“Like the first and last time I play” Dvorak Concerto, Los Angeles 2019

“Like the first and last time I play” Dvorak Concerto, Los Angeles 2019

you must remember this a kiss Estella
case hello everyone this week I’m here in Los
Angeles and I’m about to go to my first rehearsal with LA Phil and Gustavo
Dudamel we are performing Dvorak at the Hollywood Bowl and I’m real excited and I’m gonna print out your itinerary how are you feeling ? feeling great I enjoyed
like is the first and the last time I play this concerto, which is great I
don’t know how many times to play whenever you perform with a different
orquestra a different conductor or at a different place, the piece changes so much and
here I could not have a better setup with LA Phil and Dudamel its our first time together but i feel a great connection
yeah and enjoyed like like I said like it’s the first time and last time I played I would love to play always with with
microphones actually I think there is always some problem.. I think for the
audience also you know you are used to the CD and then you come to a live
concert and then you hear and it’s never the same, people who think that
amplifying the sound it’s a little bit like cheating like.. yeah I guess I mean
it’s a great difficulty to project but there is in it even with like the balance
it’s always problematic if the orchestra is too loud you can’t compete with 100
guys playing loud I mean there’s no way so if the hall… also depends …why
if you buy a ticket somewhere, why I mean experience experience yeah why it’s
gonna be different than if you sit here or there or there you know it should be
different here the cons are fine anywhere anywhere you if you want to see
closer then you see closer but sound wise should be perfect everywhere to be
honest I’m completely Pro playing with a tiny bit of amplification you shouldn’t
be a rock no and it shouldn’t be a level of amplification that disturbs or
changes the tone of the instrument just enough that it feels the whole the
concert oh and you can see and experience and you feel involved in
other people is ready yet but it’s changed you

15 Replies to ““Like the first and last time I play” Dvorak Concerto, Los Angeles 2019”

  1. Estoy de acuerdo contigo Pablo, la experiencia en cuanto al sonido no debería de diferir dependiendo de dónde te sientes.
    No creo que sea trampa hacer uso de la tecnología que está tan fácilmente a nuestro alcance para mejorar la calidad de los conciertos.

    ¡Saludos desde México!

  2. Thank you for this share and insight. Wish I could have been there. So exciting and beautiful. Bravo!! Toi Toi Toi for your future performances.

  3. I definitely miss your performance in Hong Kong few months ago!!! So lucky that I could pick a seat in the front rows and I really enjoy your passionate performance on one of my favourite cello piece:D
    And please visit Hong Kong again in your coming concert tour (maybe with the powerful SHOSTAKOVICH cello concerto :P)

  4. In re to Amplification of classical music concerts…. I am not a fan of amplification of classical music…. especially since amps do hum.. so that detracts from the overall mood of the piece… like the ending of a piece like Schelomo…. or Swan of Tuonela… or Mahler’s Adagietto…. etc….

  5. Totalmente de acuerdo con tu punto de vista sobre la amplificación! Siempre he pensado que hay ciertos momentos específicos en que de verdad se necesita….Saludos desde Colombia!!!! 🎹

  6. The fidelity of today’s recording and amplification approaches the flawless, however amplification a concert hall performance is a difficult challenge that really requires the same degree of sound engineering in real time as is required to produce a first class recording, including correcting for the idiosyncracies of the particular hall. Live performance in an intimate small hall having excellent acoustics not needing amplification is by far the best venue.

  7. Hola Pablo Ferrandez,,como siempre magistral tu interpretación de tan bonito concierto de Dvorak.
    Tienes algún mail para poderte localizar y platicar contigo, ?
    Yo soy violinista mexicano y quisiera saber si podrías venir a dar algún curso de perfeccionamiento e interpretar algún concierto con nosotros? Podría ser este mismo concierto de A. Dvorak , gracias por atender este mensaje.

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