Levels of Consciousness and Spiritual Science of Higher Consciousness

Levels of Consciousness and Spiritual Science of Higher Consciousness

Levels of Consciousness from Life Script Doctor
Hello everyone, today we are going to talk about energy-informational world, why this
information is important today, what it the point of here and now as well as higher levels
of consciousness, and who is Life Script Doctor and what this project is all about. So energy-informational
world, it is basically everything that is around us – matter, energy and information.
There is really no need to differentiate one from the other. It’s all like a complex world
that we live in, there is really no need to prove that there is something more than just
physical form that we can experience. There is a lot more on the energy-informational
level of consciousness that is now being uncovered and we can look into tap into and discover
them for ourselves. This information can really help you to get a better life to improve the
script of life that you are writing everyday. Because Life Script Doctor is not the Life
Script – Doctor who will come and heal you from anything. Life Script Doctor is Life
– Script Doctor. And Script Doctor is the one who has knowledge on how to improve your
script, he will not edit your script for you, but script doctor is the one who will read
your script and give you tips and give you all the information and knowledge to improve
your script and guide you. Life Script Doctor is basically a self-help guide to help you
realize your potential, heal yourself and discover higher levels of consciousness. Here
you will have a model, we will draw a little model for you of the planes or higher levels
of consciousness that are around us. As I said before, there is no need to prove that
there is something more than our physical form. There are a lot of studies now in quantum
physical, torsion physics and we have energy healing, channeling and all kinds of things
that are out there but there is really no model that can explain how these things work.
The model that we are going to talk about today is based on the new spiritual science
research of the International Institute of Social Ecology and the name of this new science
is Infosomatics. It is basically established on the law of transformation of information
into energy and then into matter. Think of information as dense spirituality because
we can’t really describe it in words. It is just out there. Energy is our emotions is
our senses and who we feel things. Energy is the level where energy healers mainly work
on and material form is basically what we can experience in our life through our physical
bodies and interaction in society with other people. So here is the model that shows where
the point of here and now actually is. If you look at our world not form the egocentric
point of view that our planet and matter is the most important thing and that there is
actually an energy-informational field out there, then you will see and perceive our
world as a wave of information transforming into energy and then to the matter. And after
the experience of the point of here and now it goes back to energy and information. So
here you have a wave of materialization that starts from the future goes down to the line
of flow of time which will indicate the point of here and now and then is destructed as
after we experience something it becomes our past. Human life in a sense is just a second
between the past and the future. This model is a great way to look at how things actually
really happen. All of this information can really help to those who are an empath or
very sensitive and having trouble to fit into our surrounding world because this can really
explain how things really work and how you can tune in your brain and how you can act
in society to fit into it. For those who are more into material things this basically gives
the physics behind spirituality and levels of consciousness. It gives a common sense
explanation to what is behind meditation, channeling, energy healing and all other phenomena
that is out there. This information is also very important because we all are living in
the informational paradigm now. Our life is much faster than our parent’s or grandparent’s.
Out life is even faster than the life we had 20 years ago. 20 years ago not that many people
had cell phones and I am not talking about facebook accounts or instagram or Skype or
other things. Even though people already traveled around the world, but not in the capacity
they are traveling right now. So, the frequency of our life has increased greatly. To have
this information to know this model of higher consciousness can really help you to life
effectively, to not wait until a certain problem hits you on the material level as a sickness
or as an event, or an accident or something. But to see the signs, to see warnings before
they actually hit your body. So basically using the model of spiritual science Infosomatics
and certain techniques that you can learn yourself will help you to fit more harmoniously
into environment. If you an empath you will be able to interact and know how things work.
If you are more material you will know that there is something else out there and you
will be able to use that information for your own benefit. So, higher levels of consciousness
– all of them have bodies of us as well. Basically we all have higher bodies on the levels of
consciousness. It is not just the physical form. Think of it as a Russian doll that has
smaller doll in it or even think of it as a collapsible cup. When I was a kid we had
small cups for travelling, they would raise up and then you can drink from it, and then
you can put it back. So if you think of bodies of higher consciousness in that analogy you
can see right here that matter is governed by our senses, our sense are governed by our
emotions, our emotions are governed by our worldview or our thoughts, our worldview is
governed by the events in our life, by the cause and effect process, the cause and effect
is governed by the values level of consciousness and all of this is governed by the purpose
or mission of our life. The purpose of the whole existence. These higher levels of consciousness
explain those things and knowing how to safely interact with those higher levels of consciousness
with our bodies of higher consciousness has a great value in today�s 21 century. It
can really get you to the success, help you with your creativity or help you in whatever
you do – with health, personal and professional life. This is just a general idea to let you
know how things work and what Infosomatics and Life Script Doctor are about. This model
gives an opportunity to see the world a little bit differently it lets you stop being egocentric
about things happen in life. It gives you a much broader understanding of how things
work on the levels of consciousness. So if you have a problem on the material level,
the cause and solution can be found on the level above, on the level of higher consciousness.
In other words to find the solution to the problem that you might be experiencing in
your life, you should look on the energy informational level of consciousness. Not just on your material
level. If you have a sickness – going to doctors or taking pills will just resolve the symptoms,
it will not address the real cause. Because the real cause really lies on the energy-information
level of consciousness. Some people would just concentrate on the energy level. They
would go to energy healers, balance their chakras, clear their aura, but they will never
address the informational cause. The true cause of any problem. The fact is – the problem
on the energy level is caused by the disturbance in the informational field of higher consciousness.
The disturbance in our worldview in the way we perceive things. And that has to be addressed.
So in order to solve any problem it has to be a combination of informational worldview
changing process, with energy and with materials means. So if you have a sickness you should
get down to the real cause of it, find a way to get energy for yourself and you might as
well use some material means. You should not treat one without the other. It is all a big
complex of things. This kind of model of higher consciousness also helps to describe how Infosomatic
visualization techniques work. Infosomatics techniques are like visualization, meditation
techniques. They basically use the same concept and principles. But they are much more effective
simply because they don’t take so much time and they go straight to the point. They are
like sniper shots or like nano-technology of energy healing because you go straight
to the cause and it helps your brain to get itself to the position which activates the
Nature’s own regeneration processes. It gives you the template of the way things should
be on the levels of consciousness and the way things should work. This brain activity
on the resonance level allows your own brain to get in set to cure yourself, to find the
solution to the problem to get better in whatever you do. To find better way of discovering
your creativity and potential, to heal yourself to have a fulfilling relationship all kinds
of those things. So, any visualization technique or meditation technique is basically a set
of images that you create in your mind and place on the energy informational field of
higher levels of consciousness.

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  1. Your graph really doesn't mean anything. You have the horizontal axis labeled as time but wtf is the vertical one? Graphs don't mean anything if you don't say what it's representing

  2. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. For this video to make sense, you have to have (yang) sought a lot of data over the years to be able to suddenly (yin) "connect these dots". For everything you have (yangingly) collected to (yin) loop back through this (yang) structure they present as a usefull tool that you may or may not be ready to use. We collaborate with the universe and meet it halfway. We strive for answers and it gifts us with answers.
    This video is left brain support! Thank you.

    The left brain needs to measure, analyze and find its positioning or cordinates, find its place, build constructurally. The right brain has to Feel and Experience build organically.
    Duality, polarity, yin and yang. Absolutes and Options. Straight lines and grids versus curvy fractals. Hardware, software. Math and poetry.

    When you fly in an airplane at night, city sizes and light and how they are connected look like a brains neural structure, but closer and in daylight we see grids, structures, straight lines of cities weve built. A marriage of both organic and tech. Process this video with both brains. Logic and intuition. Or just collect this puzzle piece for later use and move on.

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