Live PD: Teens Steal a Bulldozer (Season 3) | A&E

Live PD: Teens Steal a Bulldozer (Season 3) | A&E

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  1. I was hoping to see another one of those armored bulldozers taking down the buildings of people who did the driver wrong

  2. They should combine these with the prison docs and follow them through the system I would actually pay to see that

  3. "We were just having some fun. Didn't cause any damage."

    "You know you struck a wall. Caused some damage?"

    "… Maybe so."

  4. feel bad for the kid honestly as the kid I can tell he is also crying out for help in his own way he didn't want to say much but opened up and confess even a bit more on the insight into his life as he was nervous he said he wanted to have fun but also had bottled up emotions . hope they offer him help in terms of his mental/emotional in being able to know how to handle and channel it correclty. as putting someone in jail will not change anything if u dont tackle the rest

  5. Is that really stealing it it had the key in it and it’s in the same area the found it it’s more like borrowing it without owner approval

  6. That sounds like something my friends would have done in the 70s. Hey man we crashed a wall with a bulldozer! Me: COOL!

  7. Teen 1: Hey, so what do you want to do today?
    Teen 2:Idk, play fortnite or-
    Teen 3: I GOT IT! We should drive and steal a bulldozer!
    Teen 1 and 2: Sure why not
    Teen 4:uh guys we could get in trouble
    Teen 1,2,3: *looks at each other* Nah…..

  8. Oof. My guy is 18. I feel the pain. I just turned 18 and some 16 year old came up to me and I said “yo maybe a month ago, but not now. Hit me up in 2 years”

  9. And like the way like we saw it like was like we saw the bulldozer and like and was like and like. The epitome of millennials.

  10. Worried about someone stealing his bicycle after stealing a dozer. He is going to grow up to be a fine liberal, socialist.

  11. man being a kid again and understanding if u get cought,yea u still have court…. but alteast u dont have to go 2 JAIL

  12. Wow gave some kids some felonys. The owner should be liable in my opinion. Why would you leave your keys in a tractor?? Like if one of those kids got hurt just driving it and didn't cause any damage, guess who's to blame? The owner… But because they hit a wall they have a felony. Wonder how there future looks after this??? Hmm?

  13. I had a full time job full benefits and lived on my own at 18. Was not pathetic riding a bike around stealing bulldozers.

  14. Yo man, like, know what I mean, like, huh 18 like, nah, like…well educated young man…LIKE bright future.

  15. The 18 year old cant smoke or drink but can go to jail meanwhile a 15 year old get a ticket. What a world we live in.

  16. “We didn’t do any damage…”
    “So you know who struck that wall back there, right? Caused some damage. You know that?”
    “Maybe so.”

  17. Bulldozer and bobcat are not even similar. That is pretty ridiculous, and why didnt they show the bobcat or the damage to the “wall”. This was a disappointed video.

  18. Here in San Andreas, stealing a bulldozer is not a crime. Unless you use it to rob a bank. (Reference to Grand Theft Auto V)

  19. Those equipment they are not cheap, most of them are expensive, sometimes a ticket is not enough, and I hope the operator of that machine is fired… I feel like a Judge today 😂

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