Liturgical year / Liturgical Calendar an ( Epic Catholic Animation )

Liturgical year / Liturgical Calendar an ( Epic Catholic Animation )

Hey, and welcome back first off here’s a reminder i’m not a priest or nun just in case you were confused Also today we are going to be talking about the Liturgical year The Liturgical year is the year in the Catholic Church it helps us to know the Holidays Saints days and other special seasons in our Church to help us celebrate our faith better this is the Liturgical calendar this helps us to keep track of the Holiday seasons and what is going on in the Liturgical year since the Liturgical year tells us the seasons in our faith let’s take a closer look at that this is my drawing of a Liturgical Calendar the actual one is much more complex. Here are the seasons in the Liturgical year our Church Year we have Advent in purple, Christmas shown in either yellow or white Ordinary Time in green, Lent in purple, Easter in yellow or white we have the Holy days of the Holy Trinity in red and we have Ordinary Time again in green Advent is the beginning of our Liturgical year it’s our new year the first Sunday in Advent alright since that’s the first season in the Liturgical year let’s get into Advent alright let’s get it into Advent but first for some extra information feel free to click up into the i icon for my videos and my playlist on Advent Advent is a season of waiting and watching one of the ways we do so is through Advent candles we Advent lasts four weeks and so each week we light an Advent candle We have three purple and one pink each week of Advent we light an Advent candle the candles and the wreaths as a whole have the meaning of each week of Advent as we grow closer to Christ become a little bit more out of the darkness and into the light of Christ Advent is a great time of traditions as we have a lot of traditions to count down to Christmas and to prepare ourselves for Celebrating such a wonderful holiday here are a few pictured on the screen of things that people do during at The color for Advent is purple also known as violet Advent goes from the first Sunday of Advent which again is a new year in this Liturgical year and it goes all the way till Christmas and Christmas Eve Christmas Christmas is our next season let’s get into it for a few fun Christmas videos click on the icon above to check them out in Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ the color for Christmas is white in the Liturgical year it’s often colored gold Christmas goes from Christmas all the way until Ordinary Time usually it’s around of the six Christmas ends after the nativity and the baptism of the Lord Ordinary Time there are two of them there are actually two Ordinary Times in our Liturgical year part of the same season it’s just continued the first Ordinary Time we encounter is in between Christmas and Lent the next one is in between Easter and back to Advent for more information on Ordinary Time click up into the icon above Ordinary Time is a great time to learn more about your Church and your community and your faith displayed here is a bulletin also can be represented by Churches websites where they often lists readings and things going on in the Church so you can get involved and learn more The color for Ordinary Time is green Ordinary Time goes from the beginning of Ordinary Time until Ash Wednesday Lent! this is our next season Lent If you’re watching this after the 14th of February there should be up in the i icon there should be a video on Lent Lent is the 40 day period of time before Easter and Holy week we spend this time preparing learning more about God growing closer to God and reminding ourselves more of what Easter truly means this is often a more somber time Lent is 40 days and starts on Ash Wednesday this year in 2018 it starts on the 14th of february during Lent we often opt to either give something up or choose to do something, to remind us of God and to focus more on what Lent and Easter is about we can either be giving up things that we like or it can be doing something good or something that will help us learn more about our faith for the 40 day period of time The color for Lent is also purple or violet Lent goes from Ash Wednesday to the Easter tritium i just put Easter here because it was easier Before we get to Easter there’s holy Thursday Holy Thursday is a day we remember the last supper often during mass you will see the Priests will go and wash some of the parishioners feet To reflect what happened in the Bible on that day next is Good Friday one of the most somber days Good Friday is the day that we remember Jesus death next we have Holy Saturday on Holy Saturday we celebrate the Easter Vigil during the Easter Vigil at the very beginning the parish will head outside at sunset and the Priest will light and inscribe the Easter candle the picture here is of a blank one that has not been inscribed yet the symbols at the priest will inscribe above special meaning and now we’re at actually Easter Sunday Hey i bet you’re gonna guess what i’m gonna say guess what if you’re watching this after the 2018 Easter i should have a video up giving you some more information on it Easter Sunday, Easter Sunday is a very joyous day and a greatly celebrated holiday Easter Sunday we celebrate Jesus’s resurrection easter season is actually longer than you might expect the easter season lasts for several weeks and ends on Pentecost and after Pentecost we’re back into Ordinary Time The second bout of Ordinary time goes all the way from after Pentecost until the first Sunday of Advent alright thanks for watching i tried some new techniques in this video tried writing a script all that fun stuff Alright anyway i’m still getting the hang of this so any support you can give be greatly Appreciated please if you liked it and want to see more hit the subscribe button if you really liked it and really want To see more did the bell icon it’ll appear after you subscribe Remember if you don’t want to hear more you don’t have to do that and If you liked it then hit the like button and feel free to comment below thank you very much and i’ll see you next time Um….. bye

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  1. 10/10 beautiful, fluid animations, and most importantly, very, very educational. Would definitely watch again. Thank you so much EMMY EpicImaginatinoAnimation. Will keep my eyes peeled for upcoming videos

  2. 100/100….So good! You even helped me for studying! And we watch you at school!

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