Letting Go: How To Raise Your Frequency And Increase Your Vibration (Spiritual Cleansing)

Letting Go: How To Raise Your Frequency And Increase Your Vibration (Spiritual Cleansing)

this is Julian and this week’s book is letting go the pathway of surrender by David Hawkins and this is a book that goes extremely in-depth and was probably my biggest takeaway being in the media scandal you know a couple years ago something I was forced to learn and they’re just drastically improved my life and the idea is that we’re all looking for happiness you know seeking peace of mind and when I say happiness here I’m not talking about the no happiness you probably experienced day to day like little glimpses which is more of a dirty high where even though you’re quote/unquote happy there’s still that little fear of how long’s just going to last you know what’s gonna happen in like ruin and perturb my happiness I’m talking about long lasting happiness okay happiness without any suffering without any sorrow like that’s really what we’re all after yet very few of us find that happiness or that peace of mind okay and the reason being is we’re constantly looking outside of ourselves you know we’re looking in all the wrong places be its success be it material you know things be at different people be it in any you know trying to get approval trying to feel secure like oh if I gather all this money I’ll finally be secure and then my worries my suffering my sorrow will be gone and guess what you just don’t find it and if you look around no one really finds it either okay and after a while you kind of realize like man maybe it’s just not out there okay maybe the reason I haven’t found this long-lasting happiness is I’ve been continuously just looking outside of myself when I should have been looking inside okay and this is the key long-lasting happiness is by looking inside and really quieting your mind unloading all of your limitations yet limiting feelings limiting thoughts and getting back to your core self okay happiness is our basic nature and the only way to you know achieve it or find it or get back in touch with it is by letting go so the first thing to understand in terms of letting go is that its main focus is on feelings more so than say thoughts okay and the reason being is it’s the accumulated pressure of feelings which causes thoughts you know one feeling for instance say you’re experiencing fear can cause literally thousands of thoughts over a period of time okay and when we try to do is we try to use thoughts to get rid of these thoughts you know we just look at all those thousand thoughts or like how can I rationalize my way out of this one you know how can I reframe this one to get rid of it within reality okay if you can let go of the underlying feeling all of the associated thoughts okay if you can let go of fear all of those thousands upon thousands of thoughts associated to fear will disappear as well okay so the main focus here is on feelings and what I thought we’d start off with here is just look at the three major ways we all tend to go about handling our feelings okay and those are suppression and repression expression and escape okay so the first one is suppression and repression okay suppression happens consciously okay and this is where so you have a feeling that’s a little unpleasant or at kuang quotes negative feeling you just want to deal with it right now and you know you don’t want to let it bother you don’t want to you know actually experience it so what do you do you just consciously stuff it down you consciously suppress it and just go about your day or whatever task is at hand as if nothing happened now you just toughen up I’ll deal with this later I don’t have time to bother with this emotion you stuff it down okay that’s oppression repression happens unconsciously where there’s so much say guilt or fear over the feeling you don’t even consciously experience it it’s immediately stuffed down and what happens here is that over time these feelings accumulates okay and they form our subconscious okay and our subconscious is simply all of the thoughts all of the feelings that were just too afraid to look at you just don’t want to deal with and we just keep stuffing down okay we all have this and you know the two met best methods our mind uses let’s just say to you know keep these feelings repressed keep them stuffed down is one denial okay we just deny that we have all this you know probably for watching this article I don’t have anything that’s suppressed or repressed you know it’s like yeah sure I might keep them down for a little bit but eventually I’ll vent them out you know my subconscious is clean now really okay you just kind of deny it’s there and the other method is projection okay we just project them on to the world and the people around you okay and he says here if you’re not willing to experience the feeling internally you will experience it externally and I’m sure you relate to this so you’re really upset about something you just really hold it down you’re like okay I’m over it I’m over it yet you get really mad at this person right this situation or something will pop up that will allow you to again reface and continuously reface those feelings okay so that’s the first way which obviously doesn’t work the second is expression okay what happens here is that the feeling is vented verbalized stated in body language or acted out okay and the reason we do this is that the suppressed or repressed feelings everything we’ve been stuffing down a very long period of time reaches a critical point okay where we just can’t hold it down anymore and basically we have this little burst and we express it for a brief moment okay we just let out enough okay to let some of that inner pressure out so we can just keep it repressed it’s like okay it’s you know critical point little burst we’re good until the next critical point little burst and most of us this is how we live our lives okay like we’re literally like holding it down in like it’s the little straw that breaks the camel’s back let’s just say and you’ve probably overreacted like you’re really upset you just you know hold on to that anger some little thing happens you’re in the traffic light boom lights red what the you like overreact why it wasn’t really the red light the guy you that have said it’s that was the straw that broke the camel’s back that was the little bit of extra anger let’s just say that you couldn’t hold down so you have to vent a little bit to keep the rest down in the long run okay and we all do this we tend to think – okay is a little sigh note that it’s you know our external circumstances the causes he you know stress all these negative feelings were not really okay what he says is the rationalizing mind prefers to keep the true causes of emotion out of awareness and utilizes as I mentioned before the mechanism of projection you know blames events other people for causing a feeling when reality it’s the opposite okay it’s the suppressed and repressed feelings that seek an outlet and utilize external events let’s just say as triggers and excuses to vent themselves and stress enough this mechanism of projection okay it’s the person with a lot of repressed or suppressed grief who will experience a lot of sad events in life it’s the fearful person who will create all these frightening experiences it’s the angry person who becomes surrounded by infuriating circumstances it’s the prideful person who is constantly being insulted okay and because of social conditioning okay people even suppress and repress their positive feelings as well okay is a little side note so that’s the second way we all tend to go about handling our emotions the third way is escape okay and this is the avoidance of those feelings through diversion okay any writes down this is the backbone of the entertainment and liquor industries and the route of the workaholic okay where we try to avoid our inner selves at all cost okay and keep our feelings from emerging by an endless you know pursuit let’s just say of all of these different external things okay that’ll oftentimes turn to addictions as our dependency grows upon them okay things for activities like socializing talking texting reading playing music working traveling sightseeing shopping overeating gambling movie-going pill taking drug using drinking partying so on and so forth okay all those external things all those little activities anything to just keep us unconscious and not have to focus on what’s actually going on inside okay um I remember even myself when I first moved to America this is uh you know seven six seven years ago uh you know at first it was like so traumatic I’m Michael where am i where am I I don’t remember spending the first probably week just going to the movies every day like that’s all I would do is like oh just got my my accommodation down did I just go to the movies and those two hours of just relief I’d be like and then it would end I’m like maybe I’ll see another one so I’d go like all the matinees cheapest just go cheap matinee movies and just see like two movies a day every single day just to avoid what’s going on inside we do this with our cell phones you know it’s my favorite example next time say you’re you’re waiting for a friend or say you have a meeting with someone and let’s just say you’re there earlier that person’s late how soon until you reach for your phone you know after work how soon till you get home and you just turn on the television blasts I mute some music go online how often are you really just alone with your feelings alone with your thoughts not very often you know we kind of create our lives in a way we’re just always unconscious just always lost activities the same as he mentioned with you know being a workaholic a lot of people just like working working like next goal next hole next school next school to not have to experience what’s actually going on inside okay and as ii as i mentioned before you know many of these mechanisms of trying to escape are faulty their stressful they’re ineffective they just don’t work okay and you actually tend to realize that if you’re a period of time like you’re seeking all these external things like maybe if I if I go drinking maybe if I you know lose myself an external you know stimuli our pleasure it’ll finally take care itself like maybe if I get enough money and more money more money it never works okay it’s like oh I got it didn’t work and here I still AM you know that that internal those repressed and suppressed emotions are still there I’m still not happy now here comes the fourth way of handling your emotions and this is the way the book suggests which is letting them go okay and the way this works is you tap into what you’re feeling okay you tap into you know just what’s going on inside and as I mentioned before do not focus on the thoughts okay focus on the feeling itself okay thoughts are endless and self reinforcing okay that’s important to understand too they only breed more thoughts you can’t use thought to get rid of thought okay and pursuing thoughts can keep us occupied endlessly he writes down here it’s like a goldfish in a bowl okay so don’t focus on the thoughts when you go inside focus on the emotions you can do this now you know you’re watching this video what’s going on inside how do you feel okay and be honest with yourself let those emotions come up okay it’s letting them come up allowing yourself to have that feeling without resisting it which you may be doing right now you’re like I don’t really want to let up what I’m feeling what if there’s more of that well guess what if there is more of that and you don’t let it up what’s going to happen you’re going to stuff it down okay and if you’re not willing to experience it and let it go it’s going to stay with you and you’re going to continuously experience it and the external so what are you feeling right now don’t resist it let it up don’t fear it and more importantly don’t judge it okay don’t view it as good don’t view it as bad it’s just a feeling okay and just bring it up and experience it stay with that feeling okay acknowledge it go into it surrender to it okay and surrender all efforts to try to modified it anyway it’s what you’re actually feeling really try to turn off all thoughts what are you feeling bring it up okay and simply just stay with it while I acknowledge it and let it run its course just let it go okay don’t again don’t try to change it don’t want to control it just let it go and as long as it takes just stay with that feeling okay what you’ll probably realize is sometimes within seconds sometimes maybe a few minutes maybe a little bit longer at some point it’ll just run its course and the energy behind it will be gone okay now maybe something else will pop up after that I guess what you just repeat the process of just letting it come up staying with it letting it run its course and just letting it go okay just like pulling tissues out of box just keep pulling out pulling out pulling out pulling out till ideally there’s nothing left okay and what you’ll experience here is every time you actually let it go and you’ll catch yourself resisting and massively you’re like oh it’s up you’re like really let it go you can’t think your way out of it like I deal even through breathing you’ll just feel immediately lighter immediately clearer and they’ll just be like a lot of this pressure like a sense of decompression I would say okay you just let a little bit out and again sometimes another feeling may occur and we’ll talk about this he talks about the scale of emotions where you know say you let go if say maybe guilt some maybe fear will pop in let go fear maybe anger will pop in but the more you let go the higher you move up okay and the more you do this again the energy will be gone the more free you’ll be of these emotions which in turn the more free you’ll be of thoughts and this here will basically quiet mind you know it’s like you get rid of these emotions the thoughts are gone and you just keep letting go of the emotions till you kind of reach those little moments of just quietness where you kind of reconnect with as I mentioned in the introduction of this video the self you know like the the person like that what is witnessing let you say the thoughts the emotions everything going on you know the the being if you will and this is where you can actually experience like that true happiness just like it’s what’s underneath all the thoughts all the feelings okay and the end result the more you start doing this okay like you’ll more and more basically stop identifying with these thoughts feelings so on and so forth and the end result is you’ll just be I’d say yeah and vulnerable and imperturbable to anything that’s how you achieve that long lasting happiness without any suffering without any sorrow and in terms of the progression okay as I mentioned before he talks about the scale of emotions here we’re at the bottom you have apathy okay and this is characterized by hopelessness you know it’s like I can’t who cares what’s the use okay once you can let go that you’ll move up to grief okay and this is where I only I had you know it’s like mournful I can’t go on a lot of self-pity once you can let go of that you’ll move up to fear okay that’s where you see danger everywhere it’s a void and defensive preoccupied with security possessive of others jealous anxious vigilant okay once you let go of all that you move up to desire and that’s the emotions I was seeking gain acquisition pleasure getting outside of oneself and it’s never satisfied once you can let go of all desire you’ll move up to anger and this is the energy that basically this overcomes fear by force threats attack it’s irritable explosive bitter volatile it likes to get even or I’ll show you once you can let go of anger you’ll get to pride this is where my way is the best way I need to feel better than or superior to others and once you can let go of that you’ll finally get to courage okay now courage this is the critical point that marks the shift from say negative to positive energy okay everything below courage is destructive and everything above is life support okay and with courage it’s an energy that says I can do it it’s determined excited about life productive and dependent and self empowering you move on okay you can still keep letting go you’ll move up to acceptance this is the energy that’s easygoing laid-back flexible free of inner resistance you know life is good you and I are good I feel connected it meets life on life’s terms there’s no need to blame others or blame life you keep letting go you’ll move up to love okay and this is a way of being that is forgiving nurturing and supportive okay it does not proceed from the mind rather it emanates from the hearts okay it focuses on the essence of a situation not the details it deals with holes not particulars and once you keep letting go you’ll move up finally to peace okay and this is experiences perfection bliss effortless oneness it’s a state of non-duality beyond separateness beyond the intellect and you know this is basically what enlightenment is okay so you can just keep letting go and keep letting go keep letting go keep rising higher and keep getting lighter lighter lighter clearer clearer and clearer okay you can also view this progression as going from having this to doing this to beingness okay we’re at the bottom you know the lower levels of consciousness it’s all about what we have the counts and you know you can kind of see where you stand on the scale here this is 95% of the population where it’s all about what do I have what’s mine you know I want more like what I have determines Who I am it determines my worth it’s what I value once you move up you’ll get from having this to doing this and this is where you value what you do more than what you have you know say someone takes your possessions away it’s not as drastic it’s on the lower levels because now you’re like well I’ll just go out and hustle and acquire more you know you identify with the doing and as you keep rising up finally you identify with the B where it’s who you are you’re that essence that presence do you identify with that’s what matters that’s what you value and that’s what becomes most important okay and that’s where you can finally achieve that long lasting happiness and if you can identify with this if you resonate with this I highly recommend checking it out and how do you recommend just just start with now doing these little cleanups you know do it in the morning like in the morning you wake up what am I feeling no you picture your day like okay what may happen today what emotions come up and just start letting them go do it at night you know it’s probably before going to bed you know just make your little meditation session instead of meditating where you try to okay I’m going to focus on you know quieting or witnessing the thoughts just let up all the emotions and you’ll achieve that same state of being okay so I highly recommend checking to this out check the comments below for next week’s book and as always until next time

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  1. Dude you are a suuuper good at expressing your thoughts how do you keep your train of thoughts on track?! please enlighten us. 🙂

  2. the highest state is enlightenment. this is the state that Jules got into in Pulp Fiction when he decided to be a bum and "Walk the Earth". if we all train our minds to get into a state of enlightenment we will become lazy bums and won't want to do anything to make money.

  3. Julien, I've been following you since your RSD days and I'm so glad that it was you that moved to this phase of teaching. Thank you so much man. One of the most uplifting videos I saw was actually not the seduction stuff but the one where the RSD team helped you with your fear of water. Thank you for being such a wonderful helping person

  4. Awesome Julien. I just googled David Hawkins and saw this video. I was pleasantly suprised that it came from the RSD community (I've always derived huge value from you guys, despite not being particularly into PUA)

  5. Letting Go is on audio and I found it to be a fabulous way to enjoy the book.
    @JulienHimself nice job on this review 🙂

  6. So I used to write down all my shit and let it all come up. The ugliest shit inside me. After wards… I would actually find courage… I really would. Actually it was my secret weapon to thriving and getting promoted at work. Go home after a shity day and write out and feel all my feelings. Courage would always be there at the end like superman. I thought I was special but after watching this I'm glad I did it and I'm starting it again.

  7. 5:00 In other words, we let out little farts. But never let the shit come out. And we spend our whole lives backed up with shit.

  8. Thank you for this. I have read this book a couple times and only now truly have the clarity of its meaning. Thanks again.

  9. This is huge. Looks more clear for me now that is a mistake try to get rid of thoughts with thoughts. Focus on feelings is our self-awareness working and this is HUGE !. Great evolution and excellent explanation Julien

  10. i saw this videos 2 times until i really got it, now i can see the really power of this, and i wish to everyone to have this awakening !!
    peace bros

  11. 10:10 technique explanation 💡 great review and thanks for sharing! Subscribed 👌 his other book Power vs Force is also fire! Sat Nam

  12. This is actually the only thing that we need. We dont need philosophy, psychology, intellect, politics, selfhelp books, self help gurus, motivation, religion, mythology, ideology, entertainment, hustle, pick up. After being on the path of self development and pickup for 10 years I arrived in my truth. Thats literally the only thing. That's what's everything is about.

  13. As soon as I read about Hawkins talk about how you can answer every question in the world by seeing if your arm moves in power vs now, I burnt the book. For me, energy and vibration is just a simple way of describing it. Living through these concepts is for the quacks.

  14. Great Vid; My personal notes:

    -“Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender” by David R. Hawkins
    -Focus on Feelings not just thoughts. Feeling can cause thoughts too. E.g. If I can let go the emotion of Fear about a specific situation many of the thoughts will automatically disappear.
    -Most people deal with their issues by Suppression (stuff it down, focus on work, and toughen up), Projection (getting mad or sad or anxious about external things or people when it is actually the underlying concern that is bothering me – it isn’t the external thing or person’s fault but the internal is looking for an outlet) and Escape (drugs, entertainment, workaholic).
    -Ofcourse, the best way is to let them go. Focus on emotions – not thoughts! The latter is endless and can keep us/me occupied endlessly. Thoughts breed more thoughts. The energy behind the thoughts will be gone in time if the emotion is dealt with. I can’t think my way out of the paper bag.
    -For emotions. Don’t try to change them. Just feel them fully. Without resistance. Its like vomiting. If I push it down – it will hurt for many hours. If I accept it, and throw up, it will hurt once, but I feel much better much faster. Don’t control it or change it. Just let it run its course.
    -Kev Sin

  15. This was a life changing book for me. Some parts in the book are a bit too far out for me, but most of it is very good and helpful. I have returned to this book for guidance several times. I recommend getting the audiobook ( Narrated by: Peter Lownds ) 🙂

  16. Guys, do the TM-Live, it already helped me a lot!! I`ve done it twice and will do it three times again, to let it sink in completely!! My self-worth is changing, I let out a lot of frustration and anger on a sub-conscious level and can now FINALLY progress to Love!! I feel way more at ease with life and settled!! Instead of doing the Live Event you can also start by paying attention to your emtions and leetting them out / letting go of them!!!

  17. I am letting go of compulsive habits, compulsive thoughts and the feelings and beliefs associated with them

  18. Reading this book helped me find one of the root causes of why I’ve been depressed, angry, lazy and in constant fear. It also helped me find the root cause of my fear of approaching anxiety, something that I didn’t really have until last year… which really hindered my ability to socialize in general… I truly truly TRULY appreciate you making this video! Thank you so much, Julian!

  19. August 3, 2018. Thanks for making this video. It reminded me that I already have the tools needed to make a happier life. It was also a good reminder to use them instead of doing other things to fill up my day. There are two courses that deal with exactly the process of letting go. Both are from students of Lester Levenson. One is The Release Technique and the other is The Sedona Method.

  20. Wow, Julien! What a great review! You covered all the important angles of the book, I liked that you quoted from it as much as you could. I constantly go back to this whenever I feel a bit lost and it just gets me on the right track again. I find myself saying "yes… yes" constantly because of all his insights and just his way of being that opens me up. Thank you so much for condensing it!


    We are going into 5 – 7 – 12 Dimension. – NONSENSE!
    If we don’t accelarete our energy we will commit suicide, because our thoughts will manifest as the energy forces them to the surface.
    NOT TRUE, satan is attempting through fear to get you to elevate yourself, and save your life.(Matthew 16:25)

    As he tried to make himself God(Elevating himself) – Only to be thrown into the pits of darkness(Isaiah 14:13 -15 ). Jesus says lower yourself, serve and give. Satan says, have only your own concerns, elevate yourself, and have only.

    Matthew 16:25 – For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.

    Isaiah 14:13 -15 You said in your heart: “I will ascend to the heavens; I will raise my throne above the stars of God. I will sit on the mount of assembly, in the far reaches of the north. I will ascend abovethe tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.” But you will be brought down to Sheol to the far reaches of the Pit.

    Matthew 23:12 – Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.

    We are the creators of reality and God is an impersonal force, and we the overall conductor of this impersonal force.

    – Not accurate. God made us, we did not make God. And we are created in the image of God. God has feelings and thoughts for his own creation. Creation came second, God was before us.(Therefor God is not an impersonal force, but a being. Jesus Christ was the exact expression of this being. Secondly if Law of attraction was true, then how come I was unsaved and did not have the very real spirit of God untill recieving Jesus as lord? I realised that I could not make myself go into heaven, I could not get the spirit of God through attraction, I could only get it from the Lord Jesus Christ. and Demons attacked me only when I wanted to go to the lord Jesus Christ.
    Colossians 1:13-15 – He has rescued us(Those who repent and believe in Jesus as the lord over all creation) from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of His beloved Son, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins. The Son is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation

    Jesus is just someone who ascended and had spiritual powers similar to an elightent being, and we are to aim for this.

    – In new age satan says exalt yourself and and have only your own concerns, to find/have this enlightent coherence with God, satan tend to your notions of rising above others and even God in spiritual knowledge only that you may fall like him, that seperates you from love and service to others. Jesus says humbles yourself and be like me(Matthew 11:28-29), a lowly servant and have the concerns of God, true love.

    Jesus taught us through and by his spirit we would be able to do what he did and more(Acts 1:8). But without the spirit of God(Light) by the word of God Jesus Christ(John 14:6). We literally do not have any real spiritual power over darkness(Luke 10:17), and aswell without salvation through faith in the lord Jesus Christ, are currently reciding in the kingdom of darkness spiritually and not the light(Acts 26:17-18)(“Which the deceiver Satan, is very intent on keeping man) – Aswell by having people believe Jesus is anything other than savior & our lord for this reason(Romans 10:9)

    Crystal have power, an energy signature.
    – This is like assigning power to creation and not to the creator(The father in the son Jesus). To where all power comes from & goes. It is to reject God for who he is(1 Peter 5:10-11/ Matthew 6:13 KVJ).

    Orgone energy(To work with the impersonal God force).
    – God is spirit and not an unaware and impersonal force, and cannot be manipulated.

    We have come to earth to lift its energy.. NOT TRUE.
    -Again Satan works to have his nature in the creation(“Make yourself into God/worship yourself and the creation not the creator(The lord Jesus)”), that they may experience his end with him. Some of these things are found in the bible, yet satan seeks to have you avoid the key essential thing. Salvation and forgiveness for your sins, through repentance and putting your faith in the lord Jesus Christ. Satan will seek to have you devoted to the creation and the flesh(Temporary, perishable things)

    *Chakras must be aligned with this impersonal force, to find peace.*(Make youself into God like satan tried. Lifts yourself high only to be brought low & down in the end(Isaiah 14:13 -15))
    – The notion of chakras are irrelevant("Only when you walk with Jesus you will know why this spiritual knowlegde is irellevant. It is mans attempt to exalt himself in divinity and Power, by knowledge and wisdom having himself served.- In short man loses focus on giving love and serving Jesus(God)") so is any sort of spiritual knowledge that causes man to think highly of himself. The only thing that matters is faith in the lord Jesus expressing itself as love. Wisdom is faith in God Through Jesus, the fruits of true faith is love(Galatians 5:6). And when you put your faith in Jesus such things starts to become reduntant cause the perfect love of Jesus drives out all fear.(1 John 4:18). And you slowly start to feel safe in his cradle of love, and care.

    The kingdom of God is wthin us all. NOT TRUE (Luke 17:21KJV)

    – I didn’t have it in me before seing the biblical savior and confessing Jesus as my lord(Romans 10:9). The biblical reference to the kingdom of God is within, is a in truth a biblical reference to those who have God(“The spirit of God”) in them, by putting their faith in the door to God("The light") the lord Jesus Christ. The only man ever who had no darkness in him through sin(John 10:9-10), you cannot cheat yourself into the kingdom of God( John 10:1). There are two kinds of children in scripture. The children of darkness & the children of light. The children of light are the ones who God has redeemed by his son(Matthew 13:37-39).

    I used to listen to channels teaching Jesus was anything other than lord. Ascended master etc.(Romans 10:9) and to only have your own concerns, the same as Jesus said who satan was.( Matthew 16:23)

    Romans 10:9 – If you declare with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

    Ephesians 2:8-9 – For it is by grace you have been saved through faith, and this not from yourselves; it is the gift of God, not by works, so that no one can boast

    Acts 2:38 – Peter replied, "Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

    Basically that I am God waiting to realise myself as God.
    We are basically ascending into a higher level of vibration
    – We have I feel addressed satans deceptive making yourself in the creator, work here.
    We will have unity consciousness and that is just merging with a higher vibration that is closer to the oneness that is God. – NONSENSE! Selfelevation will cause a fall in the individual.

    its all about enlightenting the flesh, and uptatined all sorts of power covering it in pleasent terms, like Light and love. This sentence is also declaring its meaning amongst new age: There is no darkness and hell. Evil knows if you believe this, it can manipulate you to engage in ways without moral & integrity.

    There is no satan nor demons, nor hell, only chaotic energy,
    or negative energy, or only a negative perspective upon things. Its all love. Which is an absolutely horrific notion. That satan is pushing, to have people live without the moral standard of God.

    Evil is more similar to an angry old man, when it is infact a demons that takes joy in killing your soul because the have no spiritual life in themselves.( Ephesians 2:2-3) We do not have life in us either on the spiritual side, if we have not Jesus Christs life in us. –

    1 John 5:12 – Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life.

    We became seperated from the eternal source of light and life by engaging in darkness(Sin) in the beginning. For darkness cannot be in the light. That was mans first fall through Adam & eve. This fall has been since the beginning, and Jesus is God who came to save us from the hold that darkness had over us, through sin, by taking them upon himself.

    Revelation 12:8-12
    But the dragon was not strong enough, and no longer was any place found in heaven for him and his angels. And the great dragon was hurled down — the ancient serpent called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him. And I heard a loud voice in heaven, saying: “Now have come the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God, and the authority of His Christ. For the accuser of our brothers has been thrown down, he who accuses them day and night before our God.

    They have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; and they did not love their lives so as to shy away from death. Therefore rejoice, O heavens, and you who dwell in them! But woe to the earth and the sea; with great fury the devil has come down to you, knowing he has only a short time.”

    All these current new age spiritual things that are being taught, are nothing but evils attempt to have man fall and increase in darkness. I was in darkness and demons only made themselves fully known after being saved by the biblical lord Jesus Christ. They did not care I believed in the ascended Jesus or unconditonal love. As long as I didnt recieve the biblical lord & saviour Jesus Christ.

  22. hi great book, just wondering if anyone knows what order to read the full progressive book series?? I cant find anywhere online that said the order to read them

  23. Thanks a lot, i was listening to this book in audio format and at the time i found it very useful, but e tend to forget! So thank you for reminding me!

  24. You rock mate, your illustrations on these wisdom books are just gives that abit of extra push to buy and read them, weldone

  25. Good video, but know that the subconscious mind is vastly more than suppressed feelings. 95% of our actions are dictated by the submind and 5% by the thinking mind.

  26. I found this extremely powerful….as a teacher myself the simplification of this concept is massively helpful….my question is when working with cerebral people that have their heart centers closed off and have a hard time feeling emotion…..what do u suggest….for me it takes awhile to help them access their heart and emotions

  27. Thanks.

    Psychological fear are thoughts. Fear comes as a result of thinking. If you remove your brain, you can't experience psychological fear.

    What you are talking about is observing your feelings and body. Well, you can do that, but if you are not observing your thoughts, you are not
    getting anywhere.

    Observing the thoughts and the body is the key, as Jiddu Krishnamurti said it.

    To really get in contact with the mind that is observing the thoughts – is a process. To be able to see the thoughts and just let them go.

    Eventually the paradigm shift takes place and something happens in the sub conscious mind. And a energy shift in the body.

    One day you wake up feeling good, and the other day even better.

    The thoughts are not controlling you. You are observing the thoughts and you decide what to think and when to think.

    A state of love. Nothing magical. It is the normal state of human beings and animals.

    Unfortunately human beings lost much contact with this state. We are dominated by thoughts and most negative thoughts – which gives negative feelings and bad energy / vibration.

    Jiddu Krishnamurti talks about all thoughts being negative, but that is another "chapter".

    So it is not mystic.

    No systems or methods needed. No theory. No analyses.

    The key is to observe. Observing the thoughts. Nothing more. And it's free of charge.

    Love is our natural state.

  28. I have read this book because a lot of people that I admire have put it in their Top5 books everyone should read.. But I really can't pretend that I agree with some stupid shit I found there .. I love Jim Rohn and Tony Robbins and all that people that recommend that book but some of the stuff is so delusional that I would stop with the reading immediately but I continued because I couldn't believe that Jim or Tony would recommend it if it was not realistic and science based .. The only reason I didn't burn that book is because it was audio book.. The author claims stuff like.
    —Guy that broke his foot, like really physically something fell and crushed it "Surrendered the feeling" and didn't ask for medical help and his leg healed by itself.. The peace's of bone glued to one another by the power of Letting go..
    Physically damaged parts of body like eyes and legs and spine healed even though there is no scientific proof or evidence or anything ..
    — Diseases like diabetes or even something more serious was healed by Letting it go .. How the fuck do you let go of falling in to a coma from not receiving insulin -_- ..
    At the beginning book seemed ok but later on it was so annoying I couldn't believe someone with common sense would even consider trying to stop taking the medication and "Letting it go" ..
    Really sorry for my bad English but guys ,, Please be careful what you read and what you consider trying on your body..
    And yes I remembered now,, It is also stated that poisonous gas can't do you no harm if you dont believe that it will affect you ..
    So when you take animals and poison them they die because they believe you are poisoning them :O ..

  29. I have just ordered this book based partly on Julien's description of the process. I have done mindfulness meditation on and off for years with limited success. Thoughts are of course easy to bring up, but bringing up emotions seems difficult. How do you know if you're bringing up emotions if you generally have trouble expressing yourself of feeling emotions?

  30. Thanks julian Im waiting for this book from amazon but even doing the exserisces and hearing your voice works as well very peaceful

  31. i freaking love you, i dindn´t know what i had in my mind that was teasing me slowly and after watching this video and applying i feel easier with myself, obviously i will keep doing this meditation. Thank you so much Julien

  32. Thanks for this Julien!! Some notes
    2:43 – 1. Suppressing your feelings
    4:47 – 2. Expressing your Feelings
    7:12 – 3. Escape /avoid your feelings
    10:07 – Letting go
    14:19 – Levels of feelings

    Personal take-away, just keep untangling, 1 by 1
    12:20 – Tissues in box analogy

  33. in the highest possible vibe there's also a problem. you stop needing everything and you feel strength and centerdness coming from within, you feel complete and all of a sudden you start getting bored since you have now nothing to worry or to cry about. lack of motivation is another symptom.
    What i noticed is that all goes in circles, when you transcend your neediness and shallow problems and become one with your essence and core you start missing silly problems (like falling in love and "stupidly" suffering from it or another thing and this even if you understand that this this in nonesensical) then you relapse and you restart your journey towards enlightenment again.
    i would like to hear other people's take on this.

  34. I have a question about the technique of Letting Go. I'm not sure if I completely understand what Hawkins means by "give it up to God". Would you be able to explain that more clearly? Perhaps you did in this video.. I'm at work and just stumbling across it 🙂 thanks!

  35. ThAnks for this. I love your mad gesticulating. You remind me of myself in that respect. I also went from PUA to an interest in these things. I wish you well.

  36. I love your work Julien..
    This really helped me during some serious life and survival struggles in 2017! I'm going through a painful breakup and it's just as helpful revisiting this in 2019…
    Thank you, you are a blessing!..
    So glad you made it through the other side after that media fiasco…

  37. I really think this meditation just released me of alot emotional pain.
    and connected me back to my ❤️. Thank you for this review.

    I did this and it feels like it can be a good practice, like brushing your teeth before you go out. Be with yourself truly. That way there is nothing really to fear.

  38. I'm surprised that there is not a single negative comment about the book. While it contains some nuggets of truth there are many more-than-questionable scientific references given. Check the authors academic credentials and where he got them from, you'll be surprised. My personal opinion, there are much more helpful books on the topic out there. Check out Eckhard Tolle.

  39. Ive been doing a I’ve found out the best way for me to do it is. Not to get caught up in my thoughts just to let both my thoughts and feelings do their thing. Like it’s tinging in your body and you are merely feeling it or sensing it. I have gotten lighted but I know their is still stuff there. Goes traumatic energy re grow like a fungus and I have to restart from the beginning or does it get better each and every time I re enter. Thanks Ben.

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