Little Saints – Trailer – Eat a mushroom, talk to God.

Little Saints – Trailer – Eat a mushroom, talk to God.

Anthropologists say that Shamanism
is the oldest profession in the world I’ve been coming here every year. I come every summer. How did she respond to your
idea of filming the whole thing? At the beginning she turned around
and walked away, she said no. One of the things shamans do
traditionally is heal people. Before there were medical doctors,
there were shamans. She said no, and then I came back
the next year and she said no again. If you want to see God, experience God,
you have to go inside, you don’t go outside. And every culture’s had a medicine,
that they’ve used in a sacred manner. Generally by the person who’s called the shaman
in these cultures, the healer, to go inside. The way I explained it to her, is… I think what you do… Can help so many people, if they just knew about it. Some friends from the
United States want to journey. I will try to get some The mushrooms are used for healing people. For help with finding themselves. That’s what you are eating. – How many are they?
– 13 pairs. For help with seeing with clarity what they have. For help with the understanding of someting uncertain… …among other things. When used in the right setting with
someone who’s experienced, they heal. They cause us to remove stressors from our lives,
they cause us to see ourselves in a very different way. I don’t heal people, the ones that have come,
were healed by God through the mushrooms.

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  1. cool idea for a documentary. How long will it be? i am making a documentary about pagans and shamans too and am lookign for distribution

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