you, proof of insurance? I do not. This is my buddy’s car. It’s your buddy’s car? Yeah. I don’t have my license on me. OK. You don’t have a
valid license or you just don’t have it on you?
– I don’t have it on me. All right. The reason I stopped
you, OK, I was behind you for a
little while, OK, and you just kind of keep
weaving all over the place. I have a feeling
you were probably– I was trying to get
my radio straight. Get your radio straight? OK, is that what that is
on the floor down there? Yeah, it’s a radio. That’s a radio? OK. Guns?
– No. – Drugs?
– No. No marijuana,
anything like that? Not that I know of. OK, do you mind if I
take a look real quick? Yeah. OK, is there
something in here you don’t want me to find, a little
bit of weed or something? No. Not at all. I’m just– I’m on my way. I’m not doing anything wrong. I’m following the speed limit. OK. I don’t got nothing. OK. You have a valid license,
you said, and everything? – Yes.
– All right. Give me a few
minutes, all right? All right, bud. Looks like the
driver is suspended, and he’s a convicted felon. I’m going to get
him out of the car. Go ahead and step out and put
your hands on top of the car. Put your hands behind your back. This is ridiculous. What you got on you? Anything that’s
going to poke me? No. I look like a junkie? I’m just asking. I don’t want to get
stuck by anything. Yeah, I know. Maybe take a seat in
my car until we figure out what’s going on, all right? Why I got to sit in the car? Y’all love [bleep]. I’ve got a K-9
coming from Aurora. They should be here in a minute. I have a K-9 here right now. They’re going to
walk around your car. OK. OK. All right, here’s the deal, OK? The dog hit on the car. If there’s something in there,
we’re going to talk about that. If there’s not,
what’s going to happen is I’m going to release
you with a ticket. I hear it. There it goes. There it is. What do you got? Weed. Oh. There’s a gun in here. – There’s a gun?
– Yeah. Is he cuffed up? Did you search him yet? I searched him. He’s a convicted felon. He can’t be in possession
of any firearms, and we’re going to run him
back to our station right now. Well, I found a bag of marijuana
in there and a loaded gun. A gun? Yeah. Man, I ain’t got
nothing to do with no gun. Dude, that is not
my [bleep] bro. Not mine, man. The trunk did not
open as far as I knew. OK. You’re a convicted felon, OK? You can’t be in possession– – I have nothing to do–
– OK. That’s what I’m telling you. You can’t be in possession
of a loaded firearm. OK. I wasn’t in possession. I didn’t have that. OK I guess you ain’t
gonna let me use the phone like you promised neither, huh? I’ll get your phone for you. Just stand– you know, stand
by for a minute, all right. Yeah, you stand by, bro. I’m standing by. Y’all [bleep] me in the [bleep]. He’s going to be charged with
having a loaded firearm being a convicted felon, the
marijuana possession, driving under suspension, and
the marked lanes violation. No. Got a [inaudible] with
a male riding around in a four wheeler of some sort. Come over here. Yeah, you can’t be riding
that around on the street. Come over here. Come here. Bro, come over here. That’s not your house? Then what are you doing here? All right. – Come over here.
– I’m putting my– Come over here. Come over here. Yeah. You got any
warrants or something? – No, nothing–
– What’s up? – Nothing–
– Come over here. I mean, I ain’t
doing nothing wrong. Come here.
Come here. [inaudible]. Come here. So basically this guy
is sitting on a scooter, like a motorized
trike, down the road. When I stopped to talk to
him, he came flying up here, pulled into this
driveway and parked it– he parked it over there and
was kind of hiding from us. I wasn’t breaking the law. It’s 1:40 in the
morning, and you’re riding around on a vehicle
that can’t be on the road. And when I turned around,
you took off down here and tried to hide back here. I was just crossing
the street, man. I’m not out trying to
ride it around nowhere. That’s why I didn’t
even leave the– So what’s your social? I’m just right
here at the house. I have a suspicion
that you’re participating in illegal activity, so
what’s your social, man? Suspicion of what
illegal activity? What was illegal? Whose house is this again? This is Vincent [bleep] house. So if I go up there
and knock on their door, and talk to them– Yes, will you
please go get him. Yeah, we’ll do
that in a minute. He was supposed– he was
supposed to be on Yeah. I came to– you know. So, what’s your social now? Hey, sir, sorry to bother. I’m sorry to wake you up. Is Vincent live here? Yeah. He does. Yeah. OK. And his name’s– Is he here,
actually, right now? – Yeah, I think so.
– OK. I think he was here. We’re with a male
named Anthony [bleep].. Oh, that [bleep]. Yeah. Vince, police are here. Yes, sir, what
can I do for you? Is Anthony your buddy? I’m sorry? Anthony [bleep],,
is he your buddy? No. I despise that guy. He’s riding around on a
trike, you know, and DUIs, I heard through the
grape vine on Facebook. And I’m like, hell, no. I don’t want no
part of that man. No part– he’s not in my house. I know, I know. I know that. He’s in the back of his car. I know who he is. OK. I’m not associated with him. I don’t hang out with him. So he was not coming over
here to hang out with you? No. OK. All right. Did he tell you he knows me? Yeah, he said he doesn’t
want anything to do with you, and you’re not supposed
to be over here. What, at this hour? Yeah. No, like ever. – Nah.
– Yeah. He didn’t say that. He was on his way
over to [bleep].. They said like– they said like a month ago he
told you not to come over here. He didn’t say–
he never said that. Yeah. Just let me talk
for a second, OK? But you gotta
understand, I’m 36. I’m right here-
[interposing voices] Let me talk for a second. But can we– yeah, yeah. I’ve given you every
chance in the world to talk. You know what I’m saying– Dude, just stop
talking for one minute. I understand, but it
has nothing to do with it. I’m sorry. Go ahead. We’ve had a lot of– I just don’t want
no trouble, man. We’ve had a lot of like– I didn’t break the law,
is all I meant to tell you. We’ve had a lot
car break-ins– I apologize. –and vandalizing
and stuff in the area, so at 1:40 in the
morning or whatever, I just saw you down there. Oh, I see what you mean. That’s why I’m trying
to stop and talk to you. And when I turn around,
you’re shooting down the road and pulling in here. And basically– and basically
hiding behind that truck. Not really I just pulled
in right there because– That’s what it
looked like to me. Well he was– no. The light’s on in the
garage, and I pull up right to the garage there,
then I go over there and I tap on the garage
and if he’s up, you know, I was going to get him. But indeed he does know me. [bleep] But no, dude, he’s just
saying that because his dad’s pissed or whatever.
I don’t know. Hey, Vince! Hey, dude, it’s 1:40–
it’s like 2:00 in the morning right now, all right, man? That’s all right.
I mean, you guys– No, it’s not all right. You guys brought, like six
people for a guy on a bicycle. I mean, damn. It’s like 2:00 in the
morning, you can’t be yelling. That’s what I’m saying. Well, tell him
to come over here. We’re not yelling [bleep]. Do you guys want us to tell
him he’s not welcome back here or what? What’s the story
with all of this? I’m told him that
a hundred times. Yeah? So if he ever comes back
again, do you want him, like, charged with trespassing? Yes, sir. OK. OK, we can definitely– We’ll document that,
and we’ll notify him of it, that way if he
does come back again, it can be taken care of. Dad doesn’t want you here– All right. So, if you do come back here– No, I won’t be trespassing. –you could be charged
with trespassing. I won’t take it that far. So don’t come back here. – No problem, yeah.
– Cool? Yeah, that’s fine. – Any questions?
– No, I’m good. All right. We’re not impounding
your trike or anything, so you’re– you’re
free to go, all right? All right. thanks. Just make sure you walk
it instead of ride it. He’s the one that got stabbed
in the face last year. Oh, did he? Yeah. One of the other officers,
they’re on a traffic stop. They asked for backup. So we’re heading over there. Sounds like he might
have indicators of drugs. 36-500, I’ll be out
with the other units. What you got? Do you want him detained
in the back of your car? All right. All right, sir, go ahead
and hop on out for me. I need to talk to you
about something real quick. Yes, sir. Stay out of the
way of traffic. Relax, relax. Just come over here, OK. All right. Now, you know your name’s
not [muted],, right? Oh,
– [bleep] . And you had a warrant? Yeah, I’ve got a warrant out. OK, OK. Put your hands together
like you’re praying. You want to step back here? [inaudible] He gave Officer Leidel
some bad information, gave him the wrong name. So he’s detained
in the back seat. Now we’re up there talking
to the passenger and driver. Do you have any guns in here? [inaudible] Well, I see a gun holster. You have nothing illegal here,
no guns, nothing like that. OK, well, just based on what– I’m not going to search
a car right now, OK, but I am going to have you
guys step to the rear here, OK? You’re not under arrest,
but you are being detained just for the time being. OK? I’m not going to force
you into any of this. No, go ahead. Search the car. Have fun, because– I mean– I’m not trying to give
you guys a hard time or anything like that. Just one at a time. Can we leave the beef jerky
in there just for a minute? Can you leave the
beef jerky in there? Have you ever had
that– um, it’s called Old Trapper beef jerky? Old what? Trapper. No, I haven’t. It’s freaking– they’ve got
hot and spicy [inaudible] hot. It’s hot? Damn. I’m like whoa. Are you going to be OK? Oh, yeah. It’s just beef jerky. You don’t need an
ambulance or anything do you? I don’t know. Your mouth isn’t on fire? No, buddy. All right. Here’s your hoodie if you
want to throw that on. [inaudible]. We just gave him a ride. Who is he to you? He’s my boyfriend. Boyfriend, OK. Dude, this [bleep] is hot. Can I spit it out? Yeah, spit it out, man. [bleep] Well if it’s hot,
don’t eat any more. Are you going to give me
consent of your own free will? – Yes, I am.
– OK. All right. I’ll just have you step
to the rear with him. Yeah, if you don’t
mind, just come back over. You can take a seat
next to your boyfriend. Which jail? So right now we’re just
searching this vehicle. She gave us consent to search. It seems all right. You guys make sure you have
a blessed night, sir, man. You do the same, all right? Thank you. I’m freezing. All right. Sorry that you’re cold. You want to get in over– I can walk you over there. Are you sure? Yes. We didn’t find any
firearms or anything. Searched the entire vehicle
and didn’t find anything, so the driver and the
front seat passenger were just released
from the scene.

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