Literature Introduction: The True Jesus Christ

The Restored Church of God presents, author
David C. Pack. Through the centuries, thousands of books,
stories, novels, television programs and films have been written and produced about Jesus
Christ. Hundreds of thousands of churches have been erected in His name. Millions have
claimed to be His ministers. Billions have professed Him “Lord and Savior.”
Today, Jesus is renowned the world over, commonly known in one way or another in every culture
of the world, whether one professes to be Christian, atheist, or of any other religion.
Many have positive comments about Him, regardless of their beliefs about who He was and what
He taught. His name also stirs great controversy and debate.
Yet, despite worldwide recognition—despite billions professing to be His followers—despite
all the knowledge circulating about Him—Jesus Christ remains unknown—even to Christianity!
We must ask: Is it possible that the central figure of a religion could be unknown to almost
all who profess to follow Him? Many have accepted without question what they
have heard, read or were taught throughout their lives about Christ and the teachings
He brought. These same people usually vigorously defend their beliefs while feeling no need
to examine proof of why they believe what they do—or to consider how they came to
such beliefs. Human nature follows the crowd, which follows what is popular.
This has been the case with virtually every one of the widely accepted teachings, traditions
and practices of mainstream Christianity. Few are aware, or even care, that these have
been taken almost entirely from paganism, false customs and human reasoning—and NOT
from the Bible. Most of the teachings of Christendom have no biblical basis whatsoever—and in
many cases Jesus actually commands the exact opposite!
Thus, the Jesus Christ of the Bible has been left out of professing Christianity—unknown
to vast millions, hidden in a cloud of deceit, confusion, lies and commonly accepted falsehoods.
Unlike anything ever produced, The True Jesus Christ – Unknown to Christianity accurately
examines the life, ministry and teachings of the most influential Person in the history
of the world. One book can change people forever. This is such a book! In fact, there has NEVER
been one like it! Prepare now to be shocked at what you will learn! Knowledge of the true
Jesus Christ is about to enter your view for the first time. You will soon have absolutely
no doubt that The TRUE Jesus Christ IS unknown to Christianity!
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