Lesson 9 – Saints or Sinners – The Pioneer School

Lesson 9 – Saints or Sinners – The Pioneer School

Welcome to lesson number 9 on the pioneer
school today we are going to talk about repentance and I am going to provoke you and help to
take your glasses off when it comes to this because I want to ask you a question we as
Christians should we look at ourselves as sinners saved by grace or saints? And this
is really important and the way we look at ourselves often hasn’t anything to do with
the bible but has to do with the glasses and our background and today I’m going to help
you to take the glasses off help you to understand that Jesus did not come to save us in our
sins but he came to save us from our sins and I believe this teaching is really important
in going to help you to come into the freedom we have in Christ so we can live the life
we read in the book of Acts so God bless you. Welcome to this teaching this is teaching number 9 out of the 20 lessons on the pioneer
school and again I love what God is doing, God is doing God is doing amazing things and
the last two times I spoke about what you need to do to get saved I spoke about repentance
baptism in water and the Holy Spirit and I got a lot of response out of it there an older
lady who wrote to me from our city who is at the bible school I’ve not seen her yet
but she wrote to me that her whole life she had thought this she was saved by her baptism
as an infant but after she had seen this video she want to get baptised so after this teaching
I’m going to her to baptise her so a lot of things is happening during these lessons
and I love it, I love what God is doing and today is going to be really interesting and
I am going to help you also today to get the glasses get off you the religious glasses
and what I am going to talk about today is repentance and I am going to a little different
way than you normally hear when we talk about repentance and also what you see in this bible
school I only try to get the glasses off so you can buy your own with the Holy Spirit
study the word of God and experience how the word is setting you free so I’m not going
to give you the answer in everything ‘I’m just going to give you the big picture to
help you to understand what the different things is in the word of God.
And today I’m going to provoke you a lot I am going to say something where you are
going to say ‘wow what is this? But remember what do we build on? Do we build on our traditions
or on the word of God but before I am going to take this teaching today and continue with
some of the things we talked about last time I’m going to share some testimonies l love
sharing testimonies of what God is doing and if you remember last time I spoke about how
we share the gospel and I was sitting her with this table and I was showing how to share
the gospel and it’s like God wants people all over the world to repent he has commanded
people to repent our job as disciples is to show them what it is all about to give them
the clear gospel so they know what they need to do because as I show you last time if they
do what they are supposed to do God is going to move next time if they repent he is going
to give them a new heart if they get baptised in water he is going to set them free from
their sins when we lay our hands on people and obey the word of God they are going to
receive the Holy Spirit and I show you last time how I did it and I want to say this is
like everything else it must not end just with theology if you get theology out of my
teaching you have failed and I have failed in teaching you because we need more than
theology we need to get it into practice and for me when I started this with sharing the
gospel and the way I do it in the beginning it was new for me also everything I’m teaching
is new for me because I have to take my glasses off myself but when God start to help me and
set me free I started to walk in it and the more I walked in it the stronger it became
and often did I see things happen and since last time the last week I do this teaching
every week, since last week I’ve seen two people saved when I did the same with the
coffee table one was like four days ago there was a guy who seen a video to me and he wrote
to me 17years old his parents is from a religious home but he doesn’t come anymore and he
had not really experienced God and salvation and he wrote to me and we met at a coffee
shop down in the city where I am and we were sitting there we were drinking coffee and
I start to talk about Jesus and I ask him I if he had met God and he hadn’t and I
talked with him about the gospel so after we drank coffee I did the same like I showed
you just in a coffee shop and when we have done that he saw that what he needed to do
he saw that he needed to repent get baptised and receive the Holy Spirit so we did, after
that we went to a place where I could pray for him but we were in the city so I need
to find a place where we could be alone so we find a parking garage where we went down
in the basement and there were no cars there so we could be alone no people no cars, so
down there in the basement in the parking garage in the middle of the city I prayed
for him he repented, he experienced the Holy Spirit he got baptised with the Holy Spirit
he started to speak in tongues and he was on fire afterward we went up again went to
the city went out find some sick people and he prayed for a woman who got healed he prayed
for a woman more got healed and there was one from Greenland who could not move their
arm without pain and she got healed and her husband came and another came and she was
standing and talking to them and explaining what was happening and suddenly there were
a lot of people there and it was him who did it, he prayed for them afterwards I have to
go to another place so I drive him to some friends and he went out in the sea in Denmark
and got baptised in water and it was really cold but he got baptised in water and this
guy was changed and I said to him, you are not living for yourself anymore you need to
be bold you need to get out to many people so he went home and write on face book and
I’m just going to read some of it this has been the most amazing day I met a man by the
name of Torben and he has the website and he has talked about every believer can have
a life with Jesus like the apostle did a life of miracles we started to talk and he explained
to me all about it so he could make sure I was getting into and then we went to the parking
garage and he prayed for me and I started to speak in tongues it felt so surreal and
he continued telling about how people got healed and all that happen in one hour God
is great and he continues in how he got baptised and it was cold but he got baptised and then
he ended up with the reason I write this testimony is that God wants more for us than just coming
in church and going to meetings he wants to give us a life with miracles and healing if
there is anybody out there who wants that please contact me and this is what God is
doing a few days ago I met this guy sitting down going through the gospel I didn’t pray
ask Jesus into your heart I pray with him he repented he got baptised in water he got
baptised with the Holy Spirit and he got on fire he went home and shared on Facebook this
two days later there was a girl who contacted me who had seen this on his Facebook 17 years
old also from a religious background but live in sin don’t know God and many things is
new who have never heard about speaking in tongues and those things so I met with her
on burger king so we were sitting on burger king we were talking again I shared the gospel
this time with burger paper and cups and things and I shared the gospel like I did in the
video after I shared the gospel she was ready to repent so I had to find a place where I
could pray for her so just beside the burger king there was a building being built but
not finished so we could go in that building because it was empty and we went in there
and I prayed for her the Holy Spirit touched her I got a prophetic word to her about a
snake I saw like a snake that was crawling and it was her life and suddenly I saw the
snake coming out of the ground then it got wings and was flying away and how God want
to set her free and take her out of what she had been crawling in and when I got that verse
she was crying and crying and I prayed and she got set free from a demon there was something
that left her and she told me afterward that there was a lump coming up in her throat and
then it went out and she felt so free so she was changed then we went to a shop nearby
find a sick person she prayed for the first sick person who got healed then she invite
me to her house I went there I prayed for her mother who got healed I prayed for one
more who experienced something and I was sitting with the family, the mother invited me back
again because they want to hear more then I took her to some friends I know who have
a bathtub and I asked them if we could baptise her there because it was really cold that
day also and we did that so she got baptised in the bathtub and when she came up she laid
her hands on her and she got baptised with the Holy Spirit and she started to speak in
tongues and she was totally changed what I tell you here is should be everyday life this
is what he has called us to those two testimonies I have I can share from the last week just
in my life I have a friend tommy he also have seen one of those saved and baptised and this
is happening all around now if we share the gospel that way and get people to move God
is going to move. And what happened with this girl was Monday
and Monday was a rainy day in Denmark it was raining it was grey and you know everybody
say they hate Mondays it was a Monday raining grey day but the power of God was there she
got saved she, she prayed for people who got healed she got baptised in water and when
we hands on her she got baptised with the Holy Spirit and she spoke in tongues and one
of the times was in the shopping mall in a basement in parking garage in a café in a
burger king it’s out there where people are so this is what God is doing and I love
this testimony and those people are so on fire so when she got saved I called him and
said I’m just together with her and she has just got saved has the Holy Spirit and
is speaking in tongues and baptised and he was like ‘wow and he was so happy and it
is not like they are close friends they have just seen each other before and are friends
on face book so he met God and he was bold and somebody read it on Facebook and because
of that, now I’m getting invited back to the whole family because they want to hear
the gospel every day everybody they want to hear more. So I love the testimony I also
got a letter I like that, this is a testimony from Victoria in Canada where we have just
been and I had just made a new video from the trip of Canada where you see a little
from each place we’ve been and this one she wrote here I wanted to send a report from
Victoria of what happened to my son after you prayed for his allergy I amazed because
he has been completely healed his sister also had some allergies and was also prayed for
and she also had been healed as well this is amazing because for six years we have not
been able to take the family to a birthday party a dinner with friends house a restaurant
everywhere with food unless we bought special food for them this has really changed so much
in how we are able to live our life so many people are shocked to hear that they have
been healed love it, testimony from Victoria what God is doing.
Ok so again don’t make theology out of my teaching out of the word of God take the word
of God and act on it do it and then you will bear fruit, then you will bear much fruit
yes now I want to pray lets pray for today and this work because this is a really important
word and it’s going to for many people go against their religious glasses and it’s
going to be like ‘what’ and this is the foundation because I’m going to talk about
repentance and this is so important this is the foundation so we need to understand what
the word is saying there God I thank you for this day, I thank you for everything you are
doing I thank you for the two people I just told their testimony about who got saved,
baptised in water and the Holy Spirit who are on fire for you right now God, God thank
you because we are going to see thousands of people God in everyday life get saved God
burger king or malls in the city or the work place yes God people are going to get saved
and I pray that you are going to help me today to share this word and this word is going
to help to open their eyes it’s going to set us free so we can live the life you have
for us so come with your Holy Spirit and help me to share the word in the name of Jesus.
Amen I want to ask you a question you are a Christian
I believe that I am talking to you now as a Christian do you look at yourself as a saint?
Are we saints as Christians? Or are we sinners? How do you look at the Christians? How do
you look at your own life? Are you a saint? Or a sinner? Are we saints or are we sinners?
And this is really important that we have the right answer for this and I have been
surprised when I’ve been looking at this how much we have been influenced by our traditions
our glasses because if I in Denmark ask people if they are saints or if they are sinners?
And we are talking about asking Christians in the church almost everybody in Denmark
will say ‘we are sinners!’ Sinners saved by grace! Almost none in Denmark will say
we are saints because we are like ‘saints! No, no, are you without sin? Who do you think
we are and you are? And it is almost as if there is a fear when we talk about the whole
part of being a saint no, we are sinners saved by grace we are sinners every one of us. And
I had some real discussion with people about this and for me one thing that helped me to
take my glasses off is to travel and to know other people from other places in the world
I have my friend don from America working with the last reformation in USA and for me
to talk with him is so interesting I am learning a lot from him and he is learning a lot from
me because this is two world views that is coming together and when I called him and
said don are we saints or are we sinners? He said we are saints, of course we are saints,
we were sinners but we got saved now we are saints and where he is living and in his area
and in the churches he work with use the word saints and in a big part of America use the
word saints. There are other places again in other churches denominations of course
in America use sinners. But I see a really clear pattern when we talk
about those words where I see that what the catholic church and the reformation is strong
and in America the reformation is the reformed church and the Calvinistic and so on, where
they are strong each other denomination somehow lead to we are sinners of course we are sinners
but where they are not strong where we see like a movement of Pentecostal church and
other they are more free believe no we are saints. So I see it’s not just being a Baptist
or Methodist or Pentecost who somehow create a view of if we are saints or sinners because
a Pentecost in Denmark with a very strong Lutheran background have a different view
in a Pentecost in another country where they don’t have a Lutheran or catholic background
so every church is not only impacted by themselves everybody’s impacted by the reformation
the Lutheran church who is impacted by the catholic church.
And it is very interesting when you look at this because for me growing up in Denmark
if I ask question in Denmark everybody would know we are sinners we are sinners we are
sinners we are sinners but then if you go out then of the little box here in the Scandinavian
country in the north Europe for example and go out, out of this box and go to other places
they are without these glasses, maybe they have other glasses maybe they don’t but
they say no, no, no, no, no we are saints so I want to say that everybody around you
believe in one thing don’t make it right because everybody around you can be wrong
because they are building on the wrong foundation the catholic church the Lutheran church instead
of what the word is saying and we are going to look at the word very soon in Denmark,
there are people in Denmark who are like no we are sinners, every Christian is like we
are sinners and to say we are saints is like no’ this is too holy it’s too much to
say you are a saint. And I thought do people in America say like
hey we are saints because they don’t know what the word is all about for example in
Denmark I say I love you in Denmark if I say it in Danish I’m now going to learn you
some Danish words I love you in Danish is yi elskidie and for me if I say to somebody
in Danish I love you yi el skedai this is a little hard because you really mean it so
you don’t just go and use the word to somebody yea but we in Denmark is very fast to use
the English expression, word ‘I love you’ ‘I love you too’ but us as a Danish person
it is easier to say I love you in English than it is in Danish because it is just a
word, we have seen in TV we have heard it in songs in music everybody o I love you we
just use the words and maybe it’s like that with ‘saints’ I started to think about
that maybe it’s that people in America just hey we are saints they just use it ‘yes
he is a saint’ but if you go to people with a catholic background ‘like saints’ no
no saints? To become a saint the pope have to make you a saint a saint is only a few
people who is something special and this is so interesting if we look at two things the
word has been changed like if we take the word Christian everybody uses the word Christian
today but if we know that the word Christian means comes from the word little Christ if
we look like Jesus Christ maybe people will not just use the word. But what is a saint?
A saint the bible says also holy people are you holy? Or are you a sinner and I want to
use the word holy now instead because for you now who live in America the word saint
has been misused and that’s why I used the word holy people and sinners but the question
now what are we? What are you? Are you a holy person? Or are you a sinner? Let’s see what
the bible says about it if I look at the bible and the bible says the saints are holy people
you can find for example in the book of acts in two places we read that your holy people
in Jerusalem so the book of acts this is Luke who wrote the book of acts and about the Christians
the disciples he use the word holy people another place in the same chapter the holy
ones who live in Luther so here we see Luke who wrote the book of acts is using the word
saints or holy people about the Christians but what about the rest of the bible? Was
it only in the book of acts no it’s not and you are going to see now almost every
letter in the book in the bible starts with and we are going to see three letters we have
here Ephesians to Gods holy people in Ephesus, Philippians, to all Gods holy people in Christ
Jesus in Philippi, Colossians to Gods holy people in colossi, so here we read that Paul
is starting his letters to the holy people in this city to the holy people in this to
the holy people in this, what is interesting is if you go to the book of acts and through
the bible the new testament you will always see that they called the Christians holy people
the saints the holy people there the holy people there the holy people the holy people
the holy people, if you go to the book of acts bible new testament and see how many
places the Christians the disciples God called the holy people you will see it so many times
I’ve counted about 43 44 times in the bible you see that they were called the holy people
the saints for over 40 times you see that do you know how many times in the bible the
Christians was called sinners? None! The Christians were never called a sinner in the bible never,
never, never, never! And again do we have many churches many minds that’s today where
we think is holy to call ourselves sinners, we are sinners saved by grace and if I look
in a country like Denmark and Scandinavia country where I have grown up if I said to
people we are a holy people ‘o’ no oo it is almost a sin to call yourself a holy
people because we are sinners, sinners, sinners and this is so much a part of our mind set
in Denmark no matter if it is a Baptist Methodist Pentecostal no matter what denomination in
Denmark we think we are sinners, sinners, sinners, sinners, also after we got saved
why do we think that? Because every denomination in Denmark and also where you are living is
building on the same foundation the foundation is the catholic church and the Lutheran church
because it was where this came in we are sinners we are sinners we are sinners and there is
one truth in that the truth is that people are sinners and need salvation but when you
repent when you get saved you are not any more a sinner.
Because a new life has started inside of you but to be honest I believe and you are going
to see that today and next time the problem here is that they didn’t see the new life
started people continued being sinners also after they got saved because they do not understand
the true gospel so if you go to the book of acts to the first Christians and say hello
I’m a sinner they will share the word with you and want you to repent and get saved if
you then say you are a saved sinner they will look at you like are you crazy? You cannot
be a saved sinner because to get saved is to get rid of your sin.
So you are not a sinner anymore we read about saved from what save from our sin Jesus is
called Jesus and he saved his people from their sin, he should not save them in their
sins he should save them from their sin if we think we are saved in our sin we can continue
being sinners and being saved sinners and this is a mind-set that is just wrong you
don’t find that in the word of God no we are saved from our sin so we were sinners
but now we are holy people I want to say that holy people don’t mean perfect in any way
so we don’t, are not able to experience that we fall in sin people can be holy people
and still fight, the word of God write to the Corinthians and there was a lot of problem
in that church in Corinthians but he still called them the holy people
So holy is something you become the day you get saved and you continue and you continue
that I’m going to talk about that so what you need to know is that in the bible you
never find the words sinners for Christians and if that is the truth why do you call yourself
sinners why do people always call themselves sinners? When this is not true because we
are building on the wrong foundation and then maybe you say yes but’ Paul, Paul, Paul,
he called himself a sinner and I’ve been sharing this here about 40 different words
in the bible where you see places where you see the word ‘holy people’ but it’s
not like in the bible in the church people don’t know all of those scriptures the most
of them know one this is this one Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners of who
I am the worst Paul is saying that this is what we use in Denmark if you go to Danish
Christians Lutheran website and ask question are we sinners or not sinners they will say
we are sinners and they will quote this verse that Jesus Christ came to the world to save
sinners and of whom I am the worst so they say that Paul said about himself that he is
the worst sinner. And somehow it has become holy so I meet people
like ‘I’m the most worst sinner’ no no I am more worse than you are no, no, no,
I am. Almost has become holy to say I am a sinner and people stand up in church and ‘I
am a sinner’ and somehow we make it holy but Paul is not saying he is a sinner if you
look at this Jesus Christ came to the world to save sinners he is talking about something
Jesus not Jesus do right now but something he did he came there to save sinners and of
those people he came to save he was the worst why? Because if you see the words before he
said that he was blaspheming he was a violent man he was doing a lot of crazy things you
know Paul he was going against the church he was trying to kill the Christians so he
was a violent man against God but God saved him, so when he is saying there he was the
worst sinner he doesn’t say he is it now, he said he was it but he used the word I am
because he is talking about something at that moment and try to imagine it was true that
Paul was looking at himself as the worst sinner and he thought it was holy why did he every
time he write a letter in the bible write to people and called the Christians the holy
people? It seems so crazy he calls himself I’m the worst sinner and to everybody he
met around he called them the holy people there but me I’m the worst of all sinners
can you see it doesn’t make any sense and this is what religion is and you have seen
that through in the last teaching we take something that is very clear in the word of
God holy people holy people holy people over forty times it is written holy people and
then we take one verse taken out of context we don’t understand and out of that word
we build our theology and we don’t see what the rest of the word is saying because no
we are sinners And this is the foundation almost every church
here is building on we are sinners saved by grace can you see it and it’s all about
the mind set to understand who we are in Christ and what he has done if you go with that mind-set
o you are sinners, you are sinners you are sinners, I’m a sinner I cannot do anything,
do you think you are going to experience freedom no you are not you will see yourself a sinner
you start to think as a sinner and you will live as a sinner. New creation
But if you know that you are a new creation something new has started you are going to
live that new life and I don’t say to everybody receiving this teaching that hey now you should
just say you are holy people because many maybe is sinners because you have not repented
because you are not saved yet, and I want to talk about what happens when we repent
what happens in our life and I don’t want to make a lot of theology out of it I want
to give you a testimony of it, but first I want to give you some scriptures this is what
the word is saying when we talk about sin ‘No one who abides in him sins no one who
sins has seen him and knows him’ ‘ouch! This is what the word is saying ‘nobody
who abides in him’ sins’ no one who sins, has seen him and knows him and remember what
Matthew chapter 7; 21 was saying we talked about before that many one day is going to
stand in front of Jesus and he will say depart from me I never knew you’ you who do sin’
this word this is the word of God. And many know other scriptures from the word of God
but 1.john 3; 6 is of course a well-known scripture my question is john 3; 6 more the
word of God than this verse? No? Is this verse from first Matthew 7; 21 ‘no’ this is
the truth that nobody abides in him sins but many have a problem with that because ‘no,
no, no, no, no’ ‘hey, relax’ Torben! Do you say you don’t sin? No, no , no remember
john, john 1;9 john 1;8 and this is what john 1;8-9 says ‘if we claim to be without sin
we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us if we confess our sin he is faithful
and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness I want
to say this is the word of God and this is the word of God religion take one verse there
and build a whole theology out of it and if I go to churches today almost no Christians
know this verse but everybody knows this if you were living at that time you didn’t
have a bible where there was chapter and verses no’ you got the whole context but today
we have chapters and verses and because of that many people are deceived because they
say no if you say you are without sin the truth is not in you we are all sinners we
are all sinners. But you also take this verse and say but if
you sin you don’t know him ‘what is the truth? The whole thing is the truth the word
of God is the truth, and if we take our religious glasses off we will not have a problem with
the word we will not need to go and take some scriptures out and put it away or just read
very fast through it like we don’t see it because we have problem with it and I want
to share a testimony from my life because the good thing with my life is that when I
got saved I didn’t have so much religious luggage I don’t have the backpack like many
other I got saved from a non-Christian background I was baptised and firm in the Lutheran church
but it was just tradition I had never opened my bible I didn’t know what the word was
saying and then I had a friend who told me about Jesus and I came to a church and there
the Holy Spirit touched me and I went up and I repented and asked Jesus to save me when
I did that I felt like the Holy Spirit came like a light into me I fall to the floor I
was laying there I really met God it was like the Holy Spirit all over my body it was the
fifth of April 1995 I remember it like it was yesterday it was so strong I remember
I stood up again and I sat down and somebody said congratulations you are born again Torben
and I was like thank you but I didn’t know what he was talking about I had never heard
a word like born again’ I didn’t know what he was talking about but when I went
home from that meeting something have happened inside of me.
The first thing was I have always afraid of dying I went home I said to myself Torben
you are going to die one day and when I said to myself Torben you are going to die normally
I would begin to panic ooo I’m going to die’ oo I’m going to die’ and I would
be so afraid because I don’t like to think about it that I am going to die one day. but
what happened there this time when I said to myself ‘Torben you are going to die was
I was on my bicycle and I was like ‘yes’ I’m going home and I thought ‘what is
happening? I’m not afraid anymore I have got set free from fear at that moment I didn’t
know at that time that Hebrews chapter 2;15 was saying that Jesus Christ came to deliver
them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage but Jesus Christ
came to set us free, us who were held down in fear and I experienced that I didn’t
read the word and said to my mind ok the word is saying that then I have to take my mind
and try to get the fear to go ‘no’ I experienced it in my spirit, and it happened like that
what more happened the more thing that happened was that I had become new I didn’t know
about the whole thing but something had happened so I came home and normally I go to a pub
on Friday and drink beer so I went to a pub like Friday like I was used to because my
mind was still the same I came home I looked at myself I say born again? I look the same?
For me I looked the same I didn’t understand what was happening so Friday I went to a pub
and I went there and when I stood there I looked around and suddenly my eyes was opened
and I was like what am I doing here? I don’t belong here I have met you Jesus ‘no’
and I went away and I was like what is happening? I didn’t want that anymore normally I was
used to swearing and used to cuss words and I was having a bad language but when I told
a lie or misused Gods name when I did it I was like ‘o it tasted so wrong’
Normally I didn’t have a problem with it my whole life I’ve not had a problem with
it but now something had changed inside of me and oo it tasted wrong I didn’t want
it anymore and then I stopped doing that. One more thing I had a girlfriend and I was
used to living in sin and I went to bed with her like young people who is sinners I was
a sinner I went to bed with my girlfriend and this time a girlfriend came to me and
before she came I had been thinking ‘what does the bible say about this’ and she came
and she want to be together with me and I really experienced temptation there was something
you know sin there was something ok, but again no, no, no, no I am not a part of that anymore
I don’t want that but I experienced the temptation and I got confused because what
does the word say? So I was like God is this sin or what? Is it not sin? God I want to
do what you want, God is this sin to go to bed with her? and I tried to remember what
I had learned when I got confirmed in the Lutheran church and I didn’t learn anything
there it was only tradition about holy days and tradition in the Lutheran church and I
was thinking what does the word say and to be honest I could not say at that time that;
the word says this is sin’ because I was so new and I didn’t know the word of God
so what did I do I was ok God are you there? Hello! And the temptation was so great so
I was ‘God are you there? And I did like this ok, God you are not there and I took
God and put him aside and I went to bed with my girlfriend and this time immediately I
had been in bed with her I was like o no’ o no! O sorry’ ‘God what have I done?
What have I done? I could just feel inside of me I have sinned.
I have sinned, o God forgive me forgive me God I have just found you I don’t want to
lose you forgive me and my whole body was grieving to God! To me I have sinned! And
it was so clear I had sinned, it was wrong, in that moment I did it I knew it was wrong
and I knew at that time that my friends non-Christian friends if they had been there they had said
to me common Torben relax it is like ‘God is love’ it is love everything its ok God
is not like that it’s not sin to go to bed with your girlfriend if you love her, they
would have said that to me but, no person, on earth, could convince me of something else
because inside of me I knew, I knew, I knew I had sinned.
Why did I know it? Because I repented because repentance is not only something we do it
is also something God do, when we repent from our sins and put our trust in Jesus Christ
for what he did on the cross God is going to change our life he is going to create something
new inside of us and this is what it is all about the new covenant the new covenant Jesus
came with those things because he want to save us from our sins and in the new covenant
he not only save us in our sins he save us from our sins and he create a new person you
read about that in Jeremiah many years before Jesus came there was a prophesy that God is
going to create a new covenant and I will put my law Jeremiah 31;33 and I will put my
law within them and in their heart and I will write it and I will be their God and they
will be my people so Jeremiah many years before Jesus he prophesied that one day he is going
to create something new a new covenant and there God would take the stone heart the stone,
the ten commandments the law on the stones and put it in our heart he says that here
and the same scripture you read right here in Hebrews 2 in the new testament they are
quoting so in Hebrews 2 when they talk about the old covenant and the new he is quoting
this that the law is going to be written in our hearts and he will be our God and we will
be his people. This is what it is all about and you have
the same verse in Ezekiel 11;19 the prophet also prophesy ‘And I will give them one
heart and I will put a new spirit within you and I will take the stony heart out of their
flesh, why do God do that? Why does God give us a new spirit? Why does God take the stone
heart out of us? Why does God give us a new heart of flesh? He said and will give them
a heart of flesh. That they may walk in my statutes, and keep my ordinance and to them;
and they shall be my people, and I will be their God. So this is what Jesus did he came
to save us from our sins, why? How? By giving us a new spirit and giving us a new heart,
he is going to remove the stone heart from our body and give us a heart of flesh he is
going to write the commandments in our heart so we would walk in his statutes so we could
keep his commandments not like ‘go and remember the ten commandments, not like go and remember
what is wrong what not wrong ‘no’ but by a new creation and it was what I experienced
that time many years ago I experienced that why? Because the Gospel is the power of
salvation its more than just religious activities. It’s a new body something new has started
and what happened with me I repented ‘God forgive me! Forgive me! Forgive me! And at
that moment I was new and I really need to have God to show me that he had forgiven me
because I was so new in it I didn’t know the whole word was praying and I was confused
so I heard there was a church open in another city close by they had a meeting that night
so I jump in the car I went there on the way I said God forgive me! Forgive me! God next
time I’m going to be with a girl it’s going to be with my wife on honeymoon God,
help me! God help me, forgive me! And then something amazing happened because I was at
the meeting people didn’t know me’ only a few people who I had seen before and I was
at that meeting and there was a woman who was standing up in the beginning of the meeting
and she said I have a word ‘I see a young standing in front of something he should not
do he didn’t know I was seeing it and he took me and put me aside and he sinned but
he has repented and I forgive him right now and I was standing there and I was shocked
because I was alone with my girlfriend and I do like that alone because you are never
alone God sees everything but I thought ‘O’ God and I put God aside, but God saw it and
then I went to the meeting and she not only said the words she was saying she prayed like
I did at home in my apartment and from that moment I have known that God see everything
and also if we close the door and close the light he sees everything.
And I was standing there wow’ God thank you because you forgive me! And immediately
the Holy Spirit came and I was like and I met God and I was so high I could almost fly
home in my car ‘I am forgiven! And I was so happy! I was so high and I said to God,
God next one is going to be my wife on my honeymoon I want to date you now. That way
I want to know you I don’t want to focus on girls now I want to seek you I want to
know you and you have to find a woman for me and I prayed that three months later I
was to a big Christian concert in another end of Denmark with another 500 people and
I was standing there worshiping God and suddenly God spoke to me I’ve not been thinking of
girls, the last month because my focus was God and there God spoke to me and said Torben,
the one who is standing behind you she is going to be your wife someday, and I was like
‘what? And then I turned around and like wow’ I saw a girl behind me and I was like
this is my wife! This is my wife and I turn around again and I was like wow and I just
knew my wife was standing behind me. Like seven rows down and when I saw that I knew
it, this concert was over it was like the last song and I had to hurry home and I was
driving with a friend who was waiting for me so I did only like smile to her as she
was standing a distance I only smiled to her and then I jump in the car and went home and
I said to my friend on my way home hey’ Michael I’ve just met my wife’ I don’t
know her name, I don’t know where she is from ‘I don’t know anything about her
but God had told me the one who standing with that yellow dress is going to be my wife someday.
I just knew it and I came home and said God I don’t know where she is from in Denmark
but you have to put us together again three months later I saw her like ‘hello and I
get to know her I talked with her and we got married and three days ago we have been married
17 years and have 3 children. And I have learned that when we repent from our ways from our
sins God has something much better for us my wife is so amazing she is so holy she has
grown up in a Christian family she had never kissed anybody else than me she had never
been together with somebody she had been kept by God and she is so strong and when we talk
about living in sin I learned so much from my wife because I can see so much in my wife
that is so different from so many other and you have heard her songs she has gone through
a lot she is so strong. She is the strong home in many ways in our family and often
when we travel together I take my wife with me and we are working together now it’s
me who is the public person here you see me often and people see me more but I’m not
who I am without my wife. My wife is the strength she is so amazing and God has put us together
no doubt of that. So we can see if we repent of our ways God has something better for us.
And what about ‘no one who abides in him sins? No one who sins has seen him and know
him and another verse 1 John 3;9 no one who is born of God will continue in sin because
God’s seeds remain in him, they cannot go on sinning because they have been born of
God, what does that mean? I think this is a good translation that they cannot go on
sinning because they are born by God and this also is no one who abides in him sins, nobody
who abides in him goes on sinning, this is often what the word is saying like john 3;16
For God so much loved the world that he sent his only Son that everybody who believe in
him shall have eternal life the word is for everybody who believe in him and continue
believing in him so in the word this is not talking about somebody who just believe one
time many years ago the word if you go in is the continued word everybody who believe
and continue to believe this is the same nobody who is born of God will continue to sin why
because he is born of God why would he not continue in sin because the law has been put
in his heart, this is what I experienced this is what many millions of people around the
world experienced when you repent from your sins when you believe in Jesus Christ God
is going to create a new heart inside of you ‘and that means that you cannot go on sinning’
the woman who was caught in adultery came to Jesus and they want to stone her and Jesus
did not condemn her he forgave her but he also said to her ‘now you are forgiven go
and sin no more’ what if she had just continued sinning? We cannot continue sinning when we
have been forgiven we need to understand that this word is also right if we confess our
sins he is faithful and just to forgive us we need to understand that forgiveness has
to do with repentance. And repentance has to do with your heart your
mind and has to do with ceasing from sinning. I got forgiven when I sinned but I didn’t
continue in sin because I know what the word is saying and it is like we have a world today
in church who don’t know what the word is saying they don’t know the truth of God
if I go to Hebrew for example and I’m going to read a verse that is also the word of God
exactly like john 3;16 and other verses and the word here in Hebrews chapter 10 verse
26 if we sin wilfully after we have received the knowledge of the truth there no longer
remains a sacrifice for sin. If we go sin wilfully there is no longer a sacrifice for
our sin the result will be eternal punishment. This is what the verse is saying many know
this word and read that word and are like o sin wilfully o’ but I have sinned wilfully!
What does that word mean? And I want to say when I stand there in front of my I went to
bed with her I was sinning wilfully I knew it inside somehow I didn’t know it but at
the same time I knew it. And I did sin but God forgave me. The word here if you sin wilfully
is the same word if you continue sinning if you continue sinning wilfully you can come
to that part where the Holy Spirit is going to leave you and I sad enough know people
who got saved they were living with a girlfriend and they could not continue in that sin because
they got saved and then they move away from the girlfriend later they opened them up to
sin again, and slowly sin came in and slowly and slowly and then after some time ended
up with the girlfriend again and I met them and I asked them do you have a problem with
this and they said ‘no’ but before they had. What had happened? One time they experienced
the salvation the Holy Spirit in their heart but because they didn’t keep because they
didn’t understand we have to be careful with what God have given us and listen to
the Holy Spirit I believe those people continued going against the Holy Spirit the heart inside
of them. And because they continued in that the Holy Spirit got sad and left them. And
now they ended up in sin again and the last part is going to be worse than the first the
bible says. When we talk about sin it’s like we have not understood what it is all
about in church it is like are still the whole part we are all sinners instead of understanding
we ‘were’ sinners’ but God created a new heart inside of us and if we had that
we cannot continue living in wilfully sin because we have the new heart.
Let’s go to the first book of john chapter 3; 7 they talk about the children
of God and talk about some of the things I have been reading here. Little children, let
no one deceive you him who practice righteousness is righteous just as he is righteous. Him
who sins is of the devil for the devil for the devil as sinned from the beginning for
the promise of God was manifested that he might destroy the works of the devil. So Jesus
came to destroy the sin in us and in verse 10 we read this, this is how we know who the
children of God are and who the children of the devil are anyone who does not do what
is right is not Gods children nor is anyone who does not love his brother or sister. This
is what john is saying ‘this is how we know who is the children of God and who is the
children of the devil this is how we know this is just after this verse we read this,
this is how we know, how do we know by everybody who is born again will not continue in sin
by this you will know who is the children of God and who is not.
It’s not by speaking in tongues you know you have repented, done the first thing it’s
not by speaking in tongues it’s not by healing the sick but that we know that we have repented,
we know it by this is how we know who is the children of God and who is not I talk to many,
many people and I meet many non-Christians I meet many Christians when I talk to religious
people in the church I many times sit in front of young people and I ask them do you live
in sin
with your girlfriend? And do you go to bed with your girlfriend? And they are like ‘yes’
ok do you have problem with that yes I think I have ok why? Do you have a problem in your
mind? Because you have heard that this is wrong or do you feel inside here that this
is completely wrong? Many will say ‘I have a problem in my mind’ why would they say
that because if it was from inside here it would not be very like this is wrong’ it
would be like me YOU ARE SINNING! You are sinning! And they would not be I doubt, they
would know that are sinning because they are born of God,
But because they are not born of God they are only religious in their mind set they
have no problem with sin they know in their mind set that I should not do that it’s
wrong but they have never got it from their mind down to their spirit and that is why
we have many in the church today who live in sin and we call them still ‘Christians’
we call them sinners but sinners who is going to heaven because we are all sinners you know
yea they live in sin but we all live in sin they continue in sin but they believe in God
‘no’ it’s not by who believe God but by this you know who is the children of God
and who is not by this, if people live in wilful sin and you know it and you see it,
it doesn’t matter what they believe if they live in wilful sin they are not born again
also if they come in church if he is a priest if he say he knows God and he reads the bible
he is not born again because God came to create a new heart he is still holy he has not changed
he is the same as we read in the old covenant he has not changed it is us who need to get
changed by the spirit of God by the law of God is written in our heart and this is what
happened when repentance happens, tom are you without sin ‘no’ I don’t say I am
where I should be, but I am not where I used to be but I know there is more because I need
to look like Christ and I want to look like Christ when I got saved in the beginning it
was like the big thing like I did sin ‘aa I could not do…that anymore, and then it
was easier for me to cut it off and not do that anymore but you cannot like the head
and the mind separate them but then God started to deal with that in me and then it was my
false life ‘why did I react the way I did? Why did I say the thing I said? Was it to
build my kingdom? To be proud or why did I do what I did?
And God continued working in me and he still works in me today and he is going to continue
working in me until the day I’m going to stand in front of him but I want to make him
continue working in me because if I just stop and say no’ this is enough common, then
he is not my Lord. I need to let him work in me. And there was a period in my life where
he really went deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper. And I want
to say there is a difference between living in wilful sin and being bound to sin, and
I repented in many ways and I experienced a freedom I did, but there was still something
in my life I could not get rid of there was one thing there and there was a few things,
I didn’t love it I didn’t want to live in it but I fall in it, in this thing and
other thing, and I was like oo I didn’t feel free and it tormented me but then I got
baptised and when I got baptise, not immediately, nothing happened but later I got a revelation
out of what baptism was and I started to walk in romans 6. Freedom from sin, one time I
read romans 6 freedom from sin each time I read romans 6;14 And when I suddenly saw what
it is all about I was like I am free ‘I am free and from that moment I experienced
a new beginning one more time I experienced a freedom from sin the last thing was broken
in my life and it became a new beginning one more time because those things have to do
with sin everything has to do with cleansing and sin but today we have many people we have
the catholic church and the Lutheran church and Calvinistic and other churches who are
not baptised in water. And because they are not baptised in water
they cannot walk in romans 6. They don’t experience the freedom they are walking in
romans 7 and they are fighting with guilt many are and because they don’t have the
baptism in water and the freedom from sin they build a theology out of their experience
and their theology becomes like we are sinners’ we are all sinners’ instead of we are saints
we are holy because Jesus did not come to save us in our sin he came to save us from
our sin and I want to say Jesus said to the Pharisee in Matthew 23 woe unto you scribes
and Pharisees hypocrites and he said you are cleansing the cup outside but inside is still
rotten it is so rotten inside and he said ‘cleanse the cup inside and it will also
be clean outside and this is the problem with the Pharisees this is the problem with the
religious people, today the religious people cleanse the cup outside but inside the still
feel so rotten and I’ve met so many people who have grown up in religious traditions
and when I come with this you can be free then it is good news because they had tried
to walk as a Christian for many years and know everything but they always feel condemned
and they always fighting and sinning fighting and sinning instead of experiencing the freedom
why? Because nobody has cleansed their life inside by the new heart the freedom in baptism
and because they are not cleansed they feel rotten inside and they are for many are rotten
inside and I want to say I have met people many who have come in churches many years
and they thought they were saved and do everything but when they really got saved they said like
now I was so deceived. And to be honest I met that in Pentecostal
churches there I met in the Baptist church I met in that many places because it is more
than religious it is life and we should not build theology out of life and I want to say
my experience with freedom from sin didn’t come by laying on hands on me in two seconds
‘no it came by seeking God, by repentance by fasting, by seeking God and I think our
problem is sometimes that we want the big thing here now, and we are not able to do
what it takes to come into the freedom God has for us, we don’t do what it takes and
because of that many don’t walk in the freedom next time I am going to talk about baptism
in water we are going to do it again with sin I’m going to share my testimony how
I experienced the freedom from sin and I have it in my book and I have just got this today
just today before I did this teaching the post came with this book this is the first
time I like hold it in my hand almost I got it like one hour ago and this is my book ‘The
Sound Doctrine’ and it had just come out of amazon and I order it from amazon and that’s
why I got it here and you can order it on amazon right now and you can go on my website
and find it. And in this book I tell the story about how I fasted how I experienced freedom
from sin and hate sin and you need to hate sin in order to be free from sin and I tell
my story about how I experienced freedom so if you want more teaching and again I’m
not speaking English normal so I’m not so much into detail it’s also because English
is still something I am learning but here there is much more scriptures.
And there is more detail about sin about fear God, about freedom from sin, so I encourage
you to go and buy this book on amazon and read that till I come back because next time
we are going to continue it, so this is the word for you I want to end this video by saying
where are you? Where are you? when I talk about this and I know many of you is grown
up in a Christian family and sometimes it’s not so easy because you know everything you
know how to live and you think is that in my mind in my spirit? The most important thing
is do you live in sin now? Do you experience freedom? From sin? I have that if I do something
wrong I can feel like oo I should not go out of this way’ I should stop now this is if
I go further here this is sin’ and I can feel it inside of me and I don’t know where
you are? Have you never experienced that and live in sin? If you live in sin then you are
not born again, and you have to repent and you have to repent and understand this and
give everything to God and be baptised in water and Holy Spirit if you don’t have
that to come in to know him. But maybe you are there maybe you have experienced
that but you are slow to hearing or you were some time ago more radical in that area and
I want to say then you have to do something about it also and if TV is the problem then
throw it out of the house do what you need to do to get rid of the thing that hinders
you, to live radical, get rid of the thing that hinders you from being holy. And often
if we know what it was all about it will come by itself because we will keep away from things
we don’t have a TV in our house it’s not because I will sit and look at porn on TV
and because of internet if I want to look at porn I could do it but now I have so much
fear of God in my life and I experience freedom so I don’t do that but I don’t have a
TV because jus the normal things somehow I can use my time on and it make me slow I makes
me somehow dull ‘sluggish’ in mind I don’t know the English word it made me passive,
like it doesn’t matter so much its ok to look at this its ok to film me with that and
many Christians look at TV all the time and listen to non-Christian music and I don’t
understand how? you cannot do that, you need to fill your spirit with good things you need
to fill your spirit and if you go it’s not only about keeping away from sin because in
Galatians 5 you read about the fruit of the flesh and the fruit of the spirit in verse
19 The works of the flesh are; then there is a long list including idolatry and jealousy
and a lot of things and he said there they who practice such things will never inherit
the kingdom of God so he said that to the Christians if you go out of that way this
is what he says you are never going to inherit the kingdom of God but then he is talking
about the fruits of the spirit; love joy peace longsuffering kindness goodness faithfulness,
and he talks about that and he said and those who are in Christ have crucified the flesh
with its passion and desires if you are in Christ and you belong to him you have crucified
your flesh what is a Christian? What is repentance? Repentance is that you are walking by the
flesh you are walking out of that road a big road that lead to adjustment you are walking
out of that road and you are doing exactly the things you read about in Galatians 5.19
but then you repented you turn away from it toward God and you experience God lay the
law inside of you, you become new. And then you start to walk the new life where
you are not led by the flesh but by the spirit I want to say ‘where are you in all of this’
now I’ve been teaching and some of I believe there are some who are not saved I believe
there are people who have not been baptised in water and they don’t experience the freedom
I believe there is people because of their religious glasses have a problem with this
with what I am teaching if there is a longing inside of you and can see this is right I
want that I want that I want to be a saint I want to experience the freedom God has for
me but how I am standing here and all of that I want to say relax seek God and listen to
what God is dealing in you and the problem with teaching like this is that people are
so different in their journey. But there is one who knows where you are right now and
this is God and he knows what you need maybe you need to repent and get saved and get baptised
in water and then God he know it and you know it and he will talk to you and he will show
it to you maybe you are saved but you are bound to sin and you need to get baptised
or you need a revelation about what your baptism in water was and there you read in romans
6. The Holy Spirit to open your eyes and set you free maybe you are playing with sin and
the reason you are saved you are playing with sin and that is why you are struggling with
sin and then you have to repent cut the things off in your life maybe cut the internet out
drop the internet for a while until you get fear of God in your life so you can have internet
again without sinning you know what you are fighting with and you need to be free from
that because you need to walk in Christ not after the flesh but after the spirit this
is what we all called to do. And if you have sin in your life when you
repent and you don’t turn away from things repent if you confess your sin God is faithful
to forgive you, also if you don’t get this strong experience like I got in the beginning
because often I don’t do that anymore but if I do something and God is reading me and
I am so sorry and I just know I am free, don’t do that anymore not because I said the right
word but because I confess but I know that he is working and he is cleansing me and I
do things and he forgives me and to confess your sins it’s not only for God it’s also
to know remind yourself that this was wrong so I’m not going to continue in this but
God is faithful. And I don’t know where you are and I want to say it’s ok to have
a time where you get confused about this because when God start to deal with me six years after
I got saved he start to deal with me about sin again.
And I start to be confused and wow what about this and what about this too, and then I started
to get the fear of God and God revealed this book to me and this is my testimony about
it and I experienced the freedom but before I experienced a freedom there was also some
days where I felt like now I was condemned ‘now I’m going to hell’ God, God cannot
forgive me anymore’ I have sinned against the Holy Spirit and I feel so condemned but
it was from God because he wanted to have a deep repentance in my heart, and when I
came in and experienced the revelation of the freedom I got free and it was almost like
getting born again and to be honest I was confused thinking was I really born again?
Was I really born before? Because this was completely new one more time. There was a
freedom in Christ I have never experienced before but I went through a journey like this
I was fighting, struggling I was almost condemned some days, thinking ‘I’m going to hell’
and I was crying and I was seeing God but then the revelation came and then the freedom
came and you also need to come into that and you need to go walk from where you are and
take the next step you need to take and I don’t know what that is? Maybe you need
fear of God in your life we need that all of us maybe you need to repent get saved?
Maybe you need to have a revelation of what baptism is maybe you need to just get your
eyes away off sin and look at Christ? People ask me but tom I’m fighting with thing can
I go out and heal the sick and preach the gospel? You need to go and do it because if
we get our eyes away from sin and ourselves and look on Jesus things is going to be so
much better, if I look at sin anymore you will not think of that you will not think
of that sin, sin, sin if I say to myself I will not think of that ‘I’m going to think
of it’ but when I look at him I look at what he has done I’m not going to think
of sin so this message is supposed to set you free also it is in the beginning is shaking
you a little so I hope you understand that I hope you understand this freedom that Christ
came with he came to set us free you are going to learn the truth and the truth is going
to set you free so you are not going to be a sinner anymore but you are going to be a
saint you are going to be holy you are going to walk in freedom from sin so this is what
I want to talk about read my book next time I’m back in two weeks, so you have time
to read my book and I look forward to continuing and come with questions so I can take that
and start with that in the next teaching where I am going to talk about baptism in water
and freedom from sin ….yes…amazing love what God is doing. I look forward to next
time I am going to preach about baptism in water and freedom from sin, God bless you.
Jesus Lamb of God who took Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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  6. what the heck you mean to say that the holy spirit can leave a person ore can a person just greeve the holy spirit and hearten there heart where they no longer are sencetive to the holy ghost

  7. Excellant Teaching! Again! And thank you for speaking and singing in English! You both are such a BLESSING!

  8. IF you say to God. i have done a sin and then you do it again. and again-you cant repent everyday. Sin is in heart! its a bondage in heart. its like something only Jesus With his blood can remove.  sin is a door for evil spirits. Only Jesus can give you a New heart. you will meet him when you truly godly t and cry to repent from heart. you must seek him so you can se him and hear his voice! we need to obey him every dag and forget the world. tv Music, carrier. he will fix everything. greed to the holy spirit is straight to hell. 1 sin will make you  go to hell. repent from heart and seek Jesus not from the bible but straight from the New heart.  know him! He is God! This world is evil. tv, Music++- We are here in the world to obey Jesus christ and not ourself! you cant be Rich and get in the Kingdom in heaven! you will be a Saint when you have followed With Jesus to the end!  few People hear Lord Jesus and see him. He is God! many will try to enter the Kingdom but few will make it. Repent, baptized, Seek Jesus! God dont hear sinners! but he loves us and care. Everybody can get the holy spirit, "Not everyone who says to Me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter. 22"Many will say to Me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?' 23"And then I will declare to them, 'I never knew you; DEPART FROM ME, YOU WHO PRACTICE LAWLESSNESS.'Only read the world from Jesus. Remember that the devil has trickt us to belive that we can repent every day! and just watch tv and iphone and go on vaction. But is that to obey Jesus? Many say yes but we belive and help People. but you do it on Your tought! Obey Jesus christ and he will tell you everyday what to do and test Your fait! Remebmer he was the son now he is God! It is not easy to enter heaven. Soon is the world going Down. God wants to have god servents

  9. You have a lot of good things to say Torben and God is doing amazing things through you and your ministry! Do you disapprove of everything in the Catholic Church and is tradition always bad?

  10. Ah, thank you Father, you are revealing truth here about holy living, repentance, about the Way The Truth and the Life. Thank You, Torben, for your obedience and to your dear wife for her obedience to the Word. For her her heartfelt songs! All these les. Have been a blessing, I am starting over again, listening once more. I would so love to meet you, will be in Hamburg, very close, but do not know how I could get to where you live now. With love from North Carolina.

  11. Torben, i am trying hard to take in all you are saying on these videos though im still not persuaded about several issues you declare as facts. In this video you seem to be "contradicting" other videos because you have said several times "once saved always saved" but here you are saying "if Christians (saved people) keep sinning or walk away from obedience that they will not enter the Kingdom of God" (lose their salvation)?? It is also very clear that the Apostles (not their converts) had the ability to lay hands on the sick and raise the dead (something you haven't mentioned as yet or done i imagine) and drink deadly poison (something else i dont suggest we do). I also do not understand why if this almighty Holy Spirit is the same person and power that raised Jesus from the dead abides in every convert we need ANY man to teach us "these life changing" lessons as you claim when scripture says "He the comforter (Holy spirit) will teach you ALL truth. As we are ALL priests we surely do not need a SUPER priest to come and tell us why we are all wrong? Surely the spirit himself has that role in our lives. I am also very concerned about your ministry teams lack of respect and diligence in responding to every point made in e mails i have sent with sincere and heart felt questions that need to be answered. You need to be very careful not to take descriptive text and make it prescriptive text and visa versa or like many "movements that claim to have exclusive truth" you will damage peoples lives and faith. The sad thing is…Cult leaders simply dont care about that..its all about getting a following and controlling them. I hope and pray this is not the case with you but if it is..that God will show mercy and bring you to repentance.

  12. I have to quickly add..ALL SIN…past..present..and future..that any believer commits is under the blood and forgiven. Therefore the issue is this. We are clearly told "when we do sin we have an advocate with the father pleading our case before him" and that " if we confess our sins we are forgiven and cleansed" . Paul says "it is no longer i who sins but sin that dwelleth in me" so the flesh and the new spirit are always at loggerheads. It is also worth noting that some of the most famous "holiness or Lordship salvation" preachers are the very ones who have taken the greatest "fall from grace". It is simply this i believe…We are either truly and eternally saved (eternal life cannot be eternal if it can be taken away by an Indian giver) or have underwent a false conversion or no conversion at all. Jesus said in Mathew 7 "" i never knew you" not "i knew you briefly" and finally note "he never knew them..despite their claims that they knew him…that sounds like false conversions to me.

  13. I am so grateful to God to have found the Last reformation Movie and Pioneer school. My eyes have been opened. Thank you!

  14. I agree with most of his teaching except for the part about the Holy Spirit talking to him and coming to give us gifts today. The baptism of the Holy Spirit was a promise to those he told to tarry in Jerusalem also the Spiritual gifts was on passed on to other believers by the laying on of hands from the APOSTLES. Biblical! and from what I know all the apostles are dead.

  15. torben, recently after many years of being full water baptized and saved from my sins… and living a typical Christian life.. I've had a massive reawakening. Here is the quick story: For years my insides and mind hurt whenever I did a sin which is conviction from the Holy Spirit. So a few months ago I was awakened with a strong voice that said STOP. I knew it was the Lord warning me I was playing around too close to the edge of the 'covering of his precious blood – atonement'. So I immediately fell before Him and repented fully and deep and cried out to Him. He met me and poured his forgiveness all over me and I began speaking in tongues like I had years ago. I asked Him about all the sins I had committed.. and he showed me a word. Remission. I had heard the word before and yet had to look up the biblical full meaning. After i read the definition.. He put the words in my mind immediately, "Your balance is paid in full. You have a zero balance." I cried and cried before Him. He is now meeting me daily. Thank you for being a large part of opening my eyes.

  16. Where is Jesus? Torben is NOT teaching the True Gospel. What happened to John 3:16? Salvation is not dependant on baptism, what you do, or good feelings. It is dependant on CHRIST!! http://gccsatx.com/torben-sondergaard-last-reformation-cult

  17. All the churches I have been to in the US say the same thing, "we are sinners saved by grace." Pentecostal churches here are also full of bad teaching and tradition instead of truth spoken through Holy Spirit!

  18. I Smoke, i do not want to smoke, i have been prayed for a few times, i have tried and tried to give up….i do not love it, Is smoking a sin if so how and why? I still want to give up, i am looking for a biblical reason to hold on to when i attempt to give up again x


  20. Thank you so much for these wonderful teachings!

    My question is about Jeremiah's "New Covenant" (Jeremiah 31) where "the Law" is written on our hearts as stated by Torben shortly after 00:46:00 in Lesson 9. Torben said that the Ten Commandments is "the Law" that is written on our hearts. But nowhere in the Ten Commandments does it say something to the effect "thou shalt not commit fornication". Are you sure it is only The Ten?

    Further, the word for "Law" used in Jeremiah 31:33 is "Torati". The root word is "Torah" (Strong's Hebrew 8451), which is commonly understood to be the first five books, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy (see Genesis 26:5 for the first instance of the word Torah). This is "the Law" the prophets are referring to and, where it is applicable to us, we are to obey it. Does a holy person eat pork (…be holy because I am holy… Lev.11:43-47)? Does a holy person keep the seventh day holy (Ex 20:8, 35:2)? If not, then what is a holy person?

    What Torben's spirit or soul may have been responding to is Deuteronomy 22:13-39. It is not exactly the same situation as Torben described but it is pretty close.

    Remember what Jesus said in John 5:18-19, "18So the Jewish leaders
    were trying all the harder to kill him, because he was not only
    breaking the Sabbath [THEIR religious version of the Sabbath, ZH] but was also calling God his own Father, thereby making himself equal to God. 19Jesus told them, “Truly, I tell all of you emphatically, the Son can do nothing on his own accord, but only what he sees the Father doing, What the Father does, the Son does likewise."

    and consider John 15:9-10, 9“As the Father has loved Me, I have also loved you. Remain in My love. 10If you keep My commands you will remain in My love, just as I have kept My Father’s commands and remain in His love." If Jesus's commands to us are different than the Fathers commands, then Jesus is rebelling against the Father and is disqualified as the Lamb without spot. If not, then Jesus is equating Himself to God (YHVH) and preaching the EXACT SAME Torah His Father preached through the Prophets and the Psalms.

  21. Yeah this was very good teaching. I think that God spoke to me like through this video, that don't go to that path. Because it's not the path, what God has planned to me. I have been cutting things out of my life because i know my weaknessess. Sometimes some believers can say that, why do you live like that? It's good to keep boundaries strong and do what you can in your life, If you know what is wrong in your life. Be blessed folks. Spiritual battle continues all the time. Despite of you have been born again 20 or 30 or 40 years. Satan is roaring lion and tries to constantly strike in your weaknesses.

    I have thought about Josef. When Josef were running out of Potiphar. He didn't receive good slap to the back from the people, that well done Josef. Well done that you didn't fell on with Potiphar. But instead he got prisoned because of lies. So sometimes, when we deny our lusts and resist the temptations. We can experience more suffering and not the prize, what we expect from God. Like couragement of other people or something like it.

    1.Peter 4 :1Therefore, since [a]Christ
    suffered in the flesh [and died for us], arm yourselves [like warriors]
    with the same purpose [being willing to suffer for doing what is right
    and pleasing God], because whoever has suffered in the flesh [being
    like-minded with Christ] is done with [intentional] sin [having stopped
    pleasing the world], 2 so that he can no longer spend the rest of his natural life living for human appetites and desires, but [lives] for the will and purpose of God.

    So translation translated verse 2, as result is that we don't spend our rest natural life for human appetites and desires. Like it will stop and follow when we are willing to suffer in flesh and willingly taking a part with Christ's sufferings. Like sometimes i have experienced that when you deny yourself. It will bring just more suffering to you. You can avoid some pain, by continuening sinning, but there is other kind of pain then waiting. Sometimes we have to choose suffering order to win temptations. Naturally we as people don't want to suffer a one bit. It's God's work in us, if we want to suffer because of Christ.

  22. There are 3 places in the New Testament where believers are referred to as sinners (Galatians 2:17, James 4:8, 5:20). Also Jesus told 5 of the 7 churches in Revelation 2 and 3 to repent, but he himself said he came to call sinners to repentance (Matthew 9:13; Mark 2:17). So Jesus saw them as sinners. However, we are saints by faith, but remember that faith is the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1). So when Paul referred to them all as saints, he was speaking faith.

  23. God bless u brother. for helping me to step forward towards lord jesus. and by your help in my life, jesus did his healing for people by me.thank u.and bless u.

  24. Hi my name is Kensie Kampai,,truly I was so Blessed with this lessons though I was still new in this teaching i believe God is doing something good..Thank God for you Torben I believe Holy Spirit did reveal great things to you. Please pray for me and my family here in VANUATU to receive these message in Joy and Love.. as I'VE said we are blessed..with love God Bless

  25. Watching All Pioneer School Videos so far, & taking what we learn to the streets! Prayed for 77 yr. woman who had bad surgery, could NOT open L eye, now can! Glory to God! We thank you and wife for obeying the Lord & keeping Gospel as the main thing! Bless you!

  26. I love you torben!❤ you cleared my doubt through this teaching!
    I used to think myself as a saved sinner but now I realised it was traditional teaching and a trap of satan to call us sinner because it's that he wants but god called us to be holy, thank God for leading me here 🙂 ,god has big plans 😘

  27. A word to all those who say "Torben is of the devil!", and who spend long hours defaming either him or ANY other preacher — I encourage you to read 1 John 3:10 again. I know people might say "Oh well Torben / Joel Osteen / Bill Johnson / whoever, they are not true believers in Christ so it does not count". But I challenge you with this: you are playing a very dangerous game with God, a game you would regret losing. You would have been better spending your life on thoughts that are noble, pure, loving, admirable, as the word says. But God will judge us based on how we have judged others, how we have taught others to judge, and he will forgive us in the way we forgive others. And perhaps he may ask, if we felt exempt from obeying the command to love other believers, why we couldn't then obey the command to love our enemies? It's right to want to discern false teaching for our own spiritual health, but to defame and slander another man or woman who could potentially be actually from God? That's a dangerous game to have played, on the day of judgement.

  28. I am not Sinner. I put trust Finish work on CROSS.jesus take all all my sin on cross. I am holy . Blood of Jesus…. wash me.

  29. Rom. 2:12. sinners. condemned to the lake of fire.Rev. 20:14-15. Rom. 2:13 SAINTS. Saved by GRACE. Ephesians 2:8. May Yahweh bless you.

  30. Today I went out guided by the Holy Spirit in order to connect my laptop to the wifi. I went in a café and was listening to you. Then came in two japanese women. I waited till they finished eating and was asking God if I could preache them. He told no but that I could ask to heal them. Then one of them put her hand on her neck so I asked her if I could pray, she agreed and O she was healed. I told her that I am Christian and beleive in Jesus. She wasn't

  31. I thank God for this teaching. Yes I was living in sin with a boyfriend and then I went into desobedience to the Lord by listening to a catholic priest who insisted that I marry while God wanted me to leave that wicked. Today I am obeying the Lord by quitting him and living for serving God and obeying the Holy Spirit.

  32. I was baptized and repented in 2015 and was set free from massive pornaddiction. Halleluja! But! I'm still masturbating sometime. I'm I a sinner?

  33. Torben, even if we belong to the Holy people, we are still living in the world dominated by his prince who loves to tempt us every minute of our life. even if you are baptised both in the water and in the Holy Spirit, your free will is able to choose sin. This is why Jesus has taught us : if you sin again, your demon will call seven other demons and they will infest you once more. Paul says it so well in Romans 7:18 :

    18 For I know that good itself does not dwell in me, that is, in my sinful nature.[a] For I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out. 19 For I do not do the good I want to do, but the evil I do not want to do—this I keep on doing. 20 Now if I do what I do not want to do, it is no longer I who do it, but it is sin living in me that does it.

  34. Moreover in his letters to the seven churches, Jesus has warned them about their failures. For instance to the Church of Ephesus, Jesus addressed this issue when He spoke to the church of Ephesus. Jesus said: “I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love. Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works . . .” (Revelation 2:4–5). If you find yourself in this position, ask God to have mercy on you and to rekindle your love for Him.

  35. I am agree with him about radical christianism : what he has described is the true christian way of life : simple, pure and detached with the spirit of the world

  36. Loved the song, really ministered to me! Jesus has really done so much for us. Continue writing songs and ministering to people through them!!

  37. Torben, I have sinned sometimes after being born again. Will God forgive me for my mistakes when I have really repented of sins and will not do them again, the times I haven't been obedient enough to the Holy Spirit's advice through my conscience? Or do I have to try to put everything possible right through deeds of repentance, even though those sins have been quite a long time ago, and it would make my life more difficult and maybe cause a lot of drama to do something about them now?

    Thank you, God bless you.

  38. What if nobody I know has spontaneously spoken in tongues when the received the holy spirit? Does that mean nobody I know can baptize me in the holy spirit since none of them had this experience of spontaneously speaking in tongues? That means they don't have the holy spirit? So how are we supposed to get it if nobody we knows has the holy spirit?

  39. This message had been the greatest breakthrough I've has so far! I knew technically that I was a saint, but still lived under the condemnation of being a sinner precisely because of what Paul said about himself and how pastors have put that in our minds. That we need to always remain small, down, reminding us continuously that we deserve hell and so on. OH BOY!!!!!!! while I was listening to you , I began to cry and I know God set me free now, from this lie. I knew in my spirit something was wrong when I listened to that preacher, because I always felt guilty, I was never good enough to be like Christ, that I needed to struggle all the time . But NO MORE !!!!!!!!! I WANT TO WALK IN FREEDOM AS THE SAINT I AM BECAUSE JESUS HAS ALREADY PAYED THE PRICE FOR ME ! Thank you Torben. At the beginning I was skeptical, but the more I go deeper in these lessons, the more God reveals the truth to me . God bless you

  40. +The Last Reformation
    I love your teachings! I love the LIFE rather than the theology alone.

    Sadly, Don's view is not the dominate American view. The dominate American view actually mirror's that of Denmark: "We are sinners saved by Grace/Faith Alone."

    It gets much worse though. Protestant theologians would not admit that this is what they teach, but here it is:

    1.) If you have a born-again experience (invite Jesus into your heart via the sinners prayer), you will go to heaven no matter how wickedly you live the rest of your life. You can lie, steal, kill, commit sodomy, etc.– but none of this can take away your salvation.

    2.) Baptism in water is merely a testament of your commitment, that has nothing to do with your Salvation. Baptism in water is nothing more than a celebratory ceremony– like an anniversary or a birthday. "Baptism in water does not save you."

    3.) On the other hand, if a "Christian" attempts to live his life in obedience to Jesus, he is trying to earn his salvation and will wind up in hell.

    In a nut shell, American Protestant theology teaches:

    1.) Wicked "Christians" will be rewarded for their selfishly motivated abominations with eternal life.
    2.) Righteous "Christians" will be eternally damned for obeying Jesus Christ and teaching others to "observe everything that He has commanded."
    3.) Baptism in water is unnecessary and can therefore be indefinitely postponed.

    This heresy is the Predominate view in America. This heresy promotes and even encourages apostasy. This heresy fulfills the warning of Jude 4. Please pray for us.

    God bless!

  41. Derek Prince put it like this:

    If a person is worried that he has committed the unforgivable sin– then he has not committed the unforgivable sin.

    This is because the Holy Spirit will depart from the person who has committed the unforgivable sin– leaving that person with no capacity of remorse.

    We should take comfort in this, but remain gravely aware of the warning. If we go there– there is no coming back!

    God bless!

  42. Hi. Just wondered in all healings.. What about James 5:14 Is anyone among you sick? Let them call the ELDERS of the church to pray over them and anoint them with OIL in the name of the Lord.  Or Mark 6:13  They drove out many demons and ANOINTED many sick people with OIL and healed them??? Elders and oil are missing.Is this ok?

  43. And SAINTS are to be full of HOLY SPIRIT & produce HIS FRUIT, not continue to produce bad fruit.

    That's the problem with the erroneous teaching "sinners saved by grace", they still gratify the FLESH instead of gratifying THE FATHER OF ALL GLORY!


  44. Peace be with you all in Jesus Name Amen.

    I love you Brother, may our Lord Jesus Christ be
    glorified through this and God our Father through his Son Jesus Christ Halleujah.

    I bless you my dear Brother and your Family in Jesus Name Amen.

    Just that you know Brother, God has changed my Life through the Pioneer School so much :). You know of teh Problems Brother, we are in a spiritual WAR, so the unbeliever is under Demonic influence.

    2.Timothy 2; 24-26
    And the servant of the Lord must not strive; but be gentle unto all men, apt to teach, patient,

    In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth;

    And that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will.

    I bless you all in Jesus Name Amen.

    With love Brother David from Germany

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